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Flowers In Darkness - Chapter 3

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Pairings: Logicality, maybe implied Prinxiety in the future

Warnings: None

Chapter Three: Exploring the Underworld

Patton took Logan’s outstretched hand, his eyes wide as he took in the vastness of the lands that stretch before them. He’d known the Underworld was large, but he’d never envisioned this!

“Logan, oh my goodness! How do you manage all of this?!” Patton’s awed whisper made Logan’s lips curve into a small smile, a frisson of pride weaving its way through his heart.

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shallura analysis :: 2x03 “shiro’s escape”

Most of this is going to be under a read more because it is very long, likely even longer than my analysis of 1x10, and I am going to be a sobbing mess by the end of this, and likely you are too. You have been warned.

First things first, Shiro’s Escape allows us some answers to questions we’ve had since season one. How did Shiro escape captivity? How did he learn about Voltron? And the answer to both of these is Ulaz, of the Blade of Marmora. As much as it would be nice to believe that Ulaz freed Shiro from the goodness of his heart, it is very quickly made clear that it was a very calculated move, and that Ulaz sees Shiro as both a pawn and a messenger, in his individual game of chess. He slaps him awake, uses harsh language, and for a man who has been drugged and in a living hell the past year, this is hardly the treatment Shiro deserves.

Yet Ulaz also shows he understands how a pawn can become a king, and what the Champion as come to mean to people.

Ulaz: As a fighter, and a leader, you give hope.

Funny, how a very similar thing could be said of Allura - something which she embodies in this episode, as well.

While Shiro is reliving his memories of his escape, Keith remarks, “He just got blasted by a space witch and mauled by giant lizards. What dream could be worse than that?” which not only shows concern, but also ignorance. Only two people in the show canonically know details about Shiro’s captivity: Pidge, because of it connected to her family, and Allura, while they were infiltrating the galra ship. But as of right now, Allura knows better than anyone what Shiro has gone through, because despite her spending only a few days with the Galra at most, she was still their prisoner, sitting alone in her cell and thinking/hoping/dreading that the paladins of Voltron would be smart enough to leave her there, until Zarkon decided to execute her. Or perhaps Haggar would have used her natural strength to turn Allura into a weapon. Either way, it wouldn’t have been good.

Also, Earth - or perhaps more accurately, the Garrison - has Galra tech. I don’t know whether to be afraid or excited.

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Bear with me on this one:

“It wasn’t meaningless, we became bestfriends.”

I want to psychologically analyze Naruto and Sasuke and their love even at that young age.

First of all, we have to take into account what fighting means to them as ninjas.

Naruto has always yearned for Sasuke’s acknowledgement. There were many reasons as to why he took notice of Sasuke over anyone else.

- Sasuke was popular with the girls and seemingly perfect at everything. He excelled in both physical and mental abilities. Where Naruto was more of the dunce with a good, strong spirit.

- *More importantly, Sasuke was alone - like Naruto.

Right there we have a connection already. But as children how do they develop this feeling?

For Sasuke, he knows well what bonds and family are. Considering out of the two he was the one to actually have a family. I do believe somewhere inside, (which he admits to later in chapter 72 of the manga) he always noticed Naruto, even if at first it was out of annoyance of his wild nature. He does later say, and I paraphrase:

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off you”

“I always knew you were alone. We were two lonely kids starved for loved”

“I too felt your pain.”

This shows us that Sasuke was always aware of Naruto. But the dramatic toll of his PTSD kept his from feeling safe in forming that new bond.

Now, Naruto, never having a family or bonds as a child, left him the lesser of the two when it came to knowledge of emotion. He felt much more compelled to desperately hold onto that bond; for somewhat the same reason Sasuke was intensely trying to let it go.

And so naturally rivalry began to grow. A typical psychological response for children and even adults. Admiration can be twisted into jealousy, which becomes a competition, which becomes a bond.

To continue. Flashing to Chunin Exams-

“You’re one of the ones I want to fight the most.”

That meant a lot. Not just to Naruto himself, but in the ninja world they live in. By Sasuke telling this to Naruto, he has made clear that he sees Naruto as someone with potential, someone equal to him, someone worth fighting with.

