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Met by Accident - Fukuoka, Here We Come

This is the second chapter of the Japan arc.  I have decided to turn this into a four chapter arc since there is so much I want to tell regarding their trip. This chapter is about the personal growth of Yuuri and Yurio.  Yuuri continues to gain confidence while Yurio learns to sort out his feelings and the importance of healthy relationships.  While all this is going on, Viktor’s going out of his mind.  But you’ll see why.  And yes there’s a 


Though it’s extremely mild.  It’s basically for sexual tension and very minor sexual acts.  

That’s about it.  I hope you enjoy ‘Fukuoka, Here We Come’.  And I’ll edit in the morning.  My kamikazes are making me sleepy :P


Chapters: 35/?
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri & Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov’s Mother, Makkachin (Yuri!!! on Ice), Katsuki Hiroko, Katsuki Toshiya, Katsuki Mari, Okukawa Minako, Otabek Altin, Christophe Giacometti, Yakov Feltsman, Emil Nekola, Michele Crispino
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Yuuri and Yurio spend the day in Fukuoka, Yurio taking the opportunity to admit something important. For Viktor, it’s a day of torment.

“But you can’t leave me like this,” Viktor rasped, wrapping his legs around one of Yuuri’s and rubbing his erection against the young man’s thigh.

“Yeah, I can,” Yuuri replied, unwinding himself from his boyfriend and rising from the futon, “That’s what retaliation is about, babe.”

“Who knew you were so cruel, Yuuri Katsuki,” Viktor whined, rubbing a hand against the front of his pants.

“Ah ah!” Yuuri chided loudly, “I didn’t get any relief on the plane. Neither are you. I will be very disappointed if you do. Got it?”

Viktor nodded and watched the young man gather clothes and his toiletries bag from a suitcase, bending over to give his boyfriend a soft kiss before leaving the room. He grabbed Yuuri’s pillow, flung it over his face and yelled into it. As he tried to calm himself down, he groaned when he became aware of something.

Fuck, I’ve created a monster.

Gather round, children. Auntie Jules has a degree in psychology with a specialization in social psychology, and she doesn’t get to use it much these days, so she’s going to spread some knowledge.

We love saying representation matters. And we love pointing to people who belong to social minorities being encouraged by positive representation as the reason why it matters. And I’m here to tell you that they are only a part of why it matters.

The bigger part is schema.

Now a schema is just a fancy term for your brain’s autocomplete function. Basically, you’ve seen a certain pattern enough times that your brain completes the equation even when you have incomplete information.

One of the ways we learned about this was professional chess players vs. people who had no experience with chess.

If you take a chess board and you set it up according to a pattern that is common in chess playing (I’m one of those people who knows jack shit about chess), and you show it to both groups of people, and then you knock all the pieces off the board, the pro chess players will be able to return it to its prior state almost perfectly with no trouble, because they looked at it and they said, “Oh, this is the fifth move of XYZ Strategy, so these pieces would be here.”

The people who don’t know about chess are like, “Uh, I think one of the horses was over here, and maybe there was a castle over there?”

BUT, if you just put the pieces randomly on the board before you showed it to them, then the amateurs were more likely to have a higher rate of accuracy in returning the pieces to the board, because the pros are SO entrenched in their knowledge of strategy patterns that it impairs their ability to see what is actually there if it doesn’t match a pattern they already know.

Now some of y’all are smart enough to see where this is going already but hang on because I’m never gonna get to be a college professor so let me get my lecture on for a second.

Let’s say for a second that every movie and TV show on television ever shows black men who dress in loose white T-shirts and baggy pants as carrying guns 90% of the time, and when they get mad, they pull that gun out and wave it in some poor white woman’s face. I mean, sounds fake, right? But go with it.

Now let’s say that you’re out walking around in real life, and you see a black man wearing a white T-shirt and loose-fitting jeans. 

And let’s say he reaches for something in his pocket.

And let’s say you can’t see what he’s reaching for. Maybe it’s his wallet. Maybe it’s his cell phone or car keys. Maybe it’s a bag of Skittles.

But on TV and movies, every single time a black man in comfortable, casual clothes reaches for something you can’t see, it turns out to be a gun.

So you see this.

