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what your moon sign says about you

the moon sign is so important.  it’s the first thing i want to mention to people learning about astrology, because although your chart is much like a jigsaw puzzle, your moon sign is one of the biggest pieces.  much like the sun sign, it makes up a vast amount of who you are.  your moon sign rules over your emotions, your impulses, and the deepest, most personal version of you.  your sun sign is who you are when you’re in your element, most comfortable, around the people you trust.  your moon sign is the inner workings of you every single day.  the decisions you make, the way you perceive your emotions, and your viewpoint on the world are all products of your moon sign.  so learn a bit about yourself!

☽ moon in aries ☾ : if your moon is in aries, you’re quite a character!  passionate, impulsive, and excitable, you are fast paced and see nothing as impossible!  you’re bound to have very strong emotions, be them good or bad, and you let them rule your every decision (though your decisions can hardly be called decisions; you just do what you want).  nothing is ever boring with a moon in aries around!
good qualities: passionate, spontaneous, ambitious, optimistic
bad qualities: impatient, moody, hot-headed, dramatic

☽ moon in taurus ☾ : if your moon is in taurus, your personality can be best described as warm.  you are affectionate, patient, and kind, and you’re a slave to routine.  you want every day to be predictable, because you’re most comfortable following a pattern!  your love for your family, close friends, and partner is gentle and unwavering, and you will stick by the people you care about through thick and thin.
good qualities: kind, loyal, frugal, fair
bad qualities: stubborn, materialistic, unforgiving

☽ moon in gemini ☾ : if your moon is in gemini you’re one of the most fast-paced moon signs.  sociable, funny, and friendly, you’re much like aries in your impulsiveness, but unlike the fire sign which is unwavering, you’re an ever-changing person.  you probably find yourself taking on traits of those around you, and constantly reinventing your style, because you can’t stand being the same person every day!
good qualities: interesting, funny, organized, intelligent
bad qualities: noncommittal, restless, rude

☽ moon in cancer ☾ : cancer moons are the most in-touch with their feelings of all the moon signs.  if your moon is in cancer, you always know what you’re feeling, and always know what the people around you are feeling as well.  you have great intuition, and that combined with your maternal nature makes you a wonderful friend, partner, and parent.
good qualities: caring, empathetic, loyal, nurturing bad qualities: pessimistic, insecure, finicky, self-absorbed

☽ moon in leo ☾ : if your moon is in leo, you’re incredibly generous. you express your emotions by giving all you can to others, especially those you love. you enjoy showering those around you in gifts, compliments, and affection, but you expect to be treated the same! you love to help others, and give some of the best advice. you feel your best when surrounded by people who care about you, and probably hate being alone. 
good qualities: organized, loving, generous, responsible 
bad qualities: dramatic, needy, bossy, materialistic 

 ☽ moon in virgo ☾ : if your moon is in virgo, you’re obsessed with detail and simplicity all at once.  you like to keep a routine that’s to a t, but prefer to walk through life without doing anything incredible.  you’re happy just blending in with the crowd, and doing small things to make a difference!  you show your love in tiny gestures, like packing someone’s lunch or doing their laundry, and prefer not to get too sappy about it.  you’d rather not make a big splash about anything!
good qualities: reliable, organized, selfless
bad qualities: insecure, withdrawn, apathetic

☽ moon in libra ☾ : if your moon is in libra, you want someone by your side at all times.  you feel most comfortable when you’re in a relationship and quite insecure when you’re alone.  you usually want everything to be perfect, almost unrealistically so, and you stress a lot about the little things.  you have great social skills and likely lots of friends, and love being surrounded by them.
good qualities: adaptable, charming, sympathetic
bad qualities: overindulgent, indecisive, dependent to a fault

☽ moon in scorpio ☾ : if your moon is in scorpio, you’re intense in everything you do. from your interests to your relationships to what you eat for dinner, everything is a big deal. you probably like horror, mythology or astrology, and take great interest in the strange and the unknown. you have a constant thirst for excitement, and if there is none, you’ll create it. your presence is unmistakable.
good qualities: passionate, charismatic, ambitious, complex
bad qualities: possessive, dramatic, hot-tempered, may be disloyal

☽ moon in sagittarius ☾ : if your moon is in sagittarius, you are a free spirit. a sagittarius moon loves adventure, excitement, and change in their life. if any sign is likely to be a modern-day nomad that lives in a camper and crosses country, it’s a sagittarius moon. a sag moon living a conventional life is the type to pick you up at three a.m. to take you to mcdonald’s. they can’t stand doing things the same way twice.
good qualities: fun, fast-paced, spontaneous, passionate
bad qualities: irresponsible, flighty, rude, unreliable

☽ moon in capricorn ☾ : if you have a capricorn moon, you are an old soul. you’re practical and constantly striving for success, and you’re so driven that you’re bound to get where you want to be. emotions are not your strong suit, and many capricorn moons may remain single throughout their life, simply because they’d rather worry about themselves. reserved but not selfish, a cap moon is not very social.
good qualities: ambitious, intelligent, logical, even-tempered
bad qualities: insecure, unaffectionate, anxious

