A teeny Dathen and his adoptive smuggler mum Havren.  ITTY BITTY DATHEN NEEDS NEW OPTICS INSTALLED and he’s just not so sure about this sketchy doctor Havren’s brought him to~

This is a pretty old sketch, but I’ve been tweaking it recently and I realized I never posted it?

Prompt 1: Teacher

“Know what today is, Dath?”  Havren patted the chair next to hers–not a chair, really, but a short little crate bolted to the floor, just right for a six-year-old’s height.  

Dathen walked slowly towards it as if still learning, scuffing his shoes along the floor and trailing one hand along the wall in case he tripped.  But the look on his face was as bright and eager as any other kid his age as he flopped onto his chair.  "What day?“ he asked, kicking the back of his heels against the crate.

Havren leaned back, tossing a lekku over her shoulder and crossing her arms behind her head.  "You’re gonna to start learning how to fly.  Soon you’ll be able to steer the ship; won’t that be great?”  Her grin widened as she said it.  She knew his oculars weren’t advanced enough to pick up facial expressions, but it was in her voice, loud and clear.  One day she could afford better implants for his eyes, and upgrade the flight board technology enough to accommodate him, and he’d be able to fly just as well as she ever did–

Dathen nodded solemnly.  “Okay.”

She blinked, then quirked a brow at him.  "Just ‘okay?’“  That wasn’t the reaction she expected.  "Come on, kid, you can do better than that.  I mean…this is flying we’re talking about.”  He might as well have told her he wasn’t all that interested in breathing.

“Oh, no, I want to!” he said quickly, straightening in the makeshift chair.  "But–  But you see, my deffel tree’s getting too tall for me to reach and if I don’t water the top leaves it’ll wilt.“  For a moment he looked stricken.

The smuggler made a face, but kept her voice bright and cheerful.  "Well why didn’t you say so in the first place!  Can’t get a thing done with a wilting deffel tree, kid.”  She slid out of the chair and grabbed his hand, and he beamed as he fell into stride beside her, with the same shuffle-scrape, shuffle-scrape as usual.  "Maybe rig something so it’ll water itself, eh?“

He shook his head.  "That ruins the point.  It won’t be me taking care of it.”  His face turned up to look at her, half-hidden behind the machinery over his eyes.  "It’ll know the difference.“

"Right, right, 'course.”  Havren bit back another sigh.  Maybe he’d be more interested in flying the ship if she lined the dash with potted plants.

intergalacticpancake asked:

Dathen – patience

Cyrus always knew what to get Dathen, but even so Havren wouldn’t have expected this one to go over so well.  The kid lived in a ship, and a damn good one; how exciting could a little toy model be?  But it was exciting enough for him to careen around the corridors for two days straight now, humming the most enthusiastic engine sounds possible and shouting to an imaginary astromech copilot.  Havren still winced whenever she heard him run into something, even though the sharp edges had been carefully padded long ago.  He still managed to break a bone every now and then and damned if she knew how.

Usually when he passed through the cockpit it was with a bellowed, “Oh no an Imperial frigate!  Fire the decoys!  Jump to light speed!” before rushing off again, sometimes throwing a handful of paper in his wake in case the “Imperial frigate” launched proton torpedoes at him.  But apparently he’d (finally) worn himself out, this time making the toy crash on the control panel (though not without a dramatic pshhhkkkhhhghkkhhghgh) before climbing into her lap.  

Havren kissed the top of his head.  “Having fun?”

“I’m gonna have my own ship someday,” answered Dathen instead.  

Well.  You can’t be a good smuggler unless you dream big.  “Yeah?  I bet you will, too.”

“How long?”

She blinked and looked down at him.  “What?”

“How loooonnng?  Until I get my own ship?”

“Well, I got this one when I was twenty-sev–”

The toy clattered to the floor as he threw up both hands to cover his face.  “Ugh, that’s FOREVER.”

Havren just laughed and ruffled his hair.  “Dath, you’re five years old.  Might want to wait until you know how to fly a ship first?”

Dramatics forgotten, he suddenly turned towards the control panel with renewed zeal.  “Teach me!”

