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honest kdrama reviews

these are all the kdramas that ive watched and im just gonna put them all here and what you should know about them 


*no particular order 

reply 1997

  • set in the 90s
  • follows a group of friends and how they stick together during this time
  • two guys that go after a girl and the drama is a guessing game on who ends up being her husband 
  • good life lessons 
  • good ost (original soundtrack) 
  • it’s hilarious 
  • not a typical kdrama, very original 
  • what stuck out with this drama is it’s creativity. you’ll never watch a drama like this bc of the setting 

reply 1994 

  • set in the 90s (this is a series but they are all different stories) 
  • follows a group of friends and how they stick together during this time 
  • once again trying to figure out who is the husband
  • good life lessons
  • good ost 
  • also hilarious 
  • very original 
  • if you don’t do well with second leads as in you have sls (second lead syndrome) then you will most likely fall for the guy that isn’t the husband but tbh it depends on you 
  • what stuck out with this drama is also the setting. all of these are different settings and they don’t have the same plot

reply 1988

  • set in the 80s-90s 
  • uGH this drama honestly gets to me it’s so fricking good. 
  • if you’re thinking rn that you dont want to watch these dramas bc it’s set in the old times WATCH THESE I GUARANTEE YOU WONT REGRET IT
  • this is the highest rated kdrama in history trust me it’s good 
  • it’s a little bit slow in the beginning but it picks up and it’s worth it 
  • same kind of idea as the previous reply series 
  • everything about this drama is amazing. everything. 
  • this one is different from the other reply series bc it’s not as easy to guess who the husband is. 
  • the director is really good and there is a lot of foreshadowing and clues that you’ll have to work hard to find 
  • this drama is so well put everything connects together 
  • you will fall in love with all the characters they’re so funny ok im done

queen in hyun’s man 

  • ok don’t skip this drama just bc it’s historical 
  • the plotline is basically this guy from the joseon dynsasty time travels to modern day and meets this girl (and obv you know what happens next) 
  • super cute drama and funny 
  • the couple actually ended up dating too!! they broke up but still 
  • what stuck out was the amazing chemistry for this drama 

city hunter 

  • this really smart guy who is also amazing at hunting meets this girl who works as the bodyguard for the blue house 
  • a lot of secrets 
  • it’s a very heavy drama as in there’s a lot to take in and understand 
  • highly rated drama tho 
  • what stuck out is the creative plot line 

rooftop prince

  • after the death of this crown prince’s wife, he time travels 300 years later and meets this girl who looks like the deceased princess 
  • the guys in this drama are so funny and cute and you’ll love them 
  • similar to queen in hyun’s man so if you watch that watch this 
  • what stuck out was the plot and the comedy 

you’re beautiful 

  • this girl who has a twin pretends to be her brother and ends up joining this kpop group lol 
  • she’s pretending to be a guy but she ends up falling for the singer 
  • super funny 
  • you’re gonna love the other guys in this drama they’re so cute and funny 
  • what stuck out was the cold main lead i love when it’s a cold guy falling for the girl lol 

innocent man

  • oh man this drama.. it’s a melodrama first of all 
  • honestly i don’t even like melodramas bc theyre sooooooo hard to keep watching like it’s just so ongoing 
  • this drama tho.. it’s got song joong ki and lee kwang soo so i mean cmon
  • it’s got funny moments 
  • it’s an amazing plot line. the guy takes the blame for his gf who murdered a man and when he gets out of jail she marries this sugar daddy. he’s obv pissed and tries to get back at her by “falling in love” with the girl who’s dad is the ex-gf’s sugar daddy (ik it’s complicated). but then he actually starts falling for the girl and yeah 
  • it’s worth watching im not gonna lie just try it 
  • what stuck out was song joong ki bc he’s amazing 

dream high

  • lol this drama well it’s got singing first of all 
  • basically all these people who go to this music school and everyone has an interesting story to them 
  • actually pretty inspirational 
  • it’s one of the dramas that you just must watch heading into kdrama 

boys over flowers 

  • well if you know anything about kdrama you’ve prolly heard of boys over flowers. if not, you’re in for a ride
  • it’s the kdrama that EVERYONE knows and has seen
  • the heirs is basically the same as this btw but this is the original
  • a group of elite boyz and this one poor girl and she falls for the rich boi
  • it’s much more complicated than that

