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2&3: Jeonghan x Joshua (Jihan)


Collab - One Shot

Requested? Yes: is it possible for you to do an imagine where you’re a famous youtuber and there’s a rumor going around that you and simon are dating but you’re not so you collab with him to address the rumors but you’re flirting the whole time? (sry its so specific i just have a weird taste okay) - Anonymous 

Word Count: 889

Requests: 3 more pending, so send me some!

Warnings: one swear word, nothing important

All night, people had been spamming my twitter. Alright, I do have 10 million followers on Twitter so you can expect lots of spamming, but this night they were all about specific things.

@Yourtwittername and @miniminter are going to have the hottest babies in the universe

Y-N and @miniminter are seriously my OTP there so cute together!!!11!!1

And those are just two of the thousands of tweets I had received overnight. I feel like my fandom had just arranged to tweet us this because I had announced that today I would be filming a video for my channel with Simon.

Okay, let me clear this up: Simon and I were not dating. We collabed a lot and always laughed to the point we were both shedding tears in all of our videos together, so I guess that’s why people want us to be together so desperately. I mean, we definitely are always at our happiest when we’re together.

I think Simon is a good looking guy. But his great sense of humour and personality just tops it all off for me. And I’m sure he thinks I’m a good person too, because we’re pretty much best friends, but I’m not sure he feels that way.


At around two in the evening, my doorbell rang and I sprinted over to the front door, opening it to see Simon standing there with a grin on his face.

‘Hi!’ He waved and giggled.

'Simon! Come in,’ I opened the door wider for him and he walked in.

We got settled on my couch in the living room, and he was looking through his Twitter whilst I set up the camera, the microphone and the lights.  'You have such nice and professional filming equipment,’ He said, looking up as I was pretty much done with getting everything ready to film.

I giggled at him. 'Thanks? How are the asks going?’ I asked him, since he already had his phone in his hand. Today, we were going to be filming a good, average Q&A together. Both of us had tweeted out to our followers and subscribers to send us some questions about anything they wanted.

'Well, there’s a lot of them…’ Simon said with a chuckle and I rolled my eyes dramatically at him.

'No shit,’ I said and we both laughed heartily. I pressed record on my camera and sat down next to Simon, and I started the video.

'Hi everyone, today I’m here with the lovely Simon, also known as miniminter.’ I smiled a the camera, and from the corner of my eye I could see Simon wave.

'Hi,’ He giggled.

'So, a couple of minutes ago we asked you to send us some questions on Twitter, and we’re going to be answering them. Simon, would you like to start?’ I asked, reaching for my phone and then looking at him.

'Um, sure.’ He said, also reaching for his phone, unlocking it with his fingerprint quickly and then scrolling through his feed. 'Who has the best taste in music?’ He said, looking up at the camera.

'Oh, that’s an easy one.’ I said. 'I think you do,’

'Really?’ He raised his eyebrows, looking surprised.

'Yeah! You always have really nice, upbeat music playing in the background of your videos.’ I explained.

'Well I was going to say that you have the best taste in music.’ He said and it was my turn to raise an eyebrow. 'Y-N always listens to really chill, nice music. It’s the sort of music that kind of makes you want to dance, but also kind of makes you imagine yourself relaxing in a hot tub.’ Simon explained to the camera.

'That was specific,’ I laughed and he giggled.

'Next question,’ I said, opening my phone. 'Who gives the best hugs?’ I smiled to myself.

'Definitely me,’ We both said at the same time, and then both bursted out laughing.

'I’m taller so surely I give the best hugs,’ Simon reasoned.

'Yes but when I give hugs it’s because I really like you and I’m happy around you and obviously those kind of hugs are the best ones,’ I said. The words flowed out of my mouth before I had the time to think, and suddenly I noticed I might’ve said something I shouldn’t have.

'How about we both hug each other right now and decide who’s the winner,’ He smirked.

'Is that just an excuse to get a hug from me, Minter?’ I asked, smirking as well.

'No,’ He chuckled and stood up.

The hug was most probably out of shot, and then we sat back down.

'I definitely give the best hugs,’ Simon said with a stupid smile on his face.

'No,’ I mouthed to the camera.

'Hey! I saw that!’ He pretended to sound offended.

It was Simon’s turn to read out a question from Twitter, and he mouthed a couple of words as he read through them.

'Will Y-N and Simon ever be a thing?’ He read out softly.

'I don’t know.’ I murmured. He looked up at me with surprised blue eyes.

'If you want it to be, then it can be,’ He murmured back quietly.

'Okay, I think I might have to edit that bit out of the video,’ I said and blushed looking away.

'Aw, she’s blushing,’ Simon giggled and placed a warm hand on my thigh.

Okay but what about Bones when Jim is under going coming back to life. Imagine him under all that stress and all that guilt for breaking his code of ethics and what if it doesn’t work and what if Jim comes back different.

And he can’t sleep so he snags some drugs from the hospital, maybe some hydros or muscle relaxers ‘cause they send him straight to sleep. And it’s fine at first but it quickly spirals and he can’t sleep at all without them and then he can’t get through the day without them.

So Bones has this drug addiction now and pretty much no one knows. They know that Bones is acting strange but mostly it just looks like he’s stressed and that’s understandable to all of them so they leave him alone but he’s falling apart.

And then Jim is back but Bones still can’t kick it. He’s trying to act normal but he has to distance himself from Jim, who he knows will know, and he’s trying to wean himself off of the drugs but it’s making him shaky and what is he without his legendary hands?

Eventually Jim, sick of his best friend and the man he cares about dodging him whenever possible, tracks him down in his office only to find Bones on the floor a shaking and sweaty mess desperately trying to avoid another pill, and suddenly it all makes sense.

Jim takes him off of rotation and puts him on a lowkey rehab with M'Benga and stays with him and walks with him every step of recovery from being there when he’s trying to sleep to making sure he eats and goes to his counseling sessions.

Positivity FTW!

When I joined the fandom over a year ago I was so happy and excited about this show and I just had to talk about it! Since then I feel like I’ve let myself be dragged down by a lot of the negative fandom opinions that are everywhere.

Today was particularly frustrating and I think I was letting the negativity replace my positive feelings and that is just not me. I don’t want to become someone in the fandom that makes anti posts and characters or fandom. There are plenty of those out there.

I want my blog to be a positive one. I want to be excited about not only my OTP but also all the other characters I have grown to love over the last four years.

So I’m going to embark on a project for the rest of the hiatus.

40 Days of Positivity

Starting Tuesday, August 18 I am going to post at least one thing every day that I love about OUAT. It might be something that I’m looking forward to or it might just be a character or scene that I love.

Wanna join me? Please do! You don’t have to post something every day but maybe every once in a while?

Reblog to join me or spread awareness!  I’d love to see what else everyone loves or is excited about! I’ll be tagging everything #ouatpositivity so please do the same so I can track it!


Okay, we still have the lead BUT we’ve been losing a lot of % today. The Klaine fandom are not giving up and they want us to feel confident so they can catch up. We NEED to keep this % difference. The higher, the better. Let’s not get confident okay? We all know how the last round went, we sticked together and we won, but Olicity had the 70% lead for quite a while and at the end, they lost. SO let’s not get cocky, don’t take chances here. Let’s STICK together again. 

I don’t know all the time zone difference so I’m asking for someone to schedule a Voting Party like in an hour or so. 

CSers, ONCERS welcome aboard! VOTE HERE

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