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I’ve worked at my McJob for a year now, and when I started I was underage. Well, there’s this guy I work with who is (as he told me) in his late 20s but he seriously looks like he’s 40. Balding with a super long pony, huge beer belly, untrimmed nails, and his teeth are falling out. He literally broke one in drive thru the other night eating a piece of candy. Well, he used to harass me on the night shift (4-12) because that’s the only time I could work when I was a kid. He’d make inappropriate sex jokes to me all the time to the point that I’d cry and I was afraid to come to work. My mom told me to report him but since I’d just started I didn’t want to make a big scene. My mom eventually told me if I didn’t report him she would, so I told my boss and he got moved to the over night shift (11-7) so I wouldn’t have to work with him anymore.

Fast forward and I’m an adult now, I still have to work some shifts with him because he was moved off of over night for harassing girls and he works super fucked up hours now. He still bothers me from time to time but I just tell him to fuck off and I go somewhere else since I’ve been at the job for a while now so I’m friends with literally everyone else who works there. However, since it is a McJob, most of the people I work with are 16 or 17, like these two kids on my shift who work 3-11:30. One of them is dating a manager and the other one, as far as I know, isn’t dating anyone. But he won’t leave them alone. He gets up in their business and makes the same sex jokes to them, to the point where one of them cries. I tell him to leave them alone and to stop bothering people, but since I’m younger than him he won’t listen to me. He won’t listen to me anyway because I got promoted to a mcsupervisor after only 6 months there and he won’t be promoted after 3 years of being there because he’s gross and rude and harasses people. Whenever I tell him to stop he says “I don’t have to listen to you” and so I say “actually you do. I have this shirt for a reason. I’m your boss” and his response is always “they’ll promote anyone nowadays” and it’s great to be able to say “if they’ll promote anyone why won’t they promote you?” And so he gets really bent out of shape and starts acting like a brat for like an hour, at which point he’ll start harassing the girls again. So I tell him to stop that they don’t like the jokes and he’s making them uncomfortable, and he says some fucking shit like “I’m an asshole, it’s what I do.” But it’s more than he’s just an asshole. He’s like a straight up pedophile. And the worst part is they won’t fire him! Even tho every single female employee on staff (and me, I’m non binary) have filed a complaint about him!

Emeto starters
  • 1. I told you you shouldn't have eaten that
  • 2. Oh god, get the trash can
  • 3. Why didn't you say you weren't feeling well?
  • 4. Hm...Not hungry?
  • 5. Don't be ridiculous. You know I don't get sick.
  • 6. I forgot my anti-nausea pills...
  • 7. I can't be sick right now!
  • 8. Sorry I puked on your shoes...
  • 9. Excuse me, where's the nearest restroom?
  • 10. My friend isn't feeling so well...
  • 11. Are you sure you have to puke? You've been dry heaving for like an hour.
  • 12. Please don't talk about food right now.
  • 13. I dare you to ride that roller coaster!
  • 14. I haven't been able to keep anything down all day...
  • 15. Here, I'll hold your hair back.
  • 16. D-don't look at me, I'm gross...
  • 17. I...I think I ate too much.
  • 18. Pull over...I said PULL OVER!
  • 19. I'll give you this bag just in case.
  • 20. Are you sure you're up for that today? Your face looks a little green.
  • 21. Don't worry, I've got you.
  • 22. How could you throw up in my car!?
  • 23. I forgot to tell you I get motion sickness...
  • 24. I think I'm gonna get sick...!
  • 25. Maybe you'll feel better if you lie down.
The Labyrinth Chapter 23

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 2.1k

Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

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The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Prologue

gif creds to Admin Smuttyfairy

Summary: A soulmate!AU based off of Jungkook’s cute thought from an anime that when you hear bells ringing as you pass each other means that is the person you’ll marry/be with.

Member(s): Jimin x reader, Jungkook x reader

Genre: angst, fluff, soulmate!AU

Word count: 1673

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: Hello peeps! So for the longest time I’ve been wanting to write a soulmate!AU…AND WELL. Here it is! I hope some of you will find interests in reading this, I’d greatly appreciate. Also, thank you to Admin Jifairy for helping a homie workout this story and thank you to my proof readers

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Morgana vs Supergirl Writers

Supergirl Writers: Katie, there is literally no other way we could be any more crystal clear about this. Kara is straight and she’s dating Mon El. Lena is straight and she’s about to have a male love interest come back into her life. Stop acting like and telling everyone that Lena and Kara are in love!!! They are not now, nor have they ever been or will they ever be romantically interested in one another. It’s-it’s just not the truth. 

Katie McGrath: 

SG Writers: *a few writers break down and cry like the tormented souls of the damned. This is the 58th time in 7 months they’ve had a meeting like this. Today they’ve been in the conference room for 16 straight hours and Katie hasn’t even broken a sweat.* 

SG Writers: *sigh* You’re never going to give up on this, are you? 


SG Writers: *sigh* Okay. 

SG Writers: *hand her the script where she’s forced into an arranged marriage with Mon El.* 

Katie: *thumbs through the script, visibly unimpressed, before setting it down.* 

SG Writers:


SG Writers:


SG Writers: Are you truly so adamant about defying us that this is what it’s come to? Do you really hate us that much?


...did someone say headcanons?

No?  Oh well.  This heap of Lucien headcanons has been gathering dust for the better part of a month.  Which is an utter disgrace.  So, here they are!  under a readmore for obvious reasons

@grimweaver @powerovernothing  I thought you would be especially interested~

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I’ve Got You (part 11)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Smut

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21.

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The Five Times Phil Lester Cried After Sex and the One Time It Didn’t Matter

The Five Times Phil Lester Cried After Sex and the One Time It Didn’t Matter | Sex has always meant more to Phil than just sex, but it takes him a long time to learn that crying afterwards isn’t a bad thing. | Phan | Mature | Non-Con, Dubious Consent | 2,876 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Warning: There is a non-con scene set as the “second time.” You can skip this scene easily, as it is fairly graphic enough I feel it could be easily triggering. It’s not necessary to read, as the story refers to it much less graphically later in a way that lets you know what happened. There is also dubious consent in the “fourth time” wherein Phil gives consent while drunk. Please be careful upon reading.

