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Nicos has a fever dream shortly before Trespasser where he talks to Lukas, telling him how scared he is. How he doesn’t want to die. Lukas tells him how proud he is of him and that he has to be brave. Lukas feels like he’s never been brave. Seeing his little brother so scared makes him sad and he wishes he could help in some way. But he tells him he has to be brave and Nicos seems to understand.

Before Nicos wakes up he tells Lukas that he’s remembered as a hero. He knows for a fact someone named their child after him. Nicos tells Lukas he’s proud of him too. And he hopes he can be brave like his brother was.


Havin’ some fun messin’ around with mixing live action and 2d animation. Roger rabbit type stuff. #runninthruthe6withthekoolkids #art #animation #cousinjeremy #cartoons #staytooned

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aaaah excuse me u know I can’t resist the opportunity for an SU quote;;;
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