having someone that is there for you no matter what

*Eminem plays in the background* Guess who’s back 🎵

No, let’s get serious. Where do I even start …? First of all I wanna let @murderous-manipulative-angel know that of course I accept her apology. We’re all happy about peace, and I’m very glad that we’ll have alil more of it now. We unblocked each other. We talked to each other. That’s a good thing.

I also wanna apology myself for all this truely emberessing bullshit I’ve wrote. I’m so fucking sorry that I’ve spammed all your dash with me being whiny over life … I’m usually not a person who talk about personal stuff publicly. The last weeks sucked and I took a break to calm myself a lil. After this I was coming here and what happened just felted like a slap in the face. But I shouldn’t had reacted like this, I should’ve reacted calm and eloquent like 24 years humans old should react in situations like this. But wait, that’s the point: We’re al humans. So it’s completely normal and okay to get overwhelmed sometimes, or to get angry. It’s not goot to swallow everything, sometimes it just need to be burst out. Just not in a way like I did XD Let’s face it: There will always be hate out there, no matter in which form. But there’s also SO MUCH LOVE. I forgot about that a few days ago, but some angels remembered me that it exists and how it feels. @monroeisabadass for example, my darling, who was there for me all the time, listened to me, and made me smile again. @harleyrotten, @jokers-dream-car, ​@mrjandmrshq, @harlzquinzel, @clowns-of-gotham, @donnajosee, @ma-ph, @joker-x-harley @rottenqvinzel, @doublebubblediscoquinn, @jsupers, and so, so many other ppl who had wrote me such heart-warming stuff that I seriously had a few tears rolling down my face.

There are a lot of messages in my inbox that make me feel so happy! I just think it’s better to not post them, ‘cause I don’t wanna let those events have a kinda comeback … I apology to all the sweet anons and everyone who took an actual part of their life time to send me so much love and positivity, this means so damn fucking much to me. I’m sure you all understand why I’m not gonna post your messages, BUT please know that they reached not only my inbox but also my heart!! NO I’m NOT gonna cry again!! (╥_╥)

This is not really important, but my favourite singer once called his twitter account HateWillNotWin, after Trump made it … XD We shouldn’t let hate win and take over our fandoms. These are lil communitys where we escape to enjoy the stuff we love, ‘cause all of us have enough problems to deal with in the life outside tumblr. I’ll always fight against hate, but I won’t fight hate with hate. This would just keep this endless loop of hate.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m better and I’m back! ♥♥♥


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What do you do if you review something and someone reviewed it before you?

It doesn’t mater which video was first. All that matters is which video was better.

Which is usually mine

I hate when I get comments saying “This other reviewer pointed this out just like you did? Did you copy from them?” No one was first to say JarJar was annoying. People watch a movie and have a similar experience.

i was hoping you could post this picture of me (on the left) and my late boyfriend (on the right). at the time of writing he’s only been gone two days. i’ve always wanted to be on this blog, but i never thought i’d meet someone who made me that happy and who i was comfortable with enough to share. and then i did. and now he’s gone. and none of his family knows who i was to him. nobody close to him knows what we were. somebody has to. somebody has to remember that he taught me what love really is. i want people to look at him and realize that no matter how much you think no one cares there is somebody out there who thinks the world of you. my world is gone now. please cherish what you have and don’t waste time. we have so little of it.

i miss you so much.

i could use a little help

So it looks like I’m changing my major. Telling my parents is going to result in a hell-storm and if you know me irl you know this means I will lose my home. I currently have a secret savings account in a new bank with only ~$200 in it. This isn’t enough to leave on.

I’m not going to ask for money for free, but I’ve a limited reservoir of skills and I’m going to offer them and see what happens.

$15 I can edit any paper you have. 5-10 page paper.

$5 I will edit an essay, no matter the length.

If you want help in: organic chemistry, english, psychology, etc.

I can act as an adviser in that sense and I’d charge $10 a “session” which can be 24 hrs.

If you need life or relationship advice, I’d charge $5 a session which can be for 24 hours.

If you want me to break up with someone for you, $5 a person.

