having someone that is there for you no matter what

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I get your apprehension towards the anon that asked about money, but I don't think they meant it as a personal question. no one really talks about how much artists make on freelance work. it might be helpful information to young artist to know what they're getting into, and they may have just figured you were a successful artist to ask.

artists don’t really talk about how much they make doing freelance because it’s a personal matter. you can gauge your own freelance rates based on what your peers have advertised, but any more information than that is not only really none of anyone’s business, but the information also only pertains to a specific person with specific goals doing specific things.

to me, it feels more like someone is trying to compare themselves to me and judge how successful they are based on how successful i think i am. that’s really pointless and would probably do more harm than good.

also, same goes for asking my age. under normal circumstances and with people i’m comfortable with, i share that information freely. but an anonymous message asking me how old i am and how much money i make is really offputting. my age should be mostly irrelevant.

some people are making thousands of dollars a month by the time they’re 20, others are just nosing their way into their first part time job at the age of 25. 

everyone grows at their own pace and all that

BTS Scenarios: Skinship/PDA

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 AN: This little scenario is going to be all about skinship/PDA! Need I say more? Lets go~ hope you guys enjoy it (and as usual please forgive me for any spelling errors yikes)


I think Seokjin is fairly comfortable with skinship and wouldn’t be /embarrased/ by it. It wouldn’t matter who initiated it either he could probably care less tbh. He seems like someone who would just always want to hold your hand or have you really close to him so he can wrap his arm around your shoulders and waist. I think he would be a bit more shy with kissing though like he might only be able to really kiss your cheek in public. (which hey Im not gonna complain I’ll take what I can get)

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(im sO EXCITED FOR THIS) Im a firm believer that REGARDLESS if he is introverted and acts like he doesnt care bOY OH BOY are yall barkin up the wrong tree. Yes, he is quiet so I think this translates to skinship as well. He won’t explicitly say he likes it, so he would probably just grab your hand without saying anything and just hold your hand all the time. Also would probably enjoy having you hug him and rest your head on his chest so he can rest his chin ontop of your head and would secretly kiss it bYE!!! 

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He is probably the least shy with skinship in my opinion. Hugging, kissing (NOT full on making out), hand holding, etc. all of that is fine with him except I also think that he would be so comfortable that you would feel kinda weird at first like ??? why? So he would tease you a little bit because its Hobi and would like grab your butt and yOU WOULD GIVE HIM THE DIRTIEST LOOK AND SCOLD HIM AND HE’D LAUGH AND TELL YOU TO RELAX IM SOBBING 

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Okay he could fo either way really but I think he leans just ever so slightly towards being 100% comfortable (does that even make sense?). He definitely would always want to hold your hand without a doubt because he probably wont say it out loud but he just loves the feeling of your hand in his because he’s secretly mushy like that. On days when he’s feelin hella brave he would try to stick his hand in your back pocket and like to whisper unnecessary things in your ear just to tease you a bit gOD  D A M N  NAMJOON

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Smol bean he’s very alluring but I think when it came to skinship he’d be blushing no matter what. I think he’d be okay with hand holding just not for too long because his hands might get sweaty because he’s nervous idk i just feel it. I think if you want more than that you might have to initiate it because as I’ve stated before he probably doesn’t want to push you to do anything you wouldn’t want to do (what a sweetheart) 

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He’s a lot like Hobi and Namjoon where they don’t care but he isn’t a TEASE like the other two. I think he would just be walking next to you casually and then he would pull you closer so you could hold hands and he wouldn’t be shy about kisses or hugs because he’s just such a warm person I dont think he would want you to ever not feel his love for you physically (I mean skinship wise don’t be a freaking perv) because that’s just how he expressess himself he’s just a very handsy person with innocent intentions okay

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Lets be real here: we see Jungkook onstage with so much power and confidence you’re sitting there like “oh gOD” but then we see Jungkook, aka the boy who is deathly afraid of interactions with the opposite sex so much that he will literally back away. Therefore, he is probably so shy that I can only really see like little arm or hand touches that are so light you may not even feel them if you arent paying attention. But to make up for it, he would walk close to you so you would still feel safe and warm aw Jungkook is so smol keep him protected 

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At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone, that the only next possible step to do is to stop. Leave them alone or walkaway. It’s not like you’re giving up and it’s not like you shouldn’t try. It’s just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation. What is truly yours will eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, it will never be.