And your brain screams “GUN!!!” before he even comes up with anything. And chances are even if you SEE the cell phone, your brain will still think “GUN!!!” until he does something like put it up to his ear. (Unless you see the pattern of non-threatening black men more often than you see the narrative of them as a threat, in which case, the pattern you see more often will more likely take precedence in this situation.)

Do you see what I’m saying?

I’m saying that your brain is Google’s autocomplete for forms, and that if you type something into it enough, that is going to be what the function suggests to you as soon as you even click anywhere near a box in a form.

And our brains functioning this way has been a GREAT advantage for us as a species, because it means we learn. It means that we don’t have to think about things all the way through all the time. It saves us time in deciding how to react to something because the cues are already coded into our subconscious and we don’t have to process them consciously before we decide how to act.

But it also gets us into trouble. Did you know that people are more likely to take someone seriously if they’re wearing a white coat, like the kind medical doctors wear, or if they’re carrying a clipboard? Seriously, just those two visual cues, and someone is already on their way to believing what you tell them unless you break the script entirely and tell them something that goes against an even more deeply ingrained schema.

So what I’m saying is, representation is important, visibility is important, because it will eventually change the dominant schemas. It takes consistency, and it takes time, but eventually, the dominant narrative will change the dominant schema in people’s minds.

It’s why when everyone was complaining that same-sex marriage being legal wouldn’t really change anything for LGB people who weren’t in relationships, some people kept yelling that it was going to make a huge difference, over time, because it would contribute to the visibility of a narrative in which our relationships were normalized, not stigmatized. It would contribute to changing people’s schemas, and that would go a long way toward changing what they see as acceptable, as normal, and as a foregone conclusion.

So in conclusion: Representation is hugely important, because it’s probably one of the single biggest ways to change people’s behavior, by changing their subconscious perception.

(It is also why a 24-hour news cycle with emphasis on deconstructing every. single. moment. of violent crimes is SUCH A TERRIBLE SOCIETAL INFLUENCE, but that is a rant for another post.)


Inktober 2016 (Day 1-7) ☆

Been having so much fun so far this year!! ( ^ w ^ )


3/? celebrity crushes — sam claflin.

“in england, when we’re at drama school, we spend a lot of time learning the craft from playwrights and stage actors, who are very well trained in the basics of acting because they need to get it right the first time. you can’t have second or third takes when you’re in front of a live audience, unlike film.”

I have always seen Ron as dyslexic. He is shown to struggle and very frustrated with essay writing, even although it has been shown that he is basically on par with Harry in most subjects. He also suffers form self confidence, but also he a better tactical and out of the box thinker than the others. Also being more pragmatic than the others, a trait which many people with dyslexia have.

Talking about jealousy in Japanese


There are different ways to say that you’re jealous in Japanese, depending on the context. This is in response to jam-klaoo’s ask

妬む 「ねたむ」This is the verb for “negative” jealousy. It’s considered very rude and basically comes down to, “I’m jealous that you have it and not me instead, I deserve it more than you, how come you have it?” Gets the particle を before verb.

Ex: 友達は私の仕事を妬みました。–> My friend was jealous of my job. ともだちはわたしのしごとをねたみました。

妬ましい 「ねたましい」the adjective form (gets the particle が)

嫉妬 「しっと」This is the noun for “jealousy” from 妬む

羨む 「うらやむ」This verb is for “positve” jealousy. So it can be best put as, “Oh I’m jealous because that’s really cool/nice and I want one too.” It’s complimenting almost. Gets the particle を before the verb.

Ex: 私は彼女の才能を羨みます。–> I am jealous of her talent. わたしはかのじょのさいのうをうらやみます。

羨ましい 「うらやましい」This is the adjective form of this “jealousy” (gets the particle が)

やきもちを焼く 「やきもちをやく」This jealousy if for love. So if you’re boyfriend is flirting with someone else, or you’re really jealous that person A is dating person B, anything love related. This uses the particle が

Ex: 私は彼氏の彼女にやきもちを焼きます。–> I’m jealous of his girlfriend. わたしはかれしのかのじょにやきもちをやきます。

やきもち the noun for “jealousy”



This is some stuff I’ve picked up in the last seven-eight months and it’s actually incredibly useful.