playful kiss

  • this drama :)))
  • typical cold popular boy falls for dumb girl honestly she’s so dumb it kills 
  • basically this girl’s house crumbles after an earthquake (only her house bc it’s crap lol) and so they move into the guys house bc their parents are super close together
  • it’s so so funny lol and it’s very lighthearted through the entire drama 
  • it’s one of my faves you gotta watch it 

it’s okay that’s love

  • this man is a mystery writer and a radio dj. he meets a psychiatry student and they both fall in love but man they got problems of their own. he’s got an obsession and she also has an issue psychology wise 
  • it’s comedy but it’s also not at times it’s good 
  • the characters make it so entertaining once again kwang soo is in it 
  • what stuck out is the interesting plotline 

princess hours

  • so basically this normal high schooler gets to marry this cold hearted crown prince and they start off w a really weird relationship but then you see how the two of them grow together 
  • it’s so weird and funny 
  • the leads are very cute even though theyre super awkward at times
  • the guys are super hot so like yeah  

personal taste

  • another cold man warm hearted girl 
  • the girl thinks that he’s gay so she takes him up as a roommate 
  • it’s funny and it’s got lee min ho 
  • the second lead actors are kinda annoying but you can deal 

hi! school love on

  • this is one interesting drama let me tell ya 
  • it’s not as popular but it’s pretty good 
  • this angel becomes a human in order to save someone
  • it’s interesting bc you’d never find this kind of drama  
  • the actors and actresses are very cute 
  • it’s a cute innocent kind of show 

to the beautiful you 

  • oh this drama 
  • another cute kind of drama filled w delicious looking boys
  • this girl goes to a boys school and pretends to be a boy 
  • she falls in love w this guy who is super athletic but also cold hearted 


  • it’s set in an art university and it’s about pursuing your dreams
  • a music kind of kdrama 
  • good music in here obviously 
  • the lead actor is hot 
  • he is also cold god i love cold guys 

cheese in the trap

  • another cold guy drama heh 
  • basically this guy that has it all (looks money etc) has a dark side to him and he falls for this girl who is poor but she is v smart and he tries to help her 
  • it’s pretty interesting i dont think it’s similar to the normal kdrama 
  • cute actors everywhere 

emergency couple 

  • this is one funny drama 
  • it’s got song ji hyo from running man she’s perfect 
  • basically the two main actors were once married but then they divorced and years later they end up working in the same hospital 
  • there’s sls in this so be careful 
  • it’s a medical kind of comedy drama 

you who came from the stars

  • one of the most popular kdramas and highly highly rated globally
  • it’s quirky in the beginning but it’s worth it trust me 
  • this alien crashes on earth during joseon dynasty and he lives till modern day 
  • he’s perfect and all his senses are like 4x better than humans 
  • he meets this stuck up snobby actress and the rest is history 

the heirs

  • basically the same as boys over flowers (see above) except it’s not so dragging and the annoying parts/concepts aren’t in this one 
  • the actors are all cute and you’ll fall in love w so many people

the master’s sun 

  • this one is precious to me 
  • it’s got the best ost ever it’s so good 
  • this girl is able to see ghosts and they always bother her 
  • one day she meets this guy that is able to get rid of the ghosts when she touches him 
  • so she comes off as a stalker bc she’s always trying to touch him to get rid of the ghosts
  • this is so original and every episode is interesting 
  • it’s funny and you’ll love the secretary. the old man is the best 

my princess 

  • this normal average girl ends up being a princess after secrets of her birth come out and this man who is v successful gives everything up in order to serve and protect her bc of his grandfather’s creed 
  • it’s a typical kdrama but it’s good and it’s super cute 
  • you’ll love the main lead he’s so handsome and the drama is v cute
  • you get to watch how an average girl starts from the bottom and works her way up to become a princess 

secret garden

  • you will not watch a kdrama like this ever trust me 
  • basically this cold rich guy and this cool stunt lady meet at this weird place and drink some weird potion and the next day they switch bodies 
  • they randomly switch bodies and it’s super funny and weird and so they have to deal w each other 
  • it’s funny and it’s v interesting 
  • another one of the super highly rated dramas 

suspicious partner

  • an ongoing drama rn but it’s so good omo
  • this girl in training to be a prosecutor breaks up w her bf and later on is the suspect for murdering her ex. the main lead actor (my bae ji chang wook) is a prosecutor and he is able to save her but risks his job (it’s ok he builds his own firm) 
  • all the characters are super fun and quirky and this drama will make you laugh and will make you feel scared at times but it’s a real mystery and comedy and it’s super good 
  • good drama to make your friends watch for the first time. i did it w a girl who didnt think she’d like kdrama and she watched 17 episodes in one night soooo 
  • no annoying love triangles 