☽ moon in aquarius ☾ : if your moon is in aquarius, you march to the beat of your own drum. an aqua moon feels set apart from others, and tends to act as an outsider looking in; they don’t believe anyone can truly understand them. they’re funny, independent, and kind, and their intuition and observance makes them some of the best therapists, case workers, and even lawyers.
good qualities: independent, intuitive, idealistic, funny
bad qualities: egotistical, moody, distant

☽ moon in pisces ☾ : if you’re a pisces moon, you have incredible compassion that’s unmatched by any other sign. you identify with everyone in some way, because you have a sense of empathy and don’t struggle to walk in another’s shoes. you’re dreamy, optimistic, and romantic, and sometimes you lose touch with reality. you may be referred to as a “sponge”, because you soak up the emotions you’re surrounded by, and it’s easy for you to lose yourself in others’ problems, forgetting to take time to care for yourself first.
good qualities: empathetic, selfless, thoughtful, idealistic
bad qualities: impracticle, dependent, sensitive, may be a doormat

MBTI Stereotypes VS the Types in Real Life

Stereotype ENTJ: Dominant. Efficient. Strategic and ideal leaders.

Real ENTJ: One of the few people able to actually physically frown, don’t understand how they’re “scary”

Stereotype INTJ: Evil masterminds. Smarter than you. Are the superior beings.

Real INTJ: Misplaces anything that isn’t physically attached to them, no longer able to recognize when they’re being sarcastic or serious

Stereotype ENTP: Quickest thinkers you’ll ever meet. Witty. Intellectual masters of debate.

Real ENTP: Used memes so much that they became one and are accepting of this fact, catchphrase is some version of “Well, actually–”

Stereotype INTP: In possession of more knowledge than the Internet. Reclusive geniuses. Know all, are humble.

Real INTP: Sexually attracted to science, volunteer plethora of useless facts every hour, zero spatial and social awareness

Stereotype ENFJ: Kind. Loving. Hearts of gold and wills of steel.

Real ENFJ: Will replace your mother and be okay with that, judge being judgemental of judging judgemental judgments

Stereotype INFJ: Mysterious and tricky to get to know. More unique than anyone you’ve ever met.

Real INFJ: One way or another, embarrass themselves every single day, somehow, consistently

Stereotype ENFP: Full of life and love. Passionate lover. Always fighting for a cause.

Real ENFP: Blink abnormally fast and probably should not drink coffee ever, have to make conscious effort to not smile, should take more things more seriously

Stereotype INFP: Gifted with emotional intelligence. Spiritual and believes in the soul, the natural course of the world, and love.

Real INFP: Really good at laughing at themselves which is necessary because they f*ck up constantly

Stereotype ESTJ: Intelligent. Dependable. Productive and competent. Forward-thinkers.

Real ESTJ: Remind teachers about homework distribution and collection every single day of the week, get off on educational videos

Stereotype ISTJ: Rule-followers. Responsible. Duty drives their perfection.

Real ISTJ: Sometimes sleep over 12 cumulative hours in a day

Stereotype ESTP: Daredevil. Live life on the edge. Famous and popular.

Real ESTP: 100% of decision-making is weighing the pros, ignoring the cons, and shrugging, then doing whatever stupid thing they got dared to do

Stereotype ISTP: Cool as hell. Detached and indifferent. Smart tinkerers.

Real ISTP: Won “Most Stubborn and Silent” for Senior Superlative page in high school yearbook

Stereotype ESFJ: Genuine and affectionate. Would take care of a sick stranger if needed. Make friends everywhere they go.

Real ESFJ: Value self-worth based on quality of and feedback for homemade baked goods, the holiday season is their life source

Stereotype ISFJ: Sweet. Innocent. Fragile and caring hearts who love their friends.

Real ISFJ: Hate conflict so much that they get second-hand anxiety from watching cliché emotional plot twist movies

Stereotype ESFP: Epitome of style and fashion. Impossibly cool. At every party and loved by everyone.

Real ESFP: Physically CANNOT stop making noises and fidgeting, all storage on their phones is taken up by hundreds of selfies in various poses

Stereotype ISFP: Exceptional artists. Emotionally deep. Humanitarians and always helping the planet.

Real ISFP: Just want to become trees, don’t get why people can’t just love one another, f*cking hippies

I’m hungover enough to out and say it without really giving a fuck: Eleanor’s not even pretty, she’s just a skinny girl with long hair.

Add to that she’s willingly involved herself in this shitshow for a second time, all of the horrible things she’s said about Harry during the first go round and about Louis after their ‘break up’ and the fact that Louis always looks fucking miserable and dead in the eyes around her, she can go CHOKE.

I’m actively vengeful enough to say that I hope all of her “social media influencer” agreements get cancelled, her pointless blog gets deleted and in order to support herself, she has to spend the rest of her life working as a change room attendant for the Primark on Oxford Street, having to be polite to hoardes of customers and hanging up other people’s discarded fast-fashion and 5 or 6 times a day having to deal with teenagers asking her if she’s that bitch who deliberately tried to use Louis Tomlinson’s closet to make money.

Fuck off plain Jane, no one wants you here.

