having fled already


Marawi Update as of May 26, 2017, 10:53 am local time

Information comes from CNN Philippines, ABS-CBN, Reuters, and civilians from Marawi who are still there or have left for Iligan, and members of the Maranao community who make up the majority of the population of Marawi as part of the the Maranao homelands surrounding Lake Ranao.

- Last night there were some airstrikes from the AFP during another clash between the Maute and the AFP. During the airstrikes some houses were caught on fire. Reporters were able to see the smoke from the area from a building high up away from the fights.

- According to most news reports, 44 government troops have been killed. At least 31 from Maute. Four of those members of Maute are foreigners, 2 Malaysians, 1 Indonesian, and 1 Saudi.

- Students and professors from Mindanao State University in Marawi are safe and the campus is still under the AFP control. They are urged by the troops to leave the campus however as there is still no electricity or water and food is running out. Admins on the campus are already planning an evacuation.

- What the media isn’t telling you, is that sadly, are some of the ages of a good number of the members of the Maute group. They are young, ranging from 12-17 years old. Kids. They are going around with rifles. Some are getting shot by the military. You won’t hear this in the news though I’m assuming either because they don’t know or because they aren’t listening to what civilians of Marawi City who a majority are Maranao. They are mainly following what the army is telling them and local politicians, and their reporters on the ground now. A few interviews with citizens who are there or already escaped yes but not so much as they should.

- While many have already fled Marawi or are still evacuating, there are still many who are stuck, with food and water shortages as the days pass.

- There is a need for supplies for evacuee’s that are heading to Iligan City. Food (halal preferred), water, medical supplies, clothing, & blankets. Many are tired, hungry, and dehydrated while waiting to get to Iligan and pass the security and checkpoints. Many traveling have waited very long in the rain up to 12 hours or more. Some are taking vehicles however a majority are walking in the rain to get to Iligan. There was one woman the other night who was pregnant, struggling with her husband as they made their way to Iligan. If you are in the Philippines and you know your local universities, schools, any reliable organizations that are sending supplies do so because they need it. As of right now I have no reliable links for those outside the Philippines are even within to send money donations but I am currently looking into it.

- In Iligan many people have offered food and water for free to those arriving into the city to help them. No organizations, just people who care for the safety and well being of others.

- Security at checkpoints going to and out of Marawi have become more strict. Those fleeing the city are being subjected to search and frisk and vehicles inspected.

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How would the turtles react to there girlfriend being hurt by a resident gang ?

This was a tough one; only because we weren’t sure how far to go with the reader’s injury and to not use the Foot as the attacker. But we did end up having a lot of fun with this once we got it figured out!


You were waiting in an alley for your turtle boyfriend to show up for a night out. However, you heard a scuffle deeper in the alley and your sense of justice overpowered your sense of safety. You were able to break up the fight but during the quarrel, the gangster’s gun went off and the world around you began to blur…


At the sound of the gunshot, he would emerge from the sewers quickly and examine the scene. Once he saw your body fall to the ground he was at your side immediately, ignoring the original victim of the fight. The gangster would have already fled, and although he wanted nothing more than to chase them down, your pleas to stay planted him to the ground. You were bleeding, a lot, and you needed help soon. If he ever wanted to see you again he knew he would have to stay by your side and let the gunman go.

He would apply pressure to your wound, knowing it would stop some of the bleeding, all while reassuring you that everything was going to be okay. Of course he was trying to comfort you but he was also trying to reassure himself. He had to be calm for you. If he broke down and lost himself then it would mean the end of you. With one swift movement, he picked you up and began to carry you back to the lair, making sure to talk to you the whole way.

He had to be calm…


The moment he hears the gunshot, the giant turtle would burst out of the sewers, throwing the manhole cover across the alley. He would be at your side quickly; but the moment he saw blood his rage would consume him. There would be no second thought in his head as he chased down the man who shot you, leaving you with the other stranger in the alley.

He caught up with the gangster quickly and did not hesitate in exacting revenge. The giant mutant would do whatever he could to inflict pain on the man, not stopping until he finally heard your weakened call for him to come back. He would suddenly feel exhausted once he was at your side again, scooping your body into his arms. He told you it was going to be okay but he quickly began to panic when your responses became quieter and slower. It made his feet move faster as he tried to get you to Donatello as quickly as possible.

You had to be okay…you must be okay!