She bit back a sigh, but they were on a steady path for a while and the next hyperspace beacon was a ways off, so it couldn’t hurt.  “Okay, sure, but you’re gonna have to be patient, alright?  Keep rushing things and you’re gonna end up like that.”  She pointed to the toy ship on the floor of the cockpit.

“I’m always patient,” he assured her.

Dathen couldn’t look up as he took the offered datapad.  “The ship’s in your name, now, kid.”  The man said.  “…My condolences.”

He didn’t have the spirit to correct the “kid,” just mumbled a thanks and turned to leave.  He should be glad that Havren really had owned the ship, or all of this would be a lot more hassle, and that was the last thing he wanted to deal with right now.  Instead he was left alone to wander back home.  

He couldn’t remember the last time the ship was so quiet.  Each footstep seemed to echo half a dozen times before finally dying away as he made his way to the cockpit. One of her jackets was still flung carelessly over the back of the pilot’s seat.  He didn’t move it, didn’t even touch it as he sat in the chair and stared blankly at the controls.  Dathen swallowed.  One minute dragged by after another before he reached back and tugged the jacket off the chair, tucking his knees up to his chin before draping it over himself.

She’d always promised him that he’d have a ship of his own if he were patient.

Eighteen Years

[[A horrible excuse for a Fathers’ Day fic.  Since I haven’t posted much of anything about Havren or Cyrus, they are the twi'lek smuggler and Republic trooper who are Dathen’s adoptive parents (after Havren found him abandoned in an alley), despite never being romantically involved with each other.  So have a fic.]]

Havren frowned at the trooper.  The stupid human was holding the kid again, cooing like an idiot and letting the baby chew on a finger of his armored glove.  It was too damn saccharine a scene to belong on a smuggler’s ship.  She leaned against the doorframe and crossed her arms.  “You’re gonna give the kid issues, Cyrus,” she grumbled.  “He’s gonna think you’re his dad.”

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Havren couldn’t help but feel he was much too trusting.  Maybe all children were like this, or at least all human children; how would she know?  She’d avoided both at all costs before this one dropped into her life.  It’s harmless enough when Dathen excitedly informs her that they should be using a different kind of ship fuel because he read it on a sign, but trust simply wasn’t safe in a life like this.  Even if he obeyed every rule and warning she gave, but one day she’d have to explain just how bad it all was beneath the surface: all vibroblades behind the back and concealed blasters and sugar-coated smiles of poison.  But not quite yet.  The wide smile he had for everyone he met, the way half-blind eyes drank in every sight, the insistent way he would tug on her hand and that person needs help, we should help him!  …They could stay a little longer, just a little longer.

rylerdorant  asked:

do your characters name their starships? what have they named them, how did it get that name?

Most of them don’t, which in some cases is a good thing.  Ordhan wanted to name his pet orokeet “Feathers,” for god’s sake.  Matt’hew pretends to not be sentimental enough for it, which is the biggest lie in the universe.  Oswen named his speeder instead; he doesn’t care about what the ship the Jedi council let him use is called.  Fels I headcanoned as having a lowly job in Coruscant Security instead of being the leader of Havoc Squad like the class story dictates, so doesn’t have a ship.  And so on.  

I am desperately hunting through my tags and can’t find where I had named Havren’s ship??  I am pretty sure she called it the Silver Harpy or something like that, and was very proud of her attempt at a poetic contrast of elegant and vicious.  She punched a guy who laughed at it once, which is an A+ response to people who mock attempts at creativity u_u  

When Dathen inherited the ship he kept the name, though the snarly maneater undertones don’t really have the same effect when it’s piloted by an awkward gangly teenage boy.

thievesguilding-archive  asked:

NOW I'M REALLY CURIOUS How did Matt’hew end up with a kid in the Republic? Also how did Djael end up with the Jedi?