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My AFAB child has come out on his Tumblr and to a few of his IRL friends but not to us. I read his blog (he doesn't know) and he complains about us using the wrong pronouns. But I don't "know" anything. What do I do while I wait for him?

Kii says:

Even as a trans person, it bothers me when trans people get angry at people for using the wrong pronouns if they’ve never told them otherwise. It’s really not fair for your child to make it seem like you’re doing something wrong. Personally, I get a little upset if someone doesn’t know my pronouns, but I have no right to get angry at them if I don’t inform them of what my correct pronouns are.

I would suggest letting your child know that you would accept and support them no matter what, and maybe subtly start switching to more gender-neutral language (ex. “You look really great today!” instead of “You look very beautiful today!”) and be open to allowing them to shop in the men’s section, get a haircut, or whatever else they want to do that might be considered masculine. Thank you so much for being a supportive parent! Any trans kid would be lucky to have a parent like you. :)

EDIT: To anyone replying or sending in asks like “How dare you invade your child’s privacy?! You are the worst parent ever!” please read this and stop accusing someone when you don’t know what’s going on. This is clearly a parent who is trying to be supportive and yelling at them isn’t going to fix that.

Ok. Lemme set something here. A question? An opinion? Or fact? Does it matter?
I want to talk about personality traits. Because let’s just say.. what if?
I mean someone could have more than duo or trio or quadruple.
What if, someone had all traits and don’t know it?
I am for sure not one trait. As I have multiple and not just one I live by.
Why be one when you can be all, ey?

Kindness is respect and purity.
Determination would likey be stubborness.
Bravery is standing up for what’s right.
Justice is a lose or gain through revenge or righteousness.
Patience is key to understanding.
Integrity is honesty and trustworthy.
Perseverance(same like determination) is persistence to never give up.
Love through family.
Hate within yourself or others in wrath or envy.

This is my own interpretation of what the traits would be and what they mean for.
Now some might degree which I’ll understand that can be things like “You can’t be all of them!” “Course you want all, your just greedy!” “There’s no way it’s impossible.”
But what if? Right? This isn’t an entitlement thing I’m putting out or wanting everything because of selfish reasoning or in the game just wanting to be a God. I’m just saying it’s misleading because someone like me that doesn’t know what my traits are I get frustrated because I’m not mostly determination or kindness or etc. I might be some rare breed of heart that has all. And you might be too and don’t know it! I call this- Rainbow Chakra. In short terms, “Not one color but all” and you might say its something impossible but I say it’s something special and rare, possibily unique!

If you ask it’s something of what was I like in my childhood years? I would definitely say that I had no fear and was VERY stubborn. So back then when I was a child I would be two traits which would be Determination and Bravery. But counting the years you grow to have more than what’s given in the past.

Buut if we’re talking about mood color that’s something entirely different. And here’s a thought, just think like what if your heart can change color within a blink of an eye? Nobody would know. But only you do with your mood. Could be brain color for all we know xD

Also.. if I’m being selfish right now I would be calling.. dibs. But I’d say most like you might be a rainbow. Because your all special and unique because you are you. And that’s something you should be proud of.

Anywho this was just a thought anyhow and I mean no disrespect or mockery for anyone its just something I wanna talk about because of “curiosity.” That’s all :)
So what I’m I? I am the rainbow. Or correct me if I’m wrong or if I missed something.

