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Title: The Proposal (one-shot)

Character(s): Negan and Sara (original female character)
Summary: So, this was a request that I received from @a-girl-interupted: “I had an idea of a character with negan where she eventually becomes his/a wife and somehow he realizes how important it would be to her to have an actual proposal and wedding. We dont want to Negan too soft and the details are up to you but I would cry to see this”
Word Count: 8,790
Warning: Smut!!!
Author’s Note: BIG THANK YOU TO @ofdragonsanddreams16 for the idea of this story’s proposal!!!! I had fun writing this! I also added a bit of backstory to the new wife hehe. Also, italics are flashbacks! I hope you enjoyed this story, @a-girl-interupted​!!! I surely did my best to accomplish what you wanted and I hope I did just that. Enjoy! :) 

(GIF Source: @justnegan)

Sara was a newcomer to the Sanctuary. After she was situated with her own room, a shower, and a fresh set of clothes, she finally felt safe. It had been a long time since she felt that way. She had been with a group prior to the Saviors helping her into this new community, but even then, she didn’t feel safe.

When she arrived at the Sanctuary, Sara noticed the gates surrounding the large building. She also took notice of the dead that were in the front yard.

Suddenly, she was taken out of her reverie when she heard a loud knock on the door. Simon had told her that the “boss” was going to be talking to her about options that she could choose from before she arrived to the Sanctuary.

Slowly opening the door, Sara widened her eyes. It was Negan. The same Negan that had made a lasting impression on her when he was in the hospital with his sick-wife Lucille.

As their eyes met, Sara noticed the look of familiarity that flashed in his brown orbs. His hair was slicked back with a slight stubble littering across his face. The red scarf along with the leather jacket did not go unnoticed, but she felt slightly uneasy at the sight of his barbed-wire bat.

“Sara?” Negan muttered.

Negan…” She responded.

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anonymous asked:

Since it's pretty much Valentine's, HC for what the RFA+Minor Trio do for MC (or each other ;) ) Valentine's Day?


  • This precious child
  • He’s been scrimping as much as he can to save up for it
  • Buys you a rose (a bouquet was too expensive)
  • And a small box of chocolates
  • You get him a LOLOL figurine
  • It’s holding a small sign saying
  • “I love you!”

Prussia Zen

  • Your knight in shining armor makes sure he has no rehearsals
  • If he does
  • He ditches it
  • Gets you a bouquet of roses
  • and treats you like a princess (well more than usual)
  • Takes you out to a fancy restaurant
  • Later that night you show him some lingerie you got especially for him
  • You make him unleash The Beast


  • This boi
  • He gets you all the things
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry
  • Chocolates (he tried making some but failed. )
  • Of course Elizabeth III gets presents too
  • Takes you out to his cherry farm
  • Surprises you with a picnic
  • You both have fun later that evening ;)


  • Is clueless about this holiday
  • Calls Zen for help
  • Acts like it’s any other day at first
  • You get a bit upset that he seems to have forgotten
  • Like even Saeran got her a small chocolate heart
  • and He’s not even your boyfriend
  • But
  • when the sun is setting
  • He takes you out driving
  • to the cabin you stayed at
  • This child has set up a small picnic under the stars for you
  • And inside he has all your favorite movies ready
  • He surprises you with a kitten
  • It has a ribbon around it’s neck
  • With a ring attached to it
  • Wait.
  • Is he
  • He proposes to you
  • “Will you let me take you to the space station?”


  • This bebe doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day is
  • You explain it to him
  • “A day where you give someone chocolate? Can’t that happen all the time?”
  • You say it’s not just that
  • He doesn’t seem very interested
  • Still
  • You get him some chocolates and a stuffed dog holding a heart
  • You’re surprised to come home
  • To find him (and the kitchen) a mess
  • He’s holding a plate with homemade chocolate on it.
  • Mumbles “Happy Valentines Day”
  • He is so red he’s a tomato


  • Not as clueless as Saeyoung and Saeran
  • But hasn’t ever really celebrated it
  • So he also has to call Zen
  • Makes you breakfast in bed
  • And is fine just relaxing at home with you
  • You get him some socks with leopard print on them
  • This dork loves them


  • Dis ray of sunshine
  • He hasn’t celebrated it since Rika left
  • But he’s a pro at it
  • Has been secretly taking pictures of you
  • And makes a collage of photos
  • Of you and your favorite things
  • You get him a new camera lens
  • He’s so happy it’s precious

(Yeah if you can tell I had fun with Saeyoung’s bit :3 He’s my space tomato Also no Jaehee bc I don’t know her too well)

oi-taigaaaaa  asked:

Takao, Hyuuga, Kasamatsu, & Himuro. S/O had a nightmare and can't go back to sleep, the only way she could sleep is ask them to sing her to sleep, I guess reaction to s/o asking. Enjoy~ have fun with it

SENPAI!! Of course you can get this! (hehe prepare for fluff!!!!)

