send me a ship and i’ll tell you
  • who hogs the duvet
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
  • who gets up first in the morning
  • who suggests new things in bed
  • who cries at movies
  • who gives unprompted massages
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
  • who gets jealous easiest
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music
  • who collects something unusual
  • who takes the longest to get ready
  • who is the most tidy and organised
  • who gets most excited about the holidays
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
  • who starts the most arguments
  • who suggests that they buy a pet
  • what couple traditions they have
  • what tv shows they watch together
  • what other couple they hang out with
  • how they spend time together as a couple
  • who made the first move
  • who brings flowers home
  • who is the best cook
BTS Reaction Masterlist Post

Thanks to @iwouldliketomakeatoast! The BTS Masterlist is done!

Malec week set up

For the artists and writers: 
May 6th  Day 1: Future scene
let your imagination run wild with a scene that has yet to take place in the future of Malec
May 7th  Day 2: Disney Day
Write Malec as your favourite Disney characters or put them in your favourite movie
May 8th Day 3:  Back to the Middle ages.
Kings, princes, knights, lords and more. Take Malec out of 2000 and back into the settings of 1100 – 1500 B.C
May 9th Day 4: Greek Mythology
From Hercules to Percy Jackson, we find Magnus and Alec in a whole new world this day.
May 10th Day 5: Non-supernatural AU.
Magnus and Alec are just mundanes for a day, but where will they meet, what do they do and what is their story.
May 11th Day 6: Switch
Alec Lightwood is a powerful Warlock and Magnus Bane a shadowhunter.
May 12th Day 7: Missing moment
Time to add a scene to their canon story that you wish you could have seen or read. 

For those that want to participate the headcanon challenge:

  • Who hogs the duvet
  • Who texts/rings to check how their day is going
  • Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
  • Who gets up first in the morning
  • Who suggests new things in bed
  • Who cries at movies
  • Who gives unprompted massages
  • Who gets jealous easiest
  • Who collects something unusual
  • Who gets most excited about the holidays
  • Who is the big spoon/little spoon
  • Who starts the most arguments
  • Who suggests that they buy a pet
  • What couple traditions do they have
  • What tv shows they watch together
  • What other couple do they hang out with
  • Who brings flowers home
  • Who does Alec talk to about relationship issues
    And who does Magnus talk to
  • How do they make up after an arguement

Use the hashtag #Malecweek2017 so everyone can easily find your contribution. 

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Hii, how are you?~ I would like some headcanons about how the MCL and Eldarya boys wake up next to Candy/Gardienne please uwu

Hello sweetheart ^^
I’m fine, and you? :D
I hope you really like these headcanons and have a really nice dayyy!!

Here we gooo!!!



  • It was the first time you two slept together after dating for a long time
  • You fell asleep on his chest last night and his arms were wrapped around you
  • He woke up really early with his cat, white trying to get to his bed
  • So with the hand that wasn’t holding you, he picked white
  • He then looked at you
  • You were sleeping peacefully and looked like a doll
  • Your beauty was something from another world
  • He couldn’t help but smile
  • He couldn’t believe he was laying next to the love of his life
  • And believe me, he loves you more than anyone in the world
  • He kisses your forehead several times thinking about everything you both went through together
  • And he is so happy to have you
  • He wishes that moment never ends
  • He maybe wants to kiss you or bring you closer but he’s afraid of waking you up
  • So he just plays with your hair while admiring you
  • And calling himself the “luckiest man alive” and thinks of how much he wants you both to be together untill the very end


  • Well, I believe this was after your first hot night (i’m sorry)
  • You both fell a sleep in each other’s arms
  • But Castiel woke in the middle of the night for no reason
  • You were really close to him and he can’t help but giggle
  • You look so cute while you are sleeping
  • It made him think of how much he loved you
  • You were a special girl he loved a damn lot
  • And he would do anything with you and for you
  • He wishes he could tell you all the words he has in his head but he just gets too embarassed
  • So he tries to show it through actions and wonders if you know how much he loves you
  • Probably mutters something cheesy
  • Or maybe “I love you”
  • And blushes a lot even though you aren’t even hearing
  • He trusts you a fucking lot and hopes you two can last
  • And when he thinks it
  • To him you’re the best gift the world could give him, and he’s really happy to have you
  • Will kiss your lips while you’re a sleep.


  • You stayed over the night because it was raining and you couldn’t go home
  • You both fell asleep cuddling in the sofa because the lights went off 
  • He wakes up when the electricity comes back
  • The first thing he does is to check up on you
  • You had a blanket aand it was covering your face
  • He slowly takes it from your face so he can see how gorgeous you are
  • You are his dream for sure and he couldn’t wish for more
  • He admires you with a smile in his face while brushing off some hairs from your face
  • His plan was actually to lay you in his bed
  • But you seemed really confortable
  • And he was too confortable with you there
  • Also, he was too busy admiring you
  • Man, let’s be serious he probably thought of some song to write of how much he loves you
  • I mean it’s obvious that he loves you so much
  • And he let’s you know in every way
  • He would never mistreat you
  • He thinks you’re his world
  • He eventually starts cuddling with you again
  • Thanking gods for giving him the woman he’ll spend his whole life for sure


  • It was a really hot summer night and you both fell alsleep on his room by accident
  • Like, Armin was like a star and you were there sleeping like a baby on the last 6 cm of the bed with no problem
  • He woke up at 12PM because he was hungry as hell and it was really hot in the room
  • He then saw what he was doing to you and then pulled you slowly closer to him
  • You were unbothered but “oops?”
  • He always tries to don’t move a lot in bed but he ends up doing it everytime
  • And he’s worried about you, like did he hurt you
  • As the other boys, he would find you the most gorgeous girl in the world
  • You were his princess and he loved you more than he loves himself tbh
  • This man would take like one hour of his day to admire you!
  • But since you were asleep he could take two hehehe…
  • He can’t hold himself back so he hugs you, kisses your cheeks, nose, neck, forehead, lips… EVERYTHING! but really carefully 
  • He thinks you look absolutely stunning any time of the day and any time of the year
  • But when you’re a sleep you have a small smile on your face, especially when he holds you
  • That makes him think if you’re thinking of him or something
  • He then starts to waking you up sweetly so you could make out with him
  • And probably asks you to marry you just for the laughs
  • But on the inside he’s pretty serious 
  • He just loves his princess and can’t hide it right?