Masters of Art History Asks
  • Botticelli: Do you look forward to the spring?
  • Da Vinci: Which area of the sciences do you enjoy the most?
  • Michelangelo: If you could own a classical statue in the form of any figure from myth, religion, or even modern fiction, who would you choose?
  • Raphael: Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
  • Titian: What is your favourite mythological story?
  • Veronese: If you put on a big feast, what would you serve?
  • Bosch: How do you have fun? (What is your favourite 'Earthly Delight'?)
  • Holbein: Do you often look for hidden messages and meanings?
  • Bruegel: What was your favourite game as a child?
  • Velázquez: Have you ever received an award or special position?
  • Goya: If a revolution was about to happen in your country, would you be part of it?
  • Gentileschi: Have you ever planned an act of revenge?
  • Caravaggio: What is the most dramatic thing you have ever done?
  • Rubens: Do you care about your weight?
  • Poussin: Is your life moving too slowly or too fast?
  • Rembrandt: Do you prefer to stay in the shade?
  • Tiepolo: If you could have any mural on your ceiling, what would it look like?
  • Boucher: Do you enjoy the countryside?
  • Delacroix: Are you a romantic?
  • Ingres: What is your favourite historic subject?
  • Gainsborough: Do you prefer landscape paintings?
  • Hogarth: Are you interested in social issues?

what i really like is how every single parental figure harry has had (besides his dead parents) has been shown to be incredibly flawed. this is something that you rarely see in any book, let alone a children’s series. 

you have hagrid who loves harry so so so much but also isnt the smartest of men and often gets too emotional to use the logic that he does have. he loves so passionately, that he refuses to see the bad in anyone (mainly because of the prejudice he has faced). this doesn’t bode well for harry because of the constant accidental slips of information and his undying loyalty to dumbledore and any other character he finds to be admirable. 

molly who loves harry as one of her own, but smothers him desperately. she is so protective of harry that at times she almost sees him as her property (“he’s not your son”, “he’s as good as!”). she coddles him immensely, and even though he has seen tragedy and death more times than she could ever imagine, she still treats him as if he is a wounded stray in need of her biscuits and warmth. 

dumbledore who acted as if he viewed harry as his equal, only to be raising him for slaughter. dumbledore who let harry live in an abusive home and go through these horrors, just to shape him into this perfect martyr. dumbledore who viewed harry as a chess piece, making sure that he stays alive long enough to vanquish the dark lord. 

sirius, who loved harry more than anything in the world. sirius who broke out of azkaban and stayed inside his old home that constantly reminded him of his past, the aspect of himself he never wanted to confront. sirius, who saw so much of james in harry. sirius who never got the revenge he craved, but now he has his best friend back…well, a version of his best friend. sirius who grew cold towards his godson whenever he didn’t act exactly like his father would have. 

remus, who saw and understood the nightmares that harry had to face. remus who didn’t see harry as his mother or father, but as a child who was forced to grow up far too fast to face things no human should ever have to face. remus, though he loved harry, could never truly be there for him. remus who was so riddled with his own self-hatred that he could never allow himself to get close to harry, the way he knew harry needed him to. 

arthur, who was a humble man who stood up for what was right. he too saw harry as one of his sons. arthur, who despite his social standing did his hardest to provide a good life for his family. arthur who too often worried that harry would end up dead, and that he would bring one of his other children down with him. arthur who loved harry, but secretly feared what having harry potter in his life would do to his own. 

Relationship & Courting antics Asks.
  1. ♥ Do they seek out love or let it find the? Are they even interested in romance?
  2. ♥  When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know?
  3. ♥ Tell us about a time they were rejected.
  4. ♥ Do they spend a lot of time in the courting stage or attempt to get to first base as fast as possible?
  5. ♥ Do they wait to be intimate until after marriage or break all the social rules?
  6. ♥ Do they have open or closed relationships?
  7. ♥ How do they feel about polygamy?
  8. ♥ Are they loyal to their partners?
  9. ♥ Are they patient with their partners?
  10. ♥ Do they include their partners in most aspects of their life?
  11. ♥ Do they make an effort to find someone with similar views, be they political or moral?
  12. ♥ Do they seek to find a partner purely to further the bloodline and name, is it for true love, or is it for pleasure alone?
  13. ♥ Do they sleep in the same bed/room as much as they can or do they sleep separately?
  14. ♥ Do they make it a point to eat at lease one meal a day together with their partner, or do they do as they please?
  15. ♥ Do they enjoy talking to their partners before going to sleep or is it straight to dreamland?
  16. ♥ Do they have at least one bonding activity they devote to doing with their partner exclusively?
  17. ♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?
  18. ♥ Do they have a ‘type’?
  19. ♥ What was their first impression about their partner/person they are courting?
  20. ♥ How did their relationship start?
  21. ♥ What was the most romantic time they had with their partner?
  22. ♥ Tell us about a sacrifice they made for their significant other.
  23. ♥ Do they apologize to their partner even if it wasn’t their fault?
  24. ♥ Will they lie for the sake of their significant other’s happiness?
  25. ♥ If they could choose their partner again, would they choose the same person?
  26. ♥ What do they love most about their significant other?
  27. ♥ Have they had dreams about their partner/the person they are courting?
  28. ♥ Do they understand their partners/person they are courting’s feelings without them having to say anything?
  29. ♥ How do they express their love to their partner?
  30. ♥ Would they leave the person they love if it meant saving their life/giving them a better chance at life?

nina: ‪8 years ago, this fool and I boarded a plane to Vancouver to shoot a pilot. We didn’t know eachother, b‬ut we BOTH only brought 1 carry on and then a snowboard bag as checked luggage. During the weeks we would shoot 15 hour days, and on Fridays we filmed through the night until we wrapped at 6am and went straight from set to Whistler mountain to hit the slopes and shred the terrain park. We became fast friends. And almost got fired. 

