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I’m probably reading too much into this, but oh well.

So a lot of fans have noticed that Ruby’s new outfit looks a lot like both Penny’s and Pyrrha’s.

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But can we talk about how:

Jaune has a belt like Pyrrha’s, in addition to her armor.

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Ren also has a red belt, as well as sleeves like Pyrrha’s.

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Weiss’s new dress looks more like Pyrrha’s, similar to Ruby’s outfit change

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Yang is now wearing her hair in a ponytail, like a certain deceased red head, even though it must be harder to put her hair up with only one hand.

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And Blake’s new thigh highs look somewhat very familiar.

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Inktober 3! I think.

I loooooooove Sapphy’s hair, it’s so fun 😍she’s such a princess!

Welcome to Bts

Lets start this off with our beautiful eldest hyung, Kim Seokjin.

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an actual work of art

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incredibly talented yet devastatingly underrated

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literally a mom

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certified food enthusiast

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honestly doesn’t know how to handle being a mom of 5 but gets by with the help of the husband (shall be brought up later)

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actual bias wrecker

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Next we have the grumpy swag grandfather, Min Yoongi.

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beautiful human being

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insanely talented rapper and producer

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500% r00d

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if you haven’t heard from him in a few days, he was probably just asleep

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can be a little squish sometimes

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but mostly just plain rude

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Now onto our actual hope, Jung Hoseok.

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literal embodiment of sunshine

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crazily talented rapper, dancer, and choreographer

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80% squish

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10% judging you

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6% hipthrusts

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and 4%… whatever this is

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Up next is our god of destruction leader, Kim Namjoon.

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sexy ass motherfucker

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amazingly skilled rapper and producer

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dimples for dayyyyss

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struggling father of 5 along with his wife

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incredibly rude

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but mostly just a dork

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Now on to this sinnamon bun, Park Jimin.

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precious angel

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incredibly gifted vocalist and dancer

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literally the squishiest little bean

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but yet 0.2 seconds later he is undressing the camera

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thighs that could fucking kill

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always messing with his hair

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actual tease

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Next up is our deep voiced sunshine, Kim Taehyung.

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an actual angel from above

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deep voiced vocalist who is also incredibly underrated

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square smillleeee

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just a tad off

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actual slayer of lives

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always either touching or licking lips

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

And last, but not least, our bunny maknae, Jeon Jungkook.

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precious baby bun bun

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insanely talented golden maknae

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an actual meme

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yet can kill you in 0.5 seconds

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but also a shy awkward little bby

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still manages to be r00d

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

You are now fully informed on the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan.

-Admin Yeonie

“speak of the stars! she’s back!”

i was really touched by how peridot apparently tried to comfort lapis after alone at sea

zzskyninjazz  asked:

Don't you have a non confessions blog? You should make one, since there are a LOT of questions you answer

I do but I have a different…persona? on my personal account and I wouldnt want people to hate this blog because they hate the people behind it lol (also cause I complain about RWBY and this blog on there sometimes lol). Also my personal account has now become just 100% yuri on ice trash lol

If this gets 100 notes I’ll reveal my personal account

BTS Reaction to: Their Wife Dressing Their Son in Really Cutesy Dresses/Cute Outfits

exo reaction; here

Jin: “wow, you’re so good looking no matter what clothes you wear! you got that kind of beauty from me. you’re welcome, son.”

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Suga: does feel embarrassed at first. for like .2 seconds. until he turns into that over proud, loud father who’s parading his son around the studio like; “you know what this is called, hope-ah? it’s called perfection. you wish you could have half as much swag as my boy”

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J-Hope: wow, I can’t believe that jung hoseok invented being a great and supportive father. he gives no f**ks about the fabric his son wears. he focuses more on raising a happy, healthy, caring little boy

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Rap Monster: researches similar cases where little boys are dressed in feminine clothing by their mothers. he reads articles on the psychological effects & is panicked at that thought. so he makes sure his son is dressing like that out of personal choice. & if he is, he does more googling to find out how to appropriately approach this situation; “jagi, please don’t bother me right now. I found a really good article on dealing with gender stereotypes for kids, I need to finish it”

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Jimin: sits his son down for a caring but serious talk. “are you wearing these clothes because you want to? or are you doing it to make mommy happy?” if he finds out he’s doing it for you, then he’ll calmly ask you to not force your wishes on your son. and if his son is happy and dressing in what he wants, then he’s 1000000000% supportive. and spoils his son with all kinds of cute trinkets and clothes

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V: proudly waits for his son at the school gates, waving and winking at him once he catches sight of him running up in his pink and yellow shoes. a dad next to him scoffs; “you let your boy wear girl shoes?”

and papa taehyung shoots back with, “I didn’t realize that there was a law stating that only girls could wear pink and yellow shoes. I wonder if there’s a law against that ugly shirt you’re wearing?”

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Jungkook: tbh he finds it a bit odd. he seems to be more traditional in his views so his son stepping out of the gender norm will take him back. but as long as it’s not you forcing your desires on your son, & his son is happy, then his paternal instincts will take over and suddenly he finds himself leading his son in a pink dress down the red carpet.

“head up, kid. you’re a Jeon, we don’t worry about what others might think”

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When you tell Yoongi you miss him

To those especially me who miss Yoongi a lot~ I bet this would be how he would react if you were to say that you miss him xD

*you pace around the room hoping Yoongi will pick up your video call*

Y/N: Sigh, he must be busy resting or he got immersed in his work agai-

*at that moment he picked up*


YG: Hey


YG: Did you ?


YG: Hmm? How much?


YG: How much is a lot?


YG: hmmm but I have a lot of swag though


YG: *chuckles* that’s ma baby girl

More Imagines Here 💕


Gaten Matazzaro. That smile could get him away with murder.

Caleb McLaughlan, dresses better than 99% of grown-ass men that I know. HOW DO YOU HAVE SUCH STYLE AND SWAG AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE?!

Millie Bobby Brown: I’ll be fucked if she isn’t rolling in nominations next year. and I am so THRILLED to see more of her on the red carpet


Committed more than ever to good vibes, cool shit, and the means by which one can develop personal power and take a sip from the Holy Grail now and then. So in honor of the year the devil collected on all those “not today Satan” postponements, I’m announcing that The Howitzer Literary Society is becoming a digital mag with content and contributions from cool people with great style and original souls. I’ll have more swag as we draw closer to our first issue, but just wanted to throw it out there.

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