Want me to send along a message of love and/or disdain? $5

If you pay me $5 I will send you pictures of my cat at 1 hour increments for 24 hours. bode captions are optional at no extra charge.

for $1 I will draw you a really shitty drawing of anything you want and email it to you.


I really need supplemental income. I have a job, but I don’t make enough. I’ll be getting a second job but in the meantime this can help a lot.

My paypal email is enzyme_ameoba@yahoo.com fyi like hmu I’ll be your friend for free.

If you’re gut is telling you not to be alone with someone, don’t. You don’t have to have a reason. It doesn’t matter who it is or what will happen if you refuse. If a teacher asks you to stay after class and you have a bad feeling about them that you can’t explain, get the hell out. Doesn’t matter what kind of trouble you could get into. It matters less than your safety. If a relative over the holidays is trying to talk somewhere private and you don’t see them enough to gauge that their intentions are pure, insist on staying in a crowded area like the family room. We may not be hunting and gathering or trying not to get eaten by animals with sharp teeth anymore, but we still have our instincts for a reason, and this era has its own kind of predator.

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Gio leaking someones nudes and sending them is perfection. And rather specific. Thought about that scenario before have you? Hmm maybe we can get him hacking for some of Rein's nudes. What do we need to bribe the little kitten??

Tbh that scenario was made on the spot LMAO. I was feeling the Christmas mood haha. But um, you don’t have to ask Gio for Rein’s nudes, I mean no matter how much you bribe him, he wouldn’t do that even if you bought him the premium subscriptions to all of his favorite mmorpgs, even if you bought him all the character skins for his favorite champions, nope never– 

But shit– Rein will be more than willing to be nude– hE PREFERS IT. He sleeps in the nude. You want to see him nude, just be like “Hey Rein… want to have a nice date? ;)” (Don’t forget the winking face or else, he’ll just take you out to a nice dinner or whatever and send you off home) And he’s like “Okay sure.” 

And he’ll treat you out and then eat you out. That’s the wise words he lives by, so yeh = v =)b

Tim & Todd - Tim and Todd: The game (on Wattpad) http://my.w.tt/UiNb/h1TU6ZRHLy Usually, in life, you are faced with things that scare you. Whatever these things in life are you always have to try and overcome those challenges no matter what because they make you stronger afterward and it’s always good to have someone that can help you through those hard times. The Martin twins; Tim burned by fire, Todd nearly drowned by water. How will they learn to overcome these fears, what lies in wait for them when they overcome these fears and will they be able to face the challenges that come after? Follow them as they learn how to turn fear into power and change the world around them knowing that together they can do anything.

Who has started @oldrepublicconfessions
and why…

If it’s just for your own confessions, you do you, but if you’re accepting submits I
Hope you have a strong gut and a co-mod / friends to confine when people start trashing everything. And someone to talk to about moderating - people will notice if critique towards certain issues/characters don’t get published because personal bias BUT a complete no-censor approach won’t work especially if anon is on. There are people in this fandom that have rape/pedophilic fantasies (as seen in game general chat) and if you publish those you as a blog keeper are responsible for everything you publish no matter what you put on disclaimer. (Death threats towards real people like devs or other players is another thing you may want to hit report instead of publish)

I mean perhaps you already have everything set up and I’m worrying for nothing… I worry a lot, I know. It just seemed very new blog.
If things get too salty/negative just hit me an ask and I’ll submit some more light hearted confessions. But I definitely wouldn’t have the gut to mod confession blog…

IBD Awareness Week Day 1: The Day I Had the Courage to Tell Someone New about my Disease

