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Preference #4 The Morning After

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Luke: I woke up the sound of the garbage truck rolling past the house. Sunlight streamed through the curtains, directly into my eyes as I laid bare underneath the sheets. “Mmm,” I groaned, turning onto my opposite side, where a soundlessly sleeping Luke laid, his eyelids flutters as he dreamed and his chest, covered in light freckles, rose steadily. A smile crept across my lips as the feelings of last night came back into my head. “Luke,” I whispered, sliding closer to him, where I could feel his heartbeat against the hand that rested against his skin. “Wake up, baby.” My toes trailed up and down his calf as my lips found their way to the crook of his neck. “Y/N,” he moaned, shifting slightly so he laid more on his back. “It’s morning.” I greeted, propping myself up on an elbow. I brought the covers up to cover my chest. Luke opened one eye tiredly, with one arm flung across his forehead. “My back hurts.” he grumbled, smirking. I giggled. “I don’t even want to try to stand up.” Luke chuckled at that, sitting up and turning so his back was facing me, and his legs hung over the side of the bed. I took in the throbbing scratches that cut across his skin. “How does it look?” he asked, looking back at me. “Uh, painful.” Luke just smiled, turning back to face me. “That was absolutely incredible, Y/N. You’re so good.” he grumbled, his eyes only slits in his face due to the exhaustion that was more than necessary because of last night. “Could say the same to you, Hemmings.” I flirted, leaning in to attach our lips.

Calum: I was cold, goosebumps rising to the surface of my skin as I struggled to fall back asleep. The alarm clock next to the bed flashed 5:20 am., signaling my many hours of sleep I still had left. I sighed, sitting up against the headboard, accidentally making it bump the wall behind it. I chuckled, the sound reminding me of what happened only a few hours ago. I slipped out of the covers, tiptoeing across the cold floor to where my clothes were flung from the previous occasion. Pulling my underwear up my legs, and grabbing one of Calum’s t-shirts, I crawled back into bed, bringing the covers up my armpit, and turned to my side facing away from Calum. “Why’d you get dressed?” he murmured, sleep obvious in his voice. “I’m cold.” Calum’s tan arm came across my body, pulling me into a tight spoon. I could feel his bare legs against mine, his feet intertwining with mine. “You know how to heat up real fast?” he whispered, a cheeky grin plastered to his thick lips. I could feel the smile through his voice, as his lips began to kiss the back of my neck. “You’re really beautiful, you know, Y/N. I can’t believe I got so lucky." 

Michael: My alarm began to buzz as the clock struck ten o’ clock. The room was mostly dark, other than the weird shadows designed over the floor from the trees outside being shined on from the sun. I yawned, smacking the alarm button numerous times before it actually shut off. "Good morning, Mikey.” I whispered, kissing his colorful hair and swinging my legs off the mattress. As soon as my feet began to support me, they gave out, my knees wiggling my whole lower stomach and inner thighs tense with soreness. “Ugh,” I groaned, reaching out to the side table for support. “Y/N?” Michael muttered, bringing his head up from the pillow, his arms bent underneath it. “You okay?” I turned back to him, pulling on my bra strap. “You really went at it last night. I hurt.” Michael rolled over onto his back before sitting up straight. “You’re hurt? I hurt you?” he said, a hint of panic in his husky morning voice. I shook my head, getting back on the bed. “No, I just feel sore.” I laughed. Michael cracked a smile, looking at me with a admiration. “Sore meaning, it was good, right? Last night I mean. It felt good? I didn’t go too hard?” I shook my head again, kissing his forehead and bringing his face in my hands. “Of course it was good, Mikey. Why wouldn’t it be?” Michael shrugged. “I don’t know. I was just a little self-conscious for the first time.” I laugh. “It was incredible. You’re incredible. I love you.” I kissed him once more before getting up for the day.

Ashton: “Y/N, sweetheart. It’s almost noon.” a husky voice muttered in my ear. I groaned, pushing away his hand that softly massaged my side. “I’m too tired.” I said, not bothering to brush the hair out of my face. “Why, last night too much for you?” Ashton joked. I felt arms surround me, pulling me from the sheets. “Ashton!” I yelled, suddenly uncomfortable due to the chillness that was outside of the bed, and my naked body exposed in front to him. “You can’t sleep all day! Do you have any sore muscles?” he asked, giggling quietly as he carried me across the carpet and into the cold, tiled bathroom. “Yes, so bring me back to bed.” I whine. Ashton’s scruffy chin moves back and forth against my neck. “Warm water helps sore muscles. And since you’re already naked, why not take a quick shower with me?” He says, placing a line of kisses up my neck and to my lips. I wrap my arm around his neck, laughing, opening my eyes for the fist time that morning. “In other words, round two?” I suggest Ashton snickers. “Or that.”

can we just talk about robert sugden for two minutes please??? this man, this idiot of a man, has changed so so so much in such a short amount of time that I can’t actually believe it’s the same person. we all witnessed that christmas special and think we can ALL agree that the old robert sugden wouldn’t be seen dead anywhere near that place.

robert was a materialistic son of a bitch whose eyes saw money money money every goddamn day. he wore fancy suits and designer gear non stop, expensive watches and shoes, you name it.

seeing this man surrounded by a tightknit, proper family, one that probably reminds him of when he was really really young and had a family behind him actually makes me want to weep. he’s happy drinking homemade alcohol and wearing cringey Christmas jumpers with his BOYFRIEND, chilled out on the couch with a scruffy dog taking in all the laughter and craziness of the dingles, joining in on the festivities!

I have never been so impressed with character development in all my life. thank you so much emmerdale for showing us a person who is broken and damaged and was caught up in a life of manipulation and regrets and let us witness who this man had a chance to be. and no I don’t want him to change completely, he will always be robert sugden: a flirt, manipulative, protective of the people he loves. but with aaron we see a little more of the man he should be, who as a young teenager he probably always wanted to be