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Top 5 team moms! (this one is probably hard)


1. Sugawara. The first, one, only, true, original Haikyuu mom™. Suga he’s the one who raised not only all his baby crows, but all of us too. He even had to witness the death of his own husband on court honestly I’m not surprised he’s so stressed out. But still, he’s the one that with his only presence on court could change the mood of the whole team and he’s always the loudest screamer from the sidelines. Plus he’s a savage and I love him with my entire heart. 

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2. Yaku. Speaking of savage people, the Nekoma’s libero probably takes the cake. He’s the living embodiment of the (ง •̀_•́)ง kaomoji, has zero to none patience and he’s ready to fight each one of his teammates as hard as his opponents if they don’t learn sit the f uck down. Especially Lev. Or Kuroo, even more. 

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3. Iwaizumi. Aw, Iwa-chan, the doting and loving mother we all dream about. The only mom who has to worry way more about the Team Dad than the rest of the children. To him it goes all our unconditional love and support. 

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4. Semi. Tough love at its finest, Semi is for sure not the kind of mum that will cuddle you to sleep. It’s all about respect and discipline, he wants his baby swans to be as strong as possible, to be unbreakable…but still his heart was the first to burst when they lost…even if he didn’t let it show. 

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5. Akaashi. I feel like Fukurodani has a diffused mom situation, but Akaashi for sure shares with Iwa-chan the distress™ of having a pretty troublesome team dad. But he loves Bokuto so much he perfectly knows when to scold him and when to just make the face™ and let him go on with the extraness. Even if it means temporarily bringing a baby crow in the owls nest. 

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- Bonus: SANTA MONIWA (he deserves an award just for being involved with Futakuchi all that time, no wonder he retired early tbh)

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Ask me my top 5 things!

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I have a request! :D if you dont mind could you do how MTMTE Rodimus , Rung and TFP Optmus would react if they accidentally walk in on their human 'naked'? (see i could not decide to do completely naked or just in their underwear but i thought i'd let you decide. Whatever you feel comfortable with :) ) I have been wondering about this tbh lol

I’m gonna go with s/o in their undies



  • Roddy doesn’t knock ever. He lets himself into your habsuite only for you to scream, startling him. 
  • Why are screaming?! Are you hurt?! You yell at him to get out but he refuses. Not until you tell him what’s wrong.
  • Once you explain he doesn’t get what the big deal is. Um, your intimate parts are still covered, why does it matter??? 
  • You rant about how inappropriate he’s being and he finds the whole think confusingly hilarious. The huffier you get the funnier Rodimus finds the situation. Your face is red and you’re stomping, about the throw a tantrum.
  •  Rodimus rolls his optics and says he’s sorry. He leaves, but not before he mentions how adorable your polka-dot undies are.


  • Unlike some people, Rung usually knocks. He was just exhausted and forgot this time. As soon as he hears your cries for privacy he’s wide awake.
  • He yanks the door back shut and apologizes frantically. He didn’t see anything!! (not much, anyway…)
  • His glasses are fogged up and his frame is about to overheat; he tries to keep his fans on low so you don’t hear.
  • When you open the door he apologizes again but you wave him off, saying you shouldn’t have freaked out. 
  • Later, you find out Rung has a thing about lingerie. Especially lace.

TFP Optimus Prime

  • It’s hard to find a somewhere in the base to change, so Optimus really wasn’t walking in on you per say. That doesn’t make him feel any less guilty.
  • You squeak, covering yourself with your arms, and Optimus whirls away. “My apologies,” he says stiffly. “I was unaware you were… undressing.” 
  • He leaves you to it, but doesn’t go far in case someone walks your way. Neither of you would like you to be caught in your -ahem- undergarments again. 
  • Afterwards, he makes sure there’s a place for you to have privacy while changing. Even if it’s just some curtains or a cleared-out closet.
  • When get comfortable enough, Optimus loves to see you in cute undies. It doesn’t even have to be lingerie. Patterned bras, colorful boxer shorts, panties with the words across the tush. He thinks you’re absolutely adorable in them.
BTS reaction: their s/o poking their face a lot

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

I think it depends on the situation and his mood tbh. If you’re cuddling, or just having a cozy night in and he’s in a good mood, he’d probably find it quite cute and let you poke his face as much as you want to. But if he’s tired, or just not in a very good mood, he’d probably get tired of it real quick. Like, one or two pokes, and then he’ll start trying to avoid your touch. He’d never verbally tell you to stop though, unless you keep trying to poke him even if it’s evident he doesn’t want you to.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

Nah, he doesn’t like it. I don’t feel like he wants anyone’s hands on his face really. Most of the time he’d let you do it just a few times, before telling you to stop. If he’s in a particularly good and affectionate mood, he’d probably let you poke him to your heart’s content. But that doesn’t happen a lot. And if you try to do it while he’s working, you won’t even get close to his face before he sends you a glare to stop you.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I’m not sure how he feels about people touching his face tbh. I know he likes when people play with his hair, but I’m not so sure about face-poking. So I think he’d let you do it most of the time simply because he knows that’s just how you are, and he doesn’t want to tell you to stop. But he’ll let you know when he’s really not feeling it.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