Himuro: He’s a bit surprised you’d ask him, of course he’d never show it, but gives you a soft smile as a response. He holds you in one arm, playing with your hair, and watches you as he starts to sing a song he knows calmed him when he was younger.

Hyuga: His cheeks are red, and although he wants to reprimand you, because its like three am for crying out loud!, he complies anyway. He’s self-conscious about how he sounds, but when he sees you smile, and slowly fall back asleep in his arms, he finds every thought vanishing right before his eyes.

Kasamatsu: He lightly hits you on the head, cheeks burning at the question, more so because you’re whispering it with such a cute expression, it’s hard for him to breathe. He has to lay on his back, holding you against his chest before he can find it in him to sing. But when he hears you thank him quietly, before curling closer to him, he realizes it’s not a bad way to calm you.

Takao: He doesn’t hesitate to wrap you in his arms and start singing. He’s a bit loud in the beginning, way too eager to help you in your time of need, but he quiets down upon realizing how late it actually is, (that and he doesn’t wanna get ANOTHER complaint from the neighbours) but god.. He’s completely awestruck at your expression, when you smile at him for doing as you ask.  (He even takes a picture when you’re passed out!)


A new little plant buddy for your desk, Oddish! :D

Finally finished the design this morning. I like to make Oddish a bit more squished rather than round (I think its cuter hehe). He’s a simpler one to assemble! Best results if printed on cardstock. Also, I know blue always prints out dumb (I will never truly understand cmyk wah wah) so it might print out lighter/darker depending on your printer preferences. 

Have fun! Tag your finished crafts with @magicbunnyart so I can check them out! *3*

Without You (Steve Rogers Imagine - Short One Shot)

Hey guys! So this is my first attempt at a Steve Rogers imagine. I kind of found myself playing with an idea and wanted to try it out.

Just as an FYI, this is a bit all over the place. I was really impatient and wanted to try out a bunch of different things at the same time because I have no restraint. Lol.

I wanted to make it longer… but I kind of liked how it ended… hehe. I think later on I’m going to play with more Steve stuff!

I had fun writing it and I hope you’ll have fun reading it!

“Sweet heart, please come! I promise it’ll lift your spirits,” Peggy called from the bathroom to where you sat in the living room. You’d taken it upon yourself to fling your exhausted body onto the heavenly velvet sofa after a long day at the telecenter, and currently had no prospect of ever leaving it. It was exhausting staring at all those small metallic holes, the long rubber wires, the thousands of numbers and cities and states, oh! Whoever’d thought up the process was a real pill.


“What? Hey at least I didn’t say-“ he covered your mouth, pressing you against his chest.

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Ten x Rose - Ranch AU

(I was totally humming ‘Fields of Gold’ while doing the second one.)

[TRANS] 170513 Gahyeon Fancafe Update - Today’s feeling???????????

Hello~ A V App broadcast to celebrate 3 thousand fan cafe members! I did a solo broadcast! It was exciting being alone, so I didn’t know it was a thing..ㅠ You guys should also have fun.. hehehehet
Later if I get the chance, I will do a broadcast focused on communication!! Hehe
It was my first time being alone, and it was so long like that, so I was a bit worried and scared, but you commented a lot! You gave a lot of hearts. You all were there, so I could do a happy broadcast>~<
And! It’s not that I couldn’t do the game, so our manager unnie did very, very well!!Hehe, and.. when I practiced I clearly won each time, so why…why on earth!!!! ㅠㅠ😡 What should I do
Did I do the game well? I want our fans to let me know😘
All the games ended and we went to an arcade, so I did the claw machine and tried Pump It Up (dancing game)!! As always our song was very hard.. kekeke But I saw people doing Chase Me at the hardest level and I felt like Pump It Up has admiration for our song!! Kekeke. It’s been a while; when I stroll the streets of Hongdae at night, my mood is really, really good, keke. It was a really healing broadcast, hehe
And we couldn’t do a fan meeting today so I was very, very sad…ㅠㅠ It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to be able to communicate..ㅠㅠ So I really, really miss you. Is everyone healthy and not sick?? When you’re sick I will scold you!!!+.+ We’ll be able to see each other tomorrow, so even the fans we cannot see!! Think of me a lot ❤️ It’s late so hurry to sleep and meet me in a dream💕 I love you💕

