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1: “Happy to talk. Happy to listen to the panic in your voice.”

2: “I had them delivered. Though we’d make this a bit of reunion.”

–Crazy Robot Doctor


It’s a funny game, what do you call this game?

Mads Mikkelsen in Pokerfjæs, E01. 

Blackpink reaction: saying goodbye to their s/o at the airport

Anon asks: Can you do blackpink saying goodbye to their s/o at the airport?? Thank you!


Jisoo would be very sad seeing you leave to your home country. Even though you were going to be back in 3 weeks and jisoo also being a clingy girlfriend she didn’t want you to leave but would give you a kiss goodbye and would stay at the airport until your plane took off. She would be pouting the day before watching you pack and would beg you to stay.

Jisoo: “Look you coould stay with your amazing and loving girlfriend or you can leave to y/h/c for 3 weeks with your annoying cousins?”

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She understood that you were home sick and you wanted to see your family but that didn’t stop her from being sad. She wouldn’t cry knowing you would be back but would be at the airport with you. She wouldn’t make the goodbye lengthy because you were leaving for 3 weeks.

Jennie: “Ok y/n you are going to be gone for 3 weeks. I’ll miss you but make sure to get enough rest and eat well and to bring me back a souvenir from y/h/c. Okay? Bye y/n have fun. I’ll being thinking of you.” 

(ignore the subtitles)

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She would be very upset that you were leaving but understood why. She knew you were feeling homesick and knew the feeling of missing your family. She would try not to cry because you were going to be back soon but couldn’t help it when you both got to the airport. She would give you a kiss longer than you were expecting and would tell you to be safe.

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This clingy smol bean didn’t like the idea of you leaving even if it was to see your family. She knew you hadn’t seen your family in a long time but that would stop her from feeling lonely when you left. She would be really clingy and cuddle towards you especially when you were at the airport. She would kiss you goodbye, wave at you and send you hearts until you left.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V 128: Decisive Battle! Spirit Tech Force!

Alternate titles:

  • Yuya and Reiji give Akaba Leo a huge “fuck you” while Pendulum Summoning: the episode
  • Reiji yelling at his dad while refusing to call him dad: the episode
  • Yusho finally explains the advice Yuya’s been getting wrong this entire time
  • Sakaki Yusho-senpai
  • YGO slightly improves on the designing babies department
  • “Reiji can what summon?”
  • “LEO CAN PENDULUM SUMMON?!” and more not all that surprising developments
  • The Fruitshipping and Egaoshipping children call out for each other: the episode
  • Yusho reminisces about his days with tiny child Yuya at the worst possible time
  • Akaba Leo confirmed to have more expressions than nonchalance and “I’m a huge fucking asshole”
  • “OTANOSHIMI WA KORE KARA DA *shoots a man multiple times*” (subtitle: Have fun with that one, 4K)
  • Akaba Reira’s soul has ascended to another plane of existence out of fear of Zarc

Chapter 2: A 5-year-old Mika is still having fun on DaVoiceMan (English Subtitles)

Part One available here

Link & Backup Link (if needed,I suggest you to use the vimeo one as I won’t bet on the youtube one to stand the night)

Again, subtitles by me so sorry for the mistakes. 

So here it is. between two Pixelised Super Mario Cover announcements xD. I don’t think it’s “as good” as the first one - this is not me fishing for compliment, this is the simple fact that Battles and Live shows gave me far less material. Also, I should say that I didn’t plan to do a follow-up. I made it because I was asked a lot (and it was quite overwelming and sweet and warmful and thanks to all of those who have commented everywhere by the way. Really, You can’t begin to imagine how moved I was) but then in a way, it felt less natural as I was doing it. But I still had lots and lots of fun so it shouldn’t be that bad to watch either :p.


5-year-old Mika is having fun on DaVoiceMan (English subtitled)

I  had a lot of fun doing it, I hope you’ll have some watching it. English subtitles made by me, so sorry in advance for any mistake you’ll spot. 

Credits at the end of the vid.

Backup link for when TF1 will decide to put it off youtube:

- https://vimeo.com/89907332

i’m reading the monsters inc. subtitles and having fun with how gay they sound out of context like pls somebody come and kill me this is the end