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Hiii umm... I'm a little but I'm not what people would consider "Little". I'm a bit chubby and have stretch marks so I'm pretty self conscious about the way I am because not many people want in a little ^^""

I’m sorry some cussing Is going to happen..
fuck the stereotype type little! Not all of us our that 4’, skinny little thing and you know what? That’s okay. No matter your weight or height your a little if you think your a little! No one can tell you if your chubby or have stretch marks that you can’t enjoy anything. Don’t listen to those people okay?
Next time someone says shit to you, go, “I should have you beheaded the way you talk to me, a princess/prince, like that.”

(Also I’m not hating on skinny or short littles, you are beautiful.)

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jules i have moderate acne and it bugs me so much and i can't even cover it with makeup properly how do i get rid of it??? there's this cute boy who's asked me out but i keep blowing him off bc if i don't even feel confident about myself how can i go out with someone else?

I don’t know much about acne, but I know that your so called “flaws” (I would never reconsider acne as a flaw, it’s just a current state of your skin) are usually not of a big matter for your significant other. This boy asked you out cuz he likes you for who you are so you really don’t have to be insecure!
But I can picture that acne must suck for the ones who have it, so maybe my followers have some tips for you?
But please never ever forget that you are a beautiful human being no matter what! I wish you all the luck in the world and seriously, go get that boy!!

Scribble-Doodle: As It Should Be

This ficlet is set in my The Circle, Unbroken AU. I didn’t plan on writing more in this verse but I was asked about the dynamics between the various characters in this AU. 

So, here you have a prequel, Jace and Jonathan, with Alec as the pawn. Or, why does Jonathan hate Alec so much. Warnings: DARK stuff, abuse.

Jace’s putting away his weapons when he senses someone come up behind him and drape themselves all over him. Jace stiffens, shuddering in revulsion, because he recognizes the person immediately: Jonathan. 

He would like nothing more than to punch the creep in the face, but he knows he can’t. One punch, no matter how satisfying, wouldn’t be worth the pain that would follow, considering that Jonathan’s their leader’s, Valentine’s, eldest child and heir. 

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Super Nate and Jess’ Danganronpa Raffle 2!

Hey everyone! Our SECOND Danganronpa raffle is still going ! We’ve seen a handful of donations so far but many items are still unclaimed!

Here is a quick rundown of how our raffle works:

  • Our raffle works in $1 increments. If you donate $1 please specify what item you would like that dollar to be placed on. (For example: if you donate $5 on the Monokuma plushie then you have five chances to win that one item. If someone else then donates $1 on the Monokuma plushie, they have one chance to win that item while you have five. Statistically, you’re in a better position!)
  • If you enter our raffle and donate ANY amount, you will also be automatically entered to win a special bonus prize. Please note that for the bonus prize, you only get one chance to win no matter how many dollars you donate.
  • I realize this is a little confusing so if you want to contact Jess or I before donating to make sure you’ve got it right, please feel free to do so!
  • Like last time Jess and I will pay for all shipping charges. No need to send extra for shipping!

Now, on to the prizes. I’ve gone ahead and taken a picture of all the prizes with one of my dice next to it for size reference. Last time the Monokuma plushie was $2 per entry, but this time he’s just $1 per entry. Without further ado, here are the prizes broken down into category:











WHEW! That took awhile!

The raffle started during our first Persona 5 stream on Friday, September 16th. We will be running the raffle for 3 months. Our end date is scheduled for November 11th. If you donate we are sincerely thankful for your support. Every little bit counts! Good luck, everyone!


To donate please visit this link: CLICK ME TO DONATE!