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

skyott  asked:

My fave bit of your art will always be the comic with Dorian telling Sera, "You treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol, you treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol. Science." I laugh so hard I cry every time I see it. (Tbh I totally have it saved as a draft so I never loose it.)

Hehe, yes, I remember that one. It was fun to draw, even more so cuz I used to love New Girl show 😂 Link to the comic:
(awwww that’s so sweet thank you 💕)

anonymous asked:

I feel like someone has already asked you this but, I was wondering, how to u start the outlining for your fics? Like what do u take into conservation and what do u plan out before u actually start writing the story???

dw, it’s been a while since I talked about outlining! well, I usually go into a lot of detail. of course, this is not necessary, since I think outlining should be an unrestricted process where you don’t have to follow any rules, but for me it really works to organize the entire story before I start writing it (and it’s so much fun as well, because it’s like writing without caring about using any pretty words or worrying about your narration! it feels very freeing hehe)

I usually start out by writing a summary, usually ranging from 3 to 5 lines, and pointing out the basic things like genre(s), characters involved, etc. after I have my general bullet points of the story I tend to go a little bit deeper into it. sometimes (but not always) I write the background for each character and describe their personality / how they’re going to act in the story, and after I have them outlined, I start with the actual story by detailing how is the plot going to be structured.

I basically draft the story by separating it in scenes (the number of scenes depends on the length I want, and each one of them describes particular moments of the story. if you look at my stories, there are a lot of time jumps represented with “/”, usually that means cutting to another scene in my outline) which allows me to give the story some structure and a chronological order. sometimes I also write small scenes of dialogues if I have the inspiration at the moment, plus a lot of alternate endings until I’m finally happy with one ahah. 

all of this might sound like a pain for a lot of people but it’s honestly very entertaining for me, plus it can be a very fast process because, like I said before, you don’t have to worry about how you’re writing because it’s not what you’re going to post. I especially recommend it to people who have a tight schedule like me because it allows you to have the entire story practically done, and when you finally have the time to actually write it, you only have to embellish what you’ve drafted and add a few descriptions here and there. this allows you to write faster than usual as you already have all the ideas on paper. but once again, just do what works for you! I encourage people to try this method just for the sake of trying it, but I know plenty of writers who do better by improvising and that’s totally cool. I’m ten times slower when I improvise and my writing usually turns out messier haha. we’re all different :)

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Since you've given us all Starco baby feels today, would you be willing to draw an older Star and Marco with pregnant!Star? :)

This was actually kind of fun to draw even though it was a bit challenging.  I even had to get up and put on a jacket to figure out Marco’s pose for this one. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. It doesn’t physically have pregnant Star but has the idea. ^_^

I hope you like the really late night cravings picture!  (hehe, Marco has bed hair)

Thank you so much for your suggestion and support! 

To us

REQUEST: Could you please do an imagine where, Y/N is Dan’s younger sister, and is an amazing drawer/artist and has a sketchbook that she keeps to herself until Dan finds it and tells her she should show PJ (her crush) and she is embarrassed, but does anyway. Please make it all fluffy, you can add anything in it that will make it more fluffy. I love reading all your imagines btw, they’re so awesome! ilysm, hehe, bye! xo

You’re watching kickthepj’s new video, when you sense someone at your door. You turn and see your big brother, Dan, leaning against the door way and grinning. He’s been staying with you for a bit, for some youtube thing. You slam the laptop shut and blink at him innocently.

“Having fun?” He asks, walking in and sitting on your bed. You nod silently and spot Dan rummaging around under your bed.

“What are doing?”

“Looking for my cd’s. I know you have them.”

You bite your lip anxiously as he carries on searching, eventually his hand pulls out your black sketch book.

