having none of your shit lol

I s w e a r if people try to say shit like “Oh now everyone’s gonna want that as a tattoo” to the people who want LO(S)VER as a tattoo to try and discourage them I’ll fucking fight. So what if a lot of people want it on their skin?? Maybe it means something to them, maybe they just want it for the hell of it, either way it’s none of your business. Also, how many people have fucking infinity tattoos?? Or Deathly Hallows tattoos?? Get the fuck out my face

Batfam as things my fam has said

Bruce: *loses the T.V. remote* *goes crazy*

Tim: Dad, it’s just the T.V. remote.

Bruce: No, son. It’s not just the T.V. remote. It’s the symbol of my sanity. That T.V. remote helps me keep a grip on my sanity when you people drive me insane. Do you know how many of you there are? I can’t go anywhere in this house without seeing kids. You’re all so loud and hyper and you never sit still or shut up. I can never get peace or even rest. I go to sleep dreaming about going to sleep. That remote is all I have left.


Tim: Yeah, I’m gonna go outside now.


Damian and Jason: *playing a board game*

Damian: You’re cheating!

Jason: No, I’m just better than you.

Damian: No, you’re cheating!

Jason: Don’t take it personal, kid. I’m older than you, and that means I’m gonna be better than you at a lot of things.

Damian: *punches Jason in the face* 

Jason: *standing over the sink with a bloody nose* What the hell, man? You get mad for losing a 15 minute board game so now I get a crooked nose for the rest of my life?

Damian: I guess reflexes aren’t on your “I’m better at it than you” list.


*the number of kids in the family keeps growing*

Dick: God, at this rate, we’re gonna have to rent out an arena for family reunions.

Jason: Family reunions? Who says I’m gonna want to see any of you again?

Damian: Who said we would invite you?


Dick: So, should we eat at McDonald’s or Subway?

Tim: Who cares? We’re all just going to inevitably die anyway no matter where we eat, so what’s the point? What is the point?

Dick: …

Dick: So Subway?

Tim: Yeah, McDonald’s would only kill us faster.


Damian: I don’t have friends. I just have you people.

Jason: No no. It’s, “I don’t have friends because I have you people.”


Dick: So, if you count nine months backwards from the month you were born, you get an idea of what might have brought on your creation.

Jason: That’s disgusting. Why would I want to know that?

Dick: *smiles evilly at Jason* 

Jason: You already figured mine out, didn’t you.

Dick: Congratulations! You are the product of one hell of a Christmas celebration!

Jason: I would’ve happily gone my entire life without knowing that.


Dick: So were you born this evil or did something make you this way?

Damian: I’m the youngest in this train wreck of a family. What do you think?

Dick: Yeah okay.


Dick: As your elder sibling, I’m going to give you some tips on how to survive in life.

Tim: Is that what you’re doing?

Dick: I– *breaks down* I honestly have no idea. 


Dick: I have my great ass and my ability to completely ignore how much I don’t know what I’m doing working for me. What do you have?

Jason: A master plan and a raging, fiery sense of calculated vengeance. 

Dick: Yeah, that’ll do it.


Tim and Damian: *watching the neighborhood kids play*

Tim: Look at them. They’re having so much fun. They’re so happy.

Damian: Yeah.

Damian: How long do you think it’ll be until they lose the will to live?

Tim: You’re the youngest. How close are you?

Damian: I’m already there.

Tim: And how old are you?

Damian: 12.

Tim: Those kids are doomed.


Damian: This is so humiliating.

Dick: Hey, remember what family you’re in. We sold our dignity to the devil for good looks.

Jason: Yeah, and it looks like he ripped you off.


Bruce: Good morning.

Damian: Dad, you just put salt in your coffee.

Bruce: Adulthood is a trap, son.

Damian: What are you–

Bruce: Happiness is an illusion.


Bruce: I’m going back to bed.

Inspired by my hot mess of a family. If there’s one thing our dysfunctional dynamic brings, it’s humor in the face of crippling stress. lolol Hope you enjoyed!


