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A/N: Always remember to save your work folks, it took me three hours to write the first draft and it was perfect then my computer crashed and I lost everything. It’s four in the morning I can’t be dealing with this shit. Reminder: (Y/C/N)(Your/Characters/Name), (Y/N)(Your/Name), (Y/F/N)(Your/Full/Name)

This was so good then I had to rewrite it. Now it’s five in the morning. SO enjoy this crappy piece cause I’m Richard Speight trash and Hit me up if you want a second part.

Summary:  A fan brings up yours and Richard’s relationship at a convention, while dwelling on an old scene.

Word count: 2,071

Warnings: Single!Rich, Alive!Gabe, Mentions of domestic abuse(ex boyfriend). Richard Speight Jr x reader

You loved doing conventions. Spending time with the biggest, funniest, kindest idiots you’ve ever met for a good few weekends a year was usually the highlight beside doing the actual show. Your character had been the highest reoccurring face in the supernatural series and was considered a main character beside the Winchesters and Cas. During season 4-9 your character had a thing going with a special archangel known as Gabriel and that’s how you and Richard Speight Jr became best friends. 

One of the main reasons you loved cons so much was because of Rich, Rob and Matt, along with the rest of the cast, of course. But Rich and Rob are the closest friends you’ve nearly ever had. And the whole fandom knew this. 

They loved hearing about your experiences with the boys and the mischief and trouble the three of you have gotten into. They especially loved hearing about you and Rich. Since your relationship bloomed on screen, fans have been dying for something to happen off screen. In which you and Rich were happy to tease and joke about it, but you both thought nothing of it. Supposedly.

“And now welcome the beautiful, the talented, the undeniably irritating (Y/F/N)!” You hear Rich introduce you on stage, giving you your cue to enter through the curtains. 

You smile brightly as the audience screams and applauds, flashing lights off cameras and waving hands flooded the area below the stage. You stick your tongue out at Rich as you skip over to Rob, who was playing your intro song, you hug Rob as he sings and he returns the hug equally as tightly while Rich fakes a look of utter betrayal. 

When Louden Swain finish the small intro song, you head back to the middle of the stage where you pull up a chair. 

“Hey honey.” Rich lips upturn into his usual smirk which is visible even through his bushy facial hair. The audience screams at you both.

“Hey Dick.” You respond through your microphone with a shit-eating smile on your face. The audience all laugh. 

“I see you looked pretty comfortable over there with Robby.” Rich’s comment make the audience erupt again. 

“Oh, don’t worry Sugar, I was.” You chuckle quietly, Rich swaggers towards you and drapes his arm over your shoulders. You willingly lean into his side, subtly breathing in his warm scent which sends goosebumps over your skin. 

You always had an attraction towards Rich, when your character started developing feelings for Gabriel on set, you developed feelings for Richard off set. Yet you chose to hide it. You like to think it’s because you don’t want to ruin your friendship but in reality you were quite often scared of rejection. Even as a full grown woman, your mind wondered ‘What if he doesn’t feel the same and it’s awkward?’

“Why don’t we get started with questions?” Rich suggests, cocking his eyebrow.

“Sounds good to me.” You nod and look towards the audience to where they have a small teenage girl waiting with microphone in hand. 

“Hi (Y/N), just want to say that I am a huge fan and I love your character (Y/C/N) on the show.” The girl beams a toothy smile up at you, she must be about seventeen but the excitement on her face makes her seem younger. 

“Thank you!” You adored your fans, they were your everything (besides the cast). Without them you would have never met some of your life long friends. 

“My question is about (Y/C/N) and Gabriel. We know you and Richard have been best friends for a while now, and a lot of the fandom ship you two in and outside the show so I was just wondering was it hard to film the ending of those two?” The girl asks. You look over at Rich who had made it half way across the stage by now but was also looking over at you. Simultaneously you both grimace jokingly and say “Nah!”

The last scene between (Y/C/N) and Gabriel:

A while after Gabriels supposed death, (Y/C/N) had managed to get over the loss of Gabe. The two weren’t officially together but even Cas could see the two cared for each other and after the angel died, it ruined (Y/C/N) for months.
So when Gabe temporarily came back, things weren’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. 

(Y/C/N) was curled up in her bed inside the bunker, she had just come back from a hunt with the boys and was far from exhausted by this point. However, no matter how tired (Y/C/N) was, one flutter of wings was enough to wake her. 

Her eyes shot open as she reached for her angel blade and the light switch. 

“Gabriel?” (Y/C/N) gasped, her heart stopping at the sight of the dead angel. 

“Hey cupcake.” Gabriel smiled weakly at his favourite hunter, heck, his favourite human. 

(Y/C/N) paused, she didn’t know if she were dreaming; she has had many dreams just like this it. 

After a split second, she threw the angel blade across the room and it hit something solid. Gabriel wrapped his fingers around the blade and pulled it from his chest, being an archangel, he needed an archangel blade to do any actual harm. 

Realisation snapped through (Y/C/N) as she scrambled to her feet and edge closer to the angel, her eyes studied every aspect of the man she once longed to see and touch again.

“Where have you been?! I thought you died!” (Y/C/N) shoved Gabriel with both hands, “this is definitely real…” She whispered to herself. Gabriel could see the pain in her glassy eyes, even when he tried to avoid her gaze.

