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TITLE OF STORY: What’s Yours is Mine
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics & cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Angst/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: Meet Thomas and William Hiddleston, inseparable identical twin brothers and heirs to the phenomenally successful Hiddleston Corporations. That is, until Thomas was cut off from his family for his drug usage in university, leaving William to run the company alone. But now, their family is in shambles; a sick mum and a wash-out dad has led the fortune to run dry and the company into deep debt. With no other options, William has only one person to turn to for help: the most successful drug lord in England: his own twin, Thomas.
WARNINGS: explicit language, violence, sexual content
AUTHOR NOTE: This is a collaboration between myself and cheers-mrhiddleston and we’ll be alternating writing the chapters, so make sure you’re following Madison if you aren’t already. Also check out more about the twins here

William leaned against Thomas’ Jaguar, sunglasses perched on his nose as he gazed out across the front yard of his childhood home. His lips twitched into a small, sad smile as he recalled the many times they would run around this very yard, not a single worry in their lives. Despite their demanding father, their childhood had been a good one. Their mother had made sure of that. Even as they left for university, they had been so carefree, free of their father’s restrictions at least for a little while.

But nothing ever lasted when it was that good.

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Let’s go over everything wrong with this Scott Stantis cartoon, shall we?

No one is making laws saying they have the right to not serve Christians. But guess what? They’re making those laws to keep gay people out of places of business. So yea, it takes a hero to come out as gay in such a public way. Because we live in a society where people still discriminate against gays, where they are treated as second class citizens, where they are told their lifestyle is wrong. That’s why he’s a hero. Because by being open about it, he’s giving hope and courage to others out there who otherwise might not have the strength it takes to come out as gay.

Tebow is a Christian. There are a lot of Christians in the NFL. There is, right now, only one openly gay person in the NBA. To be that person takes the strength and courage of a hero, and a hero he is to many people right now.

Your religion is a choice. Being gay is not. So yea, it takes a lot more to come out as gay than to come out as Christian. One gets a non response. One puts you in a fishbowl where the people viewing you may think you are an abomination. I don’t know what that’s like, but what I do know is I admire Jason Collins for his courage. If that makes him a hero to me or anyone else, there’s reason for it.

[Nothing against Tebow here or his desire to talk about his religion, even though his brand of religion is the type that thinks of gay people as sinners. It’s the cartoon I have a problem with.]

all that i want at the end of the day is to encourage people to think critically about why they might dislike one female artist but then like another male who employs very similar musical and lyrical styles. 

because thats the thing about learned, internalized misogyny. its insidious. it seems like nothing at all, it disguises itself as personal preference- and sure, sometimes it is. but sometimes when you sit back and really think critically about it and analyze why exactly you feel that way, you come to realize that what you thought was a personal preference was hugely influence by the misogyny that we learn at a young age.

its happened to me a lot. there have been so many times in my life where i have had to sit back and really think and analyze why i like or dislike something, and it sure as hell isn’t easy to realize that something you thought was your own choice and preference was actually a result of learned racism or misogyny. it is hard as hell to unlearn. 

but its a really fucking important thing to do, and you’re going to grow as a person because of it. 

this is making me happy today

and I’m having a hard time articulating it, but I’ll try. This is super gushy, I’m sorry.

Bryan Fuller has a hit (critical at least) show, with an amazing, acclaimed cast and a huge amount of buzz. A show that overcame a lot of skepticism, since it was based on a property that a lot of people thought was pretty much mined out, but that with his artistic vision and his smart choices he turned into something that is widely regarded as a brilliant piece of art. For the third season – not because had to, not because of network interference or cast departures or any reason other than he wanted to – he basically started over, with a completely new setting and new premise. And he put this newly reconfigured, unproven version of the show into the hands of Gillian Anderson. Not because he had to, but because he wanted to. And from everything I’ve heard so far, it sounds like she fucking runs with it. 

Bedelia wasn’t a major part of the show and her arc could easily have ended after last season. But instead, this showrunner that I respect so much and think is so good at what he does just thought, “What if for the first few weeks we just put her with the lead, and make the entire show about them?” How big of a fucking honor is that? How telling is that of Gillian’s talents and her abilities and her professionalism and everything else?