Luckily we survived to the bitter end with out any broken bones (surprisingly) and now 8 years later we have a show that we’re proud of and a friendship that will last a life time. And yes, that is a real camera. It’s been THAT long. The selfie has come a long way since then…. @zach_roerig #TVDForever

ok kids, sleep is v important and we hardly ever get enough of it these days so listen up and jot down some notes.

don’t study while you’re sleepy.

  • go get some shut-eye. a 30 minute nap at most, you’re gonna feel really refreshed, trust me. 
  • if you’re studying late at night. just stop. go sleep. set your alarm at 4am and do your work in the morning. it’s way better to feel energized while you’re studying than feel like a zombie.
  • worst case scenario, you’re desperate for time, go get some coffee, and down it right before you take a 20 minutes nap. once the 20-minute is up, the caffeine will officially enter your system and you’ll be good to go for at least 2 hours.

pay your sleep debt.

  • make up for lost time and hibernate in your bed once you get the chance, especially during the weekends. you’ll be so thankful is2g and you’ll be recharged and rebooted for the next week or so.
  • take every chance and nap whenever you have time on your hands. life is extremely fast-paced and you will be thankful you spent that 1 hour getting some zzz’s instead of scrolling through social media when you get a new assignmemt, trust me.

hit your hours every night

  • whatever you do to make up for the nights you burned the midnight oil, the best way is still to get your much-needed hours of sleep every night. just put down the phone and burrow into your blanket, you won’t be complaining about not getting the chance to stalk taylor swift when you try to hit snooze next morning. [yes i know what y’all are up to every night]
  • sprinkle a bit of lavender essential oil, set the room to the right temperature, wear your most comfortable pj’s, convince yourself that you’ll have the needed energy to face your history assignment when you wake up. stop the nerves and calm yourself so you won’t waste time counting sheep for hours trying to fall asleep.

work before the sun comes out

  • it’s so much better to just go to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning to do work. ditch your 12 - 7 sleep schedule for a new 9 - 4 one. working in the early morning is so much more beneficial and you should at least try it out once or twice to really experience how much better it is.

i know this isn’t really a lot but here’s my mini stash of tips anyway! i hope i’m able to help some of you out! y’all can drop ur requests here and see more of my tips here.

wan ling xx

Dear parents, you live in a decade where new things exist. Introverts, extroverts, ambiverts and so on exist. Where your kids are way more complex than you were at this age. Where the school system is way more fucked up than it was before. Where anxiety exists. Where other physical and mental illnesses exist. Where your kids are trying to act wise from a young age, and they do realize what they are into way more quickly. You can’t treat them the same way you would treat them 20 years ago.

But, you know what, one thing has not changed.

You still don’t have the right to blackmail them. You don’t have the right to check their phone, email, or other social media accounts. You can’t invade their personal space as much as you want you. You can’t forbid them to express themselves. Because we all know that if a kid wants to survive school, high school and life in general, they have to build a personality pretty fast. And by humiliating them or forcing them to do things they are not up to you completely ruin their progress.

And you know what else?

They will become what they want to. Despite the humiliation, despite the fact that you forced them to take a different class or high school, despite the fact that you made them feel unwanted. But a tattoo artist/lawyer/actor/or whatever else they become, they will have much more time to gain progress and recognition at 18 not at 25. So do yourself a favor and support them. Despite the fact that you’re not “comfortable with it”.

And if you still need someone to humiliate, there is a mirror.

zodiac signs + things I feel

aries: when you found out about this perfect fandom or start to play a new game and you just have to talk about it all the time and would probably put posters of it all around your room if you could, but then you discover one week later something new and you get obssesed again

taurus: when you taste the first bite of your favourite food on your tongue. singing anime openings when you’re home alone. when you get really easily embarrassed but your friends make you feel like you can dance like nobody is watching. enjoying life pleasures and feeling comfortable

gemini: when you talk abour your ideas and your mind goes faster than your mouth so you get all tangled up in your words, but your friends think it’s cute and give you space to express yourself

cancer: when you look at astrology posts and have to find your favourite person’s sign too because they are beautiful and you love them so you want to understand them better

leo: when you use different shampoo and someone compliments you on the smell of your hair. when people that don’t know you so well notice you’re sad by the look of your eyes and try to cheer you up. when people notice little things about you

virgo: when you can’t fall asleep because there are so many thoughts on your mind. plans for tommorow or sentences of beautiful words you want to put into your story but you have to go to sleep because you’re waking up early

libra: when you watch people passing around you on the street and see beauty in every single one of them. different bodies, outfits, expressions. you wonder what goes on their mind, what’s the story behind their life. how would they act if you were close to them? what are little things that make them happy?