This happened yesterday to me and I must say it proved to be more difficult for me. I would want to tell more people in my life, but I have to be mindful in who I decide to tell. I told this one girl that didn’t know I had Crohn’s obviously until now. If you have ever had that one person that knows when you are sick and pays attention in a caring way, but doesn’t know what is wrong, that would be her. She always knew when I was having my worst day with the Crohn’s no matter how hard I tried to hide it. I try so hard not to let other people know I am sick. I oftentimes become a bit more soft spoken and not completely out there like I usually am. She asked me about my medications and what not and it was such a relief that I built up the courage to tell one person this year. I knew I wanted to tell this particular girl of all people, but I didn’t know how to say it. It just doesn’t come up in a conversation. She was speaking about immune systems and getting sick, so I piggy backed off of that and just went with it. I whispered it to her and she had explained a relative of hers has it. I just remember having so much anxiety after this. It was finally real and out there in the world. I was able to say “I have Crohn’s Disease” and not be so scared to say it. I had this inner battle about telling anyone else. Based on my prior experiences with telling people. I have had mixed responses from people. I even told her that I had a scope coming up soon. I can finally feel like I can talk to someone and when I say I am not feeling well, they can be assured that no one else can get what I have. I am just so proud of myself that I was able to overcome such a difficult thing like this to do in my life. 

I have learned through this one interaction with this particular girl that I can find myself telling other people. It all starts with one person and I am just going from there. I told her about IBD Awareness Week and to wear purple for me and all those who suffer like me with these diseases. Today, I found she put a purple smile face heart on my desk and I thought that was pretty cool of her. It is the small things in life that mean the most to me and I am glad she did that. It not only showed me she listened, but she also cared enough to want to participate somehow in the week to show her support. She asked me how long I had been sick and what the status of my health was at the present time. It was so refreshing to be able to tell someone in my daily life about the disease. This girl is very sensitive and caring when it comes to illness. I am the type of person that observes people and listens to their views on a variety of topics. I analyze who I think I can tell, who I cannot tell, and who I maybe can tell based on what comes out of their mouths. I have good memory and I usually remember what others say around me. I am still going to be selective, but I am glad I did it. I overcame an internal fear of mine. I blurted it out or I felt like I did. I just remember also being rather emotional after it too. I was pretty much freaking out because it has been so long since I told someone new. I was so scared because I let this wall down a bit. Crohn’s Disease to me is one of the most personal things about me and I do not share that with just anyone. She just made it easy for me and I am just grateful now I have someone to go to when I am not feeling at my best. Thanks for reading in regards to Day 1 and I look forward to the rest of our week. Love You All, Wade <3

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If Elsa had just apologized, maybe I'd like her more. But no, she even saw Anna apologize and never felt that she should to the same for not telling Anna the truth, running away from her own kingdom, and refusing to attempt to fix it? How in the world did Arendelle welcome this woman back? I would have rioted.

I agree anon.

And frankly, that still bothers me. Okay, let’s Elsa is mentally ill. I understand her not apologizing right away but she still has to apologize. No matter what, when you hurt someone, you apologize. I’ve yelled at my fiancee before and afterward, I’ve apologized to him. Me being mentally ill doesn’t give me the right to be an ass. That’s really one of the major reasons I hate Elsa because she doesn’t seem to care about who she hurts

that mini heart attack you have when you almost reblog something instead of drafting it orz

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There is this girl I like a lot but I am also a girl and I haven't come out anywhere except the internet and I'm worried what people will think of me if I come out and also I haven't the slightest idea how to tell someone I like them. Advice please?

i couldn’t even imagine what that feeling must be like bubba :( those who surround and love you should accept you for all that you are, but at the end of the day you can’t help how some people react. as long as you’re happy that’s what matters… and i’ve legit had a crush on the same boy since i was like born and never told him so i have no clue how to tell someone you fancy them. If you’re friends with that person already, just be blatantly honest with them and hope that they’re accepting and respectful. i know that these situations can make things weird between people but sometimes you gotta just go 4 it

As he sat on the porch, he laid out the makeshift weapons that he had. None of which could do much harm to a human, anyone WITH HALF A BRAIN could have seen that. Instead, it was to skin a rabbit, one that he’d taken a very, very long fuckin’ time on catching. He was careful and precise, though knew that could end in a matter of seconds if the wrong person walked by.

Still, as he heard someone approach, he looked up. “What?”

What is even the point of intentionally messing up someone’s order? Like, for instance, someone orders a skinny latte and you give them a regular, they order gluten-free bread and you give them wheat, etc. Why? Think about it:

Best case scenario: Nothing happens. If a girl who looks thin already thinks she got a soy but it’s whole milk, she’s not going to gain any weight because one latte won’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. If they just wanted gluten free because they want to try gluten free stuff, but got gluten exactly once, they will never notice. What’s the fun in that? Some dumb, twisted satisfaction at the fact that you lied to someone who trusted you?