The sound of the gunshot would compel him to leave the safety of the sewers; having no regard for being seen anymore. He was at your side instantly, not realizing that you were the one who had been shot until you collapsed against him. Very carefully he lowered you down, trying to examine the wound as best as he could in the dim lighting. There was so much blood and he knew he would have to take you to the lair soon if there was any chance of survival for you.

However, the sound of the gunman running away sent a fury through his body that he hadn’t felt before. He grabbed his bo-staff and made sure to turn on the taser before chucking it at the gangster. The mutant turtle made sure to watch as the staff planted itself into the man’s back, sending waves of electricity through his twitching body. The only time the turtle left your side was so he could retrieve his weapon from the collapsed man.

He picked you up and made sure to hug you tightly before leaving for the lair. You were going to be okay…  


There was no hesitation from the smaller turtle when he heard the gunshot. He threw the manhole cover aside and scrambled to your collapsed body. At the sight of blood he would start to panic, unsure of what to do. He was so wrapped up in his own thoughts and emotions that he did not notice the fleeing gangster or the other human that had been in the alley. He tried to ask you for advice as tears streamed down his face, but it was hard for him to listen.

Very weakly, you told him to take you to the lair. The sound of your cracking voice shook him back to reality and he tried to take a deep breath. He was terrified to touch you and make things worse but he knew he had to do something, anything. The mutant turtle picked you up as gingerly as he could and began to walk over to the manhole, reassuring himself and you that Donatello would know exactly what to do.

Then it would be okay…

Pick Your Poison

She stared down the slope of the mountain, into the sea of green behind her. It went on as far as Elise could see, and if she looked to the left, she could imagine the people of the Solari going about their daily lives. What a hike. Good thing teleportation existed. A small stone rolled past her feet as she shifted, bringing her attention back to the temple. It was old, practically falling apart in places, with cracks running through the aged rock and chipped corners. A portion of the stairs shifted when the Noxian took the first step.

Why Cassiopeia was here of all places was beyond her. It would have been so much easier, had she been in Noxus. Elise opened her hand, a vial of dark purple liquid rolling in her palm. Although, if the recent events in the city-state were her doing, she would have fled the place already. The area surrounding the temple was completely bare; no place to hide even if she wanted to be stealthy in her approach. The doors were obviously closed, and she had no intention of knocking. Circling around to the shadowed’s side of the building, Elise found a window not too far up and smirked.

A burst of dark magic and a spider was skittering up the wall. She shrank down to the size of a small spider. The glass sizzled as one of her legs touched it, and she slowly drew the spell in a circle before popping the shard out. It fell, landing with a quiet clink to the sandy ground below. Elise crawled in, searching for the Du Couteaus’ youngest daughter.


The end of Christianity in the Middle East could mean the demise of Arab secularism (Article by William Dalrymple)

External image

The past decade has been catastrophic for the Arab world’s beleaguered 12 million strong Christian minority. In Egypt revolution and counter-revolution have been accompanied by a series of anti-Copt riots, killings and church burnings. In Gaza and the West Bank Palestinian Christians are emigrating en masse as they find themselves uncomfortably caught between Netanyahu’s pro-settler government and their increasingly radicalised Sunni neighbours.

In Syria most of the violence is along the Sunni-Alawite fault line, but stories of rape and murder directed at the Christian minority, who used to make up around 10% of the population, have emerged. Many have already fled to camps in Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan; the ancient Armenian community of Aleppo is reported to be moving en masse to Yerevan.

The worst affected areas of Syria are of course those controlled by Isis. Last weekend it issued a decree offering the dwindling Christian population of eastern Syria and northern Iraq a choice: convert to Islam or pay a special religious levy – the jizya. If they did not comply, “there is nothing to give them but the sword”. The passing of the deadline led to possibly the largest exodus of Middle Eastern Christians since the Armenian massacres during the first world war, with the entire Christian community of Mosul heading off towards Kirkuk and the relative religious tolerance of the Kurdish zone.

Even before this latest exodus, at least two-thirds of Iraqi Christians had fled since the fall of Saddam. Christians were concentrated in Mosul, Basra and, especially, Baghdad – which before the US invasion had the largest Christian population in the Middle East. Although Iraq’s 750,000 Christians made up only 7% of the pre-war population, they were a prosperous minority under the Ba'athists, as symbolised by the high profile of Tariq Aziz, Saddam’s foreign minister, who used to disarm visiting foreign dignitaries by breaking into Onward, Christian Soldiers in Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

According to tradition it was St Thomas and his cousin Addai who brought Christianity to Iraq in the first century. At the Council of Nicea, where the Christian creed was thrashed out in AD325, there were more bishops from Mesopotamia than western Europe. The region became a refuge for those persecuted by the Orthodox Byzantines, such as the Mandeans – the last Gnostics, who follow what they believe to be the teachings of John the Baptist. Then there was the Church of the East, which brought the philosophy of Aristotle and Plato, as well as Greek science and medicine, to the Islamic world – and hence, via Cordoba, to the new universities of medieval Europe.