1. Do not be afraid to use guidelines/perspective lines. They’re very helpful when drawing faces or landscapes, and unless you know the basics of portraiture or perspective inside and out your artwork could look a little off. Nobody is going to criticise you for using them to get your proportions right. You’re free to use guidelines until you’re certain you’re comfortable without them (even then, you should probably still use them). 

2. You can mix paint on ANYTHING. Seriously. Trust me on this one. You don’t need to go out and buy a fancy expensive palette which you’re just going to get dirty anyway. Use almost anything you have to hold paint - scrap paper, cardboard, plastic containers, paper plates, etc, etc. Egg boxes are the best in my opinion. There is virtually no point in spending money on a palette as most of them are ridiculously overpriced - yes, sometimes it can help, but as long as something is strong enough to hold the paint and it’s easily disposable, you can use anything and everything you can get your hands on (and anyway, scraping acrylic off a palette is an absolute nightmare).

3. I’ve said this time and time again but I need to save everyone from forgetting this like I did: PLEASE, GOD, DO NOT WORK SMALL SCALE. If you’re trying to draw something with small details, WHY, OH WHY would you squish it into the corner of the page?! Do not strain your hands or your eyes by making tiny illustrations. You can use as much space as you need. Use a third of the page, half the page - Hell, use the entire page if you want to! You’ll find that you can get much more detail in if you work on a larger scale. 

4. References will need to become your best friend. Please don’t try to wing it and have it come out wrong if you’re unsure of how to draw it when you could turn to your friend the Internet and let her help you? LET THE INTERNET HELP YOU, SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE’S DOING. I’ve found that Pinterest is the best place to find drawing references, and there are a lot of helpful guides for drawing and colouring as well. 

Speaking of references, don’t want to print out the photo or have to flip between your entertainment and the picture in different windows? Make the reference picture your wallpaper so you can just minimise the tab. For example, here is mine:

Very helpful.

anonymous asked:

How did you get to be such a shit person

Step 1) Growing Up

My parents were and still are very accepting people who have always allowed me to do what I feel is best and encouraged me to question everything and everyone, including them. This is very fundamental because it taught me things like critical awareness and not to automatically accept the status quo - things that are very important when it comes to intersectional feminism!

Step 2) Learning the Basics

I was broadly introduced to feminism through Tumblr! Of course, further reading and educating yourself is crucial, but this is why I think online activism is incredibly worthwhile - it spreads simple ideas of equality around folks who might not have been considering it before!

Step 3) Trying it For Myself

I started blogging about feminism and video games a little under 2 years ago! Since then I’ve been working really hard at things like:

  • signal boosting great projects and charity work;
  • educating a wide and varied audience on topics like the importance of representation and the harm of certain tropes;
  • spreading positivity and kindness;
  • supporting anyone who comes to me for help;
  • and general games writing because games are great!

And as we know, all of these things are deeply shitty practices which come from the equally shitty place of wanting as many people as possible to be able to enjoy video games! I could have gone down the good and pure route of harassing women on the internet, but sadly I was drawn in by the truly awful desire to have equality in a medium I love and in society more widely.

Since then, I just can’t stop doing terrible things like having opinions, being supportive and helpful, and not sending people anonymous hate messages.

It’s truly a curse.

BFI-Pre screening and why I know there must be more...

As promised, here’s what happened at the BFI pre-screening: Please read through the entire thing. I’m unfortunately going to have to give away a major spoiler to explain how I know there’s more. But first I need to give a bit of context so bear with me:

So, basically, Sherlock is still in a self-hypnotic trance on the TAB plane. (Remember how it actually ends in Victorian times? He’s not “awake” yet. This trance is not “EMP” even though it’s very similar. The process is based on the principles of Tibetan Buddhism that ACD Holmes spent 2 out of his 3 years learning during the hiatus. We know that our Sherlock was in Tibet too. The trance lets clues you didn’t even know you’d picked up on rise to the surface. The subconscious fills in the rest and connects  the dots. 

S4 is all in Sherlock’s subconscious so far. And it’s beautiful. You are privy to his inner thoughts, his heart, and his precious soul. 

It’s also a cypher for us viewers. Once you have the key, you can re-watch and try to piece all the clues that Sherlock had collected and didn’t even know he had. It’s euphoric to put it all together. And very touching too. You realize since none of S4 has happened, John never cheated. That whole scene we saw is Sherlock’s subconscious telling him that John has been emotionally cheating on Mary with Sherlock. That’s the person he texts constantly (look at the honeymoon blog!) Anyway, Sherlock is trying to figure out Moriaty’s return but his sub conscious shows us that the problem is inter-related to Mary, his childhood, John, and Moriarty.