In the purpose, please include the name you would like us to refer to you as and what items you’re interested in bidding on. If you are confused, don’t worry! If anything is wrong I will contact you to confirm. :)

Thank you,
For reminding me that I deserve silly little blue roses
And little love notes and cards
Someone who brings me smelly onion soup when I have a cold.
Someone who will take me to urgent care,
And tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m sick with no makeup on.
Thank you,
For showing me amazing music,
And having a passion for it as I do.
And creating me my very own playlist,
I hope that no matter what you don’t delete it,
Even though we didn’t last,
Music always will
It is everything good and bad about us put into a mix tape of songs.
And that alone should be cherished.
Thank you,
For listening to me talk,
Actually listening.
And remembering what I said
And caring about my words.
Thank you,
For reading my writing,
I’m terribly sad that I never got to read yours.
I hope one day I’ll be in a book store seeing you as a published writer.
Thank you,
For giving me your time,
I promise it wasn’t wasted.
Loving you was the best thing I ever did.
I will never regret a single second with you,
Except the one that made me lose you.
Thank you,
For giving me the best love and passion I have ever felt,
I only wish it would have lasted longer than this.
I only wish I could have been stronger for you.
—  “I’m sorry. I love you.”

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I bought all the witcher books but they seem to not focus on the yennefer x geralt relationship so much. How did you find them as someone who ships them?

Wel just to clarify, have you also read them all? If yes then it is still a matter of personal view I guess. Wel all of the books can’t be just about Yennefer and Geralt. The majority focuses on Ciri (that is my opinion though). But to come back at your question, there are plenty of moments in the books for me that are about their relationship. 

The first 2 books really go in depth a bit who Yennefer and Geralt are and what their flaws and struggles are. Then later on, and namely in the Time of Contempt novel It kinda focused on how they truly loved each other (I still love the wedding vows sample before the Thanedd chapter) It told me so much on how they both grew in their relationship together. And specially the last novel says allot to to me.

But in the end I also really like the family dynamic in the novels, I mean Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri. Not just Yennefer and Geralt if you know what I mean :)

I know my dramatic ass and I know that– after my surgery and after I lose the weight and after the skin surgery… I still will probably not date. It isn’t like I’ve never been put in a situation as a fat girl to date people. But… not that many. Also because I’m a Literal Bitch™ to men because I don’t trust them. Regardless, when I lost weight the first time… there were literally a shit ton (no joke I could have caught a dick any day probbo still could but I’d have to try) of dudes who flew out of the woodwork and it was just… baffling. They would say shit like ‘I always thought you were a beautiful, cool girl’ and I was like ‘lmao what the fuck was stopping you then huh?’ And I know that’s what’s gonna happen again. And even if I find someone that I genuinely like… I’m always gonna be like 'would you love me no matter what?’ And I’m not gonna trust that they will/would. Whoops.

Hello artists of all ages, we’re here to counteract bad art blogs, because one huge thing about art is improving and getting better! Whether you’ve been doing this for years or have just started, you’ll keep on improving, and no one should discourage someone because they may not be perfect yet. (Mostly because newsflash, none of us are perfect or done improving). They’re doing their best and having fun, and that’s what matters! 

So to inspire all artists, new and old, we want to showcase improvement over time. Our submit box is open for all willing artists who want to see how they’ve improved, and want to show others too! We’re all growing and learning everyday, so let’s feel better by encouraging each other.

FAQ/ Submit

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do you have any advice for someone who can never be what they want to be.. someone who always gets told 'no, you cant be the gender you want' , 'no, i wont call you by that name' , 'no, you're wrong about what you want to be' , 'you were born a certain way for a reason, you should be proud of who you are.' I'm just starting to feel like I'm not what they want me to be and that the whole world would be better off without me..

Be who you are without having the consent of somebody else? Do it for yourself and not anyone else! If someone isnt agreeing with your gender or sexuality, don’t fucking care, what really matters here and now is HOW YOU FEEL AND HOW YOU IDENTIFY AS!

Hey, for anyone that’s interested: you don’t need my permission to draw or request whatever it is for what you want of my characters. Nothing can really bug me as long as it’s not mean-spirited towards someone else. I like fan art of all forms, so my only guideline is that you guys link me to it if you ever make anything.