Request from @deanwinnchesterisbae​: Bucky X Reader, reader’s on her period and Bucky has no idea what to do, hilarity ensues and Nat has to help him out. Fluff, cuteness, all of the snuggly Bucky (because who wouldn’t wanna cuddle the shit out of that man while in pain?)

Note: I was definitely giggling to myself as I wrote this lol!

Bucky x Period!Reader

Words: 1,364

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

“Agent Barnes I am sorry to disturb you but I noticed that your alarm did not sound out so I thought it would be best that I wake you myself.”

Oh the joys of having a computer system that could patch into your room without so much as a word of consent from yourself.

“There was a reason for that F.R.I.D.A.Y.” A tired groan left Bucky’s lips as he moved his metal arm to wrap around what should have been your torso….only to be met with nothing but an empty space where you had once been. His brows furrowed. “Are you able to locate [y/n]?”

It only took the system a few seconds to respond back to him with your whereabouts.

“Agent [l/n] is currently in the bathroom although upon further scanning I can see that her stress levels are higher than normal.”

You were stressed? This came as quite the surprise to the super soldier given the night you had just spent together, as far as he was concerned you had been happy – more than happy from the sounds he had remembered hearing from you. A rather smug little smirk began to tug onto his lips as he could hear said noises replaying in his mind but he was soon snapped out of his thoughts when you heard your voice coming from the bathroom.

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Imagine: Having a night of hot rough sex with Ignis Scientia that leaves you breathless, trembling, and euphoric. He looks down on you with a smirk and trailing that thin long finger against your jawline until it rests under your chin, titling your head up until your eyes meet he says, “None the worse for wear.”

Dating Seokjin (Jin) Includes:

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he’s so fucki n g handsome fuCK

  • Gordan Ramsey up in this biTCH
  • A1 cooking fam sign me tf up
  • “That’s my 6th plate of food Jin,i think it’s enou-”
  • “okay but look at this bomb ass cake I just made tho”
  • Watching Disney movies together and him proclaiming that he’s better looking than all the other princess
  • “I don’t know why you like Prince Eric so much, i’m way better looking.”
  • “babe it’s just a cartoon i’m-”
  • Going out with him in public is dodgy as shit man 
  • Killer visuals attracting a lot of female eyes smh
  • and him destroying anyone within a 5 mile radius with his looks
  • *Sigh* “Being this beautiful can be such a burden”
  • “Jin stfu”
  • At least one dad joke a day otherwise Jin can’t function
  • “What time did the man go to the dentist, Y/N?”
  • “Don’t”
  • “Tooth-hurty!”
  • “fFS”
  • PDA is a no go sorry
  • Y’all were out for dinner with the boys one night
  • and you tried to do some freaky shit under the table with him
  • Jin was nOT having it and gave you a look so intense you decided it was safer if you sat beside Namjoon for the rest of the night
  • okay but real talk Jin can be such a gentleman, opening doors for you and shit
  • and saying the cheesiest pick up lines
  • “Are you African?”
  • “I’m Asian Jin wtf”
  • “Cause you’re a frican babe!”
  • “Delete yourself”
  • He calls you Princess and you call him Jin cause you don’t do none of that nickname shit lol
  • “Aw why can’t you call me Prince or King or something?”
  • “Cause your ego is big enough, Jin.”
  • him trying to make simple domestic activities fun and bond with you
  • and you telling him that if he wakes you up one more time at 6am to get the laundry out of the way, you’ll break his arm
  • Internally screaming whenever Jin looks at you and licks his lips
  • Internally screaming whenever Jin just does stuff cause he looks damn well attractive when he’s doing it
  • the only argument you ever really has is who gets to cook dinner
  • “you always get to cook, Jin”
  • “that’s cause i never burn the stove Y/N” 
  • swinging on his big ass shoulders
  • climbing on his big ass shoulders
  • his big ass shoulders in general tbh
  • pretty sure Jin is a good kisser
  • like I mean, look at his lips damn fine
  • they look so soft
  • lots of little pecks on the cheek and nose
  • lip kisses are slow and sensual aF
  • he lowkey looks like he has a daddy kink. like very lowkey
  • idk man I feel like sex could go two ways
  • either, sweet, vanilla filled missionary sex
  • or straight up frEAKY lowkey 50 shades of grey shit
  • idk man there’s no inbetween
  • the type of man to spend his entire life savings on gifts for you
  • but deadass won’t buy a pencil for the other members bruh
  • squishing his cheeks and telling him he looks amazingly cute until he blushes like crazy