fight my way 

  • also an ongoing drama 
  • this is such an inspirational drama
  • a group of friends that once had dreams when they were younger are now working in average jobs and they live off of their paychecks. they still want to pursue their dreams even though it seems to be too late for them
  • it’s so so so funny and the main actor is so hot 
  • this drama is just perfect in itself 
  • it depicts real life REAL life!! it stays away from typical kdrama scenes and honestly this one will move you 

strong woman do bong soon 

  • highly rated kdrama 
  • the actors are so so cute 
  • and when i say cute i mean they are the definition of cute 
  • it’s a hilarious drama that’ll make you cry w tears 
  • this girl has superwoman strength and she becomes this rich guy’s bodyguard but it’s much more complicated than that 
  • she’s out to get the bad guys 
  • this girl is so independent you will love this drama if you’re sick and tired of the typical helpless damsel in distress


  • it’s a historic drama but it’s good
  • this no name guy goes to the capital and his best friend was just murdered so he’s out for revenge but little does he know he ends up being a part of the elite group of hwarang boys that are built to protect the kingdom 
  • the bromance is stronger than the romance and you will love the bromance trust me 
  • the SLS is really strong in this one so watch out 
  • sorry im too excited but the boys in this drama are all perfect and so cute
  • there’s a lot of secrets in this one 


  • another ji chang wook drama he’s so hot 
  • this is centered around a case that has a lot of secrets. it’s a big mystery and this man is trying to go after people related to this case in order to solve the mystery
  • you got a fighter boy who has a history himself and he meets this chill girl
  • she’s a strong independent woman and you will love the action in this drama 
  • everything about this drama is good 

you’re all surrounded

  • such a quirky funny drama
  • a group of people (best squad ever) are all detectives and theyre out to catch the bad guys 
  • a different case every time and you would think there’s no comedy but trust me there’s lots 
  • the characteres are all super funny and loving 

she was pretty 

  • first of all major SLS so fall for the right boy 
  • this girl that used to be super pretty turns “ugly” and then glows up again
  • the main lead used to be a super ugly and chubby boy but he would comfort the girl all the time 
  • they were supposed to meet up but he thought this pretty girl was her bc he didn’t think she would look that ugly 
  • it’s a funny drama and youll like all the characters
  • the ost is really good 

oh my venus 

  • oh man this drama 
  • similar to she was pretty, the girl has a major glow up
  • she also used to be the shit when she was younger but when she grew up she became really fat
  • this guy who is super successful ends up taking her in and helping her change into the person that she wants to be 
  • it’s funny and it’s a sexy and hot drama 
  • they’re super cute but man they really got it goin this couple 

kill me heal me 

  • orgjoiwejfor first of all if youre reading this and you havent watched it already, watch this. 
  • before i get to the plotline, lemme tell ya, this drama has all the genres. it’s a real comedy and mystery and it’s just perfect
  • SO. this man has DID (dissociative identity disorder) also known as multiple personality disorder. he has seven personalities that haunt him and in order to try to suppress it, he hires a personal psychiatrist 
  • this is such a good drama you will laugh and cry and it’ll get you 

  • lol this is gonna sound weird but trust me it’s good 
  • this popular comic series ends up turning into real life when the girl gets sucked into the comic and basically she’s livin a fake life in a comic
  • it gets complicated when the plot of the comic becomes real life and the villain is out to get them 
  • it’s super complicated bc this girl is literally falling for a cartoon character who isn’t real but this one is another must watch 
  • it won’t be boring at all during the episodes 

oh my ghostess

  • this is another drama that is super good 
  • this ghost takes people’s body and controls them and one day she takes this quiet and very introverted girl’s body 
  • she ends up being stuck in it and it sounds bad but throughout the drama, the ghost and the girl help each other in order to get what they want 


