having louis feels today

Even though I know that Louis can look after himself, and has the experience, knowledge, and contacts within the industry to get where he’s going, and that he knows what needs to be done and how, I still find myself wanting someone to take his corner for the world to see.

This isn’t about status, or money, or invites, or whatever. You can be as lowkey or highkey as required, and wear, go, and be as you want, whatever level of celebrity you attain, but certain things like showing you have someone on your side, even if many people know it already, changes things.

Visibility on every level, is very important in this industry, as is how you’re perceived, and I want someone to openly look out for his interests, and assist him in protecting everything he’s worked so hard for. We know he’s loved, so very well, by so many in his life. This isn’t about that. I just want to see him, as a person, and as an artist, respected, both inside and outside the industry, for all that he gives, and does, and is.

I want to see someone go to bat for him. For that kid who sat in his bedroom and made recordings when he was only 16. For that 17 year old who struggled to find a job that fitted, and used to change the stickers just so he could afford a cheap sandwich. For that 18 year old that fought through no solos. For that 19 year old who someone told to stop being as he was. I just want someone to fight for Louis Tomlinson.