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“May I Have This Dance”

When Dazai first approaches Chuuya with another mission at the end of a long day of work, Chuuya is less than thrilled, but when the duo find themselves infiltrating a dance hall to track down a potential threat to the Port Mafia, Chuuya finds he enjoys himself more than he expected.

Notes: so this soukoku fic is a valentine’s day present for my beloved comrade @amarashii-am we talked about something like this back in like december I think, and I finally got around to writing it! I hope you enjoy it! 

*****************************************************************************************************Chuuya stared up at the ceiling fan, watching light glint off its twirling blades as it spun back and forth in an unending loop, succeeding in doing nothing more than shoving stale air from one end of the room to another. After an exhausting, seemingly endless day of mafia business, Chuuya could relate to the ceaseless spinning of the ceiling fan more than he cared to admit. “It’s been a long day,” he said aloud to no one, leaning against the doorway as he watched the fan turn round and round. “But at least I’m home now.”

Home. Chuuya snorted at his own sentimentality. It was such a meaningless little word, and certainly not one that applied to this empty apartment that wasn’t even high enough to escape the miasmal stench of the port below.

Chuuya tore his gaze from the ceiling fan long enough to shrug off his overcoat and hang it by the door. He turned suddenly, giving the doorknob a quick twist to make sure it was locked. Assured, Chuuya crossed the room and threw open the French doors that led to the balcony. He had hoped the stifling heat of the summer day might have abated after sunset, but, much to his disappointment, the night air was no cooler than the inside of his apartment. With a sigh, Chuuya shut the doors again. He stared out at the city he had known all his life with lifeless eyes, one gloved hand pressed against the warm glass.


Chuuya whipped around, eyes narrowed. He was certain he had locked the door…

Dazai stood in the doorway, cradling a large, white dry-cleaning bag in his arms. “Oh, so you are home,” he said, meeting Chuuya’s eyes with a radiant smile that instantly put him on guard. “You didn’t leave headquarters very long ago- I wasn’t sure if you’d make it here before I did.”

“If you came here to make polite conversation, get the hell out,” Chuuya snapped. “If not, cut to the chase. I’m too tired to put up with your shit right now.”

Dazai glanced at his watch. “It’s barely a quarter to eight.” A teasing smile crossed his face. “But I guess small children like you get cranky when they miss naptime.”

“You’ll be taking a nap in the fuckin’ ground if you don’t shut the hell up.”

Dazai’s eyes widened. “Do you really mean it? Oh, Chuuya-” Dazai pretended to wipe away tears. “- I can’t believe you’d do something like this for me.”

Chuuya rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t be doing it for your sake, idiot. Especially because it’s your fault I’m so tired in the first place!”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Oh, yes the fuck it is!” Chuuya cried. “You’re the one who kept me up until four in the morning going over names for strategies. I tried to leave, like, five times, but you were all, ‘oh, but should we call this one ‘fake flowers deceit’ or ‘this whole thing is stupid, who names their strategies anyway when we could just number them and be done with this shit in five minutes’?”

Dazai chuckled. “I don’t recall that particular strategy.”

“Do you recall me telling you to say whatever you came here to say and get the fuck out of my house?” Chuuya retorted, crossing his arms. “Because every second you waste my time is another second closer to me kicking you in the nuts.”

“Oh, please,” Dazai scoffed. “You wouldn’t-” Dazai’s words melted away when he saw the fire in Chuuya’s eyes. He took a step back. “We have a mission.”

“Oh, fuck me.” Chuuya rubbed his temples and sighed. “What’s the mission, then?”

“We’ve gotten intel that a certain member of an enemy organization is going to be frequenting a local dance hall tonight,” Dazai said, his face clicking into the cold, serious expression he always wore when discussing missions. “We have to shadow him for the evening, see if he conducts any business at the dance hall.”

Chuuya’s eyes narrowed. “That’s all? Just a basic shadowing? Can’t you just send one of your subordinates to take care of it? What about the scrawny one with the jacket? Agukatawa, right? Or is it Aku… Akuguwa?”

“Akutagawa,” Dazai corrected. “And no, I can’t pawn this job off onto one of my subordinates. This mission was a direct order from Mori; he was very explicit that it should be the two of us and no one else.”

Chuuya sighed. “Fine.” He strode across the room and slung his coat over his shoulders. “Let’s go, then.”


It took all Chuuya’s restraint to keep from slapping the smile off Dazai’s face. “What?”

Dazai handed Chuuya the white bag. “Put this on first.”

Chuuya shot Dazai a quick scowl, then opened the bag to find a deep red silk dress. “Oh, hell no!” he cried, wadding up the dress and throwing it at Dazai. “Why don’t you put it on?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Dazai scoffed, carefully straightening out the dress and folding it in half so its hem didn’t touch the ground. “It’s not my size.”

I’m being ridiculous?” Chuuya crossed his arms. “I thought this was a stealth mission, Dazai. Why the fuck would I wear something like that if we’re shadowing someone?”

Dazai shrugged. “I’m just following Mori-san’s orders.”

“Oh, come on!” Chuuya rolled his eyes. “If you think I beleive for a second that Mori handed you that dress-”

“Well, I still had to go out and buy the dress,” Dazai admitted. “Mori-san doesn’t know your measurements as well as I do.”

“You know damn well what I mean!” Chuuya snapped. “What, did Mori-san say ‘you and Chuuya have a stealth mission today, so make sure to put him in a dress’?”

Dazai dug his cell phone out of his pocket and tossed it to Chuuya with a smirk. “If you’d like to give Mori-san a call and question his orders, be my guest.”

Chuuya grit his teeth. Dazai was probably bluffing, but even if he was, Mori wouldn’t appreciate receiving a call over something so trivial. “Never mind,” he snarled, thrusting the phone back at Dazai and snatching the dress out of his arms. “I’ll go shave my legs.”


“Chuuya…” Dazai’s voice was soft, barely audible over the sultry strains of tango music that permeated the dance hall. “Smile.”

Chuuya bared his teeth. “Why?” Even when he didn’t understand Dazai’s orders, Chuuya reluctantly followed them; that bandaged bastard was many things, but a poor strategist wasn’t one of them.