Tbh, he’d find it kinda cute. Like, he might not really like the feeling of another person touching his face, but he’ll find that habit in itself very cute, so he’ll not stop you, and kinda learn to enjoy it with time. But, sometimes he just won’t feel it, and those times it’s for the best to not have your hands anywhere near his face.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

Well, he’s a bit insecure about his cheeks, and doesn’t like them because they’re chubby (or at least he used to be. Idk if he still is). So I don’t think he’d really like it if you poked his cheeks. His cheeks are for kisses only. But he’d probably be fine with you poking any other part of his face, like his nose. Unless he’s tired or in a bad mood of course.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

He’s a very touchy person as well, so he’ll be completely fine with it, and probably find it really cute. As long as he can poke you back, there will be no problem. Just know that poking him might lead to a poke war, which in turn will become a tickle fight. But I don’t know wether he’d like it when he’s tired or not. On one hand, I can see him being a bit more irritable when he’s tired, but at the same time I can see him feeling almost comforted because he loves your touch. So poking his face when he’s tired is probably a gamble.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

Tbh, I think he’d be kinda iffy about it. Like, he’s not used to it and that’ll make him more uncomfortable. But, he won’t say shit about it, because he doesn’t want to risk making you sad by telling you no. And I think, like Namjoon, he’ll learn to like it. But if he’s not feeling it, he’s not feeling it and you’ll notice that.

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-power couple

-so much PDA

-his arm is always over your shoulders

-or hands on your waist

-or holding your hand, but thats more sweet and intimate

-he holds your hand under the desks though

-always sitting next to each other in class

-he needs people to know you’re his

-so many hickies

-and on game days, you wear his jersey

-he loves carrying you, bridal style or piggy back rides

-making each other laugh

-always being super close

-he just needs to have you pressed against him

-hugs where he buries his face in your neck

-he loves kissing your neck

-hands on your waist

-strong grips tbh

-rough passion

-helping him through tough situations

-he wants to be better, for you, so he’s nicer to people

-he can make anything sexual

-usually over-sexual too

-telling each other everything

-in private he would love to kiss your hands

-hugs from behind

-cooking together

-working out together (unless you dont work out, then you’re just there to cheer him on)

-you’re always there for him and he’s always there for you

-so much sarcasm

-you two are the sarcastic couple

-someone messes with you they mess with him and vice versa

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Imagine svt member's shocked,triggered,confused face when THE tsundere!woozi became sweet-mess!woozi only when celebrity!you is around... I can't stop!!!! Y0ull haveto suffer with me!!!!

They’ll surely be shocked but then, the shock expression on their face will immediately turn into this knowing expression, like they’re about to do something do something sneaky.

The boys now know that they have something to use against fanboy!Woozi and that something is you. Anything about you tbh. Just the mere mention of your name is enough to soften fanboy!Woozi up.

It’s almost magic how fast the boy can turn from total tsundere to total softie =3=

((i’m already knee deep into this situation, sweetie. get on my level))

- Admin Leen

Rajigaze Nov 18

(Unexpected Mail)

Kai: “Ring-name, ‘I’m running as a candidate for Aoi’s wife’-san.” (snorts) “Uruha-san, Kai-kun, hello. I look forward to the radio every week. My unexpected experience is that, my whole life I had single eyelids, and then when I was around 25 they became double. Before that they would temporarily double when I was tired and didn’t feel well, but at some point they just permanently became like that. I thought I would have single eyelids forever, so I was happy. Aoi had tweeted before that he always had double eyelids, but to be honest your eye makeup is always so dark that I can’t even tell.” 

(both laugh) 

Kai: “Do you guys have single or double eyelids? Please tell us!” (laughs)

Uruha: Um…I could be wrong here but…isn’t it not really a secret whether we have single or double eyelids? 

Kai: Yeah, it’s no secret, and like, what’s wrong with having single eyelids anyways!? (laughing) 

Uruha: Right?

Kai: Yeah!

Uruha: Well I mean u have single so 

Kai: (laughs) No no no, I’m double – no no listen, the reason I’m laughing is cause like, within the band having single eyelids is somehow seen as bad (laughs)

Uruha: Yeah, but that’s not just in the band, I think the whole world kinda thinks like that. 

Kai: Yeah, I think you’re right. 

Uruha: Like I got nothing to hide, I’ll say it – I got single eyelids. 

Kai: (still laughing) Yeah there’s nothing wrong with that! 

Uruha: I have single, Reita has single…

Kai: I think it’s cause like, double eyelids make ur eyes look clearer…?

Uruha: Clearer!? What are you talking about? 

(Kai bursts out laughing) 

(*The way he said it made it sound like you can physically see clearer with double eyelids) 

Kai: Ahh no no, I mean, your eyes look…bigger! 

Uruha: We can see fine you know! 

(Kai bursts out laughing again) 

Uruha: Well I mean tbh I’ve never had double eyelids before so…idk maybe u guys can see more…

Kai: Yeah…I think we might have a wider range of vision (laughs) 

Uruha: I can see enough tho…like if i look straight ahead, I can see the ground…

Kai: Yeah that’s normal….anyway we’re talking about the appearance. 