“What’s this?" He flips through it and you try to grab it off him.

"Dan, don’t!” But he lands on a page that you really didn’t want him to. It’s just a pencil sketch of a guy, but he knows who that guy is. He looks up at you, grinning yet again.


“Well done.” You roll your eyes. Dan studies the other drawing and smiles, sincerely at you.

“They’re really good. You should show Pj.”

“No way.” You laugh sarcastically.

“But, he’s an artist.” He pauses. “Like you.”

So some how you let Dan convince you to come to Chris’ that night for a get together thing. You spend the next few hour getting ready. You guys get the tube over there, clutching your sketch book in one hand and delicately patting your hair down, to make sure it looks ok. You know Dan’s clocked on your hair patting and nervous lip biting and bet he’s guessed why, but who cares. You arrive soon enough and Dan gives your free hand a quick squeeze, as reassurance. Chris opens the door and you walk into the brightly lit hallway, feeling over exposed. After Chris has made some crude comment on how good you look tonight and Dan punches him playfully on the arm, you walk into the front room where Pj is sat, on the edge of the couch. He leaps up as soon as you walk in.

“I’ll get some drinks.” He says.

“I’ll help.” You stutter and follow him into the kitchen. As he’s pouring different coloured liquid into individual glasses, you guys chat aimlessly.

“What’s that?” Pj asks, nodding at the book in your hand. You swallow tensely.

“Oh it’s my…sketch book. I don’t know why I brought it with me.” You laugh slightly. He green us light up in the dull kitchen when you say this.

“Can I look?” He asks softly and you reluctantly hand it over.

“They’re just quick sketches.” You say shyly as he flicks through them, commenting every so often on your sketches of your friends, Dan and so on. Then, unsurprisingly he comes across the few drawings of him at the back. He smile widens and he looks at you, the atmosphere suddenly intense.

“They’re brilliant.” He tells you. Shutting the book and handing it back to you. You can’t help but smile. He smiles back and hand’s you a drink. “Cheers.”

“To what?” You ask.

“To you, to us.” He says and you clink your glasses together. “We should work on something together sometime.”

“Really?” And he nods. Maybe because you’d just downed most of the drink in your glass or maybe it’s because Pj’s face is just a few inches away from yours, but you lean towards him and kiss him lightly on the lips. You go to pull away, but he cups your face and kisses you again, properly.

“I think I might be slightly in love with you.” He tells you and your heart beats so heavily, you wonder if he can hear it too.

“I love you, too.”

For anon, awesome request and thank you! I hope you like it :)

sncwbaz masterlist

Okay, so I finally decided to make a masterlist of all the snowbaz fics I’ve written. It took me forever to decide how to categorize my fics and I don’t know if this is a good way to do it, but we’re going to categorize them like this anyway. 

¡ None of these fics contain smut! I don’t really write sexy time snowbaz. So these fics are pretty much appropriate for all ages. There is some swearing in some of the fics but nothing worse than in Carry On itself ! 

One Shots

Fics that take place after Carry On (canon universe)