“We’re just two young lovers at a dance hall, remember?” Dazai intertwined his fingers with Chuuya’s, giving his hand a slight squeeze of admonishment as he reminded him of the cover they had assumed for their mission. “If you don’t look like you’re having a good time, you’ll end up calling attention to yourself.”

Chuuya flicked the red rose that was tucked behind his ear. “Yeah, I sure wouldn’t want to do anything that would call attention to myself.”

“Chuuya…” Dazai fell silent for a moment, staring at Chuuya with an inscrutable expression. “Is it really that hard for you to pretend to enjoy being around me?”

A snarky comeback was waiting on the tip of Chuuya’s tongue, but he was caught off-guard by the genuine tone of Dazai’s voice. “What do mean, waste of bandages?” he asked slowly. “Since when have you ever cared about whether or not I liked being around you?”

Dazai straightened his tie and avoided meeting Chuuya’s eyes. Rather than his usual dark suit, he was wearing a black vest over a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up around his elbows and matching slacks, the tie around his neck the same dark red as Chuuya’s dress. As much as Chuuya hated to admit it, Dazai did look nice in white; it brightened up his face and even made his sinister, dark eyes appear a little less conniving, as if he did occasionally have thoughts that weren’t directly related to making his partner suffer.

Dazai gave his tie one final pull, then grabbed Chuuya’s hand. “Never mind what I just said.” His words poured out in a rush. “Just smile.” Still holding Chuuya’s hand, Dazai led him out of the semi-darkness of the coat room and into the almost blinding brightness of the main hall.

Once Chuuya’s eyes adjusted to the light, he saw men and women in fancy clothing seated at small, ornate wire tables clustered around a raised platform, similar to a stage, closed off by heavy velvet curtains. A cursory glance at some of the women was enough for Chuuya to grudgingly confirm that the dress Dazai had chosen for him fit right in. Of course, he wasn’t going to admit that.

Chuuya flashed a radiant smile at Dazai. “Is this convincing enough? The last thing I’d want to was to do anything to make myself look conspicuous. Like, for example, if I was wearing a bright red dress-” Chuuya shot Dazai a pointed look. “-that would be pretty stupid.”

Dazai rolled his eyes. “Your dress isn’t bright red; that would’ve clashed with your hair. I made sure to get you something in a very tasteful shade of deep currant.”

Chuuya snorted. “Deep currant, my ass. I look like a stoplight.”

“Come on.” Dazai pulled Chuuya to the side for a moment as a waiter with a silver tray dashed by. Once the waiter passed, Dazai stepped forward, practically dragging Chuuya along behind him. “You look fine.”

Chuuya yanked his hand out of Dazai’s grasp, massaging his wrist where Dazai’s bony fingers had held onto him. “After all the trouble I went through to cram myself into this thing? I better look a lot more than fine, pal.”

The dance floor was elevated slightly, connected to the rest of the room by a short staircase consisting of three small, wooden stairs. Dazai placed one hand on the small of Chuuya’s back as they ascended the staircase side-by-side, pushing the curtain aside and holding it up so Chuuya could enter. On the other side of the curtain, the lights were softer, reminiscent of candelight, bathing the dancing couples in a delicate glow. An ensemble played on a small stage off to the side, and a woman with a voice like smoke crooned in another language. The almost subdued quality of the light, the swell of music, and the gentle pressure of Dazai’s hand on his back, made Chuuya feel as if he was walking into a dream. He could have stood there for hours, basking in the subtle glow of the moment, but Dazai had to open his mouth and drag Chuuya back down to reality.

“I got the dress in your size, so there shouldn’t have been much cramming involved,” Dazai murmured, his eyes scanning Chuuya’s body. “But, I guess it does look a little tight on you.” Dazai squeezed Chuuya’s ass. “Especially right here.” Chuuya gave an involuntary yelp, making Dazai laugh. “My, Chuuya, so noisy.” He leaned in close, his lips practically brushing against Chuuya’s ear. “We’re on a stealth mission, remember?”

“Then keep your hands off my ass, bastard!” Chuuya hissed, slapping Dazai’s hands away. “Besides, you’ve told me we’re on a stealth mission about a hundred fucking times, but you haven’t told me anything else, like, oh, I don’t know, the target’s name? Who we’re even supposed to be looking for?”

Daza’s eyes darted to the left, indicating an older gentleman in a tuxedo. “That’s him, the leader of Echo.”

Chuuya’s brow furrowed. “Echo? I’ve never heard of them.”

“Well, they haven’t really made any trouble for the Port Mafia yet,” Dazai murmured, letting his eyes linger on the target for a moment before casually shifting his gaze to a couple dancing nearby. “Echo is a foreign gifted organization that’s been making inroads in a few other cities in Japan. Mori-san suspects Yokohama may be their next target.” Dazai smiled down at Chuuya and straightened the rose in his hair. “That’s where we come in. Mori-san thought the Port Mafia should put its best foot forward, so to speak. If we catch him conducting any, ah, unsavory business, at this fine establishment-”

Chuuya cracked his knuckled, grinning. “Now we’re talking. Maybe this’ll be worth shaving my legs for after all.”

Dazai smirked. “The sacrifices we make for the Port Mafia.”

Chuuya’s eyes widened, darting back and forth as he tried to decide if anyone had overheard. Once he realized that the other patrons of the dance hall were too far away to have heard Dazai over the music, Chuuya turned on his partner with a snarl. “A little louder with that mafia talk next time- there might be some people here who didn’t catch that,” he hissed, poking Dazai’s chest.“You wanna give out our names and addresses while you’re at it? How about we strip naked, staple our wanted posters to our asses, and dance a fucking hula?”

Dazai tucked a lock of Chuuya’s hair behind his ear with an amused smile. “You’re so tense,” he whispered, his words warm and soft in Chuuya’s ear. “It wouldn’t kill you to calm down, you know.”

“Would it kill you to take our mission seriously?” Chuuya retorted. “Our target is within spitting distance, and you-”

Dazai looked mildly impressed. “You can spit that far?”