Uruha: Are you saying we look bad!? 

Kai: (dying) No no no!!! That’s not what I’m saying…

Uruha: Well anyway, one nice thing about having single eyelids is that it’s easy to do makeup. 

Kai: Yeah, they definitely look a lot better with makeup.

Uruha: Excuse me? 

(Kai bursts out laughing, I heard a clap)

Uruha: Can we just take a moment look at this guy laughing

Kai: Yeah, I bet it’s easier to do makeup (laughing) like a canvas….okay sorry sorry…….

Uruha: Well tbh people do tell me that….that [my eyes] look better with makeup….

Kai: (laughs) But I think that’s totally fine. Really, I don’t think single eyelids are bad (laughing) It’s just that for some reason within the band we always end up in some kind of conversation about single eyelids being bad…

Uruha: What’s so bad about them tho?

Kai: Hmm, I don’t know, but…like…Reita always says that. Something like, it looks super Asian… (laughs)

Uruha: Oh yeah, when we were walking around in Europe someone said “ni hao” to him.

Kai: (laughing) Yeah yeah yeah…but like who cares right? 

Uruha: Yeah, there’s no reason to get upset about it. 

Kai: Yeah, of course…but anyway, the question was just what kind of eyelids do the members have? 

Uruha: Wait actually, tbh in that same situation if someone had said “bonjour” I think I’d be kinda happy….

Kai: ….Nah not me. 

Uruha: (laughs) Oh…

Kai: Anyway, so to answer the question, Uruha-kun and Reita-kun have single eyelids. Okay? 

Uruha: Wait, who are they asking about –?

Kai: Everyone.

Uruha: But isn’t it obvious?

Kai: No it’s not!

Uruha: Really!? I mean, we do makeup, but if I look at pictures – like pictures from lives and stuff, I can totally picture my face without makeup.

Kai: Yeah that’s probably because it’s your own face (laughs) [The fans] haven’t seen your face without makeup so they wouldn’t know. 

Uruha: By the way, how do you pick your live photos? 

Kai: –Eh!? The live photos? We’re changing the subject now 

(both laugh) 

Kai: Live photos…hmm, I –

Uruha: Like, you try to pick the ones that don’t give away your makeup-less face?

Kai: No…

Uruha: Oh, no? 

Kai: Hmm, I don’t pick them based on the face so much as like, my figure – like, my form while I’m playing. 

Uruha: You don’t pay attention to your face? 

Kai: Well – I’m always making weird faces when I play the drums, so…I try to pick the ones where my face isn’t fucked. 

Uruha: I guess people with double eyelids don’t have to give much thought to the shape of their eyes. 

Kai: Well….yeah. 

Uruha: Ahhhh…I’m jealous.

(both laughing) 

Kai: No no you’re worrying about it too much! It’s probably Reita’s fault. 

Uruha: Yeah I guess so…

Kai: There are plenty of handsome guys with single eyelids. Hey, there’s one near me right now!! 

Uruha: ………stop

Kai: (laughing) No?

Uruha: But there are handsome actors and stuff with single eyelids. 

Kai: Yeah, there are tons. Single eyelids are normal. (laughs)

Uruha: They’re normal. When you say it like that that’s nice. For me and Reita. 

Kai: Of course – Reita won’t even admit that he has single eyelids tho. 

Uruha: But he does.

Kai: But he won’t admit it.

Uruha: Sure he does. 

Kai: No, he doesn’t!  He says stuff like, “Yo, look, my eyelids are kinda double!” I think he doesn’t like them. I don’t get what’s bad about them. You’re fine, you’re like, “What’s wrong with having single eyelids?” But Reita, he’s like, “Yo see? They’re not single!”  

Aww this is adorable! Sorry for the delay!

APH Denmark: Being the nice guy he is, he would welcome Sealand into his room with open arms. “Sure, buddy! Come sleep with Awesome Uncle Denmark!” Sealand would then crawl into bed with him, but would instantly regret going to Denmark for something like this. The second he got into bed, Denmark would already be out cold and snoring, and his limbs would be sprawled across the bed. Sealand would probably leave and go to another nordic’s room as soon as Denmark moved his arm and smacked him in the face in his sleep.

APH Finland: Finland would be the best option for Sealand to go to if he was scared at night. Mostly because he is really good with both kids and comforting people. He would wrap the both of them in a tight blanket burrito to make him feel safe and secure, and if Sealand was crying really hard he might even sing him a little lullaby or tell him a story. He would let Sealand stay with him for the whole night, even if Sealand was feeling better.

APH Sweden: Sealand is basically his child, and he would do what he felt a parent should do in this situation. But knowing Sweden, it would turn out to be incredibly awkward. He would literally just pull Sealand into his bed with him, and wrap his arm around him like he did to Finland when they left Denmark’s house together (with the intimidating face and all). He would then ask if he felt better, but I think Sealand would get even more freaked out than he originally was and attempt to run back out of the room. It’s okay, Sweden. You did your best.