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Can you do fluffy headcanons about staying in on a day off (from work and from saving Hell's Kitchen lol) with Matt Murdock? :3

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A/N: I’m now accepting requests for Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil)!

  • It takes a lot of effort from you to convince Matt to take a day off
  • So when he finally gives in, you plan a lot of stuff to do with him
  • You know, to have some fun
  • Ends up that none of you do shit because when you wake up it’s already lunch time
  • Matt asks you to stay in bed with him a little bit more
  • “I’m not hungry, it can wait”
  • You accept his request and cuddles against his chest, burrying your face on his neck and smelling the natual scent of his skin
  • He starts to trace patterns on your skin, his fingers slowly moving under your shirt like he was reading your body
  • You run your fingers on his scars, making him sigh when he hears the beating of your heart
  • You’re sad
  • “Don’t do this. I know how you feel when you stop to think about them and how I get them - so just don’t”, he says
  • You slowly nod, kissing his jaw and hugging him as tight as you can
  • Matt does the same thing, wrapping you with his arms and resting his lips on your forehead
  • When you two finally gets up, you cook for him
  • And he helps you, of course
  • He starts to talk about work while cooking with you, so you kiss him just to make him shut up
  • Which turns into the two of you making out
  • But then you promise him that you’ll let him finish that with you later
  • “Right now we gotta eat, I’m starving, Murdock”
  • “I know, I can hear your stomach”
  • You cook his favorite dish
  • And you two eat together, sitting in front of each other while holding hands
  • Then, you take Matt to lay down at the couch with you
  • You pick a book you have bought a couple of weeks ago and start to read it for him, with your head resting on his chest
  • Suddenly, it starts to rain outside
  • And when you finally try to talk to Matt, you realize he’s peacefully sleeping with his arms around you
  • So you let him sleep
  • You get how tired he must be
  • He curses himself a lot when he wakes up, saying that he’s sorry he left you all alone on his only day off
  • Matt tries to repay you by taking you out for dinner
  • “No babe, I wanna stay here with you”
  • So he orders some pizza from your favorite restaurant
  • And while the food doesn’t arrive, he starts to make out with you again
  • Which leads to lazy sex on the couch
  • The night ends with you and Matt eating pizza and drinking wine, talking about random things and laughing a lot
  • Then he takes you to take a shower with him (where you help him to shave, just because he enjoys it)
  • And both of you fall asleep on his bed again
  • Dreaming about the day when you two will finally settle down and have a family
Puppy Love & Muggers

(A/N): lol what is this shit?

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Request: I have an idea you could use to write a Bucky imagine if you’d like maybe where you and Bucky have been dating for a while and decide to get a puppy together so you go out soend the day looking for puppies and when you’re walking home you get mugged and Bucky defends you and your new pup type thing or you get the pup and introduce it to the avengers team :)

Warnings: None

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama @kindnesswins

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Bucky had been dating (Y/N) for a while now and he could proudly claim that he was the happiest man on the entire earth. (Y/N) was just a happy soul that wandered into his life and seemed to light up the darkest parts of his conscious. They always kept him on his toes and when he was with them, he seemed to forget about all the bad in the world. 

From the beginning of their relationship, Bucky new (Y/N) loved dogs. They had a soft spot for the animal and on multiple occasions he always had to stop them from bringing home random strays. So, it was no surprise when (Y/N) brought up the idea of getting a dog. 

“Bucky…” (Y/N)’s voice pipes up as they peak up from their spot on the couch to look at Bucky, who is in the kitchen cooking. 

He looks up, taking in their innocent child-like expression before a smile subconsciously grows on his face. “Yes, doll?”