  • boi idk how i forgot to add this drama
  • this is def another one of those dramas where you’ll be like wtf is this plot what is this drama bc it’s just so…. interesting
  • the second lead male actor and other supporting actors are super cute omg i die 
  • the ost is good too mmmm
  • alright get ready for another complicated plot… so the main character, kim shin is a v honorable general and the young king is jealous so he kills him. buT GUESS WHAT! this bih comes back alive as a goblin so he basically lives an immortal life. so fastforward to oh you know like 900 years, he’s looking for his human bride who is the only one who will be able to release his curse so that he can turn into ashes and stop living (the guys done w earth he’s been on for too long) 
  • so yeah then the goblin saves this pregnant lady and she dies but the baby lives and the baby grows up with the ability to see ghosts and bc she was supposed to die, grim reapers look for her 
  • i dont wanna hit u w too much plot so yeah go watch it it’s good

let me know what you guys think of the dramas and feel free to message me if you wanna know more about something :) i promise im nice 

♊ danny and philly’s astrological compatibility ♒

DISCLAIMER: First of all, im no astrologer (my mom is though but im not gonna ask her to help me lol can u imagine that conversation?); second of all this is based on their sun signs (other placements may affect their behavior and personality as well if not more than their suns, but because apparently both dan and phil have the same moon as their suns – wtf – they could pretty easily be the stereotype of their sun signs lol but who knowse *coff* wheres my astrology video u cowards!) and astrology isn’t balck and white, astrology is 50 shades of grey; third, this is also based on things I’ve read on both signs and their relationship on the internet, I’ve never read an astrology book in my life! I’ve never even read a book wtf!; and last, this is purely for the sake of entertainment and procrastination (bye college paper); I also don’t know Dan and Phil personally so these are pure assumptions – these words are not be read as “proof” since there’s no fucking evidence of anything here. It’s pure speculation based on astrology, some of y’all don’t even believe that so chill. Don’t take it too seriously, my word isn’t final.

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My Experiences With the Signs

Aries: We unofficially dated for a while. It was super fun while it lasted. We went on adventures (our first date was the zoo and we hella flirted on the sky car thing). But he was moving away for college and I knew he’d get distracted so I broke it off before he left. I think it broke both our hearts. I havent heard from him since.

Taurus: Both my dad (not birth dad) and little sister. He is such a kind hearted man. Exactly the father id always wanted. My sis is 4 and very sassy but I think that just comes with being 4.

Gemini: He was SUCH a bad kisser, not even lying. Theyre incredibly hard workers and always seem a little lost to me.

Cancer: Such emotional babies. Appreciate honesty in terms of being yourself and saying what you really think. I know this really problematic one who makes jokes that are mean and I always call him out on it and he’s like “im glad you tell me your real opinion”. Theyre the ones who start crying and tell you youre soooo pretty when theyre drunk.

Leo: Quiet when they want to be. Wont hear from one for days but when they text you again its like they never left. Almost always seem to have a secret agenda though when they talk to you, like theyre really trying to get at something else. I dont work as well with these people. Games arent my thing. I need people to be blunt and straightforward to really follow whats going on, but then I AM a naive baby, so

Virgo: Literally the sweetest most lovely people oh my goodness. So cute. Mostly weeaboos. Ive pretty consistently had Virgos for best friends throughout my life. These are the people I go to when I need to vent because they listen intently and give advice. Even if they arent sure, they will sympathize with you and make you feel better. Also I kissed a girl once and she’s a Virgo. Hot. Awkward lil flower :* still hot though

Libra: I dated one for a very long time. Sort of in secret for a while, since my parents hated him. He was my first. I loved him at the time and things were great. But he constantly tried to tell me what to wear???? And how my hair should look and stuff???? What a poop. Anyway when I tried to break up with him, he told me I just wasnt trying enough in our relationship and emotionally backed me into a corner. I ended up cheating on him when we were on a break. With Aries.

Scorpio: Deep thinkers. Book lovers. So so sweet and misunderstood. I feel like they really want to talk but they want you to start the conversation and then just let them go and theyll talk and talk and tell you things you never thought of before. Very peaceful to be around. Getting stoned with them is so fun and you end up talking about souls and ethereal things.

Sagittarius: Another old best friend. I had a crush on her for a while. The rest of our squad agreed that it sucked to be single when she was single cuz everyone went after her. Lots of us look up to her still. VERY real VERY fun VERY loving and sweet. Will rub paint on your face and tickle your armpits.

Capricorn: Me. Others I know are dramatic when they let their emotions show. One is very rapidly becoming an alcoholic. Very “go big or go home”. If theyre gonna do something theyre gonna fuckin do it right the first time. Life is short, if they take a chance theyre going all out. If they have a passion or a goal they are SUPER into it and wont give up.