APH Iceland: Tbh I get a little image still of Iceland having a thing against Sealand from the episode where Sealand wanted to boss him around. So I see him being highly reluctant to help him out at first. But I think if Sealand sobbed hard enough, his guilt would set in and he would say, “Alright, fine! Just shut up and come here.” He would then proceed to let the kid stay with him until he calmed down or the storm was over. But once he was alright, Iceland would probably boot him out of his room again.

APH Norway: Norway would be extremely pissy when he found the crying nation clinging to him. He does not do well when woken up, and is like a bear that was disturbed during hibernation. However, he would never get violent with Sealand, so he would literally just sit there and glare at the kid until he backed the fuck up and left the room. Needless to say, Norway is not the nordic to go to when you need something in the middle of the night.

- Chella


Hermione Fluff- Hermione Granger Imagine

Anonymous asked:
Hey there! Could I request hermione x female reader fluff please. I love your blog btw

A/N: holy schmoly I am humiliatingly slow at updating. sorrrrryyyyy! also sorry that this is cliché as heckie. also also I have decided that when someone requests just fluff, I’m only gonna do one fluffy situation so I can get through my requests more efficiently. sorry, but I’m out of fluffy ideas tbh.

It was a beautiful evening. You could see the pink sky through a gap in your curtains, it cast a dim light on your girlfriend’s pretty face and made her brown eyes shine golden.

Hermione had come over to your house to have a movie marathon while your parents were out. You two had been going since 10am, it was now 6:17pm. A goal had been set, which was to watch a film from each genre, so far you had watched drama, comedy, science-fiction and romance. That left three more genres. Fantasy, indie, and…horror.
Every time the need to pick a new movie came about, both you and Hermione would try to subtly skip over the horror movie, but now it was getting dark. The horror movie would have to be watched in the dark and empty house, with your girlfriend as your only protector.

A change in the backing music of the movie caught your attention. You glanced at the stack of DVDs apprehensively as the credits rolled. “How’d you rate that one ‘Mione?” you asked as you unwound your arm from around her waist. She thought for a moment. “I’d give it a six and a half out of ten.” “So it wasn’t that good then?” you prompted. “It was good enough, just really predictable.” You shrugged. “Fair point.”

You both stared at the stack of DVDs. “Should we-” you both said in unison. Hermione nodded at you. “Go on”
“Well…should we get the horror movie out of the way before it gets too dark?” you continued. “I suppose so” Hermione sighed, a little fearfully. Neither of you had ever been big fans of horror movies, but she liked them even less then you. She stood up and put the disc in the player. Hermione shuffled back over and flopped onto the couch, you took a steeling breath and pressed play.

Twenty-five minutes in, and there had been three murders. All of which had Hermione squealing and you cringing. Another ten minutes and there were murderous ghosts haunting and possessing everything in the old and rickety mansion. It was at this point that Hermione had given up all pretexts of watching the movie. She turned to face you, wrapped her arms around your waist, and buried her head in the crook of your neck.

“You doing alright, Hermione?” You felt her lips move against your neck but didn’t quite catch the answer. “Pardon?” you said, bringing your head closer to her’s. “There’s ghosts at Hogwarts Y/N. What if one of them goes like that?” she whispered, gesturing at the television but still refusing to look at it. “Well, Hermione. Surely if they were going to commit homicide they’d’ve done it by now. Plus, the professors would never allow someone like that into the castle.” you murmured reassuringly. She was silent for a while, probably weighing out the likelihood of the situation.

“Yeah, okay. I was just being silly.” Hermione breathed. “That wasn’t silly 'Mione. There’s no such thing as a silly question.” A cheeky grin slowly spread across your face. Hermione was always telling you that. You felt your girlfriend’s lips curve into a smile. She started to counter you, but it turned into a gasp when a woman let out a blood-curdling scream in the movie.

You threw your arms over her shoulders protectively and rubbed her back comfortingly “How would you feel about skipping the horror genre?” You said. Hermione bit her lip and gave it some thought. Another scream from the movie and another jump from Hermione had her decided. She nodded. “No one has to know we skipped it.” She giggled breathily. You nodded and kissed her cheek before getting up off the couch.

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There is no interracial marriage in my whole fam so maybe that's why but not even that they want a guy directly from BD and I don't have a choice meaning I can NEVER like someone in my fam liking someone = sin so yeah I can't and even if I do like someone and not talk with him so I just tell my parents about him they will NEVER ACCEPT that's why they warned me. TBH I don't even want to get married because of this pressure and what society thinks according to my parents

Dear Anon

I have read all your messages to me and I feel sad. May Allāh swt soften the heart of your parents and may He shower you with His mercy.

It’s so sad that many sisters have to go through the situation you are explaining above and it’s even sadder that parents look at ‘izzath’ (reputation) more than seeking their child’s happiness.

This is a trial that you are facing. And it’s a big trial. It’s a trial of patience, of having mercy upon your parents, of how you react to the situation, of your thoughts to do with marriage.

In other messages you have sent to me, it appears that you have acknowledged that your parents were bought up in a different lifestyle than you was, and I guess that’s the main issue for them- not being able to comprehend that you have been bought up in a completely different one where values and lifestyle are probably the opposite!