Bucky can see (Y/N) hesitate a moment before they climb off the couch, walking next to him and nervously fidgeting with their hands as they avoid his expectant gaze. “Can we get a puppy?” They ask quietly in a manner like they’re afraid he might say no and Bucky can feel his heart melt at their question. 

He takes his food off the stove making sure his whole attention is on (Y/N) and he brings his hand up to their chin, pushing it up until their eyes are focused on his blue ones. “Will it make you happy?” (Y/N) gives a small nod and a soft smile curves on his lips before he leans down, pressing a kiss to their cheek causing a giggle to escape them. “Alright, we can get a puppy.”

(Y/N) gasps as their face lights up and they rush over, crashing their body with Bucky’s in a bone crushing hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

He chuckles, wrapping strong arms around them as happiness radiates off them. “Anything for your happiness.”

The next day, Bucky and (Y/N) walk hand in hand into a pet shop not far from their apartment and they are instantly met with the sound of animals. (Y/N)’s face instantly lights up at the sight of all the animals and it doesn’t take long for them to find the room where all the puppies are held. Bucky happily follows right behind and when he enters through the door, he is met with multiple little puppies running up to him.

He observes as the puppies try to claw up his leg and he only stares as they whine and bark, begging for attention. He looks up, finding (Y/N) sitting on the floor surrounded by yipping puppies and he swears he’s never seen them happier. They have a puppy pressed against their chest as four more are crawling in and out of their lap and their smile stretches from ear to ear.
They look up at him before laughing. “There are so many!” (Y/N) giggles out as one of them hops up begins attacking them with kisses. 

Bucky smiles before sitting across from them causing puppies to jump into his lap. “See one you like?” He asks as he begins to play with one of the puppies and (Y/N) purses their lips before observing all the puppies running around. 

(Y/N) watches each one and they love every single one but one catches their eye specifically. It was a golden retriever puppy and it happily sits in their lap, content as could be. “How about him?” (Y/N) questions as they pick up the puppy from their lap and hand him to Bucky.

Bucky gently takes the puppy form (Y/N)’s hands and notice it’s fast wagging tail. He places the puppy in his lap and the puppy begins to lick his metal fingers before playfully chewing and gnawing on the shiny metal causing Bucky to smile. “I think we have a winner.”

(Y/N) squeals with excitement and Bucky smiles before standing with the puppy in hand. He hands the puppy to (Y/N) as he goes to pays for him, along with the needed items for their new addition. He receives all the paperwork and (Y/N) happily clicks the collar and leash on their new puppy as they leave the shop. 

The sun is setting in the distance making the sky covered with vibrant colors and they walk silently next to each other besides the sound of (Y/N) occasionally talking with their puppy. Bucky smiles as they hold their new little addition but the moment is cut short when two men in black hoodies jumps out from the alleyway. 

(Y/N) gives a scream of surprise as one of the men grab their arm as they pull out a gun while the other points a gun at Bucky. “You’ve made a bad mistake, pal.” Bucky growls out as his chest heaves with each breath, anger taking over and the man gives a chuckle as an evil smirk places itself on his face. 

“I don’t think I have. Give me your money or I’ll have to take them with us instead.” The man smirks out as he points to (Y/N) and the puppy and they look absolutely terrified. 

Bucky gives a sneer at the thought of them hurting (Y/N) and his puppy and he slowly reaches to his back pocket where his wallet is but quickly brings it back up, knocking the man’s gun out of his hands. Using all his strength, he punches the man, sending him into the brick building behind him with a hard crack. Bucky quickly turns to the other man who shoots at him but he blocks it with his metal arm before grabbing him and angrily throwing him several feet away.

Groaning is heard from both men and (Y/N) runs over to Bucky’s side who embraces them without hesitation. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Bucky questions with worry in his voice and (Y/N) shakes their head but their whole body shakes as they bury deeper into his side. 

Bucky sends a growl at both men before cautiously guiding (Y/N) to their apartment which is only a block away and he keeps a protective hand around them the entire walk, even when they enter into their apartment. 