Chuuya snapped his fingers. “Focus! We need to keep our eyes on the targe-” His eyes slid to where the target had stood only to be met with empty space. “Wait, where did he-”

“By the stage,” Dazai breathed, carressing Chuuya’s cheek as an excuse to turn his face in the proper direction.

“Let’s go.” Chuuya took a step toward the target, but Dazai grabbed his wrist.

“Hold on,” Dazai whispered. “You can’t just go storming off like that. We need to blend in.”

Chuuya’s eyes narrowed. “What do you have in mind?”

Dazai gave Chuuya a dazzling smile and offered his hand. “Chuuya, may I have this dance?”

Chuuya blushed, mentally berating himself for blushing. “It’s just for the mission, you idiot,” he told himself. “It’s not like he really wants to dance with you.”

“What’s the matter?” asked Dazai, taking notice of Chuuya’s hesitation. He raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Don’t you know how to tango?”

Chuuya snarled and took Dazai’s hand, placing his other hand on Dazai’s waist. “Of course I know how to tango, you limp anus.”

The ensemble struck up a new piece at a faster tempo as the target began moving to the other side of the dance floor. Dazai gave Chuuya a smile that sent shivers down his spine. “We’ll see about that.” Dazai jerked Chuuya forward, but Chuuya trailed his hand down Dazai’s arm, grasping his fingertips as he spun outward and yanking suddenly, forcing Dazai to spill into Chuuya’s arms.

“What was that?” Chuuya murmured, fluttering his eyelashes. “I’m afraid I can’t hear you over the music, darling.” Chuuya could feel a smile threaten to crack his expertly applied lipstick; Dazai might be the big-shot executive able to call the shots when it came strategy, but if that graceless, linguine-limbed son-of-a-bitch thought he could out-dance Chuuya, he was sorely mistaken. Chuuya was in his element now, and he would savor every moment of it.

Chuuya trailed his fingertips along Dazai’s bandaged forearms so delicately that his partner shuddered before entwining his fingers with Dazai’s one at a time. Grinning, Chuuya placed his free hand on Dazai’s shoulder, gripping perhaps a bit tighter than strictly necessary, and led him forward, moving with fluid, graceful strides as Dazai scrambled to follow along. Dazai’s usual smug composure nowhere to be found. His eyes were wide, almost fearful, as Chuuya twirled, his fingertips barely touching Dazai’s, before lunging forward so their chests were pressed together, arching his neck up so he could savor the look on Dazai’s face.

“Where-” Although he had done little more than stand still and be yanked around, Dazai still sounded out of breath. “Where did you learn this?”

“Can’t I have a few secrets?” Chuuya purred. His hands traced the air near the sides of Dazai’s chest before alighting on his waist, using Dazai for stability as he lifted himself off the ground, stepping down so gently his high heels didn’t even click on the wooden floor. “Besides,” Chuuya added, plucking the rose out of his hair and putting it in Dazai’s mouth, which was hanging slightly open. “I think I like knowing something you don’t.” Chuuya crossed one leg in front of the other slowly, then swept his leg outward, kicking his foot into the air when it reached the end of its arc and seizing Dazai’s hand once more. “Just try not to slow me down too much.”

They danced for hours, always keeping the target within their line of sight, but as the night grew older, Chuuya found himself less and less preoccupied with the target and more and more focused on Dazai, on the placement of his hands, on the increasing elegance of his footwork, on the sharp gleam that came into his eyes when he was contemplated with a skill he had not yet mastered.

“He’s just using me for the mission,” Chuuya told himself as he leaned back into Dazai’s arms after a particularly dizzying twirl. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t use him for some pleasure of my own.”

For a few moments- the time Dazai attempted to spin and only avoided slapping the hat off an old woman’s head because Chuuya pulled him into a dip came to mind- Chuuya had so much fun that he could almost convince himself he and Dazai really were nothing more than a pair of young lovers in a dance hall, enjoying one another’s company without any thoughts of international gifted organizations or questions about who was using who.

Eventually, it got to a point where Chuuya suddenly realized he had neglected to look for the target for several minutes and, when he did look around, the man was nowhere to be found.

“Dazai!” Chuuya whispered, tugging Dazai’s sleeve. “The target, where is he?”

Dazai shrugged. “Who knows?” he said with a lazy smile.

“Who knows?!” Chuuya had to wring his hands to keep from wringing Dazai’s neck. “Damn it, Dazai, this is important! Trailing that man was our entire mission, and we have no idea where he went! He could be up to something right now, and we just let him slip through our fingers! If we can’t find him, our whole mission would be-” Chuuya’s eyes narrowed. “Are you laughing?”

“Laughing?” Dazai tried and failed to suppress a smile. “Of course not.”

“I should hope the fuck not!” Chuuya exclaimed, stomping his foot. Then, remembering that the target could possibly have allies nearby, he lowered his voice again. “There’s nothing funny about failing a mission.”

“No, no, there is nothing funny about failing a mission,” Dazai agreed, lips twitching. He covered his mouth with his hand but couldn’t camouflage a burst of laughter. “But this- this is hysterical!” Dazai laughed so hard tears began streaming down his face and he had to hold onto Chuuya’s shoulder for balance.

“Do I have to remind you that we just lost our target?” Chuuya snapped, shoving Dazai’s hand aside. “Whatever you’re thinking about can’t be funny enough to make up for the fact that we’re in danger of failing our mission!”

“Oh, Chuuya.” Chuuya couldn’t recall ever seeing Dazai look so amused. “There was never any mission.”

Chuuya was sure he had to have heard wrong. “Never any- what do you- you can’t be seriou-”

Dazai took Chuuya’s hand and gently raised it to his lips, planting a kiss on his knuckles. “I had a wonderful time tonight, Chuuya,” he whispered, a soft smile on his face and fragments of tears lingering in his eyes. “I hope we can do this again sometime.” With that, Dazai turned and exited through the curtain.

Chuuya could hear Dazai’s footsteps as he descended the stairs. “Bu-but I-” When the footsteps faded, Chuuya found his voice. “Hold the fuck on!” he cried, hiking up his dress so he could run faster. “What in the fresh hell do you mean, ‘there was never any mission’!? I shaved my fucking legs for this, you asshole!”