scorpio: when you read explict love scenes in books/fan fictions and it hits you so much you have to moan along with characters

sagittarius: when you travel early in the morning in summer and can watch sunrise, light shining through trees or milky white sky in the winter, there are buildings passings fast behind your eyes and you feel like on top of the world, everything else left behind you

capricorn: when you recount the amount of your money all over again while in a row in a store, because you aren’t sure it’s enough and you have to make sure for the fifth time

aquarius: when you feel like this world is just an illusion. everything is temporary and it used to scary you, but now it frees you from all the stress around you. you don’t care about social constructs and try to find deeper values in life

pisces: when you can finally lie down on your bed after a long long day and your body feels so heavy but your covers are all soft and warm around you and you just want to cuddle with them or your fp

Be warned: ANY sign can be a fuckboi
  • LOOK FOR THESE red flags:
  • Aries: If he moves wayyyyyyyy too fast. He’ll be the type to send dick pics way too soon. He’ll be moving you guys to the bedroom before you feel like either of you know each other. Like as if he'd be happy having sex with ANYONE in that moment.
  • Taruas: He won’t put forth any effort. The king of “netflix and chill.”
  • Gemini: The king of snapchatting you photos of himself 24/7. You’ll be flattered by how much attention he gives you on social networks sites but then when you guys hang out in real life, his eyes are still glued to his phone, probably snapchatting some other girls. Sorry, hun. Delete his snapchat, kik, instagram, twitter, tumblr and Facebook account and find a better Gemini. They're out there, trust me.
  • Cancer: He'll act like y'all are dating, but don't be fooled. When you want to take the relationship to the next step or want him to be accountable for his actions, he might emotionally manipulate you by whining about how his mom never loved him or how life is so rough for him. He's the king of playing the victim role. Tell him to grow up and get outta there.
  • Leo: He talks about himself. Even when you're talking, he still somehow is talking about himself. He'll be uninterested when you talk about your hobbies. He'll basically be a narcissist. It's hard not to fall for him because he's handsome and so damn cultured and interesting, but believe me, he's not worth it if he doesn't try to get to know you. You shouldn't have to force him to get to know you.
  • Virgo: Tells you how you should look and behave And yet HE’S the hotmess. If you see his room is a mess or if he's not ambitious, RUN. The thing to notice here is that he'll act like you should be grateful for his "helpful" tips, but he'll get pissed if you tell him how he can get his shit together. He dosent want to get his shit together. He just wants to stay a nervous wreck. He probably has a drinking or drug problem.
  • Libra: He’ll be romantic at first and tell you all the right things. But if you see him a few weeks later talking to some girl and you get a feeling he’s flirting without disclosing he's in a relationship, HE IS. He’ll be fickle as fuck too. If he keeps rescheduling dates without a justifiable excuse, FUCKBOI ALERT.
  • Scorpio: He might pull the wounded-puppy card like a cancer man. He’ll try to seduce you but before you get under the sheets with this sneaky scorpion, ask him about his hobbies. Scorpios are artistic but a fuckboi-scorpio probably has poetry, drawings or music about his ex that he isn’t over and will somehow find it flattering to show it to you. Tell him his poetry is nice AND THEN GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE.
  • Sagittarius: His tinder says “looking for fun”. He’s aloof af. He may take you out with him to that one party or concert, but you have a feeling you’re not really WITH him. You’re just a piece of furniture that he’ll lean on every now and then. Oh and he probably won’t introduce you to his friends. You'll just be standing awkwardly.
  • Capricorn: If he tells you he doesn’t want kids until his late 40′s. You may think ‘well that's fine, I don't want to get married anytime soon- we can just date until then’ But what he’s really saying is he’ll just call you up as a booty call when he’s not too tired after work OR if none of his gaming friends are available. He may call you his girlfriend and act like a gentlemen. But if you two NEVER go on dates that don't involve getting groped at the movies or on his couch HE’S A FUCKBOI. Don't be hypnotized bc he has a car and a fancy job. His excuses for not seeing you might be something like,“I’m really stressed and busy with work… " but if he wanted to have you in his life, he would make the time.
  • Aquariaus: He’ll be like a sag- aloof and carefree. Very charming. And awkward. He's that guy who seems mysterious because he'll be distant sometimes. He'll be the opposite of a Leo and get to know you but he has no plans of actual commitment, he's just curious and find you interesting. Sadly, a fuckboi aqua has a short attention span. He probally won’t follow through with plans like the other air signs.
  • Pisces: He’ll whine about his previous broken relationships and read you his sad poetry like the cancer and pisces. Except HE won’t make the first move. He’ll probablly get drunk and hope you’ll be the one to make a move.
  • -
  • Not all guys are fuckbois. So I’m not saying every guy will be like this. These are just the red flags to look out for. BE WARNED AND GOD BLESS
  • Say it with me “I am better than a fuckboi”. Say it until you believe it.
When a Scot Ties the Knot - Tessa Dare

(Look at this little vixen just straight up ripping his clothes off.  I love this concept - and this cover.)

Ashley’s Fast & Dirty Review™, because I’m a grad student who works full time while also trying to have a personal life and I don’t have time for that in-depth nonsense.  Will probably contain spoilers. 

The Plot: Madeline has social anxiety and to avoid the hustle and bustle of being a single lady on the ton, she creates a fake boyfriend and keeps up the charade for FIVE YEARS, writing him letters and lying to her family.  She “kills” him and then four years later the man she thought was fake shows up in the flesh to collection his pound of flesh from her.  Just fuck me up, this plot is everything.

