having mental breakdown

stores to cry in, rated

wal-mart: pedestrian, boring, you can do better. 2/10

target: a slightly better crying experience than wal-mart. the scent is strangely comforting, the lights however are too bright and make for a slightly unpleasant cry. there is however oftentimes a starbucks and a mini pizza hut inside for you to drown your sorrows in. 6/10, points for optimal post-cry atmosphere

an apple store: absolutely not. people cry in the apple store all the time because they cant afford the latest rose gold bullshit apple’s put out. overdone and cliche. 1/10

publix: points lost for the sterile and inhospitable environment but if you cry in a publix a gator WILL smell your tears and come to eat you. being eaten by a gator is in fact slightly preferable to crying in a publix. 6/10 for the gator

whole foods: an excellent place for a cry, people will probably assume that you are a wealthy emotional person who cant decide between quinoa or couscous and are having a real problem with it. 8.5/10

nordstrom: plenty of chairs for collapsing into especially in the shoe department but you WILL be accosted by salespeople. they work on commission and are hungry for your money. 7/10 for style

ikea: OPTIMAL crying destination, can climb into a bed and have a total mental breakdown and nobody will ever be the wiser, the employees WILL NOT bother you under any circumstances, comfortable and accessible, 10/10

hot topic: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0/10

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

city parks are made for children to play in duing the day and for college aged burnout-types to have mental breakdowns in at 3 in the morning

Marichat May Day 11: Age-up Marinette

Poor kitty is having a mental breakdown after being hit by an akuma that made him travel to the future and made him fell into Marinette’s arms (literally). And altho she is kind of enjoying seeing him like this, she knows that if a younger version of Chat is in her time, that means her own Chat is in the past and she needs to save him (and also prevent him to say something to her young self that revels information that could change the future)

  • Sangwoo: So after keeping you locked in my house by breaking both your legs, torturing you, making you kill someone and constant psychological torture, I try to do a nice thing for you by driving you to have a mental breakdown in making you jealous of a girl which leads you to stab her multiple times in a blind murder rage.
  • Yoon Bum: Yes.
  • Sangwoo: And you're telling me that you didn't like it.
  • Yoon Bum: Not particularly.
  • Sangwoo: I don't know why I bother.
The Types in College

ENTP: overall a good student but they go out every Friday night to drink away their pain and get wasted – regrets it each week but will not stop until they feel like their life is going somewhere, never takes anyone’s advice

ESTP: they don’t look as dead inside but they’re the deadest inside, probably only passing their math classes because they make their friend tutor them once in a while, they act stupid but they really arent tho

ENFP: Asks all their friends to teach them things because they feel like asking the teachers will make them look bad, most likely to openly have a mental breakdown during class every other week, will get far in life if they stopped procrastinating

ESFP: They were getting ready for this since freshman year of highschool. They were preparing themselves. They truly, honestly were. But somewhere along the way, they lost it. What did they lose? yes.

ENTJ: mastered the superiority complex face four years ago and somehow they just keep improving it, gets through their classes easily, thinks college is chill (actually not haha psyche that’s what they want you to think)

ENFJ: Started to consider dropping out of college back in high school, probably more interested in the fine arts classes, lowkey scares everyone but they dont realise it and they get genuinely surprised when people tell them that they’re kinda scary

ESFJ: They used to be one of the top students in high school but they became a little better than mediocre in college due to stress stress stress, really self conscious, poor thing pls show them warmth in this cold cruel world

ESTJ: Often seen as the leaders during those dreadful, wrenched group projects and their group almost always gets the highest score. Wants to become a dictator but those weren’t the options

INTP: They treat college like highschool, but like a really hardcore highschool. Sure, they can get the studying done easily and (somehow) get pretty good grades but everything else is like climbing Mt. Everest. “Okay but how do you expect me to go out there and–and BUY things?? Why did they think leaving me alone was a good idea. I’m so malnourished”

INTJ: mental breakdowns every other day that last like ten minutes, sits in the front of the classroom, sort of a teacher’s pet but not in the obnoxious way yknow man they just wanna get through life successfully

ISFP: Average by day, dreamer by night. They’re doing fine so far but whenever they have free time, they plan on how to escape from civilisation and build a cabin in the middle of the woods in Alaskan wilderness. Stress free and hey! no diploma necessary

ISTJ: they sit in the middle of the classroom and aren’t really seen studying (ever) but somehow pass with a grade that’s better than half of the class, they’ll go days without shopping and binge shop whenever they do

ISTP: Only raises their hand whenever they come up with a smartass comment to piss off the teachers but the teachers cant get rid of them because other than that they’re [ISTP] actually good students, goes on backpacking trips during free weekends to get away from everyone

INFP: Probably failed their first year because they really, genuinely, had no idea what the shit they were doing, needs to be reminded of what to do next all the time, intelligent but lazy

INFJ: The really approachable one who probably wants to be a biology teacher and everyone loves them as a student teacher. Reeaallly popular but not in a bad way and they probably have sparkles trailing behind them wherever they go

ISFJ: Nobody knows who they are, never raises their hand during class, always tired even though they get more sleep than the average college student, puts in the most effort and gets along fine but not socially

When I try to go traveling to escape my mental health issues

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I totally didn’t expect the lovely feedback my little silly cross-over comic got, so to show my appreciation - and of course I heard the Sidon whispers - have one more of the sort. :)

Part 1: Urbosa Reaction

when ur about to have a mental breakdown because you’re that hungry 

In the text message:
Iwa-chan: Oi! Trashykawa, don’t you dare overwork yourself. 
Oikawa: I know~. Maybe you should get a girlfriend instead of messaging me  (´ ◕◞౪◟-)-☆.
Iwa-chan: I already have one!!
Oikawa: Lying is bad, Iwa-chan!
Iwa-chan: *sends a pic of blushing Iwaizumi with a girl

<This is part of Ushi and Oiks in the same College AU mini(?) comic.>

Can you imagine

The Inner Circle having dinner, and then Feyre or someone goes “Well, I guess it’s only a matter of time before the bond snap for Nesta, right?" 

And Nesta says, "it had already snapped" 

And everyone goes WHAT 

And Nesta just says, deadpan, "well, I felt it ages ago, but over my dead body I would let some stupid bound decide who I end up with, so I just ignored" 

And everyone just stares at her and Cassian just stand there, utterly shocked, having a mental breakdown