having knee surgery

i’m so tired of people begging sm to have ten make a comeback. literally take several seats because i need all of y'all to understand that one of the biggest reasons why he hasn’t made a comeback was because he got INJURED and then had to have knee SURGERY. i don’t know if y'all have done research on knee surgery and the recovery timeline, but it takes about 6 months to a year for a full recovery. i know he said that’s he feeling better, but he would’ve been putting himself at risk to make his injury worse if he would’ve made a comeback with nct 127 like yall keep begging.

so can everyone please stop being selfish, and instead be patient and understanding as to why ten hasn’t made a comeback yet. it’s very disrespectful to put down nct 127 because ten isn’t involved, like i don’t even think ten, himself, would appreciate his fans putting down his friends who are as supportive to him as he is to them.

i don’t know, it’s just bothering me that people are still like this when nct 127’s comeback is so close, because the fandom is becoming divided. we just need to support ten and nct 127 as a whole fandom, and just hope that ten can recover well.

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Has Pidge ever gremlin climbed Shiro? Like their out in public shopping or something and she just says "to hell with ladders" and climbs shiro to reach something? (I hope things are well for you!)

If they’re out in public, she just asks him to grab it for her. :P

But when they’re in the garden she totally uses him to get up into her quiznak apple trees.

You were sure you were going to burn a rut into the floor with your pacing back and forth. The thing was no matter what you did you couldn’t calm down. You were on edge because your boyfriend was having his knee surgery done and while yes you were there in the hospital waiting for him, you were not allowed into his surgery even though you were a nurse. It was a “conflict of interest” they said and with that you had almost caused a scene in the middle of the hospital. Niall turning to you and placing a soft kiss on your forehead telling you “everything will be fine love, I’ll be out before ya know it and ya can be me nurse and take care of me after!” was the only thing that stopped you from doing so.

The sound of footsteps drew you out of your thoughts. You stopped pacing and looked up just in time to see a doctor approach you. “Miss? You’re here with Niall Horan correct?”

“Yes. Is he okay? Things went okay right? Can i see him” You realized you were rambling and chuckled a bit to yourself. “Sorry I’m just really on edge”

The doctor chuckled himself and led you over to a seat. “He’s just fine, still a bit groggy. You can go in and see him. Once he’s woken up a bit more and papers are signed you’re free to take him home”

Niall hadn’t taken long to wake up more from the anesthesia and not long after you two were pulling into the driveway. Once you parked the car you turned to Niall. He looked so peaceful as he had fallen asleep on the ride home. His head was smushed against the window and soft snores were coming out of him. You hated to wake him but you were sure he’d be more comfortable inside, in a bed.

“Ni…Niall” You ran your hand through his hair, scratching at his head a bit. He mumbled to himself and opened his eyes. He turned his head toward you, blinking his sleepy eyes, and yawned. “Babe we’re here, how about we get you inside and all cozy in bed.”

He just shook his head yes and leaned back against the window. You giggled and got out the car to grab the wheelchair and bring it over to his side of the car. Getting Niall into the wheelchair and into bed was quite of a challenge but you had successfully done so. He was now sat in bed with some pillows propping him up. You took a seat on the edge of the bed next to him, grabbed his hand and ran your thumb back and forth across his hand. “How are you feeling babe? Any pain? Anything you need?”

Niall turned to you and gave you a soft smile.
“I’m just fine love. No pain at all, ya know being a strong man and all. Id be set to just watch some golf and maybe eat some food. I’m starving! Since your my nurse and all would ya be so kind as to make me some food?” He gave you a big cheesy grin and chuckled.

You just rolled your eyes and smiled. “I guess I could do that. Remote is next to you so you can turn on golf. Your medication is on the nightstand as is a glass of water to take them with. Do not, I repeat, do not even attempt to move or get out of bed. If you need me holler okay?” You leaned over and ruffled his hair and gave him a soft peck on the cheek.

Niall grabbed your hand as you pulled away and pulled you back to him. He gave you a soft sweet kiss on the lips and gave you a smile. “Thank ya love, don’t know what I’d do without ya.”

You just blushed and left the room smiling like a fool. You went into kitchen and began making Niall some food. As you were heading back into the bedroom with Niall’s food you heard him grumbling to himself.

