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my dashboard calling fandom out for making magnus all ~small is making me want fic where alec is the one stealing magnus's shirts because magnus is frigging ripped and alec likes wearing magnus's accidentally-stretched-out shirts

i actually wrote something like this

but you have no idea how much i love the idea of magnus’s shirts fitting alec around the shoulders all wrong because magnus has stretched them out or they’re just tailored to fit magnus. and i think alec would love it, love pulling on one of his shirts and pressing his face to it. imagine that plaid shirt he was wearing settled on alec, all that chest hair peeking through where it’s unbuttoned, and it’s just clear it fits magnus just that much better. it couldn’t matter less because alec is just smelling the shirt, blissful as hell.

also consider magnus busting out of alec’s shirts and alec casually losing his shit. he’s just staring, unfocused at the way magnus’s biceps strain against one of his shirts. his eyebrows are raised and he has that utterly hazy look in his eyes, his lips pressed together and his breathing is all ragged.

“alec…? alexander, i asked you a question.”

alec doesn’t respond for a good couple of seconds, breathing in really slowly and uncrossing his legs so he can spread them. he blinks and clears his throat then, seeming to come back into the moment. “what’s up?” but his voice is a wrecked kind of hoarse.

the whole room is staring at him and magnus is fighting a smug smirk.