having a face

ironmei  asked:

Hello you amazing person, I hope you're having a great day ♥ I'm about to ask for some really pure garbage here... How about Tarkin and Krennic covering their heads with Krennic's cape because it's raining?

-somewhere on Scarif-

shoretrooper:  Hey isn’t that Director Kr-

Tarkin:  Tell anyone and I will end you.

Krennic:  …you would kill for me?

Tarkin:  oh god just get away from me

Krennic:  ….

Krennic:  no <3 

that was a cute prompt, thanks for sending, @ironmei !!  sorry this was super quick, hope it was the garbage you were looking for.

and everyone else just FYI–i still have a bunch more prompts to get through, i got more than i thought i would, but i’m going to do them all  <3