queen-of-mayhem  asked:

Hello. I'm going to write about a girl who is admitted in a hospital, but I have little problems about how a hospital works and how to narrate it from the girl's perspective. Could you give me a few advices please? :)

Of course! Here is a resource post I wrote a while back about injuries and hospitals that I hope will help. Here you will find information on color codes in hospitals, what hospitals look/feel like, visitation policies, injuries, and recoveries. As for the actual admission process here are a few guides I hope will help:

Staying in the Hospital:

and it’s the same thing with relationships

it’s not always necesary to share with the world all the problems you have

what’s the world gonna do when it’s just the two of you at the end of the day?

every time i have an issue with my guy, we work it out

every. single. time. 

i have asked a friend for advice 2 times out of the past 2 ½ years that i’ve been dating. and that was more about how to handle a situation more than it was to discuss any argument that we’ve had

we all need to vent, sure

but i take comfort in knowing that he is the person i vent to

we talk things out, we focus on not going to bed angry, when we have issues we deal with them then and there

and we move on

in the time it takes me to tell 4 friends about the argument we had, i coulda been made up and moved on

but that’s just me

i’m just getting old and i don’t have time or energy for alla that

if there’s a problem, we handle it

the peanut gallery is never necessary

and i trust myself and my intuition enough that i’m confident we can work through things on our own