That’s why I found TFP fascinating. It gives you a beautiful profile of his internal struggles with morality. 

I have to tell you this. Mary is not evil. Not at all. All will be explained.

Okay, here’s the BIG spoiler: Sherlock is the little girl on the plane

Yes, Sherlock is trans. 

And yes, Sherlock really is a" girl’s" name. That’s why sex alarms him. That’s why they repeatedly told us he’s not as tall as he looks. Also, in the cut scene from HLV, Magnussen talks about his women’s hands. There are many more little hints.

My soul was aching for him on that plane. I feel so much love for little Sherlock trapped in the airplane with everyone metaphorically asleep to his anguish.

Euros is Sherlock.

Sherlock is trans.

If you re-watch TFP in that context, it’s extremely touching. You’ll see that it was Mycroft who helped Sherlock. “SAVE MY SOUL MY BROTHER.”  I cried when I see Sherlock on the plane and all the adults asleep to his anguish. (sorry for repeating, poor soul. I love him so much.)

So, how was it confirmed? In 2014 I had hypothesized that perhaps Sherlock was trans due to the clues given above. I had dismissed the idea and replaced it with dissociative identity disorder. Read my LJ post from 2014 here: (add link)

Anyway, at the BFI pre-screening, I knew that Sherlock was still in a trance so I watched the episode in that context. It then became evident that my original hypothesis was right. I knew as soon as I saw him on the plane. 

When we were in line for autographs (with not much time for thinking). I wrote in my notebook “I know Sherlock is on the plane.” (Meaning both the metaphorical plane and the TAB plane). The “Sherlock crew” person read it and ‘smirked’ and replied “Which plane?” I think he was enjoying the wit of his question because it had now a triple meaning: Which plane are you talking about you silly fan? AND which plane; as in Young Sherlock Plane? or the TAB plane?). He was clearly amused by his own question to me. He repeated it three times (amused). I finally said, both planes. And the smile I received confirmed it. (Okay, something else was shared but I really don’t want to get the other Sherlock crew member in trouble).

I know some people are not going to believe me. Say that the exchange meant nothing. That the “Sherlock crew person” was literally just asking what the hell I meant by “I know Sherlock is on the plane”.  

But,whether or not you believe me, think about it: Doesn’t it make sense?

A) Hasn’t S4 been contradictory and plain weird in some scenes? 

B) Think of all the repeated sentences used in TAB/S4 that were exactly lifted from S1-S3. (That’s how the subconscious works, It’ll re-use sentences and faces to fill in the gaps.) I can post more about this with examples later.

B) Does TFP feel like the real ending. Wasn’t there so many impossible things in that episode?

C) If you take the fact that Sherlock is trans, and re-watch the episode, can you actually see it? (It’s so touching!)  

I’m not going to try to convince you, but please know that I wouldn’t post about this if I wasn’t sure. I am well aware what this means to the fandom. I know there are many hurting souls out there. Hope is a double-edged sword and I wouldn’t share any of this if I wasn’t positive because I know it could hurt people to get their hopes up. 

A special thank you to @welovethebeekeeper . She was a great help to me in trying to figure out what/how to share. She also listened carefully to what I had to say. *hugs*

I found the 2015 rpg artist thingie and decided to redo it adding some different statics! I have seen around a lot of ‘2016 was the worst year’ kind of comments and more often than not I agreed with them, til I slapped my face and decided to bring on some positivity to my end of the year with some accomplishments along 2016!! 

2016 truly was a challenge art and health wise, I made it through an illness that lasted five months and entailed surgery, along with the already very familiar anxiety disorder. I have learned something very important from this though! It’s okay to be sick as long as I don’t get comfortable being sick and I don’t use it to justify my limitations. I made my first conventions alone!! I worked hard with the idea of saving enough to make a trip to the States, it couldn’t be possible this 2016 but it will be on 2017! ୧(*´▽`*)୨ I drew so many comics and actually enjoyed them!! So I could say the biggest accomplishment from this was stop fearing comics and be confident enough in the promise of learning any project implies. Made sets of prints, worked on backgrounds, changed my perception of volume, deconstructed my art, worked!! on so many oils!! and watercolors!!! Along with making it through the third year of career and successfully finishing the first semester of the last one! Drew chibis every week to improve them!! Handled the online store through the whole year!! Met so, so many amazing people! Discovered some really inspiring artists!! I truly, truly wanted to improve my English so I decided to write as much as possible during 2016, I published my first fic on ao3 the 28th of December of 2015, published the last one the 19th of December of 2016, I think the improvement can really be seen!! That makes me so so happy.

