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So I was reading the world of thedas and got to the part about Sebastian. And it just broke my heart. Oh seb. “She became the mother he’d always wished he had - someone who valued him for the person he was, rather than his political usefulness.” I - I think I’m gonna go cry now.

I think about Rhett and Link way too much... :P

Sometimes I find myself thinking and wondering. What are the odds that whatever happened with them, did really happen? Like it would be completely possible that any of these wouldn’t happen. And some of these don’t even matter to what they’ve achieved but they just add to the wonderful dreamy life they’ve got going.

  • What are the odds that they would both grow up to be such tall, handsome, good looking men?
  • What are the odds that they would both find girls they fell in love with when they were so young, and get married at around the same time, to women who also got along with each other?
  • What are the odds that they would both be such good singers?
  • What are the odds that they would both be straight and neither one would fall for the other one?
  • What are the odds that they would both have wives who are wonderful, attractive women?
  • What are the odds that they would both age so well?
  • What are the odds that they would both have the same level of commitment towards each other?
  • What are the odds that they would both be able to have children around the same time, who would also like each other and become good friends?
  • What are the odds that they would both grow up to have a similar kind of sense of humour?
  • What are the odds they would both be so pure at heart and such wonderful humans?

They really lucked out, and I’m so glad they did, cuz now I get to enjoy them as a part of my life :)


Charmed meme: optional scenes [2/?]
↳ Cheaper By The Coven (7x03)

actual sweetheart Victor Bennett smiling sweetly to himself at his little girls bickering


It’s okay Keith we know you like it

“Classic” fairytales and Disney princess movies are many kids’ earliest exposures to romance and as long as that’s the case, showing the possibility of being queer in that framework is nothing but healthy. It shows all kids it isn’t weird or wrong. It helps LGBT kids recognize that they don’t have to try to be something they’re not. So when something like this happens, please support it and you know, don’t be a jerk.

Okay, last thing well not really but for now it is. I’ve seen many posts, well quite a few, about what the sequel needs. We’ve got a year left and honestly there’s so much that could possibly happen (plus if I remember correctly, the next book is coming out too). And while I agree that Disney should try and actually have a canon queer couple and not pull any tricks or other small random things like the need for Cameron and Booboo to actually sing or to bring in the other children from the Isle. Or most importantly, just more character development for practically everyone because all of these children need it. I feel like the most important thing that needs to happen, whether in the next book, in the Wicked World shorts (though I highly doubt it) or even in the sequel, are apologies. Because everyone has been wronged in some shape way or form, and no one should be getting away with it.

  • The obvious first one is King Adam/Beast apologizing to Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos or just other future children of the Isle that come to Auradon. I talked about this before (though untagged to avoid any drama really), and I agree with the fandom, to a degree. What Adam did was wrong, no doubt about it. He’s made a pretty shitty decision and even if he had some good intentions (I really wished he talked this out more with someone), he just…messed up. But it wasn’t like he could just, take the children of the villains away from their parents. Whatever legal system this world has, I highly doubt they’d do that. But subjecting not only the parents but the children into unhealthy living conditions, all because you wanted to keep your enemies in one place. He’s partially responsible for how ‘corrupt’ (and I use this term loosely) the children are. The parents are still mostly the blame because, well, they’re villains, and they go on and on about how a villain should act. Though Ben is crowned king, I’m not even sure when he’s actually going to take the throne officially. So until then, Beast has got a lot of making up to do.
  • Piggbacking off of that about Ben, let’s talk about the second apology that needs to happen; Mal and Ben need to apologize to Audrey for publicly humiliating her in front of the ENTIRE school (and another school too considering it was a tourney game) because of Ben serenading Mal. And yes, I know this was under the effect of the love-spell, but there still should’ve been a lick of common sense to not sing to another girl when you’re dating someone else. And even after the spell was worn off of him, he still could’ve apologized to Audrey, even privately. And Mal in general, because those two have a deep history, and honestly it’s just like being slapped in the face when you’re being wronged by the child of the woman that wronged your entire family. And that little bow near the end of the movie does not cut it. There’s another issue I have about that mistreatment to Audrey but I’ll leave that for another time. And yeah, Ben didn’t really seem interested in being with Audrey, but it’s still a douche move to kind of do that (and Ben is a sweet child, but my son no).
  • I want Audrey and Mal to apologize for Ben to using him to his advantage. If you watched Auradon Secrets (and if I remember correctly), Audrey dated Ben mostly because of appearance sake. She was mostly concerned about her little popular world. I think that at some point, she probably did fall for Ben (and honestly she probably was heartbroken about what happened, in regards to the previous point. But I will also defend my pretty pink princess). And we all know the reason for Mal. I don’t really remember if she really apologized, but I feel like an apology should happen and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug because ‘he makes you happy’. Ben deserves better than that.
  • Jay, Evie, and Carlos also need to apologize to Audrey for following along with Mal. Yes, they were going along with the plan, yes it’s what they know, but they need to apologize.
  • I would really love for Jane to apologize to the rotten/core four for basically just, being a bit of a hypocrite. Though I see her as following the crowd, because it’s high school so follow the cliché social pyramid, and she’s impressionable/low self-esteem, she was wrong too. She shouldn’t have been all ‘buddy buddy’ with Mal because she changed her style (even though Mal was using her too at one point) and then just turn on her the next. I think the popularity did get to her head, and she was slightly punished for it by Mal. I still feel like somewhere she’s guilty because she did a dumb, and she just needs to apologize, to at least start to make things right.
  • I want Lonnie and Doug to apologize for kinda just, bailing out on the rotten/core four after the events of the parents’ day scene. These were the two kids that seemed to have more faith in the children of the villains than everyone else (besides Ben but he’s obvious). And yeah Doug kinda did attempt, but he got called back by Chad. I mean, it was kind of an ‘us vs. them’ thing, but again, you can’t just sweep this under the rug by dancing with Evie in the last song.
  • I want Chad and Audrey to apologize for not having enough faith in Ben about trusting the four. Now Audrey, I understand why she wouldn’t really trust them (or at least Mal mostly), but not much for Chad. Then again, there is still the whole ‘they’re bad news, can’t trust them’, and whatever else they were told about the children of the villains. But honestly, if they were Ben’s friends (and I use that lightly too), they should’ve had just a bit more faith in him.
  • I want Chad to apologize for all four in general, but mostly to Evie. He used her and that was wrong, and to call her a ‘gold digger’, like no that’s messed up. Again, I still want Chad to apologize to all four (though he hasn’t been super rude to Carlos, so praise for that), but it runs deeper with Evie in my opinion.
  • And finally, and this is also for the sake of @geniiied, I would like Jay to apologize to Jordan and Mal about the lamp thing. Though it may have been because of his kleptomania (something that I see him struggling to work on), I feel like an apology is in order for 1) framing your best friend in a theft you did and 2) stealing someone’s home.

I know that even with these apologies, there’ll be people in this fandom that won’t change their opinions about characters (like Jane and Chad for example), and I get that. All of these kids did something wrong, whether it was big or small, and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug or just played off as a ‘oh that was because you were evil but now you’re good so it’s all good’. Taking responsibility is just the first step of growing up, and it’s just really important for everyone.

And even if all of these apologies aren’t met (which will be a bummer) as long as some of them are handled, I would appreciate that more than anything else in the world.

my father wasn’t around (i swear that i’ll be around)

Here have some angsty Daddy!Killian and Captain Charming bonding. Blame @ripplestitchskein‘s baby theory and the tear inducing words of “Dear Theodosia” Dedicated to @kat2609, @spartanguard, @nfbagelperson for starting Captain Charming Friday! Happy Anniversary guys!

The rum was sharp on Killian’s tongue as he took a swig. Since returning from the Underworld he had found a new joy in the tastes, smells, and textures of food. But he barely tasted the rum as he sat in Granny’s empty courtyard. His mind was far away contemplating the news Emma had just given him.

A child. They were having a child.

A little girl with Emma’s blonde hair and dimples and his blue eyes.

A little boy with his mischievous grin, Emma’s green eyes and light brown curly hair that belonged to neither of them.

He had been on many adventures. He had faced down dragons, giants, demons, and deadly hurricanes but never had he felt fear like this. It was a visceral panic that he didn’t know how to quell. He took another gulp from his flask.

There was no question he wanted this child. He wanted it with an ache that surprised him. Domestic life was not exactly his style but with Emma it was different. He had dreamed of their future, living with Henry in their house but somehow he had not thought of more children. Perhaps because he did not think he could be a father. After all what did he know about raising a child? An orphan that grew up to be a pirate. What kind of role model was that? He finished his flask and placed it on the table with a sigh.

“Mind if I join you?”

Startled Killian looked up to find David standing with his hands thrust into his jeans, his brow drawn.

Killian motioned to the empty chair. “If you are looking for a drink, mate, my apologies but I am fresh out of rum.”

David settled into the chair. “Really? I thought that thing had some self-refilling magic spell on it.”

Killian gave a bark of laughter and mentally added “drunkard” to the list of reasons why he would be a terrible father. There was a long silence and Killian became aware of the sounds of laughter and conversation from the welcome home party.

“I understand congratulations are in order.”

Killian gave a half-smile. “So Emma told you?”

Suddenly he wondered if he was about to be on the receiving end of one of David’s threatening speeches.

“Not exactly. Snow had a hunch and you being out here confirmed it.”


Killian didn’t meet David’s eyes as he braced for what he was sure would be an unpleasant conversation.

“Did I ever tell you about how I met Rapunzel?”

Killian furrowed his brow confused by the non sequitur. “No. I assumed all you royal types met at balls.”