Your parents cannot force you to marry anyone you don’t want to. And don’t give in to emotional blackmail. I know it’s so easy for me to say this because I’m not living in your shoes but you need to try your hardest to make them understand. Speak to your mother perhaps? Or a trusted aunt? And by Allah, keep making du'a. Remember that Allah swt is the turner of hearts. He can make the impossible, possible. Wake up for Tahajjud every morning and make du'a. Cry in Sujood, tell Allah all your grief and worries.

Allah listens. Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear and Allah tests those whom He loves the most. Don’t lose faith please. Have Tawaqqul and be consistent in doing good.

I wish I could give you a hug right now and tell you everything will be okay 😔 and I’m sorry that this is behind a screen where my words are limited. You stay strong and if ever you feel at your weakest, turn to the Qur'aan. Offer salah and be count everything you are thankful of.

All praises to the Almighty.

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GOT7 Reaction to ending up under a mistletoe with their crush on Christmas (GOT7)? Thanks!!!

Jaebum: He’d be the one who noticed the mistletoe first thing, but it was part of his plan all along to get you both under there at the same time. When he sees the cute little smile you have, he couldn’t help but pull you in for a kiss. Coincidentally, you two would be caught under the same mistletoe later that night. 

Mark: He’d be a little shy and awkward about it, but just give you a cute smile and say, “Guess I got my Christmas present early this year” and give you a light peck on the lips before scurrying away with blushing cheeks. He didn’t realize you said the same exact thing after he kissed you.

Jinyoung: There’d be a long moment of shock, his mind trying to conduct an escape plan. It’s not that he doesn’t want to kiss you, but he’s scared of your reaction. When you noticed his tense shoulders, you decided to make the first move and give a quick kiss on the cheek. Seeing his expression, you couldn’t help but giggle and shake your head smiling.

Jackson: He wouldn’t even be phased by this. I’m pretty sure he’s the one who set it up in the first place, conveniently so that the two of you would run into it. “Great timing, Y/N”, he’d say and give you a wink. Rolling your eyes and leaning closer to him, you turned your head to the side so he could only kiss your cheek. “… I’ll get you for that, Y/N”

BamBam: This guy would have the mistletoe on him at all times, only making it visible when you’re close for fear of bumping into the other guys. (That’s a sight to see tbh). He’d probably lure you into a cheek kiss, only to turn his head at the last second for a lip kiss. “Your face is a little red, Y/N. Want me to make it go away? (¬‿¬)” 

Youngjae: His eyes would start darting around, trying to find an excuse to avoid this situation. It seems you didn’t grasp what was going on yet. You took notice of his blushing cheeks, raising the palm of your hand to his forehead out of instinct and increasing the proximity between your faces. “Oppa, are you ok?” At that point, he didn’t know what to do but close the distance and kiss you straight on the lips. Quickly retreating, he pointed to the mistletoe and prayed you understood. 

Yugyeom: He wouldn’t notice that the both of you were standing under a mistletoe until you murmured a quiet “Oh, a mistletoe.” Seeing his hyungs looking at him from the corner of their eyes, he’d grow nervous and blank out. That’s when you decided to make the move and give him a light kiss on the lips before the other members’ clapping snapped Yugyeom back to reality.

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Thanks for requesting Anonnie! This was a really cute request to do, so thank you~ I hope you like it and happy holidays!