(Y/N) silently pulls from Bucky’s strong arms as they proceed to sit on the couch, puppy clutched close to their chest. “You sure you’re okay, doll?”

(Y/N) watches as Bucky plops down next to them and they emit a shaky deep breath. “Yeah… just a bit shaken up.” Bucky nods, pulling (Y/N) back into his side and they immediately melt into his embrace. (Y/N) gently place the puppy on their lap and it curls up between them and Bucky causing both to smile. “We still need to name him.”

Bucky nods as he runs his hand gently through their hair as he stares at the sleeping puppy on their laps. “How about Tucker?” Bucky suggest as he begins to pet the retriever’s soft fur and he wakes up slightly, giving Bucky’s metal arm a small lick before falling back asleep. A warm smile spreads across (Y/N)’s face as they lean their head on Bucky’s shoulder.


Stay Away From My Friends


Characters: Jinyoung x Reader ft. Jaebum


Warnings: Violence, Blood, Cursing.

“Jinyoung! Answer the door already!!” You yelled, pounding hard on the entrance to his house. You had been standing outside in the rain, waiting to be let inside. From outside you heard several locks tumble and the door crack open a small amount.

 Through the crack you were faced with Jinyoung’s friend, Jaebum. He peered out at you, squinting through the rain. “Jinyoung isn’t here right now. What did you need?” He asked politely, but didn’t let you inside. You could swear you heard muffled cries coming from inside the house, but Jaebum was blocking your view. 

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welp lets do this lol

1. Nicknames: i have some irl ones and one i often get called on here it meta ^^

2. Gender: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (probably nonbinary/female ^^‘’ actually more genderfluid tbh)

3. Star sign: libra

4. Height: 154cm/ 5′5(?)

5. Time: 5:30pm

6. Birthday: 23rd september

7. Favorite bands: i couldnt say, i like alot of bands/ music

8. Favorite solo artists: again i like many

9. Song stuck in my head: none at the moment

10. Last movie watched: dvd: curious george cinema: the red turtle

11. Last show watched: tv show? proably dad’s army

12. When did I create this blog: november 13th 2016

13. What do I post: reblogs, the occasional text post and hptos and some okayish art

14. Last thing I googled: ”is a jaffa cake a cake or a buiscuit”

15. Do you have other blogs: yeah, a few side blogs

16. Do you get asks: not really

17. Why did you choose your url: me and my sibling came up with it cuz im shit with coming up wtoo manyith names ahha

18. Following: too many 286

19. Followers: 120 (how? idk ;-;)

20. Favorite colours: most blues and the occasional black - depending on the

21. Average hours of sleep: probably like on the holidays - 10-11 hours? but during the week when i have school its like 5-6 hours

22. Lucky number: none(actually proably like 7 or 707 lol)

23. Instruments?: i used to play the piano

24. What am I wearing: dog socks, jogging bottoms and a black tshirt with white dots on it(it reminds me kind of, of space)

25. How many blankets do I sleep with: 2 - blaket then a duvet then another blanket

26. Dream job: no idea tbh - probably something im passionate about

27. Dream trip: to meet my soul in the dark obis umm space?  irdk ;-;

28. Favorite food: hard to choose

29. Nationality: english/british

30. Favorite song right now: i like many i cant choose a favourite

31. what fandoms are you in: too many

okay now for the tags - do this if you want to dont feel like you have to its just a sugestion ^^

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Here's the thing. About original shit.

People don’t care.

But here’s also the thing.

People care significantly LESS about original things that are not ART.

You can say that your original art doesn’t get much notice and sure, that is true, but imagine writing original shit and knowing there’s not a chance in hell anyone but a very select few of super dedicated friends who will bother reading it.

At least if you draw your OCs or your landscapes or whatever the right way, you may get people reblogging or liking it because it looks gorgeous or cool.

Writers don’t get that 🙄

Now imagine you wrote over 350k words about a fictional universe you wrote the rules and limits of and developed entire series within it and dedicated your time and heart into it and knowing none but a select few will even try to read it because god.