indulgently answering questions out of order shhh >_>

Dathen was unintentional; Matt’hew seduced his mother during one of his missions, and moved on without a second thought or a clue that he’d fathered a son.  After Dathen was born, he was abandoned in an alley out of desperation—only to be found shortly after by Havren, who was waiting for a late supplier for some shady deal or another.  At first she’d planned to keep the sickly human baby just long enough for it to be healthy enough to bring to an orphanage, and then they were too far out of her way to make a special trip for, and then the ones she found were too crowded or too close to warzones or didn’t have a high enough adoption rate.  Finally she admitted to herself that she was making excuses and kept him, and basically spent every penny she’d saved getting all the cybernetics and medicine it took to keep him healthy.  COMPLETELY UNASKED-FOR BACKSTORY sorry

So yeah Matt’hew has a kid biologically but he gets no gold stars for it

and now he couldn’t have one if he wanted to  

this is what happens when you microwave yourself on Belsavis Matt’hew what were you thinking

Havren’s not really part of the Republic; she’s an ex-military deserter, but will still deal with them at an arm’s length.  At the time, though, she had been hired by the Republic soldier Cyrus (dangerkittyn’s), who encouraged her to keep him and stayed involved in Dathen’s life after that.  Because of his influence Dathen is much more Republic-loyal than his more neutral mother, and even more so after he starts traveling with the Green Jedi Flyn (mostlyharmlesstor’s).

As for Djael, I haven’t ironed out many of the details for it yet, but a visiting Jedi master met her during a diplomacy mission.  After sensing that she was Force-sensitive, the Jedi negotiated a price for her freedom and offered to take her back to the Jedi order.  As grateful as Djael was about the turn of events, it colored her views on the effectiveness of diplomacy and nonviolence; one slave was freed without a fight, but it didn’t help any of the others she left behind.

galacticmenace  asked:

Fels* and Havren*! (Hope I'm not too late.)

One of the things Fels secretly dislikes the most about living in the Republic is the absurdly small dating pool.  The chances of even coming across a Republic-loyal, single Chiss woman would be low enough by itself, let alone with commanders purposefully assigning Chiss apart from each other to prevent possible collaboration.  He can’t be sure, but Fels thinks he saw one at a distance, once. 

Before Havren was a smuggler, she was a soldier in the Republic military.  When her unit was ordered into a suicide mission, told to hold the line against overwhelming odds so that a dignitary could safely escape, she deserted.  Though she still prefers the Republic to the Empire, she thinks it is too full of selfish, cowardly hypocrites to ever really be trusted.

intergalacticpancake-deactivate  asked:

3, 10, 11, 14 for Ihsan and 1, 5, 13, 18 for Havren?


How do they act when they’re really bored?

She makes a show of being bored if there’s someone to see, bemoaning the lack of bloodletting at the moment or “oh I wish there was someone to torture, it’s always so diverting.”  But it’s mostly playing to an audience; if on her own she’s more likely to pull up a favorite book on her datapad or listen to music.

What’s the most important type of relationship to them?

Friendship, if it could be called that.  She wants strong, unbreakable loyalty, the sort that keeps secrets and watches your back and can finish your sentences—but she also believes that it’s incredibly naive and vulnerable and doesn’t exist in her environment.

What age do you think they’ll live to?

She’s already in her late forties so automatically is past most of my characters on that note >_>  Her environment is dangerous and only gets more dangerous the more prominent she makes herself, but she’s outwitted assassinations and outplotted rivals many times before and is likely to continue to do so for a while.  

What’s their definition of a fair fight?

Fair fights are for minions and soldiers and Jedi and nothing she cares about in the least.  The less fair the fight, the more In Control of Everything she’ll come across.  She’d rather just sit back on a throne and chuckle as her opponent falls into a rancor pit or something.


Worst fear?

Suicide missions, then getting arrested by the Republic for desertion, then Dathen succumbing to one of his illnesses.

Where did they learn to fly their ship?

Her military career didn’t end up going in that direction, but she trained like crazy in flight simulators in her Republic military training.  

How do they treat droids?

They’re machines, but machines like her ship, where you have to take care of them and treat them right—which in her experience involves regular memory wipes to keep their data from getting scrambled or something.

What kind of climate do they enjoy most?  What planets would they like to live on? Visit?

She would rather live on her ship than on a planet; living planet-side is too static and grounded, and it’s easy for people you don’t want to to find you, and more difficult to see the ones you do.  She does like visiting a variety of places, though, which she’d be fast to point out is also a benefit of living on a ship.