Aquarius: My bf so sorry if this one is biased. (We’re very much in love. Im going to marry him.) Anyway I only know a few. Theyre quiet at first, but if you make the effort to get to know them, theyll take it and theyll open up to you. You might hear things you werent prepared for. The bf and I used to go on late night drives and find a chill spot to park and just talk about everything. Including aliens and a lot of “what if"s. Now we live together and mostly tickle each other and play fight. “Tell me a story” happens quite a lot. It used to be “tell me a secret” but we uncovered all of those a while back.

Pisces: I only know two of them. One is a friend of the bf’s and she is SO very gentle and sweet. She’s smart and seems to love everyone. Scary stuff in the news really makes her sad. The other is my mom. My mom and I used to be best friends. For a long time she was a single mom and we were living in an apartment together and things were great and we were super close. Then I became a sassy teenager I guess and she ended up blocking me out and she’s become this “control freak” who emotionally manipulates me. She literally went behind my back to ask my friends what i was up to all throughout highschool. Gets mad at me for “not trying enough as a family member”. Literally refused to let me see my own sister for about 8 months. Which is a big deal because she’s so little. It meant i missed out on a lot of her early growing up. My mom has Borderline Personality Disorder but wont admit it. We dont have a good relationship anymore and it makes us both sad I think.

I might be completly wrong in this and yall have free pass to come scrub it in my face when YOI ends, but like…. I don’t think the whole point of the show is having an antagonist?

Yes, compared to what we know of almost every character (and the writers put some effort in telling why they skate, what are their motivations and a little bit of everyone’s past), Viktor can seem a little… Off? Because the writers don’t dwell as much on his thoughts, and there’s very little we know about him (except he likes surprising people and he’s bored of winning at this point).

(I mean, look at this smile. It looks really fucking fake, even for someone thats 24/7 cheery af like Viktor.)

And while this might seem a bit iffy, considering we’re already halfway to the end of the show, I kind of just want to point out that Yuri on Ice is, mainly, about Yuuri (duh, Heloisa, you say, but hold on a second). And Yuuri’s development is really tightly walking together with Viktor’s. Through those episodes, it’s clear that Yuuri has a lot of talent and skill. He is perfectly capable of suceeding (as shown by the perfect copy of Viktor’s routine that won him another gold), except for the fact that he’s insecure and a very anxious person. He still pretty much anxious, even by episode 6, when he is able to perform Eros perfectly, as shown by the fact that he is freaking out about being first place. But I think that this is where Viktor comes through: Yuuri is dealing with his feelings way better this time. He is opening up to someone, which we all know he’s very wary of doing. He doesn’t like showing weakness, don’t like people thinking less of him. But he feels safe when Viktor is listening (the beach scene anyone?). And that’s really important! This is a really nice example of a healthy relationship.

(This is actually the most pure scene is the story of media, fight me on this.)

So, back to my point. Until now, he have been following closely Yuuri’s story, since his failure at the Grand Prix (that wrecked him) and his decision to get back up, to try ice skating, to go “well, I really love this thing, and so I’m going to keep trying, even if my body hurts and I’m tired and upset still”. When Viktor shows up, this resolve strenghtens, and Viktor puts him back on intensive training. Not only that, but Viktor urges him to be more confident and sure of himself. Viktor makes himself available to Yuuri, pushing ever so slightly until Yuuri is able to come to him and talk about what he’s feeling. But! There’s one more thing. It’s not only Yuuri that’s benefiting from it.

(Compare this man’s joy in this pic to the first one. I mean… Yuuri isn’t even close to winning the Grand Prix yet, but Viktor is more happy at his routine – this is before the scores came out – than when he won the gold medal for the 500th time.)

Some speculations have surfaced about Viktor being a very lonely person, which might or might not be true. But well. He was a child prodigy, reached fame at a very young age, and has been in the spotlight ever since, grew under it, every move hyperanalysed to exhaustion. As charming and extroverted as the guy is, that must be tiring. Which probably had a huge impact on his decision to just drop his career and go “well, look at this kid performing my routine better than I did. It would be a shame if I didn’t fly to Japan to coach him”. While we aren’t 100% sure of his full motivations (except Viktor does say that Yuuri creates music when he performs, and that sounds pretty much enough of a motivation, considering that Viktor wants to surprise and be surprised and wants passion, most of all) and past and wishes, etc, etc. What we have of Viktor right now is his development very strongly intertwined with Yuuri’s.