• Cuddles Giggles and Sneezes • first fic I ever wrote. very short. very fluffy.
• You Saved Me • a bit angsty but mostly fluff. baz and simon talk about the nightmares and numpties.
• Emergency Dance Party • in which simon and baz have an emergency dance party (what, wow, title is so misleading, i know)(sarcasm my friends)
• Delirious Late Night Talks • title says it all. such fluff very short.
• I think, I love you • fluffiest fluff of all the fluff. first i love you.
• What’s the point of living if you don’t take a few chances? • this was requested as quote. and so it’s inspired on that quote.
• Take Your Time, Love • that one time i wrote angst. not too angsty though. basically; fiona doesn’t go easy on simon.
• Valentine Letters • valentine’s day special. i really need to edit this one.
This was your idea? in which our beautiful gays make a mess of the kitchen.
Some things are more precious because they don’t last long • based on the quote. baz finishing his 8th year and simon’s at home. 
The Free Soulshort blurb in which baz basically just stares at simon. 
You’re Good At Lovedomestic fluff.
•  Bitten By A Gay Spiderbased on a cassandra clare quote. this ones fluffy i guess. 
You Need Me To Survive would you look at that; angsty fluff. 
• “Have you done this before?” based on a snowbaz part in fangirl. yes it’s their first time sex. no it’s not smut because this is so descriptive you wouldn’t even know they’re having sex. don’t worry my smol children. 
Meet the Children literally the title. very cute. 
Showers • my titles are so original wow wow. guess what, they take a shower. no smut. no no. just very fluffy. 
Letters from Lucy • i cried writing this. my poor smol dragon boy. 
• “I’m always watching you, I hope don’t make me stop” • based on a quote. the fic is not as stalker-ish as it sounds. i promise. 
I rather pick flowers instead of fighting • another one based on a quote. bit angsty. 
Questions from Lucy • in which they have a daughter called lucy who asks baz questions about being a vampire. very domestic. 
“Come over here and make me” •  someone that requested that sentence. it’s a fluffy and disturbing *wink wink*. (make of that whatever you want)
Lazily Lovingly • very fluffy drabble. kisses and cuddles.  
Not Yet • baz has suicidal thoughts. this is simon’s pov as he tries to make baz feel a little bit better. it’s angsty. 
Glasses • simon gets glasses. #hipsterglasses.
After The Storm • a ‘the morning after’ fic. simon watches baz sleep and it’s fluffy and cute. i got my inspiration by the title of the 1975 album: ‘i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’
Two Boys • i don’t even know what this is or what category it fits in. it’s short and people seem to like it. 
Too Hot, Hot Damn • simon can’t deal with the hot weather.
Easily Hurt • v angsty. you will feel feels. no character deaths, no worries.
Some Days • much emotion, very poetic.
Cheesy Words • cheesy lil blurb.
Please • short blurb where simon is an annoying and clingy bf.
Amazed By Love • cuddlypuff cuteypatooty snowbaz.
Now • simon is a sad lil bean and must be protected.
You Clumsy Shit • baz talking about (to?) simon. he loves simon and he cares about simon and he’ll be there for simon when simon needs him. these adorable shits get them away from me. 
Don’t Lie • really fluffy. short but domestic. 
Casually In Love • cute blurb, very gay. 
The One That I Love • baz loves simon so so much. 
Lost • baz is a siren and simon is a kid living near the beach with an abusive dad. i personally really like this one. 

Alternative Universes

“Last time someone looked at me like that, I got laid” • based on this quote. baz is a artist/singer, simon his manager. 
Last Night? in which hungover!baz doesn’t remember simon from last night.
Yes Had Been The Answer • two miserable people meeting at a wedding au also, some sort of kingdom au. 
 A Snowbaz Fairytale • title says it all. fairytale au.
•  I think it’s beautiful, the way he carries himself • library au. also baz wears eyeliner and such in this one. it’s great. 
Visiting the Stars star gazing / ari&dante au. this one doesn’t spoil anything for aaddtsotu. 
That was the most I could do in which their fathers are business partners that hate each other. simon and baz fall in love. surprise. 
Blue in which baz is obsessed with simon’s eyes. also baz is in a hospital which is why it is an au, because vampires in hospitals don’t work. it’s not sad btw. 
A Man Up Close • simon and baz are internet boyfriends that meet for the first time. they also go to a troye sivan concerts. but yeah, very fluffy. 
I’ll Be Good • college au based on the song ‘i’ll be good’ by jaymes young. 
Words and Phrases • baz is a writer and simon his supportive boyfriend / husband (it’s not really clarified. But they live together and are in a romantic relationship) 
“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” • this one is actually quite angsty but also very lovely. they’re college roommates.
Don’t Let Me Be Gone • when paths cross between a broken boy and a perfect boy. 
Like In The Movies • simon is a new employe at the cinema where baz always goes to watch movies with penny, the movie nerd he is. 
Choices • coffee shop au
Desperate • snowbaz making out at the abandon parking lot at their school
Beak A Leg! • simon has a role in a school play, baz is his lovely, supportive boyfriend. 
In Summer • two very gay 13y/o boys who spent a nice summer together. 
Wishes • angsty hospital au for simon’s birthday hehe.
Home At Last • normal au in which they’re boyfriends and simon is an artists(?) and it’s gay.
Young Love • tiny snowbaz. them as childhood friends, falling/being in love. it’s adorable, really. 
Never Gon Give U Up • this fic is @simonsnoe ‘s fault. this is a crack fic. i mean, have fun reading it i guess. 