“Damnit. Why are ya so far away?!” You giggled silently to yourself as you walked into the room. There was Niall leaning over to the nightstand struggling to reach the glass of water. “Having trouble love?”

Niall huffed and stopped reaching once he heard your voice. He looked up at you and frowned. “Why is the nightstand so far away? I was jus trying to take these two pills but I can’t reach me water” He held open his hand to show the two pills he had mentioned.

“Niall James Horan what do you think you’re doing?! You can’t take two of these! You’re only supposed to take one every 4-6 hours!” You huffed, placed his food down on the bed and grabbed the two pills out of his hand. You placed one pill back into the bottle and handed him the water and pill.

“Oi! Why are ya yelling at me? I jus got me knee cut open!” He took the water and pill and looked up at you with puppy dog eyes.

“I’m just trying to make sure you stay alive babe. Taking two of these could of been dangerous. I’m not trying to yell at you, just trying to make sure you recover correctly. Im sorry if that makes me be a bit stern and such. It’s just how I get since it my job.” You sat on the bed next to him and gave him a small smile.

“I know love. And I love ya for it. And I am thankful for ya. Couldn’t of asked for a better person to take care of me. My own at home personal nurse.” He gave you a big cheeky smile and a wink then pulled you into his arms and rested his head on your shoulder.

“How about we eat and watch a movie? You can pick since you’re the patient” You giggled and got up to grab the food and remote. You sat the tray on Niall’s lap and snuggled in close to him. Niall flicked through the channels and finally stopped when he saw When Harry Met Sally" was on.

“Oi look love, it’s one of ya favorites! We can watch this one since it’s a good one and as a thank ya for taking care of me.” He turned to you with a smile on his face and planted multiple kisses all over your face. You giggled and swatted at him to stop even though you didn’t mean it.

You honestly loved him being goofy and already back to his normal self after such a long day. Plus you didn’t mind taking care of him at all. Yes being a nurse was your job, but it wasn’t why you didn’t mind taking care of Niall. You didn’t mind because he was your boyfriend and you loved him.

After he stopped attacking your face with kisses you shared a long sweet kiss. You rested your head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear “what would you do without me?”

You knew he was rolling his eyes you didn’t even have to look. You knew he really did appreciate all that you did for him, not just now but in general. Niall loved that you were always looking out for him, from making him his favorite meal to making sure he got plenty of sleep you always had his best interests at heart and he loved you for it.

Rehab, Day 32, March 7, 2017

My 93-year-old grandmother returned to work a mere 32 days after having knee surgery to repair a broken patella. Here she is climbing the stairs at the office, clearly eager and empowered to get back to her normal routine.   

If you know me at all, you know how much this meant to me! After the insane dislocation of my knee (5 days before college move-in!), i had to take a gap year to have three knee surgeries, including major reconstruction on both knees. i was in physical therapy for over a year. i was stuck alone in my house almost every day. i found Criminal Minds, and that was my distraction from endless hours of painful PT, post-op immobility, and loneliness. Reid was always my favorite, but was even more so when i learned that Matthew Gray Gubler had had a similar injury/surgery. Seeing that he was able to film an entire season of CM while recovering gave me so much encouragement, and i told myself that if he could do that, i could keep working so i could finally get to college in the fall. It made me feel less weird about needing a cane to see him use one. When i was watching CM, i wasn’t thinking about how much pain i was in. It gave me something to look forward to during hours-long PT sessions and weeks stuck on the couch.

Getting to meet Matthew in person, and getting to tell him how much he inspired me, meant the absolute world. He was the absolute sweetest! i’m so so glad i had the chance to see 68 Kill in all its insane glory, and to say thank you to him. Though “thank you” hardly feels like enough.