“I don’t read regular books anymore lol, they’re too boring, I just read fanfiction!”

Good for you.

Witchy About Me

I was tagged by @daughter-of-hekate - thank you for tagging me, and sorry for my delay in doing this!

Name: My real name is irrelevant, y’all call me Richtor anyway, lol
Sun/Moon/Rising: Virgo sun, Gemini moon, Gemini ascendant - a child of Mercury through and through
Aura Color: I don’t know personally, but my friend @sigilathenaeum did an amazing energy reading painting for me, and it had a lot of blues and deep purples with little bits of green, and it’s hanging on my wall and I love it~
Deities: None, currently
Witch Type: Eclectic, chaos / sigil, energy worker
Element: Air, followed by water
Favorite tools: Sigils, straight up pure energy, and herbs are fun
Familiar: None at the moment, but hopefully soon!
Favorite flower: Uhhh. Lilac?
Favorite herb: I use a shit ton of salt in like everything, does that count? 
Favorite crystal/stone: Tiger’s eye, and my wonderful piece of tangerine aura quartz <3
Describe your perfect candle: Color changing >:D
Top 3 Favorited Witchy Emoji: I can’t use emojis or emoji spells, I’m trapped on a Blackberry and can’t see them :c
Daily witchy ritual: D’ahh. I guess the only thing i have going on daily right now is that sigil to make time go by faster at work?
Divination method: Tarot cards
Favorite lunar phase: Night time, lol. Idk, I don’t really do anything in correspondence with moon phases, I always forget. Hells, my mom is better at remembering to put her crystals out to cleanse in the full moon than I am
Favorite weather: Partially cloudy, cool autumn days
Favorite Sabbat (if you celebrate): I mean, if we went by favorite holidays it’d have to be Samhain because i love Halloween, but I don’t really practice sabbats, and i definitely don’t do spirit or ancestral work, so my love for Samhain is purely aesthetical
Favorite magical beast: Do vampires seriously count? Otherwise dragons, griffins, selkies
Favorite tea: Earl Gray ^^

I tag anyone who sees this that wants to do it! Seriously I’m too lazy to tag people, and if y’all wanna do it just say I tagged you, I’d love to see other people’s answers ^^ 

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I absolutely trust all your words but where did you get the info of him reading for things? honestly he seems like the type to think they will just come to him

So all of my info comes from various people within the industry. Through my best friend, I got to know all these different people. None of them are actors but damn it’s always the crew who have the juicy shit lol.

I have a friend who works within casting at Warner Brothers. Most people don’t realize that the people who work in various roles in Hollywood are actually happy to tell you things if you ask. We were talking about something and I made a Chris joke and my friend went ‘Oh that dude came in and read for this project and they didn’t think he was any good for the role and we were actually the sixth to reject him. They rejected him from a horror movie too.’

Basically, this is how I feel about most of the boys I support...

Warning: rant Have y'all ever felt like attacking someone with kisses on their face because they are so damn cute and adorable and stupid and cuddly and extra and soft but you have to rein that urge in so hard because you know it won’t fly in with everyone concerned because it isn’t acceptable in normal societal etiquette especially when you’re doing it less the romantic sort of feelings?
Like, how do you even explain that shit without looking like a dumb ass, next level creep?!

“Hi, cutie pie! Yes, babe, you! I want to kiss you on your plump cheeks, and eyelids and nose and forehead all because you are SO. DAMN. CUTE. so damn cute, i tell you. but I ONLY will do it if you allow me to- like explicit consent because that shit is important-.
But! There’s a but! PSA. Warning label. PLease know that this is all platonic. DEAD ASS PLATONIC without the full romantic I-want-to-be-in-a-relationship-with-you-forever-and-ever thing. Nothing like that. I don’t want any romantic attachments, okay? Got it? None.
So…do I have your permission?”
I’m typing this while looking at numerous kpop photocards. Lol

Polymerous Relationship with Kian and Jc *headcannon*

-They definitely would not be used to it, like fr they be thinking this some kinda competition


-always physical contact. NO BUTS. Actually lost of butts.