And, I mean… Viktor looks absolutely thrilled with Yuuri. Even more than Yuuri himself because, even when he’s building his confidence, Yuuri is still aware that a) people aren’t taking him that seriously just yet, b) everyone wants Viktor back to performing and c) most think Viktor is wasting his time. So, honestly, tha fact that Yuuri basically raises the middle finger (although, yes, metaphorically) with his performance to every single one of these people, because he doesn’t care how much they cry out, he did fucking stole Viktor. Deal with it, he says. So it’s safe to assume Viktor is more than slightly encouraging Yuuri to think like that.

Would all of this be necessary if Viktor was only doing this because he wants to create a new competitor worth of his time (when, I don’t know, Yurio seems strong enough to steal Viktor of his first place without so much extra care)? Would all this endless flirting and touching and intimacy be necessary to build up Yuuri’s confidence? Would Viktor actually say Yuuri to seduce him just to, you know, build His Straight Friend confidence? Would Viktor do all of this just to get more attention, when the reactions of everyone of their closeness isn’t even of shock at this point? Like, Phichit posts a picture of Viktor half naked all over Yuuri on the internet and the worries are “will people think I’m fooling around before competition?” and not that he’s fooling around with Viktor instead? Besides some embarassed reactions like Minami watching them hug, the whole affectionate thingy isn’t really a surprise anymore. Sure, photographers took a lot of pictures of Viktor and Yuuri hugging during the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship but, as showed on episode 6, Viktor is all over Yuuri any chance he’s got.

On live television, also… Just like Yuuri’s love confession (also, I super recommend reading this post on Yuuri’s speech. Just read all of OP’s posts because great analysis! And great translations!).

So, anyway, my point is that, if Viktor is doing this for pure and only his personal gain, he takes his objectives really fucking overboard and should get some sort of acting prize.

And my other point is that, if the show ends up making Viktor some sort of evil-only self-absorbed selfish douchebag, it won’t be a plot twist, it will be bad writing and very misleading (and I’m not only saying this because of the past episodes: both the open and ending of the anime are very upbeating; the tone of the anime and its writing are overall light, even when dealing with hard issues; etc).

Also can we just drop the whole narrative of same sex/gender relationships always having heavy drama, because it’s really getting tiring at this point. The drama is the Grand Prix, it’s all these fucking skaters trying their best and falling and getting up again, it’s the literal depression Yuuri went through and is trying to get out of with the help of Viktor and everyone else. That’s enough drama, don’t yall think?

Signs as I know em

ARIES: don’t know how to deal with their emotions and can end up being huge dicks to their closest friends, can’t empathize very well, people near and dear to em gotta take alot of shit, scared and lonely on the inside, funny tho, and super loyal, very technical people who like to create shit

TAURUS: don’t really know how to deal with emotions. get flustered easily but it’s kinda cute. angry demeanor. will ignore the hell out of u without even getting the facts staight. are lowkey terrified of everything but will probs never admit that as they have some weird element of ego tied into that.

GEMINI: YALL NEED TO CHILL , usuallly have some scary ass friends that are super into some heavy drugs, dont fuck with fam. hard to understand- defnitely not good with feelings. dumb as hell in terms of love and will flirt badly with you incessantly. handsy, but cant kiss for shit

CANCER: big hearts. fuckin adorable little water signs that are likely drowning in a puddle of their own tears. do not know how to fucking flirt to save their lives. their laughs are kooky as hell and i love it. probably smoke weed. u either love ‘em or want to kill them or are in some poorly balanced inbetween.

LEO: okay y’all needa settle down a bit. fragile fuckin egos if i’ve ever seen ‘em and react hardcore if u piss them off. pretty over the top with everything. but damn, are some of the most hopelessly romantic motherfuckers i’ve met. will treat you like a fucking god(dess) if u let them. not super good at social cues tbh. good friends to have if u need to be validated. need quality time.

VIRGO: VERY highkey jealous especially if they fam are more outgoing and intimidating, super introverted, always doubtin themselves, maintain an endearing innocence and can be childish af when things don’t go their way but are probably in the top 3 loyal signs.

LIBRA: jesus christ okay not very understanding and never try to see all sides of a situation. probably haven’t been through a lot, though. aren’t afraid to call u on ur shit and are lowkey emotional shawtys that are still trying to find themselves. make really wonderful parents. get crazy excited over little shit and itws fucking cray.

