don’t be afraid to dramatize your trauma

don’t stop yourself from talking like it was extreme and severe and lethal

every time i tried to over-dramatize and exaggerate what happened to me 

and I used stronger words than what I would usually have

I would realize that I’m not exaggerating at all, i was only then telling the truth

I would catch myself realizing that when i tried to amplify it, I would only then tell it exactly how it was (or closer to truth than before)

we’re taught to play it down

we’re trained to minimize it

we’re programmed to see ourselves as fakes and to not believe it was that bad

Exaggerate the shit out of your abuse.

There’s nobody you have to protect from it.

There’s only two types of people in the world: The ones that kiss Marlene’s ass on Twitter and the one’s that write better storylines on Tumblr than the PLL authors.

Just saying.

Someone please write for me ‘Hannibal, everything is exactly the same but Alana is Alan’

I was to see Alan Bloom in the exact middle of all this flirty nonsense from absolutely everyone in this show, and Hannibal being Mr Steal Your Man when Will is too busy drooling over the younger male psychiatrist who wears less gaudy suits.




(which i mean is basically what’s happening in canon, but now without the reasonable excuse of ‘maybe will doesn’t notice me because he’s straight’)

I dunno i just think it’d be kind of funny to have Hannibal be offended that Will hasn’t flirted with him like ‘we are both wealthy psychiatrists, we wear suits everywhere, we are both bisexual, *IM* the one that taught him about pocket squares and that the knot of your tie can accent your neck, WHY DONT YOU NOTICE ME’

Im picturing Alan Bloom as this super clean cut, typically gorgeous, mid-30s gym-twink thats just… utterly out of Will’s league.

Jack does not understand how he accidentally started this Big Gay Feud

It’s easy to get caught up in the mindset of just living from deadline to deadline, and then time slips away before you know it. So, how do you make the most of your time and actually accomplish all those things you’ve been saving for ‘someday’? It’s all about living intentionally. 

set goals

For each month, each week, and each day. Reminder yourself of them often. Make them your mantra. Wake up each day and know that one thing you want to accomplish. Whether it’s a literal task (keeping the house tidy) or a mindset (be positive) the first step to being intentional is deciding what you’re going to be intentional about. 

put away technology 

The biggest enemy of intention? Mindless use of your phone. Technology can be great, but it can also seperate you from the world around you. Set aside phone-free zones: time with friends, meal times, and just before bed are my top suggestions. You’ll be amazed by how much better you feel after starting your day by enjoying a cup of coffee, sans mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, or spending an evening with friends without documenting it on Snapchat. 

create routines

Not the routines that you get caught up in (like working on projects for hours on end each day) but routines that create a more calming environment and make you slow down and really think about your day. Make tidying up into an event – put on a great podcast and enjoy it, and enjoy the feeling of living in a clean space. Set aside time each day for something that you enjoy – whether it’s going for a run, reading a book, or fixing a nice cup of tea.

feel your best

For me, my day feels 100% more productive as soon as I get dressed. Make a point to change clothes everyday, even if it’s just into different sweat pants if that’s all you want to wear. The simple act of showering and changing clothes can work wonders. 

use what you have

I have this thing: I will buy or be gifted some beautiful, everyday item and then I’ll save it for a special occasion. But, what exactly is a special occasion for soap? There isn’t one. So burn that candle, use that soap, eat off that plate and actually use what you have. It will make everyday feel that much more special.

take time to be grateful 

Taking the time to think grateful and positive thoughts throughout the day can completely change your mindset. Make a habit of being grateful for the little things – waking up in the morning, food to eat, clothes to wear – as well as the things that may be ordinarily seen as annoyances, like the rain that the plants so desperately need, or the homework that means you’re receiving an education. 

With a little intention and kindness you can change the world, so get out there and do it, babes!

smh goes to a nude beach

Instigated by B shitty knight ofc because clothing optional is the only option, right bros?

  • Ransom and holster immediately start giggling at each other and saying bro back and forth and pointing at each other’s bodies? Like, it’s so much
    • Have you guys never seen each other naked before?
    • Nah we totally have
    • Is it like this every time?????
    • ?????
  • Eric Bittle does not go nude but he does break out the skimpiest set of speedos this beach and smh have ever seen. 
    • Jack has a minor heart attack. 
    • Ransom applauds.
    • Shitty almost bursts into tears. 
    • It is an /experience/ for all involved. 
  • Nursey strips and lies down to sunbathe/write poetry like he’s super comfortable with everything but in actuallity is the most uncomfortable he’s ever been. Mostly enjoying the excuse to lie stomach down bc he needs the surface to write, obv.
  • Dex goes in the water with a sports bra and swim trunks on, but takes it off bc sand and bc he’s defiantly ok with his body. 
    • Nursey offers to put sunscreen on him. 
    • Dex is so confused but also like??? Is so pale? Please cover this boy in spf 20000. 
      • Nursey is aggressively grateful Dex can’t see him blush. 
  • Lardo shows up 15 minutes late wearing only sunglasses.