-jealosy. None of them would be used to having another guy all up on their gf.

-fighting for your attention at first like boi THEY NOT USED TO THAT SHIT


-sooooo many quick kisses on the way out, let’s be real

-cuddles that turn out really hot and messy by the morning bc there’s three of you lol

-Your two servants when you’re sick 😂😂

-time alone as well of course, private dates

-being like a therapist at times

-keeping you a secret to the media, scared of hate

-lazy days where kian wants more tangled

-dna tests to see who’s kid is whose

-forced to sleep in the middle

-only being able to legally marry one person


Semi-useful Advice for the Oblivious Freshmen

This may be helpful for any of my followers that are going into college. If not, well. I don’t really give a fuck. Read this bitch anyway.

Also, this is part one and I will possibly make part 2 if I find the time.

1. Don’t Bring Your Whole Wardrobe

Just. Just fucking don’t. You’ll have way too much stuff to pack, and you won’t even wear a good majority of it, I promise. Before college, like a week or so before, have a garage sale of a lot of your clothes and ask yourself if you’ve worn it in the past year (or 6 months if you prefer), and if the answer is no, get rid of it. I promise you’ll get rid of most of your clothes and feel better by the time you leave for school.

2. Make Friends in Your Classes

I honestly wish I had done this more often. And even if you’re shy and antisocial, it pays off. If you miss a class, you can have them e-mail you the notes or whatever assignments you’ve had, and they can explain whatever you missed. Also it’s good for studying as well because when finals come and you’re crammed up alone in your room at 2 am wishing there was a better way to study, you’ll wish you would’ve done this. It’s a lot easier to invite a friend to the library or your dorm, have some snacks and music, and just talk and study together. Well, don’t talk way too much about other things or you won’t get much studying done, but still. It’s an easy and fun way to help information stick.

3. Go To Class!

Trust me, there are days when you just don’t wanna drag your ass out of bed and walk 5 minutes to get to class. The worst times are in the Winter if you don’t have a car and a five minute walk is like a day long trek through a blizzard. It’s not fun >.< But it honestly benefits to go to class, even if you feel like crap. You may not be able to pay perfect attention for the entire class, but if you try, (and stay off Tumblr -_-) then you can still be able to retain a lot of information that can help you during your studying.

4. 8 am In High School is Not The Same as 8 am In College

Here’s the situation: You’re scheduling your classes and see that one of your classes is at 8 am and you’re thinking, “Well, I did it in high school so I can do it in college!” Hahahah. Ha. ha. No. Just, no. I don’t know what the hell changes in that summer between high school and college, but it’s just never gonna be the same. You’ll be so tired, no matter how many energy drinks or coffee you drink. And you’ll rarely have the attention span to pay attention for an hour and a half at 8 am, nor the right amount of sleep to do so for the rest of the day. Only take these classes if they are absolutely necessary.

5. Schedule Early

This kinda goes along with the last tip. If you want to avoid 8 am classes (or classes at a horrible time), schedule your classes as early as possible. Talk to your advisor early about what classes you’ll need for the next semester, and within the first week or so that registration is available, do it. Or the good classes at noon will be taken and full and you’ll be stuck in an 8 am class hating your life. Also, with scheduling, make sure you don’t have too many classes all on the same day. And also make sure you have breaks between classes if possible, especially around noon so you can get lunch. 

6. Get Rid of Your High School Study Habits

Just lose them. Now. They are complete and utter shit compared to how you need to study in college. Research some good study tips (sorry, I currently have none. It’s my current summer project lol). Also, different subjects require different ways to study. You can make all A’s in History with just note cards alone, and then fail Biology with the same study technique. Find something good that works for you and stick with it.

7. Pulling All-Nighters

Eh…this one is debatable. Sometimes they are necessary, but they take tolls on your body. You lose sleep, therefore gaining stress. And generally, these can be avoided. An easy way is to plan out what you need to do, how much time you should spend on each task, and then try to accomplish each task before a certain time, and try to stick to a good bedtime every night. Hopefully before midnight, but it’s ok to pull the occasional all-nighter for studying. Just don’t do it more than a few times a semester or you will feel terrible.