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you’re all gonna laff at me but i was rock climbing on the easiest course and fell like four feet onto a Big Ass Mat™ and instead of landing on my ass like i was supposed to i landed on my feet and heard the WORST noise and broke my goddamned tibia and tore my meniscus or whatever and now i can’t eat because i’m having surgery soon

Facts about Jonghyun from BNR

All facts are from Jonghyun himself from Blue Night Radio


  • His fetal nickname was “Chi Guk”
  • He tried to knit a muffle once in 6th grade
  • He didn’t believe in Santa Claus because his parents never tricked him
  • He listened to Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” a lot during trainee days
  • He claims he didn’t sleep enough during middle and high school (which caused his short height)
  • He used to go to a friend’s house daily and listen to music, especially n*sync
  • He had to cut his hair twice to comply with school rules
  • When he was 3, he lived in front of a marketplace.
  • In his first year of elementary school, he liked a girl in another class. He would run in front of her and look back to a “friend” just to look at her.
  • He used to want to be a police officer then a Korean teacher.
  • His mom took him to piano lessons when he was around 6 but he quit
  • He and his sister lived with their grandparents for some time during elementary school
  • He used to have a husky named Choro
  • His middle school band’s name was Zion because he went to a Christian school
  • His family received welfare support during his middle school years and he didn’t like getting the help
  • He was the class president in primary school


  • His grandfather is still alive but grandmother isn’t (mother’s side)
  • The biggest regret in his life was an argument with his mom
  • His sister, Seodam, works at a cosmetic company
  • His mom sold fish shaped buns and rice cakes and he would ask her for money to play at the arcade.
  • Seodam is a huge fan of Shinhwa
  • His mom and sister have many couple items
  • Both Seodam and his mother go to church
  • His mom entered university at 36
  • His mother studied women’s & child psychology; she worked as principal at a daycare center and now works as a psychosocial therapist
  • Jonghyun often sets his sister’s picture as his phone’s wallpaper
  • His mom calls him a workaholic
  • His mom can use his credit card
  • His mom doesn’t want him to get married until he’s 35
  • He called his father a “thieving guy” because he married his mother at a young age
  • His mother sing in her church choir
  • His mom had to have knee surgery but didn’t tell Jonghyun until after his concert
  • His father is over 180 cm but his mother is 150 cm tall
  • When he enrolled in music school, his father didn’t know and tried to cancel his enrollment
  • When he goes out with his older sister, she often gets mistaken for his girlfriend or younger sister
  • He lived with his grandparents (mother side) in 1st and 2nd grade.


  • He has bad eyesight without glasses/contacts
  • He doesn’t have a religion
  • He can only doggy paddle/can’t swim
  • He can’t draw
  • He never had a cat
  • He loses a lot of things
  • He is camera shy
  • He always tells Roo goodnight
  • He wears glasses at home
  • He wants to make a children’s album someday
  • His bedroom is mostly black
  • When the members all lived in a dorm, Jonghyun was in charge of getting them all together to eat and play
  • He has Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression, usually in winter months)
  • He has bad handwriting
  • He is sensitive to smell


  • Food made with bones like pork bone stew
  • Dogs—especially ones with short legs like a corgi or dachshund
  • Carp bread
  • Candles
  • His career
  • Rain
  • Tea
  • Bunk beds
  • Mangoes


  • Puzzles
  • Heat/summer
  • Comparisons
  • Christmas
  • Being on tv programs

(English translations:  cosmicsticks, thatcoolcatmeow)