Madison’s 600 Follower Writing Challenge

I’m going to go ahead and post this, and if it doesn’t get at least 15 notes it’ll be deleted tomorrow evening. But I’ve always wanted to host one of these things. So, here’s to hoping this gets at least 15 notes.

Here’s how this is going to work;
You can write any pairing as long as it is from Riverdale. This is including reader inserts, as well.
Underneath there are 51 sentence prompts that you can choose from, you can choose from 3 (being your max) and 1 (being your minimum).

To enter this you must reblog this post (not that I will be looking honestly, but it would be appreciated).
After reblogging this post you have to send me an ask with the number(s) of the prompt you will be writing for and what pairing you will be writing for. (Make sure you are off anonymous so I know who is participating).

Posting rules:

There are no special formats but you do need to state what pairing you are writing for, what your prompt is, and any warnings you feel need to be added.
You can tag me in it or not but make sure to tag it with #novelistjugheadjones600 so I can reblog it when the deadline comes.

Which leads me to the deadline; You have until July 4th to post your work.
Now, you can ask for an extension if you need one and you can drop out at any time. But try to let me know if you are going to need to drop out as soon as you can.

Depending on how many people sign up for this there will be either 5/10/ or 15 winners and each will receive a shoutout and a personalized drabble written by moi.

If you have any questions you can send an ask/message and I will answer as soon as possible.

The prompts are under the cut!

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Moeyy’s Awkward Moment Birthday Challenge!

It’s that time again, people. Since my birthday is in a few months, and I’m seriously itching to host another challenge, here’s this!

Theme: So, life is full of awkward moments. No one can really argue with that. But, we can certainly embrace it!


Fandom(s): Supernatural or The Walking Dead (yes, you read that right).

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– For this challenge, pick one prompt, and write an awkward fic about it!

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For @nhasablog because she’s had a shitty week and I love her and she deserves happiness!

It was official.

Jim Kirk was Leonard McCoy’s friend.

McCoy hadn’t had an actual friend in years. Being a doctor (and the only surgeon within fifty miles) didn’t afford him a lot of time to go out. That happened to be one of the many points Jocelyn had made when she sent him the divorce papers.

But now he had one and Leonard was a little freaked out about it.

Leonard didn’t have what one would call…social skills. He yelled a lot, drank a lot, and insulted people a lot. At least one of those three things was usually enough to send most people running. Of course, as he was quickly finding out, Jim Kirk was not most people. The kid was damn confusing. One minute he was eating Leonard outta house and home and the next minute he went without food for two or three days. The kid couldn’t take care of himself worth a damn and Leonard found himself worrying about the damn brat more often than not. Jim had stuck to his side like an unwanted growth, but no matter what McCoy did Jim wasn’t deterred. So McCoy gave in and in less than three weeks Jim had gone from stranger to acquaintance to leach to roommate and friend. All it took was one email from Jim asking McCoy to be his personal physician, and with the lengthy list of allergies and lack of immunizations because of said allergies, and the admiralty was more than happy to let Jim move in with Leonard.

So, here the two of them were in their shared apartment studying. They had been rooming for three days officially and it was going surprisingly smooth. Leonard was a lot less stressed now that he knew Jim would be eating at least two square meals a day. Leonard was about to go and make dinner when a message popped up on his PADD from the academy’s medical center. McCoy read it quickly and frowned, then swore.

“Jim, how the hell did you get into the academy without a physical first?” McCoy demanded as he set his PADD down and scowled at his roommate.

Jim looked up and gave him his most clueless expression. “What? I had a physical.”

“No you didn’t,” said Leonard. “I just got an email stating you need a current physical.”

“Bones, I totally have a current physical.”

“The last physical you had was when you were 16 Jim. That’s not current!”

Jim looked thoughtful for a moment. “Has it been that long?”

“You’re coming with me to medical, we’re gonna get this done today.”

Jim looked stricken. “What? Now? Why?”

“Because they’re gonna kick your sorry ass out if you don’t get a physical in the next 72 hours!” Leonard growled, grabbing his boots and throwing them on.

“Wait Bones, c’mon man. Can’t we just do it here? Those physical rooms are open and everyone can see what’s going on!” Jim stood to his feet and walked over to McCoy.

“You shoulda thought about that before you joined the Fleet without a current physical.”

“Seriously, can we just do it here? You have everything you need right?” Jim was practically begging.

“Why the hell are you so adamant about not going to medical?” McCoy asked, eyeing Jim critically. The kid looked truly upset.

“I hate hospitals,” Jim mumbled. “You know that.”

“Yeah, but even this seems a bit excessive.” Leonard commented, but he was already taking his boots back off. He had rarely seen Jim so uncomfortable.

Jim just shrugged.

“Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor that doesn’t take house calls.”

Jim grinned. “Technically this is an apartment.”

Leonard rolled his eyes. “Strip to your shorts and go lay on the bed.”

“And people say you’re a prude.” Jim gave him a lascivious wink.

Leonard flipped him off and grabbed his medkit. When he came back Jim had surprisingly done as he was told. McCoy wasted no time in scanning him with a tricorder. The kid’s blood pressure was elevated and so was his heart rate.

“Jim, calm down, you’re BP and heart rate are through the roof!”

“Sorry Bones, I uh…it’s just…” Jim sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Look man, I’ve been through a lot of shit ok? And I have scars. I’m fine now and I don’t think about them much, but…just don’t ask me about them ok?”

If there was one thing Leonard understood, it was the yearning for privacy. It was one of the reasons he left Georgia, everyone knew he was getting divorced and the whole damn city wanted to know all the fucking details.

“Time to turn on your back now Jim.” Leonard instructed softly.

Almost immediately Jim’s blood pressure and heart rate lowered to normal. They spiked back up again when Leonard scanned the lightly scarred back of his younger roommate.

Someone had whipped him.

McCoy swore up a storm in his mind as he looked at the soft white lightning looking marks marring his friend’s back. They were light enough that it had been years and years since he received the marks, but they obviously weren’t taken care of soon enough or well enough.