8. Find a Good Place to Study

There’s a good place to study for everyone, and yet it’s not the same for everyone. But generally a few rules are find a place that has plenty of lighting, little distractions, and is quiet and comfortable. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for places to study.

a. The library-Good place. Great place, actually. There are books, computers, resources, and a lot of space. Also, it’s really quiet, and if you have a college like mine, there will be little private rooms you can use to have your own quiet space to study.

b. The dining hall-Bad place. All the shouting, talking, and distractions are terrible for your concentration.

c. A desk in your room- It’s good if you have a clean and organized desk, but it’s bad if it’s messy, you have a loud roommate, or loud suitemates. Or too many distractions around.

d. Your bed- Bad place. You associate your bed with relaxation and sleep, therefore that’s more likely what you’re going to feel when studying. Although your study area should be comfy, it shouldn’t want to make you fall asleep.

e. A friend’s room- Can be either. It can be a good way to study with friends, but also comes with the possibility of distractions, so be careful.

f. In class- Eh…No. Bad place. It can seem like a good idea, but in the end you lose focus in that class.

9. Make a Routine

This can definitely help you with staying organized and keeping time for yourself. Have a morning routine and a nightly one as well. I didn’t have either of these last semester really, but have learned that they can help a lot. What you should include in your morning  one is breakfast, getting clean, a little time for yourself, getting dressed, getting all your things organized, and going to class. For the evening you should go to work if you work and if not, come back to your dorm, relax for a few moments (don’t take a nap, it’ll ruin you lol no matter how much you want it.) Make a snack or some tea, and study for a few hours, taking a few small breaks. Then take time to relax, take a shower, read a book, watch your favorite show, etc. Then get clean, do whatever else you do before bed, and go to bed at a reasonable hour. And then do it again the next day. It doesn’t have to be exactly like that, but a routine in your day can definitely help you a lot and helps you feel better. Also, it will prevent you from just rolling out of bed and throwing on clothes and rushing to class at the  last minute.

10. Make Nice with your Roomie and Suitemates

You don’t have to be best friends or anything. But get to know eachother, know their pet peeves, some likes and dislikes, and try to get along. You don’t want to hate the person you have to spend the next year living in a room with. And you never know, they could turn out to be your best friend. During the first few days, you’ll probably hang out with your roomates and suitemates a lot and help eachother learn the campus. And really, just be courteous. Clean up after yourself, don’t invite people without asking, don’t use their stuff without permission, and don’t do things that you know they hate, or that you’d hate someone doing to you. Also, with suitemates (and roomates) have bathroom schedules if it’s necessary. 

Anyways, so that’ 10 of my tips for freshmen going into college. I’ll possibly make more if you like this ^-^

transperceneige replied to your post “bitch i love those little panda snacks!!!”

Should I send some or do you have them in the States?

They have them at my local grocery store, that’s how common they are lol. They have pocky, too. But only the reg chocolate and strawberry kind, none of the weird flavors like melon (?)

Male MC: Second Day Casual Route 7:00 YS Omelette Rice

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Zack awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the sunlight painfully bright as he slowly opened his eyes. He felt groggy and he didn’t nearly get enough sleep. With a grunt he sat up rubbing his eyes, “Shit I slept with my contacts on.” Getting out of bed he heard something fall over as he headed towards the bathroom.

He took his time getting himself showered and ready his mind constantly going back to the RFA. It was like a new book or game to him, when he woke up the first thing he wanted to do was log in and when he got home he wanted to log in. He chuckled to himself as he massaged his shampoo into his hair. He was addicted. Oh well it wasn’t like it was hindering his wor- he looked away in slight shame. Well he got the work done but he sure as hell didn’t want to do that again.

After the shower, as he toweled dried his hair, Zack saw his phone laying on the floor flashing a notification that someone was in the chatroom. He had found that feature yesterday during his freakout. Smiling he unlocked his phone as he sat on his bed air drying his body.

   <: Morning Yoosung.

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