To Naruto, who has always seen Sasuke as this annoyingly good at everything “teme” he was literally finally being acknowledged by the boy he had coveted as a rival since day one.

Moving on. I just want to briefly add that Sasuke and Naruto’s first fight at the Valley was the moment I personally saw romantic inclinations in Sasuke.

Naruto, like I said being desperate to hold onto that bond, having gone on missions and grown to care for Sasuke - refused to let that go. For that same fervent need to passionately keep himself tied to Sasuke - Sasuke’s conviction was just as strong to let it go.

And yet, Sasuke could not kill him. Defying all the rules and laws he had set up for himself. Breaking the promise to kill him who is closest to him. For both power and his philosophy.

The way he stares down at Naruto’s unconscious body. Is a testimony to his heartache at what path he his following.

He’s literally staring at the first boy he ever grew to care for after the terror of losing everything.

And he was letting it go. That was tough and only once he is walking away does he claim he is simply refusing to do things Itatchi’s way.

But his physical display of tenderness at watching Naruto before leaving begs us to dig deeper into Sasuke’s psychology. It’s not as simple as just following his own path. That’s an excuse to cover the truth that the power he will achieve at killing Naruto isn’t worth it.

::fast forward::

“I wanted to be smart like you. Cool like you.”

Naruto says in episode 215, if I’m not mistaken.

“The truth is I was jealous.” He continued.

Of course we don’t see til later that Sasuke felt not just similarly but nearly exactly the same as Naruto had all along.

Which is especially* why after that scene Sasuke is more intent than ever before to kill Naruto. It literally astounds me people can skip the psychological factors that come into play at that scene.

“I must kill Naruto.”

The conviction is terrifying and yes, fucked up. But perfectly plausible.

Naruto had just admitted to Sasuke - what a huge part of him he is. Confessing his admiration, his determination to stop him, even at the cost of his own life.

To Sasuke, what more frightening and infuriating than to have the very same boy you have been trying to sever bonds with, reveal that he has too been sharing the same connection and bond all along?

And is just as convicted enough to self sacrifice for it just like Sasuke was in the Land of Waves Arc.

So naturally, it becomes vital for Sasuke to kill Naruto himself. At least in his ideology.

He has already made his own truth. Which is sever all bonds and ultimate power is reached.

The loss of his profound bond with Itatchi and his clan and the suffering that ensued - instilled that self preservation method and it is only conducive- if he is alone.

Creating no opportunity for such pain to exist again.

So it d o e s make absolute sense that Sasuke sees it necessary to remove Naruto completely.

To somewhat begin a conclusion.

- Naruto letting himself get beat up, with no regard to himself and no resentment for the one throwing their fists.

= absolute resolution. He just learned Sasuke joined the very group which killed Gaara for awhile, killed Jiraya, and is after him. Does Naruto waver? Not in the slightest.

Is this healthy and romantic? No. But it’s also a life of a ninja. Sasuke is still his bond. A ninja is self sacrifice. So while in our world, that would be concerning and indeed it is - I do sense unconditional love. I think it’s bewildering not to.

At the valley in the Final Fight. There is just so much going on, I don’t know where to begin.

I’ll paraphrase to the best of my meager abilities.

In essence, Naruto and Sasuke’s will take their final stand.

As promised, Naruto is convicted to die with Sasuke. But at one point —-

“So you’ve finally decided to kill me?”

I love that Sasuke asks this, because it shows how much he’s been waiting for it. That moment. That final threshold he had to break to finally make Naruto concede. Much like Hashirama did with Madara.

But of course, the difference in Naruto is Naruto’s passion. Naruto is completely, irrationally, and madly devoted to Sasuke.

In the end, Sasuke always loses his cool.

“Why do you go so far for me?”

“Over and over and over and over again.”

“Just disappear already and take our** bond with you.”

If anyone knows what self loathing is like. You understand, almost heart-wrenchingly well what Sasuke is saying:

Sasuke has a very self destructive persona now, after killing his brother and learning the truth - on top of an already damaged psyche from witnessing the massacre of his clan. Sasuke doesn’t want love. He not only feels unworthy but it goes against the self proclaimed law.