The Good:

  • FAKE BOYFRIEND!!!!!  Hot damn, I love this trope.
  • “I dinna care about the color of your frock, lass.  I’m only going to take it off you again.”  Page 56 and I am already losing my shit. Thanks, Dare, way to help me maintain my composure.
  • “I dinna have any feelings, mo chridhe.”  Oooooo, you are a goddamn liar Logan and I cannot wait for you to realize it!  Meanwhile Madeline feels to much and it is heartwarming.
  • He. Wears. Reading. Glasses. And. Reads. In. Bed.  (He even reads P&P!)  He is a highlander GOD and giant fucking NERD.
  • “You may say you dinna want to attract notice.  Well, I notice all of you…In fact, I’m starting to fancy myself a sort of naturalist.  One with verra particular interests.”  (Psst: and then he goes down her and it is beautiful.)
  • “Merciful heavens.  Given her choice of any three words to hear from Logan’s lips, Maddie probably would have chosen I love you.  But she had to admit, Lift your skirts had an undeniable appeal.”
  • As usual, I’m in love with the minor characters: Aunt Thea is a BAMF, Grant is so wonderful and needs protection (mine), and this whole merry bunch of highlanders and women who thumb their nose as society are brilliant and adorable. 
  • But also, lobsters: they get a happy ending, too!

The Bad:

  • If Ms. Dare could please, PLEASE stop making me sob at the end of her books, I would really appreciate it.

The Verdict: Shocking, I know, I that I adored this book.  I fell in love with Madeline from page one: shy, but ridiculously intelligent and talented and haunted by her lies and then Logan, the broken man denying himself love because god forbid he trust anyone besides his war buddies.  Slow burn like a mother, even more than normal in historical romance, but so, so worth it.  And so, so good.

Five Stars

To Teens Worldwide:

Here’s what I wish I could go back and tell my younger self:

1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR FACE. Don’t be lazy shit that falls asleep with your makeup on or skips the spf & moisturizer. Your mama was right getting on to you, cause in your late 20s now it starts to show. So clean it, tone it, moisturize it.
-also, don’t get tattooed at 18. Wait til you’re 25. Your life and style will change greatly over the years and there’s things I’d rather have done differently with my tattoos that I got at 18, now that I’m 27. Seriously. Just wait.

2. Wear your retainer. Even if it’s once a week. Fucking wear it. It’s been 14 years since I got my braces off and although it looks like my teeth haven’t moved- they have because I only wore it for a year & now can’t wait it without my teeth feeling like they’re gonna fall out. Your parents spent $$$ on your braces, keep it in 100% top shape.

3. Cut out the soda and binge eating at night. It’ll catch up to you before you know it and cutting it off now means no withdrawl headaches in the future when you try to & also makes you feel better without the sugar load weighing you down. Stop putting ‘new healthy life’ off till tomorrow. Do it now.

4. The people in your life who you think matter, you won’t know in 10 years. You all start living different lives and no matter what, it all changes. That boy who broke your heart? You can’t even remember what he looks like.

5. Even at 27, you’ll have nights where you cry. It’s okay. You start being able to deal with it better. Cry it out, change into comfy clothes, wash your face, shower, drink water. It’ll get better.

6. At 18 all you want is to feel popular and invited to everything. Fast forward 10 years and all I want is a boyfriend, a dog, a best friend, and to ignore texts inviting me anywhere. You’d rather be in the wilderness than partying in the city. Crazy I know.

7. Don’t let social media or your phone run your life. Out with friends? On vacation? Put your phone away and take it all in and create memories with the people you’re with and surroundings cause life changes so fast.

8. SAVE MONEY. SAVE SAVE SAVE. You don’t need that shopping haul of $200 from Forver 21 & Sephora that in 6 months you’ll forget you even have. Just have the basics & simplify your life and treat yourself every once in a while to a splurge.

9. Guys & friends will come and go. And things will get hard sometimes, but it will teach you about yourself more than anything else.

10. Good luck, and always be your wild- child, free-self. It’s one of the best things about you that will make you unique. Read your nerdy books. Listen to metal. Dress classy. Be girly. Don’t change.

hank-green-john-watson-emma  asked:

Are you just one person running this blog? That's amazing, how do you manage it?

I am 1 person.

I manage it because:

-I have basically no friends/social life, which gives me a lot of free time. I figure this is one of the most productive uses of my time; I might as well inform people/try to get people to positively change the world through politics/protest/activism/etc.

-I’m very good at researching things, and I’m a fast reader.

-I don’t have to look for the stories I post, as they automatically pop up on a twitter feed (autoscroll). 

-And in particular this school semester I have a really relaxed schedule (only 3 courses because due to circumstances I was only able to take 1 required course this term).

As a Haitian-American growing up in the suburbs was probably one of the worst experiences I’ve ever gone through ever lol. I’m empathetic as fuck for my parents and understanding the dynamics of their lives and limited opportunities and resources why they felt like integration and working overtime to fulfill the “American Dream” was needed. I recognize the privilege I’ve experienced on a class based level, having access to education and being able to do extra curricular activities, but my god. I am literally traumatized daily by the things I’ve endured. My last bit of trauma, that’s been literally tugging at me, has been attending a PWI and being heavily surrounded by white people in academic spaces, social settings, and intimacy with white/white passing individuals. Everyday, I get angrier at the things people have said, the things I’ve let people say in my presence without a fast enough reflect to defend myself or others. White liberal people in my personal experience (even growing up in the deep south) have been some of the most violent, white supremacist in my life.

