having a secret language is never a good sign

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Do you think the secret language of birthdays is a good book? Which astrology book would you recommend?

I have never heard of the secret language of birthdays.  However I will share a few books we use as reference that have good knowledge

Now the list.

“Astrology: a complete illustrated guide to the zodiac.” By Molly Hall has good basic information has well as knowledge pertaining to chart reading and formations.

Another one I enjoy at the moment is “Pluto: The evolutionary journey of the soul Volume 1.”  This by by Jeff Green.  Great book pertaining to Pluto in the signs and it’s aspects.

A third book I reference and comb over at this time is “The North and South Nodes: The guide posts of the spirit” by Cynthia Bohannon.  Gives a bit of in depth info on the nodes.

A fourth book I regularly reference is “The Twelve Houses An introduction to the houses in astrological Interpretation” by Howard Sasportas.  This one is a bit rare to find in print.  Good book for learning about the houses and what they represent.  It also includes signs through the houses.

A final book I recommend is “Divine Astrology” by Shiva Das and Mercy Ananda.  Interesting book.  Has a more spiritual and somewhat Esoteric view on astrology.  Pretty big, lots to read.

It's a Simple Sign

“Do we really need to do this?” Yang harshly whispered to Neo.

Neo kicked Yang sharply in the shin under the table. Yang had agreed to introduce her to Ruby, granted the circumstances where uncompromising. Yang and Neo had been together for nearly a year and Neo hasn’t met Yang’s friends let alone family. That was on purpose, Yang wasn’t sure what relationship she had with Neo. One day all she wanted to do was cuddle and do mushy couple stuff, the next she would be treated little better than a fuck buddy, and every time Yang asked what their relationship was she would skate around the question.

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