-Admin Honey ˚◡˚

Living with Hoseok

So now it is time for our hope, our angel, the ball of sunshine that is s o fucking talented like honestly this kid can dance (ex t re m ely well) he can sing, he can rap, he can make people laugh just by being himself like I l o v e, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Okay but this is s u ch a cute thought oh my lord
  • I see hobi being somewhere in the middle of tae and jin when it comes to falling in love, he doesn’t take as long as Jin or Yoongi does but he’s not as fast about it as tae so he may need a couple extra weeks 
  • He is a people person he does love to be around people but I also see him as the type that’s a romantic at heart and just wants to be able to go home and cuddle his bby and spend the night watching movies or playing board games or just talking to each other
  • Like he’d be so down for going out somewhere too but he would so want to have a few nights a week where it’s just you two and the pup hanging out having fun and being cute
  • I think hobi would start thinking about moving in together around the seven month mark
  • You two had been talking about living together for a while, anytime you two slept over at the others place, it’d always come up bc it just felt right to fall asleep next to each other and have pillow talk and he loved seeing your clothes in his closet bc it made him feel like it could lead up to moving in together (which it did)
  • He just gets s o fucking happy being able to wake up next to you and being able to hang around with you all morning and if neither of you have anything happening that day, you can actually hang around all day and that makes him even happier bc then he can spend the day with you and his pup and maybe some friends if you two feel like it
  • The first place you two get is a lil house, it’s got three bedrooms and this lil backyard for the pup to run around in (that was v v important to both of you, you need pup to be happy too) and a garage that hobi later turns into a mini dance area like he sets up this huge mirror on the wall and gets the floor redone
  • Decorating with hobi would be an adventure tbh he does take it seriously but he also wants to make it fun bc looking at rugs is only entertaining for oh so long
  • He somehow finds anything weird or extreme and shows it to you like hey I found a giant teddy bear, it’s literally taller than I am and I would like to purchase it immediately
  • You both already agreed that hobi can turn the garage into a lil dance area but everything else is pretty mutual, you both decorate the living room together and pick out pots and pans for the kitchen together and decide what towels you want for the bathrooms
  • If you wanted to turn a second room into something for a hobby or work or anything of that sort, he’d s o be down for it like he’d honestly support it so much bc he’s a proud lil boyfriend and if you had something that you wanted to create a space for, he’d help you out in any way he could
  • I see hobi going for a simple theme but then having cute decorations to go with it like a simple frame but then an amazing painting or a simple bookshelf with a vase full of like lil rocks and shells I could also see there being a bit of an ocean/beach theme or maybe a floral theme like light colors and then pops of green with vases of flowers here and there
  • Move in day would be one of the most exciting days of his life he’d be bouncing around everywhere he wouldn’t care that there’s so much to do he’s just pumped to do it all bc this is it you’re gonna be living with him now and you two are gonna be starting that next chapter and he’s so ready for it
  • Living with hobi is so much fun and it’s never boring and it’s just so much love and happiness and excitement every day it’s beautiful
  • Cuddles are a must he gets whiny if he doesn’t get his good morning kiss and he also likes to hold your hand while you brush your teeth
  • But back to cuddling, cuddles are very versatile, he’s cool with being big spoon or even lil spoon, he’s cool with you like laying on his chest or him on yours but his favorite is when you two lay face to face and he holds onto your hands and your legs are all tangled together bc then he can look at you while you talk and he can give you kisses whenever he wants it’s just a win win situation for everyone tbh
  • Also expect a lot of playing around, he’s a v v playful dude and he loves just having fun and laughing and making you smile bc your smile is actually what made him fall in love
  • But there are also s o many sweet moments bc hobi is actually a huge sweetheart like there was this one time you mentioned that some ice cream sounded really good and you came home the next day and found the ice cream and a new book or movie waiting for you along with a lil teddy bear
  • I feel like hobi would actually be a pretty good cook if he tried like in Rookie King he was kinda just joking around a bit but I think if he wasn’t trying to goof around, he’d actually be able to make some yummy stuff and he wouldn’t mind handling the cooking but he’d lo v e if it was something you two did together like even if you just joined him and sat on the counter, he’d be a lot happier
  • He’d be cool with cleaning but similar to tae, he’d want to make it a game so he’d try to make it a thing where like every Sunday you two dance around and give the pup a bath or turn putting laundry into the washer into a game of basketball like who can actually get that shirt into the washer from a certain spot
  • Grocery shopping would be a bit of a mix, he’d have his serious side that gets the actual essentials but then the lil kid in him sees some fruit snacks in the Spongebob character shapes and he’s gotta have it but oh shiT they have the Scooby Doo ones too
  • “Hobi why do we have ten boxes of the exact same shit in our cart”
  • “They’re not the same thing at all, that one’s Dora, that one’s Spongebob, that one’s Minions there are so many different characters”
  • “Don’t they taste the same though”
  • “n O they don’t how dare you”
  • “Ight then”

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How would Aomine, Kagami, Akashi, Mayuzumi, Hara, Kiyoshi and Riko comfort their s.o. after their dog died because of old age? [I know I'm spamming your ask box again but I love your blog so much imsosorry .-.]

Carla what the hell are you doing I thought we liked dogs???

Kagami the bae and Aomine: they really wouldn’t know what to do or what to say, so they’d just hug you and silently offer their comfort. They’d wrack their brain trying to think of something to say, but a broken sob immediately crushes that thought; they don’t know what to say, and might end up making you even more upset with their half-thought words, so they stay silent and just hold you for as long as you want them to. When you’ve stopped crying, they both would wipe the rest of the tears away, and give you a kiss on the forehead.

Akashi: after making sure that whatever you wanted to be done to your dog’s body (bury, cremate) was properly done, he’d hold you tightly against his chest, brushing his fingers through your hair and murmuring soft, comforting words into your ear. Eventually, you’d calm down long enough for him to wipe the tears away and kiss your nose gently, saying that they were in a better place now.

Kiyoshi the bae and Riko the bae: these sweethearts would know just what to do. They’d hug you tightly and whisper soothing words while you cry, but when the tears have dried they’d look deep into your eyes and softly say that your dog’d had a good life, and that they must’ve died pretty happily. They’d encourage you to remember about all the good times you spent with your dog, and to remember that they were already very old and needed to rest.

Mayuzumi: he doesn’t really understands why you’re crying so much, but has enough tact to not comment on it. He doesn’t say anything other than a murmured “they’re resting now, _____.” However, he does hug you, wrapping his arms around your waist and letting you bury your face in his shirt, soaking it with your tears. He’s surprisingly patient and kind to you during this time, not commenting on his ruined shirt. He does wipe your face with a small ‘tsk’, though.

Hara: he’d be crying beside you tbh. Knowing him, he’d probably have liked your dog a lot as well, so when he heard them died he’d immediately start crying. He’d only be able to hold you as you both cry, and eventually you’d have to comfort him because he just won’t stop crying omg this nerd.

