having nightmares about them now

"Insomnia" One Shot
Author: mysteryinred

Original Imagine Link:  

Warnings: None

Word Count: 805

AN: This is also on my DA account by the same name


Several days had passed and still you hadn’t gotten a bit of sleep. You stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Sickly was beginning to more accurately describe your appearance. Your hair was disheveled, dark circles formed under your eyes, and your face was getting paler. Hiding it from Sam and Dean was getting increasingly harder. But you must – they already had so much on their plates, you didn’t want to make them worry about you. The series of hunts had left you in a mess that on top of your insomnia was killing you. You had gone four days without any sleep. And now delusion was setting in. You were seeing things and hunting was impossible. So, for today you said you were having ‘girl problems’ and no further questions were asked. You combed some of the mess out of your hair before sighing and deciding it was no use.

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((Was in the ER))

((Sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you guys yet, but it’s 5 in the morning now and earlier I got out of the ER. My arms, legs, and face had begun go go num and I was out of breathe so we went to UrgentCare and they sent me to the ER. I REALLY hate needles since I have a phobia of them so I was crying most of the time. I even started hyperventilating and my body shut down :/ I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism))