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okay but
hc that my version of dio just…
he actually has really long hair. Like, really long hair. Way past his shoulders. About halfway past his back? It really depends on how he feels that day. The reason it looks like he has short hair though is because he keeps it all rolled up and held up with hair clips in the back and his hairband in the front, making his hair very fluffy and thick from the back.

so when he takes off his hair clips and ruffles out his hair its just. a deluge of long golden locks. he has super long hair and he will fucking rock it and flip it in your face like “look at how gorgeous i am”. and because he has long hair like this he has like a million different hairstyles and just. dio with long hair ok

tbh, idk if its just me, but the gorillaz make me feel okay about having crooked, imperfect teeth

The way Charming’s first impulse is to save/comfort/love/protect his baby girl no matter the situation, always makes my heart ache for all the time he lost with her.  This episode is no exception.  David Nolan is the true heart of the Charming family.  

pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.

Friendly reminder that Killian Jones can canonically slip out of blades to the throat in like 3 seconds flat but he didn’t.  He let David hold a knife to his throat with madness in his eyes because he knew that in that moment, David needed to feel in control of something.  

And that it had to be his decision to give up his revenge. 

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I have a lot of feelings about this.  HELP!  

Figure Skating Charms and a Wealth of Nuance

Haha…so…*guiltily posts this months later* I had this in my drafts 70% completed since episode 10 came out, but with episode 11 and 12 the fandom exploded on other issues, and I thought it was kind of irrelevant since the rings have so many layers of meaning already. But in PASH magazine’s March issue, Kubo-sensei actually brings this up. 

I ended up cleaning this post and after finding out that @sachiro​ was going to make a similar post, we decided to have “pair posts” to submit for victuuriweek. You can read their yoi meta here , which discusses and connects specific moments throughout the series to the points I’ll lay out in the second half of this post.

About Yuuri’s charm. Yuuri has a figure skating precedent for buying jewelry to act as a charm - it isn’t a blasé “lots of good stuff around here…yeah, rings can make good charms, right? idk, but I’m doing it anyway.” Here’s yet another layer.

Charms are a legitimate THING in figure skating.

You won’t read about this in figure skating intros or on Wikipedia, and you won’t hear commentators talk about it either (if it’s brought up, consider it a stroke of luck and immediately save that video/interview forever). Unless you follow skaters to the point of knowing about their personal lives, then this is one meaningful aspect of figure skating that is easy to miss.

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i think what i’m missing out of taakitz in general is like

i don’t necessarily want Super Romantic Fluff from it- they’re just starting to date- I want Weird Dating Things that people do

i was talking with my roommate and we brought up that one scene from Bob’s Burgers with Linda like “you wanna mess around??? All these turkeys… makin me horny….’ and then like ‘wheeeww my pits are stinky, smell my stinky pits!’ 

like, that’s it, that’s the dating taako experience: he does weird shit that is for some reason endearing?? taako takes off his boots around kravitz and is like “listen, pal, my feet are heinous. just letting you know. like, if you weren’t sort of a dead guy already i’d worry about your safety” 

or taako like “hey, wait, here’s an idea: if i put something in your face while you’re all skulled up, where’s it gonna go when you get handsome again?”

Grocery shopping with your OT7 children.

Waking up to those pictures release of Cheyenne’s wedding, and see my babies Amy and Jonah laughing, talking and smiling together ON A BENCH, is my aesthetic


So I was reading the world of thedas and got to the part about Sebastian. And it just broke my heart. Oh seb. “She became the mother he’d always wished he had - someone who valued him for the person he was, rather than his political usefulness.” I - I think I’m gonna go cry now.

It’s okay Keith we know you like it