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I have a question: if Harley and Joker had a girl instead of a boy/a girl as their second child, who would you headcanon as their child because I have been having the hardest time imagining someone as their little girl and I wanted a second opinion...

I have the same issue! I can’t find a girl who I think fits the part honestly. I’ve tried and I just can’t find the right person.

(This thankfully isn’t an issue for me though since I always felt they’d have one baby that was a boy so my headcanon was basically already complete once I realized how damn perfect Zac Efron would be lol)

In the sidekick!AU, Nino knows Adrien is Chat Noir, which means he knows Adrien is dating Ladybug, which becomes a problem post-reveal because Marinette wants to grope her boyfriend in public but she can’t or Nino will find out she’s Ladybug.

Although convenient, Adrien’s house is about as sexy as a graveyard and there are too many people around asking questions.

Marinette’s apartment… has Alya in it.

Then it hits Marinette. “My parents’ house.”

Adrien: ??????? How???

Marinette gives him the address. “Come by at midnight and you’ll see.”

Midnight finds Adrien on Marinette’s roof (all those stairs he has to climb as civilian Chat Noir - poor baby). He’s just about to ask himself whether he has the right place when the skylight pops open and Marinette pokes her head out.

“My, is that Chat Noir, Ladybug’s trusty sidekick?” And she gives him this absolutely devilish grin and purrs, “Does your Lady know you’re here?”

And that’s how Marinette started visiting her parents more often. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

pt. 10 (COMPLETED)

sheith. multichapter. explicit. so much love and hardship.
words: 45,585

The issue with loving a hero is that the hero will never love you more than his cause. Keith is not the hero, and time and time again, he must remind himself that Shiro is.


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The thing about the Joker and Harley having a baby was touched on in the comic where she found out Black Canary was pregnant. She said she had a baby but her sister is raising it, Joker didn't know and she doesn't want Joker to know

Yeah, I know this storyline. I’m not totally against the baby thing. I’m not against Harley being pregnant, I just can’t see them raise a child. At least not Joker. But as I said, this is just my opinion and everyone who need fluffy baby stories: There are a lot of ppl who will share them with you. ♥♥♥ I’m just not one of them XD