About!! 2017!! New list of goals!! 

  • Apply and attend to as many cons as possible!
  • Get the Superman AU doujin done! 
  • Finish the commissions I have left!
  • Finish Tamashi’s comic! 
  • Start working on a visual novel! 

I hope everyone has a few minutes to think about the good things they did during the year!! Even surviving day by day deserves to be recognized as an accomplishment…!!! (㇏(•̀w•́)ノ)


At Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, Washington, inmates participate in a program called Freedom Tails, which partners them with dogs who have been labeled as “unadoptable” and might otherwise be euthanized. Stafford Creek was the first prison in state of Washington to implement a dog training program, and the project was such a huge success that nearly every prison in the state now has a similar program. The inmates who participate in Freedom Tails go through a screening and interview process, and must not have a history of domestic violence, child abuse, or animal abuse, and they must be infraction-free. Inmates are not paid to be in the program, as their participation is on a volunteer basis. There is a very long waiting list to get in.

The dogs that come into the program are often traumatized by abuse or neglect from their former owners, and are not socialized to interact with humans. The inmates work with the dogs to overcome these obstacles and build trust with their handlers. They then learn basic obedience, potty training, and recognizing verbal and hand-signal commands. Some dogs that show a special proclivity for learning and working with humans are trained to be service dogs for the disabled. On occasion, Freedom Tails brings in dogs who already have a home, but need to be trained for specialized commands specific to their owner. For example, a wheelchair-bound woman needed her dog to be able to open doors, retrieve her medicine bag, or help her up if she fell out of her chair. The dog learned all of these skills at Freedom Tails and earned an International Therapy Dog certification.

Language Resources in America

spanish: you can find grammar rules on your local diner napkins and a history of the entire language in every bookstore; the streets are riddled with pamphlets

french & german: go to a bookstore anywhere and you’ll find what you need :)

russian: why dont you wanna learn the Big Three™ ??? no?……. sounds fake… but here’s a very basic grammar and the first 100 words

portuguese/catalan/galician/: so like… spanish

mandarin chinese: ummm.. why? oohh for work

cantonese/wu: um excuse me but there’s only one chinese

arabic: we’ve got some shit from like 1906 that we’d just love for you to have :)

any nordic language: isn’t that just exotic German? 

any indigenous language: nobody speaks those anymore :) you dont even need them for commerce! tsh

Ahhhh I very much agree!!!

Like Victor asks Mari for help learning after the first conversation Yuuri has in Japanese with someone around him and he can’t understand it (it was just an argument about dinner with his mother, but listen! Victor could feel them looking at him, he knows they were talking about him, they must have been) but he doesn’t want Yuuri to know because even then, in the very beginning of their relationship, he thinks it might be a nice surprise when he gets better at the language.

Yuuri doesn’t start learning Russian for Victor- he starts learning the basics from the Internet when Yurio shows up in Japan. It’s less because Victor is having conversations that he doesn’t understand and more that he’s genuinely worried about what Yurio might be saying to Victor (is he planning on killing him? is he making fun of his form going into that one spin sequence he hasn’t gotten perfect yet? if he is, he might be saying things Yuuri could actually use to improve. did he find Yuuri’s diary and start telling Victor what was in it??? there’s just too much potential for danger here). Once Yurio leaves, once Yuuri has won his coach and is left catching his breath in the aftermath, that’s when he decides he may as well continue learning it now that Victor plans to stay. After all, now he has actual reason to.

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Replying to @the-anchorless-moon​‘s moons tags from that other post here so as not to derail:

#okay but on a related note

#what if it’s really common in tsc to make puns in basic that only work in amatakka

#like leia’s sweater goes missing and luke’s just like ‘oh it must have been the spoon who took it

#and anakin just laughs for like twenty minutes

#leia: ?????????????????