“I know, I’m sorry. But…” Gabriel was stopped when (Y/C/N) crashed hard against his chest, knocking the wind from them both. If you could even do that to an angel. He engulfed her in the hug and the familiar scent of each other both made one another hurt.

“You’re such an asshole.” (Y/C/N) whispers as tears fell past her delicate eye lashes. Gabriel’s heart squeezed since he knew he couldn’t stay. He didn’t even know why he came, he guessed he just wanted to see you in person one last time.

“(Y/C/N), I..I can’t stay long. I just wanted to see my favourite hunter one last time.” Gabe struggled to admit it aloud. (Y/C/N) pushed away from Gabriel in a blink of an eye, she stared at the man in disbelief. 


Gabe didn’t know or want to say anything. 

She scoffed and shook her head at the angel. The look of hatred that flashed in her eyes made him feel physically sick.

“I can’t believe you would come back here just to leave again! Don’t you realise how many nights I spent crying over your death! Don’t you realise because of you I almost drank myself into a coma!” Tears streamed passed her cheeks, uncontrollably.

“(Y/C/N), I’m so sorry…” Gabriel regretted visiting (Y/C/N), all he had done was hurt her further. He reached out to cup her cheek but she moved back as if his hand were as hot as a branding iron.

“Don’t…Don’t touch me.” She used all her power to turn her back on the angel. “I want you to leave Gabriel.” Her voice was as small as she felt; she wrapped her arms around herself and squeezed her eyes. 

“(Y/C/N)…” Gabriel stepped forward.

“Just leave!” and with that, she heard a flutter of the angels wings. Gabe was gone. Forever.


“I’m just kidding, it was actually pretty hard filming that scene, yes. It took a lot of my emotional energy filming that scene over and over. Near the end I started to really cry, and I believe that’s the take they used in the episode. I guess the thought of losing Dick, here, was a bit overwhelming.” You try to laugh it off as the audience ‘aw’s’. 

You catch Richard staring at you from across the stage, before he speaks up. Agreeing wth you.
“Yeah, well, when this weakling broke, I guess it did get harder to film.” Rich winks over at you, you simply roll your eyes in response but laugh anyway. 

“So did that effect your relationship at all?” The fan asks us both.
I chuckle at the question and shake my head. 

“Sorry to tell you this but Rich’s heart belongs to Robby. We’re just friends.” You tease everyone. The audience laughs as Rich blows a kiss over to Rob who tries to shoo it away.

The next questions throughout the panel ranged from relationships between actors and characters, your characters delevopment, J2M, R2M and much more. Jensen and Jared even joined you near the end. However your mind stayed stuck to the question of your relationship with Rich.

After the panel you retire to the green room before your photo op. You pour yourself some coffee just as Jared and Rob walk in.

So?” Rob smiles over at you as you both take a seat.

“So what?” You furrow your brow at the man. Almost amused at his happy look.

“More questions about you and Rich. You know ever since you left that asshole, these types of questions have been coming at you, left, right and centre.” Rob shifts seats so he is beside you.
“Careful Robert.” You warn the boy as he pokes on a sensitive subject. You recently broke up with your boyfriend, the boys made you as soon as you showed up on Rich’s door one night a couple months ago with one hell of a shiner.

“He just means why haven’t you made a move yet. You two have been chasing each other for years now and even the fans can see you like each other.” Jared adds in, you shoot him a glare for taking Rob’s side.

“It’s not like that. Rich is just a flirty guy.” You deny it, both the men look at each other with the same look.

“Look, perhaps if you just…” Rob is abruptly cut off when the door swings open to reveal Rich entering the room.

“If you just what?” Rich asks, you shake your head yet smile at his constant nosiness.

“Perhaps if I just went to head to my photo op now then I’d be on time. Thanks for reminding me, Robby.” You jump up, and head towards the door. 

As you pass Rich, he touches your forearm. Stopping you.

“Hey. You okay?” Rich asks, his whiskey coloured eyes swimming with concern.

“Fine, why?” You ask, almost too quickly.

“You just seem a little distant since the panel…” Rich starts but you swiftly cut him short by pulling your arm away and throwing on a smile.

“I’m fine, Rich. I promise.” You lie, before heading down an empty hallway.
You still have twenty minutes or so until your photo op so you decide to slow down and sit yourself against the empty hall’s wall. You lean back, closing your tired eyes - sitting there peacefully for a few moments.

“Heya gorgeous.” You hear Rich’s voice as he approaches you, you open your eyes to see he has two cups of coffee in his hands. 

As he plants himself beside you, you gratefully take it. Resting your head on his leather covered shoulder.

“Look, I know when something is wrong and if you don’t want to talk about it. Tough shit. We’ve been through enough shit to hide anything anymore.” Rich tries to be light about it but fails. You take a sip of your coffee and remain silent. “Fine. Be like that but next time…”

You interrupt Rich’s sentence as you act on an urge you’ve been desperate to act on since Gabe was killed off. 

You crash your lips against his, running your hand up the back of his neck and into his hair. 

His lips this time feel even more amazing than any of your on screen kisses with him. It’s a soft kiss, sweet. Unlike most of your on-screen action. Rich’s hand cups your cheek while the other grips his cup tightly. 

Richard is the one to pull away, the kiss lingering between you. 

“Wow.” He chuckles quietly. “Just friends, huh?”

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