“David chuckled and leaned back in his chair. "Not exactly. I was looking for night-root. Robin had found me in the stables drinking from a flask to calm myself and told me the plant could help me overcome my fears.” David gestured to the flask on the table. “I was terrified because Snow had just told me she was pregnant with Neal.”

Killian’s eyes jumped to meet David’s.

“You were scared of having the little prince?”

“Absolutely terrified.”  


“Why? Why would a man whose parents sold off his brother, whose father drank himself to death, and who failed his daughter be afraid of having another child?”

“You didn’t fail her.”

David put up a hand to stop Killian’s reassurances. “That’s not the point. The point is that I understand what you are feeling. All parents feel it. Nobody thinks they are ready to have a kid.”

Killian gave a slight nod. It was strangely comforting to know that David had been afraid of the responsibilities of parenthood.

“You will make a million mistakes, I certainly have, but that doesn’t matter as long as you dedicate every day to your child.”

Killian gave him a smile that was almost genuine. “Oh, Is that all?”

David’s grin was broader and his eyes understanding “The fear doesn’t ever really go away. But you’re one of the bravest men I know–you can handle it. Just do your best Killian. That will be enough. You will be a good father.”

A thick knot formed in the pirate’s throat at the words. He cleared it away. “Thank you David. I promise I’ll be there for the child and Emma. I will do whatever it takes.”

“I know you will."David clapped him on the shoulder. "Now come on. Let’s go inside and refill that flask.”

Killian stood and followed the man inside. Emma turned to smile at him as they approached and slippedd under his arm with a slightly raised eyebrow. He shook his head and kissed her gently on the forehead. As she nuzzled into him and sighed he felt that maybe, just maybe, with Emma and her families help he could be the father their child deserved.


The Dumbo parallel

Josh visited Disneyland for the first time ever. His and Ginny’s relationship was strictly platonic then.

They return to Disneyland as a family, go to the same ride where it all began, and take Oliver with them.

P.S: Is Josh wearing the same shirt? Looks like it to me, which makes this parallel even more meaningful.

when u realize a tumblr hottie you thought was single has actually been in a stable relationship for years

I loved that little scene in the vault when Emma admits to being scared because once again it shows the support network she has now. Regina is almost her usual blunt self, but this time it wasn’t snarky or aggressive at all. You can still see that Emma remembers things being different, though, in the defiant (and cute, ok) way she says, “I don’t have any issues.” There’s still a hint of the old rivalry. So while Regina can spot that there’s an issue and bring it up in a way that doesn’t sound like an attack (which I think is huge for her in and of itself), she can’t get Emma to admit it, because Emma still gets a little defensive.

At the same time, I think Regina is really the best person to bring it up. Someone needs to, Regina is a) the most likely to notice and know about magic and how personal issues affect it, and b) the one where it doesn’t matter if Emma gets mad or defensive, because she’s not in charge of emotional support anyway. So she broaches the issue, and then instead of pushing it, she wisely steps back, and Killian takes over.

He steps into the breach and follows through and physically puts himself between Emma and Regina, at which point Emma can open up and admit that she thinks she failed. He immediately takes up his usual cheerleading role and reminds her that she hasn’t failed. And with that, knowing he has her back like always, Emma can push the issue herself and admit that she’s scared and really get to the root of the issue.

And then Snow speaks up and reassures her that it’s not her fault. That she made the right choice coming here, because love is worth it. That they’re all in this together, that Emma isn’t alone and she doesn’t have to this alone. Because she has all of these people in her corner who have chosen to be there, for her, for Killian, for love.

Regina is noticeably silent again during those parts. No snarky comments, not even an eye roll at another “hope speech” because she knows from personal experience how important this stuff is. She even does it herself sometimes.

It’s just cool to see how they all work together, not even in a planned way, just everyone doing what they’re best at. And I love seeing Regina in a supportive big sister type role, both for Snow and for Emma, using her own experiences to help them.

And the scene ends with the word “together”, on a shot of a smiling Emma. I love that.

don’t ever forget that remus lupin, who believed that one of his only three friends caused the deaths of the other two, taught the son of his dead friend a spell that requires tapping into the deepest reserves of happiness that you possess.

remus lupin, who worried that he would remain alone all his life, gave his third year students a tool to fight the embodiment of their biggest fears and never once mocked them for being scared of “silly things” like spiders or clowns.

remus lupin, who lived like a pauper all his life because the wizarding world viewed him as a monster, carried chocolate in his pockets to keep his students happy and warm

remus lupin, who died just when he began to live the life he only dreamed of living, praised his students for doing well even when they struggled and encouraged them to try and try again.

in a time of desperate need, at a time where the school was surrounded by creatures determined to literally suck the joy out of living souls, the one man who had such little hope left became the beacon of light that got the students through the darkness. don’t ever forget that. don’t ever forget remus lupin.