#they don’t explain they never explain

#(what they’re not explaining is that the amatakka word for spoon happens to sound similar to a very unflattering amatakka term that can ref

#refer to someone very untrustworthy

#so if the conversation was happening in amatakka it would be a groanworthy pun and they’d more on

#but it’s extra funny because it’s so nonsensical in basic

#amatakka speakers do this ALL THE TIME

#eventually leia learns enough amatakka to start catching the puns though)

#this is my headcanon now no one can take it from me


Okay but what if Anakin does this all the time in his reports to Palpatine?

He’ll be like, “I commend Moff Tranit’s sterling leadership and zeal for the Empire.”

And later he tells Kadee and she just laughs and laughs and laughs because in Amatakka what he would have been saying is, “I commend Moff Tranit’s cowardice and gullibility.”

(Amatakka has a lot of words and especially idioms that mean the sarcastic opposite of what they say.)

anonymous asked:

what is it that's so appealing about long dead white male slave owners?

I am going to pretend this wasn’t a legitimate question because this is the stupidest question I have ever received into my box. I am going to be very blunt here:

Basically what you are saying, is that nobody should study history. “They were all racist so we shouldn’t study history!” it was history. They were racist, and without history how would we learn from the shitty things people have done in the past. Taking words from a wise quote, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”. History helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be. All people are living histories. 

I know what you are trying to imply is why should we study a bunch of racists. It is important, it is so important. Some of us actually have an interest in how the founding of America came to be, how the world came to be and how people who have done incredible things can still be terrible people. 

“We shouldn’t study American History because America was founded by a ton of racists.”

That is the most ignorant statement on the entire planet. If you’re not into history- that is fine, whatever. But I find history to be so very fascinating- they were people. They were people. They were people who did actually human things: they laughed, they cried, they did a bunch of shit. 

You cannot learn about slavery without bringing up the people who were in involved with it. I really don’t know how to put my argument into words it is frustrates me so much. You can like a historical figure, it is good to recognize that they were an actual human being because knowing that they were an actual person and knowing of all of the terrible things that they do helps us know that people are not perfect individuals and that people are capable of doing truly tragic things. 

The past causes the present, and so the future.

By learning of our mistakes from the past, we work to fix them- to take care of them, to get rid of our mistakes in the present- from our methods in the present it influences out the creation of humanity. 

Not studying the founding fathers because they were racist is like not studying the Enlightenment thinker Rousseau (THE SOCIAL CONTRACT) because he held a strong dislike for women. 

Let’s just remember for a second that in the beginning of The Song of Achilles, Patroclus is described as being too slow, too small—basically not a warrior, never going to be a warrior. Throughout the book, he’s shown as not really having a love of fighting and chooses to learn medicine from Chiron on Mount Pelion. And then, at the very end, in the most 180 character development I’ve ever seen in my entire life, Patroclus dons the armor of his most beloved, the demigod known as the warrior to end all warriors, the best of the Greeks, and goes into battle. Into fucking battle.

He goes against everything that anyone ever thought of him; what he thought of himself. This man—against the words of his father who never showed him the love he deserved, who was cast out into exile by that same father, this man who would rise to be the pin in the grenade—does what no one expected him to: He leads a charge against the Trojans that spins the war on its head in such a way that gods have to get involved.

Achilles, aristos achaion, refuses to fight because of an argument with Agamemnon over honor, and sweet, gentle, kind Patroclus with his heart full of only love for his people, for his friends, for the man he holds most dear—this man, without grace (I mean he’s dropping spears and accidentally almost knocking his helmet off for hell’s sake) makes what’s described as a ‘fateful decision’ and says, “You know what? Send me. I’ll do it.” 

Even if you read the Iliad, it goes the same way. We remember Achilles, this strong, bronze, divine being as the one who kills Hector. Ask anyone about the Trojan War and I’ll bet you 100:1 that people will always mention Achilles before Patroclus, but you know what? It should be the other way around. The amount of courage it takes to know that you have no special skill, you’re mortal, and there’s an extremely high chance that you’re going to die, and yet you still go to the largest battle before the demigod does—the fact that that exact moment is when the entire war turns and what was once a losing battle is refueled… That to me is more heroic than anything.