Now almost everywhere Arab Christians are leaving. In the past decade maybe a quarter have made new lives in Europe, Australia and America. According to Professor Kamal Salibi, they are simply exhausted: “There is a feeling of fin de race among Christians all over the Middle East. Now they just want to go somewhere else, make some money and relax. Each time a Christian goes, no other Christian comes to fill his place and that is a very bad thing for the Arab world. It is Christian Arabs who keep the Arab world ‘Arab’ rather than 'Muslim’.”

Certainly since the 19th century Christian Arabs have played a vital role in defining a secular Arab cultural identity. It is no coincidence that most of the founders of secular Arab nationalism were men like Michel Aflaq – the Greek Orthodox Christian from Damascus who, with other Syrian students freshly returned from the Sorbonne, founded the Ba'ath party in the 1940s – or Faris al-Khoury, Syria’s only Christian prime minister. Then there were intellectuals like the Palestinian George Antonius, who in 1938 wrote in The Arab Awakening of the crucial role Christians played in reviving Arab literature and the arts after their long slumber under Ottoman rule.

If the Islamic state proclaimed by Isis turns into a permanent, Christian-free zone, it could signal the demise not just of an important part of the Arab Christian realm but also of the secular Arab nationalism Christians helped create. The 20th century after 1918, which saw the creation of the different Arab national states, may well prove to be a blip in Middle Eastern history, as the old primary identifiers of Arab identity, religion and qabila – tribe – resurface.

It is as if, after a century of flirting with imported ideas of the secular nation state, the region is reverting to the Ottoman Millet system (from the Arabic millah, literally “nation”), which represented a view of the world that made religion the ultimate marker of identity, and classified Ottoman subjects by their various sectarian religious “nations”.

Despite sizeable Christian populations holding on in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, there is likely to be little place for Christian Arabs in a Middle East rebuilt on intolerant ideologies like those of Isis. Their future is more likely to resemble that of the most influential Christian Arab intellectual of our day, Edward Said. Born in Jerusalem at the height of Arab nationalism in 1935, Said died far from the turmoil of the Middle East in New York in 2003. His last collection of essays was appropriately entitled Reflections On Exile.

Recently, a friend posed a question: If there were a pill I could take that would instantly cure me, would i take it? The poet Rainer Maria Rilke was offered psychoanalysis. He declined, saying, “Don’t take my devils away, because my angels may flee too.” My psychosis, on the other hand, is a waking nightmare in which my devils are so terrifying that all my angels have already fled. So would i take the pill? in an instant. That said, i don’t wish to be seen as regretting the life i could have had if i had not been mentally ill, nor am i asking anyone for their pity. What i rather wish to say is that the humanity we all share is more important than the mental illness we may not.

Elyn Saks - Seeing Mental Illness

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Boys finding beaten up Candy? ((Sorry if this is a weird and hard request, but I just started following your blog and you are just PERFECTION!))

((Finally got around to this one! It was actually sorta hard))


Kentin was breathing heavily as he sat beside Candy, his shirt rolled up under her head. He’d been out on his nightly run when he’d seen three girls beating up another girl, naturally he’d sprinted over to help and when he reached the injured girl, her attackers having already fled, he realised it was Candy. “Come on, Candy,” Kentin whispered, gently stroking her matted hair, “The ambulance is coming, please hold on.”


Tears trailed down Armin’s cheeks while he held Candy, her head pressed against his chest. “Sir?” The emergency officer’s voice came from his phone, “Sir, are you there?” Armin sniffed and picked up the device. “I’m here, she’s breathing,” he croaked. “Alright, Sir, an ambulance has been despatched. They will be there very soon. You said you don’t know what her injuries are, other than her head?” Armin grimaced at the woman’s factual tone. He focused on Candy’s pale face, the cut above her brow still bleeding under his shirt that was wrapped around her head. He couldn’t help but laugh from relief when he heard the sirens.


