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Bambi Pyjama Set for Toddlers 

 CREATED BY Pinkzombiecupcakes

Created for: The Sims 4

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Yay, cute toddlers:)! Creating for them is such fun.
Available in 4 styles
High ql textures
Custom thumbnails
Enjoy and have fun^^^^

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Thanks to all Sims4Studio creators.

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You put a fever inside me, and I’ve been cold since you left

coloring (more like editing) process

gonna use this mob to finally explain my COLORING PROCESS.. and how i go from these base colors to the final product .. 

i always start with my base colors, which are almost always the same, so i keep a color palette to choose from. I usually pick the skin tone first and then change the hue for diff colors (I sometimes change the saturation and brightness too) The example below is the skin tone i use almost Always.. and of course it can be changed later on

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One summer Bucky finds something interesting at the beach.


At first I drew Bucky barefaced and I realized as I was coloring oh no he’s in saltwater! He needs goggles!! Bucky put on your goggles!!! 

Anyway why did no one tell me there was a merman!Steve au in the universe?? Why did I only discover it now?! It’s called Blue Scales by chaya for those who are still in the dark like I was. It is precious and wonderful and anyone who hasn’t read it yet read it nowww! ♪(´ε` )


Tuesday tips – Costume Design 101.

Costume design is a very important part of character design.  It tells you a whole lot about your character; ie. age, personality, what she/he likes, time period, strength, … etc.  It supposed to enhance a character’s personality.  

Here are my process in tackling costume design.

1.  Find a good reference.  Inspiration is key!

2.  Look for a good silhouette that is recognizable and different from other characters.

3.  Pick one silhouette and find smaller shape within.  Do tons of variation and have fun.

4.  Color variation.  Use variation of the same color combination for all the design.  Keep it simple!  I like using split complementary (with a good value range).

5.  Finish up and have fun.  It is also a good idea to think of texture and material.