The rest of the physical was done in silence. Jim wasn’t going to be sharing any details with him soon and Leonard wasn’t going to ask. If and when the time came that Jim wanted to tell him what happened, he’d be there with a bottle of brandy.

“Alright, sit up.”

Jim complied. Leonard was pressing around Jim’s ribs, making sure the cracks he put in them three weeks ago were still healing fine. Being the amazing and observant doctor that he was, Leonard noticed Jim’s muscles tensing, a slight twitch happening every time he hit the area between his mid and upper ribs. Leonard grinned.

The little shit was ticklish.

“You okay Jim?” Leonard asked.

“M’fine.” Jim replied, barely holding in a yelp as Leonard curled his fingers on both sides of his rib cage.

Leonard didn’t even pretend not to notice this time around, he let out a bark of laughter. “Sensitive?”

“Bite meHEHEHEE! AH! Bohohohones!” Jim was outright laughing now since Leonard decided it was a good idea to stick his wriggling fingers in between Jim’s ribs.

“Oh man, this is too good,” McCoy commented over Jim’s hysterical laughter. “I’m using this against you every fuckin’ chance I get, kid.”

“Nohohoho! You suhuhuhuhuck!” Jim curled over onto his side, assuming a fetal position, which left his knees wide open. McCoy squeezed both kneecaps viciously, causing Jim to kick out and expose his torso again, which McCoy was all too happy to give attention to. Jim curled once again and it was an endless cycle of the kid kicking out from the knee, calf, and thigh tickles and curling up because of the ribs, stomach, and neck tickles.

“MERHERHERHERHERHERCY!” Jim screeched and Leonard finally ceased his attack, grinning down at the helpless grin on Jim’s face.

“I hahahate…you.” Jim panted.

“Getting you to comply with shit is gonna be so much easier now.” Leonard grinned down at the mess that was Jim Kirk.

“You’re supposed to use your doctor skills for good,” said Jim, trying to fix his yeti-like hair. “Not evil.”

Leonard barked out a laugh at that. “In case ya haven’t noticed kid, I don’t give a shit what you think.”

“Ugh. I’m tired.” Jim plopped back on the bed after flipping Leonard off. Jim would never admit it, but Leonard knew he was thankful for the playfulness. It distracted him from the obvious trauma he experienced as a child and Leonard was more than happy to give him this kind of distraction.

“Consider your physical done kid. You’re fit for duty.”

“Perfect. Tell anyone about this Bones and I’ll–”

“You’ll what?” Leonard interrupted. “Laugh at me while I take you down with a few well-placed pokes?”

Jim flipped him off and Leonard just grinned.

Maybe having Jim Kirk as a friend wouldn’t be so terrible after all.

Well, Fuck.

Because I know you’ve been feeling shitty lately, I present to you Kirk emoting your frustrations. ( @outside-the-government )

“Scotty to bridge.” Scotty’s voice came over the speaker in the Captain’s console. “There’s a crack in the warp drive, and it’s affecting the impulse drives. We’re working on it.”

“How long?” Kirk asked.

“Right now? Looks like 16 hours,” Scotty replied.

“You have eight,” Kirk countered. There was a heavy sigh from the speaker before the transmission ended.

“Well, Jim, I don’t know where we picked it up, but Denobulan Influenza is spreading throughout the crew with alarming speed.” McCoy was already speaking as he walked off the turbolift and onto the bridge. “I’ve got 43 on general quarters quarantine already, and they’re dropping like flies.”

“Estimated time until you’d synthesized a vaccine? Is this viral? Is there an antibiotic?” Kirk asked. Bones furrowed his brow and scowled a little.

“Vaccine should be 5 hours. It is viral, but is showing some response to zanamicyclovir. We should have that sorted in 8 to 10 hours,” McCoy answered. Kirk sighed and nodded.

“It should come as no surprise that I’d like to see those times halved. And general quarters quarantine to anyone who is remotely symptomatic,” Kirk ordered. McCoy nodded and excused himself from the bridge.

“Sir, I’m picking up a ship in the neutral zone,” Uhura announced. 

“Screen up,” Kirk ordered, and the view screen cleared, showing a Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

“Klingon ship approaching at warp 4,” Sulu said.

“Uhura, hail the Klingons,” Kirk barked. A Klingon appeared on the view screen.

“We meet again Captain Kirk!” Kor offered a grimacing smile to the captain.

“Commander Kor,” Kirk sighed. “To what do we owe this pleasure? You are aware you’ve breached the neutral zone?”

“A small thing between friends,” Kor suggested, his tone dry.

“Kor, you’re in violation of Federation space. You must return to the Klingon side of the neutral zone immediately,” Kirk demanded. Kor shrugged.

“It is no loss to me, Kirk,” he said. “But I know your warp engines are down, and your crew is sick, and you are in no place to posture as though battle ready.”

The viewscreen went black and Kirk clenched his jaw.

“I’ll be in my ready room,” he gritted out. “Spock, you have the con.”

No More Light || Chapter 7

Finally back with another chapter! Spent most of my lessons in school writing this instead of doing the work… oops (Not like I have my GCSE exams in 3 weeks O__o) but I think this is my longest chapter yet so I hope you enjoy! This is my first BTS fanfic so I’d love to get some feedback, send me asks and messages with your thoughts!

Genre – Mafia!BTS AU - Violence (Abuse) + Strong Language

Group – BTS (Ft. The Ark)

Pairing – Jungkook x Reader

Masterlist – Link

Summary – You’re sister’s a gang leader, so of course you would end up in the middle of the war between her gang and their greatest enemy.

Chapter 7/16 - 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Word Count: 2315

“Good. Very well then boys, looks like we’re done here, lets go!” You watched as Namjoon and the other members made their way to and out the exit; leaving only Jungkook and yourself in the room which was now silent. Apart form your quiet sobs.

At least half an hour had passed. It could have been longer but you couldn’t tell. You had only just managed to stop crying, the room now completely silent apart from your occasional sniff or the shuffle of Jungkook’s feet. Jungkook had gone back to his post but he hadn’t taken his eyes off you from the moment the other boys left.