The self proclaimed law being, sever all bonds, live on as Itatchi did - a life of self sacrifice, to live in darkness and solace, maintaining order by inheriting the role of all evil.

“Itatchi’s only mistake was he kept me alive.”

“I won’t make that mistake.”

= Yes I’ am set on killing you. Which also = you are the only thing standing between me and my crusade into that lonely, fucked up world I seemingly think I deserve = you are the most important person to me.

He even devoted the killing of Naruto an honor enough to dedicate to his brother. (Episode 478) Yes, fucked up. But remember - ninja world - separate from ours and Itatchi being the one he revered the most, this means everything.

Alas, in the end Sasuke asks a g a i n why Naruto goes so far…

“Everyone cut ties with me, but you never did,”

Sasuke is literally searching for an actual honest confession. He knows what a friend is. He just doesn’t see how friend covers the level of devotion Naruto has consistently displayed.

“When I see you carrying all that pain… It just …hurts”

Sasuke understands. Again, being the more aware of emotions and their respective categories in relationships, he probably knows it’s more than just a friendship.

I think the level of passion and devotion is more equivalent to that of “soul mates”

You can see it as platonic. (Which is hecka strange)

I see it as a wild, romantic, frenzied, illogical, passionate, overwhelming, all consuming love.


“Make a joke or something…and uh smile a lot, guys like that.” 

“I still don’t know why I’m asking you for advice, you haven’t been on a date in 18 years.” Kai chuckled beside me.

“Yes, but I have been on dates, plus I’m a guy, I know how they think.”

“Okay, okay…good point. I’ve gotta leave in like 2 minutes, thanks for the….advice. I’ll see you there?”

“Yeah, maybe.” 


I had been at the club for almost 2 hours and the guy next to me at the bar had been the most interesting one I had found. I smiled at him, the way Kai had taught me and soon felt the man’s hand rest on my thigh. It felt nice to be touched like this again but part of me felt wrong, felt like this wasn’t the hands that I really wanted to touch me.

I ignored the feeling the best that I could until I could feel someone’s eyes nearly burning holes into my back. I could sense his magic before I even turned around; Kai. His aura was angry, even furious and I was guessing some girl had made fun of his jacket or something. When I turned around, his eyes told a different story. He was staring at the blonde haired man beside me and it confused me. Why was he angry that his flirting tips were working? Maybe he knew the guy?

I decided it’d be best if I just asked him myself other wise he might actually end up burning holes in my back. “Hey, I gotta go, I’ll call you.” The guy nodded at me and turned back to get another drink from the bartender.I walked over to Kai, his look of hatred hadn’t come off his face and I was hoping to change that. 

“So what’s the problem Kai?”

“Problem? what? There’s no problem. I’m fine.” Kai would always look around when he was lying.

“Oh really? Then explain to me why it looks like you wanted to beat me and that guy over the head with a baseball bat?” He scoffed, still trying to keep up the uncaring act.

“First of all, I wouldn’t do that to you, second of all I wouldn’t use a bat. If you must know, I think that guy is a pretentious bastard and I didn’t like the way his grimy hands were all over you, it was revolting.”

“You’re the one who taught me how to get guys Kai, what the hell? So as soon as I do, you’re just gonna ruin it?” I could see a flicker of emotion streak past his eyes at my outburst. He looked…hurt?

“When I taught you that stuff, I didn’t think you were actually gonna use it.”

“Then what did you think.”

“I thought that you liked me.” my mouth flew open, and then shut again, because I didn’t have words. I didn’t have a response to him because somewhere deep inside me, I knew he was right. I did have feelings for Kai and I didn’t grasp the intensity of them until now. 

To make up for my lack of a response, I grabbed him, i ran my hands through his hair and i stood up on my toes to hesitantly place my mouth on his. 

I thought it might have been a mistake because I got no response. Maybe this wasn’t what he wanted at all but soon enough, his arms wrapped around mine and he was kissing me back with fervor and passion that I didn’t know he was capable of. It made me think back to earlier in the night when everything felt wrong with the other guys I talked to, this was where I was meant to be all along.