Promises Kept

After finishing school for the week I headed out on the first flight to Arizona to meet up with my boyfriend. As excited as I was to hang out with Niall for the week I was nervous because he was having knee surgery. This meant I, someone who was terrified of hospitals, would have to spend a good chunk of time in one.
As I entered the hotel lobby I spotted the blonde boy wearing sweatpants and smiled. I abandoned my luggage and walked up behind him wrapping my arms around his torso. 
“What th-“ Niall started while removing my arms from around him. 
I laughed at his reaction. “Miss you too.” 
His face almost split in half with how big his smile was before he pulled me into a bone crushing hug. “I thought you were going to call so I could come pick you up?”
I smiled and squeezed my arms around his waist. “Secret remember? How big of a secret would it have been had you been spotted at the airport?” I questioned leaning my head back far enough so our eyes could meet.
“Good point.” He laughed. “Shall we go eat? I am starved.”
I removed my arms and poked his stomach. “Where the hell do you put all the food you eat?”
He laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder before dropping a kiss on my forehead. “That’s a secret.”
I laughed. “You should share with me because I’m pretty sure all my food goes straight to my ass.” I say when we reach my suitcase.
Niall drops his arm and steps back while cocking his head to the side. “Well I don’t see the problem in that.” He says as he stares at my ass.
I groaned. “Well played Horan.” I say on a chuckle.
After the amazing day yesterday I was incredible nervous for his surgery.
Niall chuckled as he pack his bag. “If you bite down further on your lip your teeth are going to go through it.” He says zipping up his bag.
I groaned and flopped down on the bed. “I can’t help it hospitals are not really my thing.”
He laughed sitting down next to me and putting his hand on my thigh. “I don’t really think they are any ones thing babe.”
I flipped him off. “Shut up.” I said before biting my lip again. I hated the anxious feeling like something bad was going to happen surrounding me.
Niall gave my leg a quick squeeze before standing up. “Seriously stop biting your lip babe. Unless you want to get stitches.” 
I instantly stopped and sat up.
He laughed at me. “Ready?”
I nodded before heading to the door.
The entire car ride Niall and Maura were exchanging jokes. When we arrived at the hospital my nerves towards Niall having surgery increased. Niall grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. After checking in we were put in a room until Niall’s surgery in an hour. As the time approached Maura excused herself saying she had calls to make to let the family know what was going on. I stood up and started to walk to the door. 
I swallowed and turned towards the blonde haired boy. “Ni…”
“It’s just knee surgery.”
I nodded. “But there is still a chance something can go wrong.”
“You’ve been watching to many movies.”
I groaned. “I know Ni. It’s just that…It’s irrational I can’t control it.”
Niall stood up and walked to me before pulling me into a kiss. “Nothing’s going to happen Y/N. I would hate not being able to tease you too much to leave you.”
I buried my head in his chest. “You suck.” I say laughing.
“Promise me you will stay.”
I looked up him questioning him.
“I’ll feel better knowing you were here the whole time.”
I nodded and hugged him as the nurses came into take him. “Promise.”
How the hell wasn’t he nervous? He acted like this was an everyday thing. I smiled and waved as the nurses carted Niall off laughing at a joke he told them.
Four hours later I was impatiently tapping my leg on the as we waited for Niall to come out of surgery, well not really surgery we were just waiting for him to wake up at this point. Maura laughed next to me. “You do realize he’s not dieing right?” 
I groaned and ignored her. “What is taking so long? They said that it only tak-“
She laughed and grabbed my arm. “Sweetheart he’s out of surgery. He’ll wake up soon.”
I slid down further in my hospital chair. “He better hurry up.” I grumbled. I hated hospitals and even though it was only knee surgery I was still freaking out. About twenty minutes later a nurse came out to tell us Niall woke up and would be in his room so we could go up to see him. 
“Oh thank god.” I said. Quickly getting up and making my way to the room with Maura laughing behind me.
“I would hate to see you if he had a major surgery.”
I playfully glared at her. “Not funny. Hospital’s scare me and the smell makes me nassues.”
“Niall did tell me that.” She says smirking.
I swallowed nervous to see what my boyfriend was like after his surgery. “You go first he’d probably want to see you first.” I say forcing a smile.
Maura nodded and headed in. I let out a deep breath. It’s just knee surgery he’s fine. I chanted in my head over and over before following Maura into the room.
As I entered I heard Niall’s sleepy voice fill with disappointment. “Did she leave?” 
Maura smiled before looking at me. “You were so wrong.” 
I rolled my eyes and came into the room. “Sadly no I suffered through.”
“By suffering she means her ADHD went off the charts and she was about to go into the surgery to make sure you were still alive.”
I groaned. If he remembered this he would never let me here the end of it. 
Niall gave me a sleepy smile and patted the bed for me to sit next to him. “ You kept your promise.”
I smiled and sat down next to him. “Have I ever not?” I asked picking up his hand with the IV and drawing circles on his palm with my finger tips.
Maura cleared her throat. “I’m going to give you two a minute.” 
As Maura left Niall turned to stare at me, “ I was scared Y/N.”
Niall chuckled. “That you would leave, all I could think about was that when I woke up my mom would tell me you left.” He said squeezing my hand.
“As much as I hate hospitals and dealing the anxiety disappointing you outweighs them both.” 
“I love you. So I suffered because I knew when you woke and I was here I would get to see you smile and that was worth it.”
Niall smiled as his eyes closed as the drugs seem to take affect over him. “I love you too my little idiot….”
I laughed softly as his words trailed off. 
Maura came back. “Must have been some conversation.”
I laughed. “I thought it was apparently he didn’t.” I looked over at him. I would literally suffer anything to make sure he was happy.

da’s having his first knee surgery tomotrow, so send your thoughts where you think it’ll do most good. be kind to a stranger! donate to a cause. up to you ^^

N7 Day Speedwrite

A few people tagged me to do a five minute speed write, so here it is. In honor of N7 Day. :D (it took 8 minutes with no editing.)