You leaned back into the chair you were still tied to and closed your eyes. Your shallow breaths filled the silence as you tried to slow your heart that was beating so fast you felt like it was going to burst. The image of your beaten sister raced through your head. She had come home everyday beaten up by her so-called boyfriend and she was always too scared to do anything about it. You were the one who convinced her to do something, of course, you never thought she’d start a gang but even that was still safer than being near Namjoon. When convincing Minju to do something you had threatened to find Namjoon and do something about it yourself. It sounded like a good idea at the time but after actually meeting him just now you were suddenly glad Minju had refused to let you out of the house for anything other than college.

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turtle is the cutest one, probably.

Assassinations || Jungkook


Summary:  When it came to gang warfare and assassination, you were the girl everyone called; in and out without a trace. You’d been hired so many times that you’d lost count of your successes. For the past few months, you had been hired by an unnamed employer to take down their new rival, BTS. 

Word Count: 1,614

A/N: Thank you for the request Anonie! I hope you like it! I might make this a part 2 - I’l probably have to since I left it on a bit of a cliffhanger. Let me know what you guys think! Much love x 

Part 2 >>

You pulled your hair back into a ponytail, holding your balaclava between your teeth as you attempted to tame your hair. Finishing the simple hairdo, you brought the balaclava down over your forehead and left it there. You adjusted your black jacket and top, tucking in the end of the balaclava so that no skin was left exposed. You adjusted your gloves and huffed; they always made it harder to do anything, but were an absolute precaution. You walked around your base, checking that your hand guns had been loaded with ammunition before placing them in your holsters. You unmarked phone beeped with a new notification

Unknown Number:
Targets have left their base and are heading towards the meeting point. The equipment we’ve promised is on the roof. You know what to do.

You nodded to yourself as you grabbed the keys to your matte black motorcycle and the matching black helmet. You turned on your motorcycle first and swung yourself over it, kicking up the stand and revving the engine in the same fluid movement. The automatic door slid upwards, allowing you to speed off into the night towards the city.

You were Seoul’s most infamous hit man - hit woman, rather - and you had been known to most of the gangs throughout South Korea. It had been years since you first started taken names to take down, running away from your foster home and completing your first job at the age of 16. Now, several years later, you had too many successes under your belt and money in the bank that could have easily provided you with an early retirement.

But after many attempts to separate yourself from it all, you discovered you could never really disappear from gang warfare.

In the past few months, you had been hired by an unknown gang to take down one of their rising threats, BTS. In every single attempt, you had successfully assassinated their associates and suppliers, but had never been able to land any shots on the key seven members themselves.

It was starting to irk you ever so slightly. You had never had any issue with targets before. The fact that these newbies were escaping you so easily annoyed you.

You arrived in the heart of Seoul no less than 20 minutes later, pulling up into an abandoned urban street, filled with high apartment and deserted office buildings standing side by side. You parked your motorcycle in a back alley towards the end of the street and quickly jumped off. You took off towards your assigned building, running up the external fire escape to the rooftop. At the edge facing out the street was the briefcase you were promised, sniper rifle and all its accessories waiting to be used. You quickly set it up, keeping an eye out on the street for your targets.

The moon reached the centre of the sky, signalling midnight, and you looked into scope, scanning the streets for anybody roaming around this late at night. You removed your helmet, inhaling a deep breath of air through the balaclava.

Your eyes scanned the area and you saw a broad figure exit the building followed by six others. A smirk formed on your face as you cocked your gun. ‘Piece of cake,’ you thought to yourself before letting out a series of 14 shots into the clump of people.

There were several yelps of pain followed by multiple thuds to the floor, signalling your queue to get out of there.

As you discarded the rifle and the briefcase, you shoved your head back into your helmet, taking off to the left side of the roof. You jumped from the ledge onto the next building, continuing to parkour from rooftop to rooftop to where you parked your motorcycle.

As you reached the last building, you jumped down to the fire escape, barely gaining any time to catch your breath. With your feet firmly planted on the ground, you jumped on to the bike and immediately sped off, leaving behind you the scene of destruction.

As you drove away, you heard the familiar sound of metal on metal. Before you were able to react, your back wheel gave out, forcing you and your bike to slide out into the street.

You hissed as you stood up, turning around to face the person who had forced you to crash. You ripped off your helmet, letting it drop to the floor as you starred at the man across the road from you. You recognised him from the files you had been supplied; Jeon Jungkook, the key fighter in the BTS Gang. You watched him sneer at your, attempting to see past your mask, which made you smirk.

Without warning, you pulled your two guns out from either holster and took fire. Jungkook dodged them with immense expertise, taking cover and quickly firing his own gun at you. You knew that the cross fire would only last for so long, and your suspicions were confirmed when you heard his frustrated “Shit”. You pressed the trigger on both your guns and let out your own groan when you discovered you ran out of ammunition.

You threw both of your guns down, pulled out the knife strapped to your thigh and charged towards where Jungkook had taken cover. He ran out from his own place, sprinting towards you with his own knife extended.

As you met half way, you began to throw blows at each other, with you purposely aiming for his throat in order to fulfil your assignment.

As you lunged forward take another swipe at his throat, you had left your guard down just long enough for Jungkook to ram his own blade directly into your left side. You gasped at the sudden pain that surged through your body as the knife entered and removed itself from your skin. In retaliation, you swung your arm behind him and rammed your own knife in his lower back before pushing him away.

You felt your blood slowly trickle out from the deep gash, but you couldn’t care less. You just wanted to get back to your base. You immediately took off into a sprint down the empty street, hand pressing into your side to stop the bleeding.

With all of you attention focused on not bleeding out, you didn’t take notice of the other person who had appeared in the street. They took their own handgun out and fired at your leg.

You felt the bullet piece your skin and lodge itself in your thigh, forcing you to crash into the asphalt and bash your head into the floor.

The last thing you felt before you fell into unconsciousness was the blood slowly oozing out from your wound.

Jungkook groaned as he woke up, feeling the bandage sitting awkwardly against his lower back. He slowly sat up and starred at his other members - his brothers - who lay asleep in the other beds in their infirmary. The hitman had taken out 5 of the 7 of them - 5. Most couldn’t even get near 1 of them, let alone 5.