Fly me to the Moon

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A/N: Usnavi is so turnt and Johan is seeing stars. (two more parts left!)
Summary: Frank Sinatra, Fire escapes, late night chitchats over fine wine makes for a Johsnavi aesthetic
WordCount: 3298
Taggies: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships

The hum of cars still passing through the darken streets filled the already unsettled air. There was always a sound, a passing car, a distant siren, a train rolling past, dog barking, one could go on and on listing off disturbances in the city. But from the comfortable post of a fire escape about three stories high there wasn’t a sound that touched the moment between the two men. All Johan could hear was the deep and steady breathing between gulps of wine coming from Usnavi. He watched as the Dominican man tipped the bottle into his mouth taking a third chug. He placed the bottle down between them and ran a hand down his mouth wiping his wine stained goatee. “Gotta love summer in the city.” The night was cooler, nice August night breeze felt good on Usnavi’s flushed cheeks. It made the drunk in him feel less drunk. The breeze anchored him down to a reality and kept his mind from spinning.

“It is quite nice…” Johan agreed, there was nothing in particular he cared for. Nothing he could pinpoint and say that was nice, but the moment felt nice. This felt…nice. He took the bottle and tilted his head back as well. After a long sip he sighed with gusto and pointed. “That a star?” He motioned to the white dot against the dark, opaque sky. It stood out so brilliantly like a certain someone’s laugh that suddenly filled the air. 

“Nah, man, that’s a plane.” Usnavi stared at the same dot and watched it move by. His eyes glanced over just barely catching Johan’s disappointed frown. The way his lower lip jutted out…”My abuela Claudia…” He began speaking in a tender voice, eyes closed for a moment. Grief still stung when he spoke her name out loud. “She use to complain how you couldn’t see the stars here…one night she swore she saw some…” It was near impossible to see stars in the city but Claudia saw the beauty in so many things everyone took for granted. Usnavi believed she saw her stars that night. 

“Did you see stars?” Johan’s frown curved up into a smile watching as Usnavi’s expressions changed so rapidly. Thanks to the wine no doubt. 

“I saw hella stars when she told me she won the lotto that night” He smirked, “And gave me ⅓ of it.” 

“Wow, really?” That was genuine surprise. Someone who won the lotto and got some money off it, why was Usnavi trapped at a corner store? “What happened to the money?”

“Well…” Usnavi ran a hand down the back of his neck. “Abuela passed away the next day…that afternoon actually… with her share of the money I did the good she would have wanted to do. Gave some to Benny to help him out while he looked for a job, to the Rosarios to help them while they got Nina back to school. Helped Daniella so she could co-sign Vanessa’s apartment, and Carla for the salon. Gave some to the Piragua man who passes by here and–”

“What’s…Pear-a-wah?” Johan tried to pronounce the words but they came out sounding like an alien language to Usnavi.

“Oh…Piragua (PEE-AR-GOO-WHA)” He repeated slower just for him, Johan absorbed the sound and mouthed it to himself. Usnavi turned away feeling the heat from the wine stain his cheeks…of course just the wine. “It’s shaved ice.”

“Oh that’s neat.” 

“Yeah…gave everyone some money to help them out…even commissioned Sonny’s dumb boyfriend to paint some pieces for me…Everyone that abuela ever cared about…I know she’d want to help them even just a little.” Usnavi felt a hollow ache in his chest. Nothing he didn’t know how to manage.

Johan looked back up at the bleak sky. The plane had long crossed the sky and left not a single shred of light. “Your ab..abuela sounds really nice. I would have loved to meet her.”

“She would have loved you.” He answered immediately, no doubt about it. “She was a great judge of character. She would have loved you more than I…” His mouth suddenly felt try, he wanted to reach for the wine but he had to finish his sentence somehow. “Than I could even imagine.” Nice save by De La Vega. 

His tall Californian friend didn’t seem to notice, much to Usnavi’s approval, and nodded. “So what about the other thirds of the money?” 

“I put Sonny’s away in a savings account, hopefully he won’t do nothin’ stupid…he probably won’t. Sonny is a lot of things but he’s a good kid with a good head on his shoulders.” Usnavi couldn’t take any credit for that. Sonny was always a sweet kid who’s only real drive was to help his hood and more importantly the people in it. “Mine…I paid off the store debts, I own it now…” It felt good to own the store officially. “The rest I still got…sitting around… “ Though Benny might have been wry of Johan getting all this information about money…Usnavi didn’t feel an ounce of stress. He didn’t think Johan cared about the money.

Another moment of silence feel on them. “Sounds like you have everything figured out…” Which was more than Johan ever had his whole life.

 “…well I spent my life making a list of goals and cross them off as they come along…sooner or later there won’t be anything left to cross out…I’m not looking forward for that.” Usnavi always thought he would be living his life according to his parents, work until he died. But after all that’s happened, all the changes he was afraid his list wasn’t long enough to keep him going. He was terrified of the unknown.  