“Will they ever stop with the banner waving?” Shepard stepped out of the skycar slower than he used to. He had to brace a little bit more. Adjust his cane more carefully. Kaidan kept telling him to have the knee replacement surgery, but Shepard thought he’d had enough of that after the war. More than most people, and more than he ever wanted again.

Kaidan smiled at him, the same unchanging indulgent look that had never changed save for more lines around the mouth and more gray in the stubble. Still strength in the arms that looped under his elbow and guided him towards the dry dock. “Not until we’re long dead and gone. Maybe not even then. But this is important, saying good bye to a flagship.”

Shepard watched his steps more out of cowardice than necessity. Today was the day, and it felt like truly the end of his era. He’d retired years back, but the Normandy had still been out there back then. James had been at the helm and not yet teaching at the academy.

“Do you remember when she used to be the most advanced ship in the fleet?” Kaidan asked.

“That was decades ago,” Shepard answered, finally casting his eyes up to the old girl. Finally, he smiled too. “She still looks new.”

Kaidan’s hand tightened on his arm. “Do you wanna… do a final tour before they start decommissioning her?”

“I don’t know,” Shepard said honestly. “I’m not sure I’d want to see how she’s changed inside.” But that was a lie. And his feet kept pulling him towards the ship. Young marines in dress uniforms saluted him and Kaidan and welcomed him aboard.

“She’ll always be how we remembered,” Kaidan said softly, reverently as they walked the CIC, the cockpit, medbay, shuttle bay, Captain’s Cabin. Kaidan walked down the stairs to the middle of the cabin, though Shepard stayed by the door. “Lots of ghosts here.”

“Ours,” Shepard said. “Strange feeling.”

Kaidan rubbed his arms. “You’re right.”

“I’m ready to go now,” Shepard said after another moment. But back in the CIC, Shepard took the time to go to the star map one more time. Lay his hands on the controls, even though the power had been shut off. Ran his fingers over the cold metal and haptic interface. He’d always remember the feeling.

“Signing off,” he said under his breath. Then he turned. Silently took Kaidan’s hand and departed the Normandy for the last time. Leaving those words there for as long as they wanted to stay.

I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing I guess

I haven’t been trying, but somehow I lost 5 pounds in the last 2 or 3 weeks. I have been trying to go on a walk each weekend and volunteer for more errands at work now that it’s cold enough to walk things to court or other law firms without dying of heat in my work clothes. And I have been…attempting… to take the 4 flights of stairs up to work at least a few times each week. Those are the only exercise changes. My cardio sucks, so I’ve been trying to do those things more to just get in shape. It also helps that my back and neck have mostly cooperated so I can exercise more.

As for food, I haven’t been eating at the diner on the 1st floor of my work building for lunch and snacks because they have been closed for about 2 weeks (hunting trip and another employee having knee surgery) and I have just been scavanging food at home to bring to work and surviving off that. If I do go out to buy fast food, I avoid the usual joints and just get a couple taquitos at 7-11 instead. It’s cheap. I’ve also been sticking with the free coffee I get at work, and just adding creamers to it, instead of getting Dutch Bros a few times a week, because I can’t afford to drink anything other than the free work coffee.

Since Molly’s surgery, I haven’t been able to afford much, so I’ve just been making do, and apparently that’s making me lose weight. The stress and grief might also be a factor, but hey, I ain’t gonna complain.

In better news, I get to take Minerva home this coming Saturday. I have everything set up except the litter box, and that should be coming in the mail by Tuesday. This kitten will be SO spoiled. And cuddled lots.