Jungkook got up slowly, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed before trudging around the infirmary to inspect the damage of his friends. Out of the 7 of them, the hitman had initially hit Jimin, Suga, Seokjin and Hoseok in their initial barrage of bullets. He had been the next and last casualty after your brief brawl. Their leader Namjoon and Taehyung and escaped unscathed.

He exited the infirmary and followed the sounds of the only two uninjured members talking. As he neared, the eldest of the two smiled and extended his arms just in case the youngest of the 7 lost his balance. “How’re you feeling Jungkook?”

“Better…” He answered, scratching the back of his head tiredly. “What happened?”

“I took out the hitman - hit woman, whatever - after she stabbed you.” Taehyung responded as he leant on the wall. “We’ve been trying to run a search through the police database and the city’s files to find anything on her.”

“And? Did you find anything?”

Namjoon shook his head. “Yes and no.” He answered. “We have no idea who’s hired her - she operates on unmarked and untraceable devices so we’ve got no way of figuring it out. What we did find on her is much more interesting.”

“Her name’s [Y/N] [Y/L/N]. She’s been missing since she was 16, presumed dead by her foster family. Only child, no known living relatives. Turns out she’s been working the gang underground ever since.” Taehyung elaborated, rattling off the facts as if he had them memorised.

“She’s been passed out for the last few hours, when she wakes up we’ll see what information we can get on her. But for now, get your room get some sleep, Jungkook, you’ll need it.” Namjoon finished, signalling the end of the conversation as he strode away to his office. Taehyung immediately took their leader’s place, escorting the youngest through the halls towards his room to rest.

As the passed another corridor, Jungkook found his gaze settling on a girl whom he could only assume was you. You were strapped to a chair in one of their three interrogation rooms. The balaclava mask you wore was nowhere in sight, letting him take in your delicate features. He felt his chest tighten - whether it was from his inability to breathe properly or your sheer beauty he wasn’t sure.

What he was sure of was that someone that pretty couldn’t ever be a hitman… And that no matter what, he would never have a chance with someone like you.

Pietro loves coffee. The only problem is that he’s been banned from drinking anything caffeinated by all the other members of the team. Cap put his foot down after Tony slipped him a Red Bull can or three as an experiment. Apparently the Sokovian had been creating literal tornadoes throughout the Avenger’s facility and all that could be heard was ghostly giggles as a gust of wind blew past. Pietro couldn’t quite remember the experience but he’d crashed out in Clint’s room about an hour later and slept for 16 hours straight. He was grumpy now though. It had been a week since the Red Bull incident and he was having some serious coffee cravings. Clint was sat in the kitchen with his morning coffee, reading the newspaper. Pietro’s eyes lit up as his smelt the bitter aroma. He darted over to the archer and sat on the stool next to him ready to unleash the puppy eyes that he knew the archer couldn’t resist.
‘No Pietro. You know Cap’s orders.’ Clint’s voiced drawled. He didn’t even look up from the paper. Pietro’s heart fluttered slightly as Clint said his name. It always made him grin like an idiot.
‘Come on Barton… It’s only a sip.’ He thickened his accent slightly and stroked down Clint’s arm; tracing the muscles under the t-shirt. ‘I promise I’ll be good.’ Finally Clint turned to looked at the Sokovian. It was a bad move on his part. Pietro’s bright blue iris’s were staring up at him through his thick eyelashes. His platinum blonde hair was still tousled from the night before and he was wearing one of Clint’s shirts; undone. Clint felt his breath catch and he gulped before pushing his coffee mug silently across the counter. Pietro winked and kissed his jaw before downing the coffee and running off in a blur towards the bedroom.   

Okay, so I have been asked several times about my favourite mattex fics, so I thought i’ll update the list and post it. The old lists have been deleted. These are only from AO3. there are ficlets in the mattex/mattexfic tags as well which you should check out.

My ‘best’ would generally be fics that I keep going back to, so, in no particular order, well, may be chronological:

1. Its Just You 

2. Acting Makes It Okay

3. It Feels Like War With All Your Glances

4. As Imagination Bodies Forth The Form Of Things Unknown

5. The Intolerant Brightness Of Your Charms

6. A Sense Of Direction

7. An Absolution From Their Stolen Hours

8. Til Death Do Us Part

9. But that don’t worry me none, in my eyes you’re everything

10. But That I Hate Thee Deadly

11.Coming Home

12. It’s not the long walk home that will change this heart 

13. Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now 

14. That Aura of Magic

15. Unhappily Married

16. You Can’t Have Everything

17. No One Here Can Say A Word of My Native Tongue (Except For You)

18. torturous electricity between both of us

19. I have been brought down to my knees

20. like the magic of wild melodies

21. you can be oh so mean

22. Eavesdropping

23. to face unafraid the plans that we’ve made

24. Get Ready To Play

25. to kiss the tender inward of thy hand

26. Charity Begins With You

27. but persephone remembers

28. Blessed

29. Sing to Me

30. Baby Matty’s First Interview

Note: don’t recommend specific authors or fics. There’s a reason why I rarely reblog fics. I prefer people go through fics/ficlets in the tags and AO3, and not just the ones that show up on their dash, and then pick out their favourite ones. Sometimes you find writers that don’t publish on AO3, or writers that don’t share on tumblr, or fics/ficlets that don’t show up on your dash, but are just as amazing.

Note 2: I’m very, very picky about what fics I consider my faves. I tend to read every fic that appears in the tag or is put up on AO3, but very rarely I wait on hands and knees for a fic to update. In the above list, while all the fics are my faves, numbers 19, 17, 16, 14 and 11 are my absolute, absolute faves, and in that precise order. These are the only fics whose updates I have waited/am waiting for

Note 3: I myself write. You can find my works here

30-day Tales of [Art] Challenge
Day 16: Favorite Scene - Sophie and Richard’s Secret Fort

This scene obliterated my heart in-game; I hadn’t been expecting it at all ///

Also, is tumblr completely broken for anyone else? OTL having to upload this now instead of yesterday and from a different device because I can’t seem to post anything from browser or mobile;;; I tried for over an hour last night before giving up and going to bed. It’s done this before, but it’s never been broken for me for this long–