Worst case scenario: They have a medical condition that is triggered by certain ingredients, and because your dumb ass gave it to them anyway, they’re going to react to that ingredient horribly. Maybe the skinny girl who ordered sugar free is a type 1 diabetic. Maybe the guy who asked for gluten free has celiac. Maybe they have a life-threatening allergic reaction and you kill someone, all because you get off on intentionally deceiving customers who put their trust in you.

Either way, you’re an asshole.

so much sapphic positivity is focused on relationships, but not all of us have that in our lives, so here’s to the single sapphics. whether you’re pining after a certain girl, or don’t have anyone in your life. whether you desperately want a relationship, feel neutral towards romance, or are loving being single. you are sapphic no matter what and your relationship status does not define you. you are going to be okay

So often we try to make other people feel better by minimizing their pain, by telling them that it will get better (which it will) or that there are worse things in the world (which there are). But that’s not what I actually needed. What I actually needed was for someone to tell me that it hurt because it mattered.
I have found this very useful to think about over the years, and I find that it is a lot easier and more bearable to be sad when you aren’t constantly berating yourself for being sad.
—  John Green
harry potter rates by mention of ducks
  • philosophers stone: (5) the dursleys duck hagrid’s letters which is amazing and I hope that creased parchment gave them paper cuts. children duck from peeves on several occasions, and chaser pucey ducks two bludgers. glad Hogwarts students are agile but if i were a mum receiving these letters from home I’d have questions. (5/10)
  • chamber of secrets: harry ducks under a table to keep people from seeing him laughing. joy because harry is actually laughing. someone ducks molly’s soapy frying pan, which i hope is a metaphor but probably isn’t. harry ducks as hagrid tries to pat his shoulder again. ron ducks and vomits slugs, the babe. four random evasive ducking maneuvers. wizards are dodge af. i do not duck this much in my real life. bonus for the only movie add on that matters: “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” what were /you using for, Arthur? (8/10)
  • prisoner of azkaban: jo’s editor clearly got cottoned on because the we only have three duck mentions. ducking beneath diggory (it starts). harry randomly ducks. and a warning: duck, angelina that's a bludger. (1/10)
  • goblet of fire: (13) ducking in and out of tents and to avoid awkward social situations. ‘I don’t think there can be any ducking out at this stage’ which is utter bullshit. i’d be asking for the terms and conditions and finding out exactly what would be worse than facing a dragon??? krum is on multiple occasions described as duck-footed, which i take to mean literally and you can’t stop me. (3/10)
  • order of the phoenix: wondering if 'duck' is code for 'fuck' because it's mentioned a lot (23 times) and jk’s editor wouldn’t let her swear. harry ducks his abusive uncle more than once. sirius /ducks bellatrix's jet of red light, but only one. every single adult ducks out of their responsibility in effectively helping traumatized harry james potter. (-10/10)
  • half blood prince: FAVE: herbert chortley, junior minister, loses his quackers and impersonates a duck. he will spend the rest of his life believing he's a duck, which is...the dream. harry ducks under and out from the cloak so he can relentlessly stalk draco malfoy. lots of ducking under arms and under tables and ducking and running. (9/10. for herb)
  • deathly hallows: shout out to the experimental charms committee for accidentally-on-purpose creating a poisonous duck. wizarding galleons at their finest??? harry would not duck out of, excuse me while i sob, going to meet voldemort, not when he knew it was in his power to stop it. (4/10 but only because harry lives)
  • bonus: Lego Harry Potter, Ducklifors Jinx turns anything into a duck. (10/10)
Creating a Day Worth Living

1. Get up early

2. Express gratitude for what you have

3. Do something productive

4. Do something fun

5. Do something for someone else

6. Get some sunlight

7. Exercise – it doesn’t matter what – just do some exercise

8. Put a smile in someone’s face

9. Express gratitude or compliment someone

10. Learn or do something new.

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