Both men went reaching for the bottle, looking away unsure what to say. Both had been internalizing their worries because neither wanted to ruin this moment. Their hands met at the neck of the bottle and with much delay, they turned, eyes on their brushing fingers. Johan slowly turned his hand, palm up, as if offering his hand to Usnavi. However, the action of his hand moving made the skittish Hispanic pull back fast. 

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anonymous asked:

Have you seen all the articles about Darren suffocating her social life and isolating her away because he wants to keep her to himself and he doesn't like any of her friends? They're al like the blinds expect they name her and him. If there's so many rumours about it then elements must be true. And specially the fact that there's so many and at such a fast rate. But I'm sure we'll have Darren calling up GC saying it's all fake. Haha because that's what he wants

Oh Gossip Cop already denied the original story that Jen’s friends don’t like Darren. Someone’s PR team denies every single Darren story which to me is stupid. In public relations you don’t directly deny a negative story unless it’s really vile and destructive. If it’s just gossip or harmless, you ignore the story or run a counter story that negates the rumor indirectly (for example pap pics of the two looking happy). To deny a rumor validates it and spreads the rumor to a wider audience. 

So, either their PR is really an amateur operation, someone’s ego refuses to accept a negative story, or someone’s PR is looking to extend the reach of this gossip and issues denials so that more people can see the original story. 

Not sure what’s happening and right now only lower tier tabloids are running these stories, but the idea is out there that Darren is a controlling person and that Jen is trapped. And it’s a believable story as the Blind Gossip comment section can attest. 

angrygoateesalad  asked:

Ahh thank you soo much fir awnsering my last ask 😊 Could i request again(if it's not a bother) child au to S/O babysitting all of them at the same time? Like who is jelous of who? Who wants your attention the most? Sorry about my English it's not my first language. Thank chuu ♡

Admin Mawile: (*´ω`)o Chaos


-He doesn’t press for attention too much, and is mostly content to play with the other kids, especially the one who reminds him so much of Edgar… It’s kind of hard to keep him from terrorizing Reiji a little bit, though.


-While he tries very hard not to show it, he’s growing increasingly desperate for your attention. With so many people to split your time between, it feels like he’ll be forgotten all over again.


-Very quickly, he gets carried away trying to play with and boss around as many other kids as he can. He’ll get extremely upset if no one humors him, and cling to your legs in stress from being ignored.


-He gets somewhere between stressed and terrified from being surrounded by so many people, and will cry if he leaves your arms for an instant. You have to pay attention to him more than anyone.


-Socializing is easy for him, and he won’t demand your attention unless he needs something. He might be feeling a little bit lonely inside, but you’re not going to be told about that.


-All the people around leave him horribly distressed and probably trying to hide somewhere dark. If he doesn’t get left alone, he’ll cry, get angry, and hit another child just to keep them away from him. 


-He tends to try to take control of the other children and push them around in your place. Involving himself with so many morons is trying to his patience, and he’d much rather be left in peace to read. 


-While he’s more than excited to have so many people to play with, he quickly gets overwhelmed. He winds up miserably clinging to your leg, happy, sort of, but unable to process so much at once. 


-He absolutely thrives under the socialization, and gets completely caught up in having as much fun with everyone as he can. He’s going to crash eventually, but for now, he’s having the time of his life. 


-Having so many people to play with is fun, but it’s hard to keep up with everyone. The other kids all talk so fast; it’s difficult for his slow pace to handle the excitement around him. 


-Despite putting a massive effort into appearing calm and disdainful, he’s all but panicking from all the people, and trying very, very hard not to just give up and latch on to you for comfort. 


-The moment his brother looks away, he’s terrorizing as many people as possible and causing chaos. You honestly might have to separate him before he starts a fight or gets hurt. 

Open Commission

Hello Everyone ~

Thank you for Supporting me and follow my art until now. Without your help i cant improve my art , so yeah . If u wanted to help me ,  At this point i accepting any commissions for my Daily Life too (T^T) …. thanks for read this. (sorry 4 my bad grammar ugh)

Before do a commission please read this rules ~

Rules :
1. Fast Respond needed (and u have 2 chance to fix on your commission during works)

2. Full payment after sketch is approved. I will finish it once payment has been accepted

3. 24 hours no reply , this form will be dismiss

2. Payment in Paypal or BCA

5. Once this commission finished , the commission will upload on my artblogs (DA , IG , and Tumblr). and the original file will send to your email. if u didnt wanted me to upload, u can tell me and put credit if u upload in your own blog/site  (plz dont claim this commission as your work + dont reprint for bussiness purpose) 

6. Canvas Sizes will be follow the canvas for Windows, Iphone, Android,Twitter,FB, tumblr wallpaper/banner size (the size depend on ur choice, just pick one of that size) 

Commision Form :
Email and Social media for PM:
Commission type: (Chibi/Bust Up/Waist Up/Full Body)
Character: (Please provide visual references, not accepting written description sorry =3
Background: White BG/ Simple BG / Gradient BG / Detailed BG (scenery , etc) / Aethestic Mode
Size canvas : Pc wallpaper / Iphone /Android/Fb(banner)/Twitter(banner)  
Payment via: Paypal/IDR BCA
Additional Notes: (prefered pose, etc)

for fast respond via Twitter (@debyshirogane) , Tumblr (@Shirodebbyartblog) , IG (Shirodebby) and DA

(please feel free to ask me if u have any questions , thanksss )