SCORPIO: DONT FUCK with these hoes unless u know urself first. will expose the parts of urself that u didn’t want to see. super gnarly in fights and will love u until the end of time. pretty standoffish and need time alone when emotionally unstable. keep themselves in amazing shape. be kind to them always. are probably in great shape (physically.)

SAGITTARIUS: craziest mofos out there. abandon all emotions before going into a situation and can be super impulsive. funny as fuck and always seem to be on another level. push themselves to the limit and usually forget to give themselves a break. ambitious and can get shit done when they need to.

CAPRICORN: talk about a ride or die. most loyal of all, best friends of all. will make ur enemies’ life a living hell, probably has daddy issues. everybody is intimidated as fuck by them. amazin writers/artists. really interested in spirituality and the ethereal realms. best in bed and highkey kink, and flirt hard af. also so fucking funny oh my god ive DIED, but loneliest self in the game.

AQUARIUS:  probably hate u. easily excitable. space cadets 4 life. rly good with animals and love food but probably restrict their eating habits in one way or another. a paradox in that they are fucking driven as hell to get shit done but give zero fucks at the same time. lowkey kinky af. want to kiss everyone. honestly- kiss hoes.

PISCES: emotional shawtys through and through. physically attractive is a naw. not good at romantic relationships. won’t forget about u for a million years. keep their friends close but will push u the fuck away if they get scared. insecure and just want u to stick around.

Friends with benefits II

Pietro x reader

Warning: none really until part 3

N/A: there will be a part 3 but that should be the last part. If you want smut in the final part I may do it if its requested.

Part 1-



After a few months the team had genuinely accepted me, their fear was still there but their adoration was greater. I have become closest to Wanda and Pietro, even after Pietro doubted me. Man, did I prove him wrong. I had channeled my powers to mimick so I can copy others appearances, which I use to turn into Pietro.

“What? Did see that coming?” I say in his thick accent with a smirk. The look on his face was priceless, almost cocky, he was definitely checking himself out. I try and pull the same face but I dont think I did because of Wanda and Clints laughter. Actually even one was laughing causing me to laugh, which was very strange at first. “I figure, why only be as fast as you when I can be you.”

“Wow, I didnt think you could get anymore attractive but here you are proving me wrong, twice.” That shakes me back to my normal form, after that Tony and Bruce looked at each other. They had a new challenge, honestly a very tricky challenge, making me a suit.


“So what have you all been able to do?” Bruce questions, his eyes filled with concern. I cant remember all of what I’ve tried, only what all I have somewhat mastered.

“What can’t I do?” I joke, he doesnt laugh but cracks a smile. Tony on the other hand cracks up. “So far I have been able to do fire and water manipulation, super speed and strength, advanced senses and invisibly. Along with telekinesis and mental manipulation. I’ve messed which earth manipulation and if I try hard enough I can talk to animals.” I state, looking at my fingers that are playing with a loose string on my over-sized sweater that way nearly swallowing me.

“Impressive.” Tony replied, I cant quite read his face. Bruce isnt saying anything only scribbling some notes.

“Were you born with these abilities?”

“That I know of, unless I was snuck something as a child, pulled a Sam Winchester.” I laugh at my joke but no one else is. They dont understand the reference.

“You really are something else, Y/N.”


As my friendships with the team grew and I focused more on training the more my relationship fell, I had someone for a bit when I first joined. He understood my job came first, which was hard to find. We became very close very fast, I told him everything, besides my about my powers. Even how I believed in true love. He seemed as if he was totally fine with it, actually called it adorable.

I never saw what the big deal was about my belief, its not like I was expecting him to be my prince charming. Well, He thought I was and it became too much for him. He broke up with me right before our fifth date.

“I think we should see other people.”

“How long did it take you to think of that one? Its pretty original.” My arms cross over my chest and my weight falls into one of my hips. He chuckled lightly as if I was joking.

“It not you, its just, well. You.” This time I laugh, Im ready to walk away,  Just leave and never look back but my damn curiosity gets the best of me.

“Let me ask you a quick question, and I’m not at all hurt by this breakup so be honest. Why?” I question, He looks confused, as if I just asked him the square root of pi. I know I could just use my powers but I almost want to have the trust in him that he would be honest, I mean we are broken up, he doesnt have to car about me anymore.