Prequel fics; take place at Watford (some of these you can see as AUs)

Started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? • based on this quote. bit angsty. 
Sleepwalking • simon sleep-walks into baz’s bed. does baz survive it or not? guess you have to read it to find out. 
The Wrong Idea • based on the short fic in fangirl that’s called ‘the wrong idea’
Wonderfully Tragical • them being in love, but they shouldn’t be in love. omg no one can know.
• “You lied to me” • simon finds a notebook that belongs to baz with some personal stuff in it. 
A Beautiful Mess • happy boyfriends at watford. inspired on the quote ‘you heard me. take. it. off.’
Bow Tie • this isn’t really a prequel. this is a scene that’s basically cut out of carry on. it’s before christmas dinner, simon is handed his grey suit.
Fell Asleep • fifth year glory
Bucketlist • simon finds baz’s bucket list. it has simon’s name on top of it.
Nothing’s Changed • alternative story of these two idiot wizards at watford.
Helpless, Not Hopeless • “wait what, we’re not in love, we hate™ each other” … *sweats nervously* at watford.
Safe and Sound • the two of them running away from watford so they can be happy boyfriends. 
Your Opinion • simon obsession over baz as he watches him play football mainly. 

Chaptered Fics

MilkshakesLunch Breaks Snowflakes • {finished}
A fic that started out as something based on a scene form the Perks of Being a Wallflower movie (read title chapter 1 and you know what scene) It evolved from there. It’s cute and a bit angsty sometimes :D (not really that angsty thought)

ExpectationsAspirations • {finished}
Ball / fancy party / fancy society AU. Chapter one based on the request for “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” and chapter two based on the request for “wanna dance?” 

Dragon Boy {unfinished}
Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart Five
How To Train Your Dragon AU. Simon is a great Dragon Slayer, son of the great David Snow. Baz isn’t much of a killer. He just doesn’t fit the part for it, though both Baz and Simon are determent to be the first to kill a Night Fury. 

Quarrel- Being a Blake sibling Imagine

SO I DID SOMETHING A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT. Hope you enjoy. Anyway, guess who uploaded on time today? Wow! Hehe, how was your day? I started a monologue in drama today, so that was fun (surprise surprise, I picked one from Hamilton) Have a good day/night! Xxxx

Being a Blake sibling One-shot

Word Count: 457

“What happened?” Bellamy asked as he walked into the medical wing. Letting out a groan, I declined Abby’s attempt to wipe the blood off my face. When his eyes landed on me, the Blake sibling’s expression started as one of worry, before changing to a look of slight anger.

“Please don’t tell me you went off into the forest specifically after I told you not to.” He looked at me in annoyance. I stared at him, folding my arms as I slid off the bench with ease.

“I didn’t go off into the forest after you told me not to,” I joked, walking up to him. He sighed, beginning to growing impatient.

“I’m fine,” I groaned. “It’s nothing, really, just a scratch.”

Reaching his hand up, he touched the cut on my forehead gently, earning a small wince in pain from me. He glared at me, as if confirming his argument.

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anonymous asked:

hi po!!!! i really wanna make friends dito sa studyblr community, kaya lang ang awkward ko hehe also kakastart ko lang po ng grade 7, any advice for someone in 'high school' na???? thank you and have a nice day!!! ٩(。•ω•。)و

ahh no worries!! everyone’s a little bit awkward too. you can always message me if you want!! hmmm, as for advice,,,, high school in the ph (or in general) can be really tough. surround yourself with only positive people. never miss an opportunity to do something great, and have fun bc high school is where you’ll make the memories that you’ll remember for life. study healthily, never push yourself to the limit. have a nice day too!!

Day 27: Reimu or Marisa?

you bet your behind this is gonna go to marisa. she’s my second favorite touhou character of all time! i dont tag pictures of her with #other wife for no reason! 

marisa’s outgoing and bright personality is easy to like, along with all the amusing dialogue she has! seriously, in my opinion, she has the best quotes in touhou. also, she was the first character i ever cosplayed! and i used to rp her a little bit back in my massive weeaboo stage. so there’s the whole personal attachment thing too, i guess! but really, there’s not much to say when it comes to describing why i like marisa, she’s just…really cool! and awesome! and i like her a lot! 

also thanks again to everyone who came to the stream! …even though as far as i know only one person came to the stream! there may have been other people who came, i just didn’t really notice the watch count hehe… but yeah it was fun, thanks!