“Candy, what happened?” Castiel exclaimed, gently easing himself under one of her arms and leading her into his house. Candy gasped from the change of weight on her injured leg. “Some guy attacked me,” she ground out as Castiel placed her down on one of the kitchen chairs. “What guy?” The redhead asked, lifting her leg up on another chair and cautiously ripping her jeans so he could inspect the wound that was bleeding profusely. “I don’t know,” Candy hissed, closing her eyes while Castiel ducked around the island to grab antiseptic, warm water, a cloth and some bandages, “He tried to grab my handbag, I fought back. I didn’t realise he had a fucking crowbar.” Castiel glared at her, although not unkindly, while he starting treating her injury. “You shouldn’t have done that, you could’ve gotten really hurt,” he growled, fighting back the nausea he felt at the thought. Candy scoffed, wincing at the sharp sting of the antiseptic, “You would’ve done the same thing.”


Lysander hummed softly as he stroked Candy’s hair. “Lysander?” She mumbled, her eyes fluttering open but struggling to focus on him, “What happened?” Lysander sucked in a shallow breath, “You were involved in a hit and run.” Just saying the words were painful for the silver haired boy. “You’re going to be alright though,” he continued, remarking at how lucky it was that the incident had happened right outside of his house, “Leigh’s already called the ambulance.” Candy shut her eyes again, her body sweating from the agony of her ribs, “Thank you for being here.” Lysander stared at her, “Always.”


“I’ll kill her,” Nathaniel growled as he dabbed at the animal like scratches along Candy’s chest, “I can’t believe she would actually do this.” Candy winced while she kept the pressure on her broken nose. “Don’t say that,” she gurgled, “She’s your sister.” Nathaniel had to close his eyes momentarily to stop himself from flaring with rage, “She’s her father’s daughter.” At this Candy placed a soothing hand on his arm, “Can we not talk about this now?” Nathaniel sighed and glanced up at her, her eyes were red from how hard she’d been crying when he’d found her on his doorstep, “I’m so sorry, Candy.”


Escape to Europe

With the war in Syria now in its fifth bloody year, huge numbers of people are internally displaced or have already fled the country. Many are heading to the safety of Europe, but getting there is a long, life-threatening journey. VICE correspondent Ahmed Shihab-Eldin follows the refugee trail from the Syrian border to Europe, meeting Syrians determined to find a better life. 

Video: Negotiating with a Syrian Refugee Smuggler

A new episode on HBO airs February 12th at 11pm EST.

I hate when people say that modern Russia….. is a communist country. These crazy tales and stereotypes….. The feeling that people don’t know anything about the Russian revolution of 1991 and about any changes have occurred. Look at the title of my blog - memory of the Romanovs. I think it is not difficult to understand how I feel about the political regime that killed the imperial family.. and all these terrible repressions. I hate Lenin, I hate the ideology of communism. I remember stories from my grandparents about those times. I live in Russia. If there was still the policy of the Soviets.. I would have already fled abroad. You can not imagine how people actually live here.. What do you really know about Russian laws??? What do you know about modern Russia’s political system? About modern Russia in general?? When you were here for the last 10 years?? What you saw with your own eyes?… Of course like all people I travel abroad and I see how people live in other countries and I seriously see no difference in freedom. I’m here totally free, no pressure on me, I can leave at any moment and no one can stop me. I guarantee that you will be shocked after knowing how freely people live here. Can you remember who told you that Russia - is evil??? Who?? Many tv channels are simply saying that Russia is evil.. just because it’s Russia. Have you asked them “why”? It amazes me when some people are afraid travel to Russia… just incredible. I was not surprised when I saw the messages in askbox and my followers talked about their trip to Russia and they were amazed that all of these stereotypes - it’s just fiction, nothing more. I don’t know what an idiot you must be to say some nonsense about the Russian Federation, when you really know nothing about modern Russia. I mean anonymous messages about hate to me because I’m Russian and I live in a communist country. o_O You need to communicate more with the Russians, dear anon.

#TBT with Fraz Urb’Luu

Fraz-Urb’luu appeared initially in the 1st Edition Monster Manual II, where he is described as a huge monster with strength equal to that of a storm giant. Being the prince of deception, Fraz-Urb’luu is capable of all manner of illusion and misdirection. So much so that he is capable of summoning up one of the other demon lords, rather than a lesser demon. When they appear, having been tricked by their peer, the summoned demon lord will fly into a rage. Unfortunately for those nearby, Fraz-Urb’luu will have already fled the scene.