In addition to being super excited about Hannibal – the Gillian parts, certainly, but the entire season because it’s such a goddamn great show – I am SO FUCKING PROUD OF HER. I hope she is taking this as a HUGE, HUGE COMPLIMENT, because it is. I realize this has nothing to do with ME, but I basically want to burst I’m so proud. (And I will also spare a pat on the back for myself for having been a fan of her for so long.) 

Chris Carter said he hoped he could write material that was worthy of her. That remains to be seen, but I know he has the noblest of intentions, and I know whatever he comes up with she will do with love and good spirits and enthusiasm and loyalty (as will David), because that’s the kind of person she is, and I know that I’ll love it because it’s X-Files. But it’s so fucking gratifying to me to see other people, people who aren’t “stuck” with her, people who don’t necessarily need her star power but just want to work with her because of how amazing she is at what she does, paying her this kind of honor. For that 24-year-old kid who had never been in front of a camera and couldn’t remember her lines and spent the first two years worrying she was going to be fired, this is a pretty amazing place to be. Congratulations, girl. 

anonymous asked:

sorry if youve already answered this but as someone who pretty much has had nothing done to her, is it fine to have horribly disgusting kinks and fantasies? i hear my friend practically kinkshame ppl all the time bcuz of her sexual abuse and its hard to listen to her do it when my likes are full of all the shit she hates OTL wat should i do?

YES!!!! Incontrovertibly YES!!!

I’ll be a bit less articulate on this because I’ve been writing for a long time today but some quick stuff I’d put together in a more cohesive discourse:

  • Some people who have been abused don’t remember they have been abused (for example because they were really young or they are blocking it out), so if we start putting barriers to who is allowed to have fantasies and who is not not we are potentially going against even the people who fit our criteria 
  • People react to stuff in non-linear ways: if I was sexually abused, I could find the most effective way to cope with my sexual abuse is by fantasizing about physical or emotional abuse.
  • Even if people have not been victim of abuse themselves, they might have witnessed connected things that have left a deep impression in them and sexual fantasies might help them cope with these feelings (see also previous point).
  • An extension of the previous point is that in the current society it’s impossible for a woman to grow up shielded from the idea that she is a target for abuse. Sexual fantasies might help her cope with this anxiety even if she has never been an actual victim.

That said, here are some points I consider even more important:

  • It’s not anyone’s business to police me and what goes on in my brain and sexual organs
  • Research has shown that while the percentage of people with certain fantasies is a higher in survivors, all kinds of people have them
  • In order for me, a survivor, to be able to safely talk about my fantasies without revealing myself I need to be in a environment where not everyone who talks about these fantasies is a survivor
  • The idea that only survivors will have these fantasies is essentially like saying that these fantasies are abnormal and an byproduct of abuse, which makes it harder for survivors to accept and embrace them and love themselves despite them
  • Different people will have a different idea of the level of abuse you need to be subjected to before being allowed to have a certain sexual fantasy, so any kind of system based on “a certain type/amount of abuse happening” will never be safe for survivors themselves
  • You can’t stop people from fantasizing about stuff, and they can’t stop themselves. Telling some people they are not allowed to like X or Y doesn’t mean they will be able to stop liking X or Y (there’s research on this too! Some people just can’t stop having certain fantasies and not even science has found an effective way for these to stop, not even castration works reliably). So effectively all you have done is isolating these people, making them feel broken, making them feel guilty, making them hate themselves, making them try to stop what they can’t stop. Other than this sounding incredibly similar to abuse itself, this doesn’t allow people to understand what they fantasize about, to learn how to express it safely, to listen and empathize with victims, which is actually what has been proven to prevent people from transforming abusive fantasies in reality.
  • In short, sticking your head in the sand and screaming ONLY SURVIVORS OF X & Y HAVE SEXUAL FANTASIES ABOUT X & Y won’t make it suddenly true. Instead of screaming in the sand, if you are worried about possible consequences make sure that you understand why other people have fantasies about X & Y, how these people having fantasies about X & Y can potentially be dangerous and how you can prevent these dangerous things from happening. But this won’t happen as long as you make people who are not survivors scared of talking about liking X & Y.
  • Most important, if anyone were to tell me that I am not allowed to fantasize about anything, it wouldn’t be a 16yo on tumblr.com. When a psychology journal with peer reviewed articles tells me to stop, I’ll consider it.

Honestly my advice to you would be to find better friends. You don’t deserve that kind of tension. There are people out there that will love you for who you are, without you having to hide.