A teeny Dathen and his adoptive smuggler mum Havren.  ITTY BITTY DATHEN NEEDS NEW OPTICS INSTALLED and he’s just not so sure about this sketchy doctor Havren’s brought him to~

This is a pretty old sketch, but I’ve been tweaking it recently and I realized I never posted it?

intergalacticpancake-deactivate  asked:

3, 10, 11, 14 for Ihsan and 1, 5, 13, 18 for Havren?


How do they act when they’re really bored?

She makes a show of being bored if there’s someone to see, bemoaning the lack of bloodletting at the moment or “oh I wish there was someone to torture, it’s always so diverting.”  But it’s mostly playing to an audience; if on her own she’s more likely to pull up a favorite book on her datapad or listen to music.

What’s the most important type of relationship to them?

Friendship, if it could be called that.  She wants strong, unbreakable loyalty, the sort that keeps secrets and watches your back and can finish your sentences—but she also believes that it’s incredibly naive and vulnerable and doesn’t exist in her environment.

What age do you think they’ll live to?

She’s already in her late forties so automatically is past most of my characters on that note >_>  Her environment is dangerous and only gets more dangerous the more prominent she makes herself, but she’s outwitted assassinations and outplotted rivals many times before and is likely to continue to do so for a while.  

What’s their definition of a fair fight?

Fair fights are for minions and soldiers and Jedi and nothing she cares about in the least.  The less fair the fight, the more In Control of Everything she’ll come across.  She’d rather just sit back on a throne and chuckle as her opponent falls into a rancor pit or something.


Worst fear?

Suicide missions, then getting arrested by the Republic for desertion, then Dathen succumbing to one of his illnesses.

Where did they learn to fly their ship?

Her military career didn’t end up going in that direction, but she trained like crazy in flight simulators in her Republic military training.  

How do they treat droids?

They’re machines, but machines like her ship, where you have to take care of them and treat them right—which in her experience involves regular memory wipes to keep their data from getting scrambled or something.

What kind of climate do they enjoy most?  What planets would they like to live on? Visit?

She would rather live on her ship than on a planet; living planet-side is too static and grounded, and it’s easy for people you don’t want to to find you, and more difficult to see the ones you do.  She does like visiting a variety of places, though, which she’d be fast to point out is also a benefit of living on a ship.