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Lol not trying to be mean but I don't think he is a metaphor songwriter I think the lyrics are straight and to the point

i think it means taylor was in his way 

can you imagine the difficult situation of loving someone but meaning that being with them wasn’t letting you go down the path you wanted to in life? 

how 2 faced you would feel continuing to pretend this was what you wanted? 

how hard it’d be to have to pick either a person you loved and a life you didnt want, or to break up with that person  and go on your way the way you want to live ? 

So i guess this negates the whole theory that he didnt want any part in the break up TBH it supports the he-broke up-with her 

BOOM thanks for the tea calvin 

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Hello I'm a 2jae shipper I'm so inlove with those two xD what do you think will be the situation if someday Youngjae will get a punishment if he looses and the members will have to kiss him ???? do you think JB will do it? kekekek lol ????btw your blog is so cute !!! I live for your captions :))))

!!!!! tbh youngjae would hate to do it, but still be pushed too, or jackson would volunteer as tribute. XD (lol i feel like one of those scenario or imagine blogs now)

mark: he’d be the first one to do it. he’d just full on grab youngjae’s face with both hands and give him a long kiss on the cheek (his back would be towards the photographers so it’d look like a lips kiss). youngjae would yell in youngrish after like “markuuuu wh Y? Why?” and make a grossed out face while mark would giggle and probs hop or run back to the others.

jinyoung: he’d probably do a back hug kiss but fail and end up kissing youngjae’s ear, neck, or jaw. they’d be embarrassed and silent with youngjae’s face probably looking like- :U until jinyoung would shove him/hit him so they’d both end up laughing.

yugyeom: he’s just a passionate and cute tol smol. he’d give youngjae a forehead, nose, or backhug cheek kiss, all the while- both would be giggling like mad. youngjae would probably push yugyeom to go back to the others because yugyeom seems like the type to want to kiss more the more you struggle.

bambam: this goob would probably be the only one youngjae would actually physically struggle to keep off himself because he probs knows bambam be looking for revenge from all those “nom” kisses he gave him before. bambam would open his mouth so wide and plant a huge kiss on youngjae’s cheek. youngjae would probably push laughing bambam off and if he wore a hat, he’d probably throw it on the floor by now.

jb: this can go in two directions based on how jb chooses to react tbh. either with goofy confidence or as an embarrassed adolescent school boy (since they’re both more private people and more affectionate behind the scenes). if he chose goofy, jb would just stride up to youngjae do the same thing as mark ( grab his face with both hands and kiss on the cheek with his back to the photographers) but run away straight afterwards. or he could be a shy schoolboy and make it awkward and embarrassing for both of them- he’d grab youngjae’s hand- swing it a little- and kiss the back of it, or he’d do a back hug kiss but do something awkward like kiss his neck and they’d both crumble to the ground in agony at the awkward embarrassment. either or- they’d be the ones with the most tension.

jackson: LOL SIKE- JACKSON WOULD CREATE MORE TENSION THAN JB BUT ALSO MAKE IT FUNNIER- BECAUSE HE’S CAPABLE OF DOING BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. I kept jackson for last because he’d save the awkward embarrassing atmosphere of 2jae and make everyone laugh. since youngjae’s tall- he’d dip youngjae back and make a scene as he’d kiss youngjae on the cheek or something. i feel like they’re the only ones capable of kissing fully on the lips by accident and they’d still remain the same afterwards. sure they’d both scream to let out the tension, but youngjae would overexaggerate with his reaction probably fake vomiting everywhere- jackson would laugh at first and soon get offended and want to kiss youngjae again saying it’s not a big deal. XD

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Hi!!! How would they react if they saw their girlfriend hugging another guy *the guy is her best friend but they do not know* sorry for the mistakes, my native language is Spanish I hope that you can understand 😊

You’re English is fine, love. I wish you could tutor me in Spanish tbh lol because I really suck at it xD

Jin would get pretty upset, but he wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Instead, he would calmly walk over to you two and ask about the situation. He would be relieved to find out that the guy was your best friend. 

Originally posted by hugtae

Yoongi strikes me as the type to be really protective and have a really bad temper, so I think he would get visibly mad. He would storm over to the two of you and get up in the guy’s face, asking why he was hugging you. It would take a lot fo explaining to get him to calm down. 

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Hoseok would feel really hurt at first but once it sunk in, he would get really mad. He would walk up to you and ask you why you were hugging someone other than him, but when you explained it, he would be fine. 

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I can see Namjoon getting really pissed off at you, mostly because he felt so hurt by what he thought you were doing. Once you calmed him down and told him that the guy was your best friend, he would be really relieved and he would just hug you for a really long time. 

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“Who’s this?” Jimin would question as he walked up to the two of you. “Jimin this is my best friend,” you would reply and Jimin would visibly calm down, happy that you weren’t doing anything behind his back. 

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Taehyung would internally freak out a bit, but he would try to remain calm as he walked over to the two of you and asked who the guy was. When you explained and introduced your best friend to him, he would be really relieved. 

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I think Jungkook would be more pissed off than he would appear to be. Once you explained the situation, he would still be pretty mad, but he would feel a little better about it all. 

