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Overly Analytical Problem #28
  • Person: Hey! What are your plans for spring break?
  • Analysts Thought: Finding something fascinating and getting completely obsessed with it and studying and analyzing it until I know every single detail! Yay!!!
  • Analysts Voice: Oh, ya know. Just kind of hang out... nothing much.

My goal in mind is not to be super-sophisticated in a language. I want to understand and be understood. I want to find little treasures in languages like funny words or interesting expressions and then just have fun with the things I found out. 

I am a little child in the labyrinth of languages entertaining myself and having a party. 

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BTS Run EP. 18

Suga = boyfriend material.
Hoseok looking hot driving.
Namjoon looking cute driving.
ChimChim looking cute driving.
Junghope finals.
Yoonseok at table hockey game (0:5)
Taehyungie being strong.
Jin’s little accident.
Everybody protecting their crotch.
Jin laughing and crying at the same time.
The others members laughing at him.
ChimChim looking cute for 20 min.
Taehyung hitting Jungkook by accident. Jungkook threatening Taehyung. (CoMe oVer HERE) Taehyung scared by him *claps his hand apologizing*. Namjoon and his long arms.
Jin wiping the table.
Namjoon and his “hotteok”
Jin playing by himself.
“Hotteok! Hotteok power!”
Taehyung begin attacked by “hotteok”.
Hoseok dying because of Namjoon.
“This is the hotteok from Ilsan!”
Yoonmin Russian Roulette.
The ballon matching ChimChim’s hair.
Jungkook = boyfriend material.