17.01.20 non•no (Mar 2017) 2 ARASHI – Ohno Satoshi & Aiba Masaki

“Let’s take awe-inspiring photos for the new-year first episode!”
Responding to what Sakurai-kun said above, Aiba-kun x Ohno-kun headed Kyudojo (Kyudo practice hall). Dressing in hakama and learning the basic action, holding the bow and arrow they had the shooting practice. In the chilliness and tranquility with tension, they their concentrating facial expression was serious. At the end, from near distance the two shot the target! After their first-time challenge of kyudo, they had this conversation.

Aiba: Today we also had prized experience too. It’s my very first time practicing kyudo. The bow was bigger than what I have been thinking, there was a unique nervousness! I concretely felt that it is a sports which trains both the body and the mind.
Ohno: (Nodding) Though I had bit practice just then and it was fun, I think it would be very difficult and hard if it is done properly.

A: That shooting the target, that was coincidence only. In such short time the arm and chest was trembling! This time everyone from the kyudo club who offered support to this project were smart. In terms of club activities, during my secondary school study, I played basketball. What remained in my memory is, when I was year 1 I had tough fundamental training. During the newcomer contest, I was hit by basketball on my face, in order to stop my nose bleeding [it] was stuffed with tissue papers, I couldn’t forget it (giggle).
O: Though I was in the badminton club, I supported on the fundamental training (giggle). I joined the training just when I used the racket and shuttle at gymnasium. But, I was pretty strong during contest (grin). From I was small, I played badminton a lot with my mother.

A: That’s great indeed! Leader acts a character which has physical action in your upcoming movie right (“Shinobi no Kuni” to be released this summer)? How was the sword fight scene?
O: I recalled my time acting in theatre and it was reminiscing. Because a little mistake would lead to injury, I have been very tense during filming.

A: Indeed, practice like Budo (Japanese martial arts) creates “‘do’ [cult / practice / way of life]” and it is not an easy task. Though I have practiced Judo.
O: “Do” is also related to culture. I have learned Sado [cult / practice of tea] during event (2015 Waku Waku School) and it was impressive. There were lots of delicate etiquettes and it was a depth of knowledge!

A: I am thinking about the skillful “do” of other members…… Let’s talk about this (giggle).
O: Matsujun, since he adopts healthy diet, shouldn’t he be “dietary life-do” [cult of adopting healthy diet]? Nino is…… magic, [though] I haven’t seen him play magic recently.
A: Good, “magic-do”. Sho-chan goes to various places for location filming of variety programmes, “solitary travel-do”. Leader is “overseas drama-do”. The whole DVD series set I and Nino gifted you as birthday gift (giggle).
O: I shall be getting into it (giggle). Aiba-chan is, the delivery shop you recommended to me the other day was great, so you are “home delivery-do”!

A: I’ll have stock again (giggle). Really it would be great if we two talk about “idol-do”…… actually I don’t know what “idol-do” is. It’d be great if someone can tell me what it is.
O: There is no standard answer isn’t it. I also have no particular awareness of it myself.
A: Now, what is important is, “the status of doing what we want to do in full enthusiasm”. And then, if people watching our TV programmes and concerts can enjoy them, it would be very fortunate to us.

A very close friend of mine works for a company that sold themselves to a larger company last year. They instituted a two year transition plan during which time, the new company hired the old owners to run the company throughout the transition period in order to maintain some “semblance of normalcy”. The new company that bought them out started out slowly by sending their top executives to meetings and they have been very gradually starting to institute change. Within this next year my friend will find out the status of her future employment (and she is optimistic based upon what she has slowly learned of the new firm). Meanwhile, the previous owners will step down at the end of the set timeframe and things could change drastically at that time. The kicker is that IF that happens, the new company will have fully integrated themselves and learned all the ins and outs of the business by then. Basically, while my friend (and her colleagues) feel like their careers are safe (and I truly hope that they are for her sake), the new company has set themselves up for success because when the time comes to fully move in, and takeover they will be 100% ready to go.
I have no idea if this is relevant to what might be happening with Syco, but I think it’s worth noting. Retaining original owners or executives is a fairly common practice during a transition/buyout for big business. Of course, sometimes takeovers are hostile and drastic change implemented instantly, and these are just two examples of many things that can happen in the world of business. Just something to consider.