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I can't imagine what the Paladins' families are thinking right now. Ever since Episode 1, the Paladins have been away from Garrison, and no one knows what happened to them. They must be worried out of their wits, especially Pidge's mother.

So I’m gonna focus this a bit on Pidge’s mom, because I think she’s a bit more interesting than what we see.

At this point, she’s more or less an unknown. We don’t know much about her besides that 1. she cooks for the family at least fairly regularly, and her husband appreciates her cooking, 2. her family members are all either actively scientists/astronauts, or showing very impressive technical stripes, and 3. we see her watching the announcement of the Kerberos mission going missing, late at night, and visibly distraught. 

(that said, my personal two cents here is she doesn’t seem incredibly surprised. I don’t know if I agree with the idea that the Garrison didn’t inform her before this- this doesn’t look like the face of a woman who’s literally just been informed that her husband and oldest child have disappeared on a moon of Pluto and for all intents and purposes can be considered dead at this point)

We haven’t heard her speak. For all we know she could be deaf and communicates exclusively with sign language. 

Here’s the other thing, though.

Almost every time I hear Pidge’s mom- who, as a placeholder, I call her Iris, and will do so for this post- mentioned by the fandom it basically boils down to “Poor Iris, now she’s lost the last part of her family, her husband, both of her kids… they’re all gone and she doesn’t know what’s happening to them.” It evokes the image of Iris, the housewife, collapsed somewhere in grief.

But I have a reason not to buy that.

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EMAIL:   stefanie92j@aol.com

The above email is connected to my paypal account. It is also where I would want to discuss commission work in depth. If you wish to commission me, first send me an ask through tumblr saying ‘commission’ along with your email. From there I will contact you and we can begin to discuss what you want.

I’ll be accepting 5 slots to keep things slow at first, to test how this works out. I’m in a bit of a bind money-wise (my mom is having double knee surgery next week and will be out of work for a while, so me and my sister have to pick up the slack which, with our jobs, isn’t going to be easy). But yeah, it would be much appreciated to get some commissions. Not only for money purposes of course, it would just be nice to have some good work to concentrate on that doesn’t have to do with filing papers in an office. 

(btw, I know there are some problems with my blog, where if you click a link, than click another, it won’t work. For future reference if you ever want my commission page and the link on my blog isn’t working, simply add     /commissions at the end of my url and these rules should pop up.)

I’m opening up commissions for both writing and digital art! I have had knee surgery and will be out of work for six weeks so I need to do some things to both keep me occupied and make money for bills!

What I can do:

  • OC’s (humanoid and non humanoid)
  • Fursonas/Anthro
  • Animals in general
  • Adopts
  • Short stories

What I won’t do

  • NSFW (including anything fetishy - I just am not good at it and am not comfortable doing it)

Pricing info (Digital Art):

  • Sketch - $5 USD
  • Flat Color, no background - $10 USD
  • Flat Color with background - $15 USD
  • Fully Colored, no background - $15 USD 
  • Fully Colored with background - $20 USD 

Pricing info (Writing - examples can be found in my “ficlet fun” tag as well as on my AO3):

  • 100-500 Words - $5 USD
  • 500 - 1000 Words - $10 USD
  • 1000 - 5000 words - $15 USD
  • 5000 + words (up to 8000) - $20 USD
  • Talk with me if you want something that is more than 8000 words

For writing, I will gladly write OC stories (so not just fanfic). Just give me as much detail as you can - characters, setting, etc. As with the digital commissions, I cannot write anything NSFW (I’m just not comfortable with it and am not very good at it - this includes anything fetishy). Writings done from the “prompt ask” that was posted during President’s Day weekend or on February 23rd are not included in the writing commissions (so don’t fear if you sent me a number from that - I’m not charging for those).

Things I can write:

  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Angst
  • Fluff
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Xenofiction (think Watership Down/ Raptor Red)

Any art or writing that is commissioned can be posted, but must still credit me. I also will retain posting rights for portfolio reasons.

I have the right to refuse any commission. My turnaround is about 1 week. I will be closing commissions after I have 5 slots.

I cannot send completed works until they are paid in full. Payment is through paypal (the address to which I can send during discussion on commissions).

Feel free to send me a message or email me at ilraktheraven -at- gmail -dot- com.







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