“Is this a trick question?”

“Nope, just for pure anthropological research.”

“Okay. You want someone to sweep you off your feet, but you’re more interested in getting swept off your feet than the someone who’s doing the sweeping. You seem like you got it totally together, but you’re actually really emotionally damaged. Also you are like really intimidating, especially in bed, you’re like super strong. Then that mixed with your slight daddy issues.”

“Alright, thats enough.” His words did sting, but I moved on. Or at least tried to. It wasnt him I missed at all or the break up I was messed up about. It was his words that constantly played in my head.


Pietro and I became really good friends, it was nice to have someone I didnt have to hide from. We are at the tower, watching a movie. I was talking with him about it until his phone interrupts us. He groans when he looks at it.

“Crazy ex lover?” I say jokingly but to my suprise, he nods.

“She wants to be friends. Even with my emotional unavailability.”

“Your emotionally unavailable? I’m emotionally damaged. I havent seen you at the meetings.” He chuckles still looking at his ringing phone. “Here let me.” He hands me the phone, I swipe the green, answering the call.

“Hello, this is Pietros therapist. He cant come to the phone right now. Hes too busy being emotionally unavail-” She hung up, I start to laugh and hand him his phone. He joins in on the laughter.

“That was great.” I nod in agreement. Silence settles after a minute, not awkward silence but comfortable silence. We both focus on the movie, Friends with Benefits, thats when Pietro looks over at me, a shit eatting grin on his face.

“So, We are both single and friends, No?” I nod, not realizing where he’s heading with this. “And I find you attractive, I know you find me attractive.” He smirks, I lightly punch his arm, not confirming anything. Its true, his bright eyes make me melt and paired with that smile, especially a smirk, is enough to make my knees weak. I didn’t say anything, his ego is big enough.

“Why don’t we do that?” He points at the television, the scene is when Justin Timberlake is going down on Mila Kunis, his head completely under the covers. My cheeks flush horribly, he had to of noticed.

“Have you thought about this? Completely?”

“It seems to be working out for them! I mean look at the joy on their, well, her face.” I shake my head in complete shock. Heat rushs to inbetween my thighs causing me the cross them.

“You havent watched the ending yet! It could go horribly wrong. You dont know.”

“Come on. You cant tell me you havent thought about it, maybe not this exact way, but you have. I know it.” He say low and seductively. It was alluring, his eyes were full of lust, a crooked smile on his face. Oh fuck it.   I pull him by the collar of his shirt so his lips meet mine. I didnt know at that time but I was starting something I just couldnt stop.


This went on for months, constantly sneeking around into each other rooms, mostly him into mine. No one else knew what was going on. It was our own little secret. We were at it like rabbits, it was amazing, not having to worry about my legs not being completely smooth or just feeling bad about myself in general. It hurt me to have to end it but I want a relationship and Pietro wasnt ready for that, which I am okay with but I need to move on.

I had to just rip off the bandaid no matter how much I wish I didnt have to and could just fully be with him. I just cant help my love for the speedster.

I wander to the common room but slow down to a complete stop when I hear the two accents I have come to love.

“Wanda, you promised you wouldnt ever dig in my head!” That was obviously Pietro, he sounded hurt by her.

“I didn’t, I dug into hers! You cant keep doing that you two will catch feelings. Brother, you seem as if you might have already.” I know I shouldnt be eavesdropping but I couldnt help it. I focus and make my body invisible. I needed to see his face.

“No, shes too emotionally damaged. You couldn’t even fix what is going on up there. Shes also pretty scary.” Now, I wish I wasn’t listening. It hurt, like hell, Fuck him. Tony comes rushing in, quickly noticing the heavy atmosphere.

“I dont mean to interrupt but have you seen Y/N?” They both shake their heads, Tony groans and rushs out. I follow him, still unseen, toward the lab. I wait a minute then allow myself to be visible again.

“You needed me, Stark?” He looks at me fake offended, probably because of my unamused tone and lack of nicknames.

“Is that anyway to talk to the person who made to a perfectly compatible suit for you.” A huge smile spreads across his face, I run up to him and embrace him. The project that has taken six months to do is now finished, thank god. The suit is a beautiful light purple, the same as my eyes, with dark purple accents and mask.

“Steve thought the mask would be a good thing, I said you didnt need one but he won, obviously.”

“It’s amazing, I agree with you by the way. Thank you so much Tony. When can I go on my first mission?”