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NCT U - Request Part 1

Pretty straightforward so I’ll get started now^^ 


I think Taeil would be the most guilty, not that any of the members wouldn’t feel guilty, it’s just Taeil’s personality would make it hard to reject you or anyone. You two would be very close until you accidentally muttered “I can’t believe I actually like you” and Taeil heard it, shocking the both of you. You would be madly blushing until you asked him if he heard what you said as he would answer honestly, yes. You would be asking him for an answer since you accidentally said it and he would probably struggle to get the words out until finally he said the truth. 

“I-I… I’m sorry. I don’t feel the same way…” he would softly say, looking at your face to see if you were okay. Of course, you would have a pained expression throughout the disaster of a situation but you would try to play it cool after that to ease the awkward tension. 


Honestly, I would understand if everyone liked Taeyong tbh, eyecandy kind of guy. But anyway, I think Taeyong would be the most harsh because he isn’t sure what to do in this situation but be the coolest after rejecting you. You would be writing down your confession on a sticky note, not even noticing his figure behind you as he read the whole thing. He would tap your back, scaring you, shocked when you see it was Taeyong. Of course, you would utter in a small voice your confession since you saw the face Taeyong made when he tapped you after reading your note that you were writing. He wouldn’t hesitate to say it, not because he didn’t care, but because he didn’t want to lie to you, he honestly cares about you in a different light. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I don’t like you back.” he would say clear and firm, making you almost break from his words, you would be standing there in complete embarrassment but soon after, he would give you a hug. 

“There’s so many people out there that are better than me Y/N… I wish I really did feel the same way because you’re a great best friend but I really don’t want it to change from that, find someone who can you treat you better than I would.” Taeyong would whisper, causing you to be in tears from his touching words and also the sadness in rejection. 


This guy would be the funny, handsome, smart, and talented kid, there’s alot of people who already like him. When Doyoung found out you liked him, you would probably be someone who did not find out. He would panic so much he made the worst decision possible, saying that he “likes” this other girl. He wants you to move on from him because he only sees you as a little sister, he doesn’t want to break your heart either while he also doesn’t feel the same. He would walk up to you slowly and you would be casually talking to him until he says something like, 

“Y/N-ah, I found someone I like. It’s _______.” and you would be shocked and even more sad, tears threatening to fall from your eyes, excusing yourself really quick, but congratulating them first. Of course, you’ll understand Doyoung’s decision of liking a girl but it never meant that you couldn’t feel something when he told you that. 

(this gif though rip)


So, Ten is mainly that nice guy, you developed feelings him over a long period of time of being friends with Ten. You wouldn’t notice how obvious you were with having a crush on Ten until he finally found out through a few writings you had that were attempts to confess to him. He would be the kindest to you when he tells you that he didn’t like you back, honest that he found out that you liked him. You would be trying to make awkward excuses until he finally told you that he didn’t like you back. Of course, there’s always tears to rejection over love so he would pat your back sadly and tell you that there’s a variety of better people than him and that he’ll stay with you to support you. 


I would say that you were drawing a portrait of Jaehyun (let’s pretend to be artists here lol) and you wrote your confession on it. When you see Jaehyun coming by, you were too late when you dropped your little paper with Jaehyun’s drawing and confession on it as he picked it up and read it, shocked. Guilty as any guy who’s best friend was a girl, he would definitely be honest with you to saying that he didn’t like you back but comfort you the best he could. I feel like he would act extra cute just for the sake of getting you to laugh and feel better because you knew he wasn’t the typical “cute guy” if you were to put it into words.


“I’m sorry….” Jaehyun would say, not wanting to say the whole rejection. 

“O-oh… It’s alright–” 

“I’M SO SORRY!” Jaehyun would probably yell, giving you a tight hug in pure sorrow, he would be saying so much words scrambled that no one could understand what he was saying but it would cause you to smile as you would pat him on the back, telling him it was okay instead. Tbh, he might even cry too lol


So, as a pretty young guy, (funny, because I’m younger) Mark would not be sure how to let you down when he finds out. When he does get to the point where you’re going to confess to him soon, he would have to say this before anything happens. He would probably staring down the whole time in awkwardness, not being able to handle this situation himself. You would be staring at him curiously as he was just standing there when he called you out for about five minutes until he took a deep breath in and said it. 

“Y/N-ah… I know you like me… But, is it bad that I want us to be like we are now…? F-friends..?” he would say, proud that he didn’t even stutter, soft in words. Shocked that he found out, you would be one to hide your devastation and pain. You would nod with a smile as you would ruffle his hair. 

“No, it’s okay. It’s nice being friends, you didn’t have to get all nervous about it, you can always say anything and I’d understand.” you would probably say, smiling. He would have his eyebrows furrowed as he would put both hands on your shoulders. 

“Stop hiding that your sad, Y/N. It’s okay to cry–” 

You would be sobbing and crying in front of him, shocking him as he would give a small smile to how comfortably your cried in front of him as he would give you a hug, patting your back as you let your tears flow sadly. 

“I’m sorry you like me, I’m such a bad person now, huh? How can you still even be my friend…” Mark would utter sadly, continuing to pat your back. 

“I’m still your friend because there’s still a side there that cares about you like a friend would, don’t say that.” you would mutter softly, continuing to cry as Mark would just keep comforting you. 

A/N: Hope you enjoyed^^