I bring this up since I know some folk get conscious about that stuff. To re-iterate, I myself won’t post anything suggestive here so as to not distract folk uninterested in it, but that doesn’t mean I have a problem with any kind of subject matter for art.

              ANGEL. this will be a little rant i wanna make so… lemme give you guys an advice about friendship. you DON’T meet someone and passed a few days they are your friend. You can’t ask hey how are you can we be friends and they will be your friend. that’s not how a relatipnship works. do you wanna know what a friend is? someone who actually listen and CARES about the shit you’re blabberling and makes you feel awful, a friend is someone who gets to be there in good and bad times NO MATTER THE SITUATION. a friend is someone that wants to protect you, someone that you’ve been having a relationship with for awhile now, and someone that you enjoy talking to and of course, someone that you’ve been exchanging conversation for a few months, so it’s not just a few interactions. Please udnerstand that the word ‘friend’ is way too strong, it’s a heavy thing and it has a huge meaning. you can’t call everyone a ‘friend’, you can’t call a friend someone who barely knows you and soemoen who you only speak a few times at month and you don’t even know their real name, or where they’re from, or even what are their hobbies.

It makes me so upset that 99% of the people names someone that met at the supermarket three hours ago, their FRIEND. sure it can be a general term, but the REAL meaning of being a friend is… being there. Make you smile, care, worry, LOVE. the love for a friend is even stronger than a lover or family, its bond it’s terribly strong. like… do you know for how many days i got worried for a friend and tried to look for them? around a month. because i cared for them and i loved them, i still love them nowadays. you guys need to chil about that friend issue, stop for a minute and think that everyone at tumblr is worth of a true friendhsip.

Well, ‘true’ friendship. you guys seriously need to learn the difference.

Once again with the accusations.

I get it.

Another guy who wants me to put away my feelings to think about him and his. I’m not supposed to feel, or react, or be me. My feelings don’t matter, but that’s the reality. I DON’T MATTER. I get it. Trust me, that’s the way I’ve always been treated. I’m starting to think that’s the way I’ll always be treated. Not sure why I can’t stop though, stop thinking that maybe, one day, I’ll actually matter to someone.

In the end, we’re what, two people who have spent 7 years talking dirty to each other. You’ve given what you can, and let’s face it, I’m a brick wall, and I’m in no hurry to tear it down again. I’m done trusting people.

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Do u have any mental things urself or just like helping people?

Just like helping people, I can’t help it, I just love to do it. Letting people know they’re not alone and that they can overcome their burdens no matter what it is, is something I take to heart. I really don’t get the point of being mean when you can help someone feel better about themselves and encourage someone to go after their goals and to live an amazing life. I’m not saying I’m perfect but to know I’ve helped someone want to hold on for even one more day and then to gradually turn that one more day into one more week and then into one more month and then into one more year to give themselves a chance at happiness and peace, is definitely worth it. 


I was tagged by @amazoniansiege Thank you for thinking of me (:

Name/nicknames: Bree, Breeah, Sab, Brina

Gender: Female

Height: 5′8″

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird

Favorite color: Teal

Time: 8:22 PM

Last things I Googled: The difference between asocial and antisocial. (I was just looking for a video to show to someone who posted something that was wrong (: ha)

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 (also it has to be a very specific kind because I have a problem with textures, not that that matters)

Favorite band/artists: Yeasayer

Dream vacation: The Netherlands

When did I make this blog: Like two years ago but I only started using it like a year ago. 

How many blogs do I follow: That is a good question. 

What do I post about: MBTI, space, geology, science, but I also do a lot of shitposting. 

Do you get asks on a regular basis: No, and I probably couldn’t handle it. 

Aesthetics: I don’t have an answer for this, honestly. 

Other Tumblrs: Nope

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When you find someone who truly ‘gets’ you, not just someone who listens to you or is nice to you, but someone who truly understands you without you having to say a word, hold on to them. No matter what happens, no matter how complicated life gets, don’t let them go.