  • You and him were sleeping like a spoons (is that what you call it?), you were the little one.
  • First things first, he looooves sleeping with you like that
  • So he’s like the happiest little puppy in the world
  • And you absolutely love it!
  • Just like to Armin, you’re his princess and he loves you so damn much
  • Like he really does
  • But then, when he wakes up you were already awake
  • He loved to wake up next to you because you looked stunning
  • Even though your hair was a mess and you probably did have drool on your chin
  • He kisses you while smiling
  • Happiest man tbh
  • In his mind he’s wondering how many kids should you two have
  • What about 60?
  • Sounds great.
  • But seriously, he couldn’t wish for more than all those cute things you did in the morning together
  • Like tickles, kisses, make out sessions, flirt
  • Idk man, he loves you
  • And he’ll make you the happiest girl on earth 



  • I believe that Ezarel can either have a lightly sleep or be a soundly sleeper, it really depends
  • So this night he was really tired and fell asleep in your arms
  • Which is a bit rare even if you date because he prefers to you to be on his arms
  •  You woke up first
  • Also rare
  • And you were stroking his hair carefully so he wouldn’t wake up
  • After a long while, he does wake up and the first thing he does is looking at you
  • “Good Morning Gorgeous” he says
  • He looks at you like you were his world and gets close to you
  • He really loves you and trusts you
  • Even if he doesn’t say it that often, but he woke up in a really good mood so of course he’ll tell you
  • “Did I ever told you how much I love you?” his voice sounded a bit shy
  • You just kiss his cheek and stay there with him for the whole morning
  • Untill probably someone knocks on your door
  • It’s probably your responsabilities
  • He enjoys every moment he has with you but, waking up next to you it’s just the world’s 8th wonder
  • I mean, this guy is pretty genuine
  • But he’s really shy 
  • So he doesn’t say what he should when he should
  • He just loves you, and wishes to you to never leave his side
  • If you weren’t there one morning, he would be dead
  • Like, he would be really bad moodded for the whole day
  • Because you’re his good mood and happy vitamin


  • Nevra is a sunshine that is freaking out when he woke up next to you
  • Not freaking out like in a bad way 
  • It’s just that you look too cute sleeping on his chest while lightly snoring
  • Tbh, you sounded like a cat and he was dying
  • He also had hearts coming out of his eyes
  • He kissed your lips and admired you for a moment
  • But then you woke up
  • And he was like “shit sorry”
  • You together with Karenn are his protected ones
  • Like you could’ve killed ten random people, but it would never be your fault
  • He protects you from everything, even the dark hehe
  • Because you’re afraid of it hehehe
  • And he finds it adorable
  • He may seem like a playboy but he’s planning your kids names, don’t be tricked
  • But srsly, he doesn’t have emotions nor words to describe how happy he is to wake up next to you…
  • Like he didn’t even smoke but just from looking at you he gets “high”
  • You’re his angel and anyone can NEVER take you away from him
  • He tells you he loves you all the time and from time to time writes you letters with his feelings
  • I mean it doesn’t sound like him but…
  • …  at work he’s always thinking of you so since there isn’t big things to work on, he tries to write them
  • Sometimes they’re really cheesy and a bit embarassing but you love them as much as you love him


  • He gets really shy around you and maybe doesn’t tell you how he feels and how much he wants to love you
  • So when you’re asleep next to him he says everything 
  • Like you’re soundly asleep and he’s confessing his love to you
  • You’re his sweet dream
  • You’re his sugar bun
  • He’s even afraid to hold you because you’re so fragile
  • But he loves you, and loves how funny you are when you wake up
  • He wishes to lay with you forever
  • He wants to love you
  • He has eyes for only you
  • He probably has adoration in his eyes looking at you while you sleep
  • He feels lucky
  • He ends up caressing your cheeks and kiss them
  • But nothing more
  • Then he would either cover you and leave
  • Or sleep again

Hey babies!
I’m really sorry that these things are taking a while to post but I want them to be as good as possible
I think I did better this time…
What do you think?
I’ll try to post more 2 one shots/headcanons idk yet
I hope you enjoy this and my blog
Feel free to request.

Love you all

diana xx

Making of an Eldritch
Making of an Eldritch

Okayyyyy I’ll post it publicly why not!

A little fansong of sorts for Black Hat!

( Flug | Dementia )

Some notes:

  • My voice does not have the best range in the world I’m sorry if I make your ears cry
  • I wasn’t really sure what the subject would be about and as I wrote it, it ended up being like… an ‘origin story’ about how Black Hat got his powers? As in, if he wasn’t always the way he is. Blah blah headcanon blah
  • Lyrics below the cut! (There are a couple of Spanish lines, with translations–I hope they’re right, or at least in the ballpark. My Spanish is rather rusty)

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drabbles masterlist

prompt list one || more to come || smut marked with an asterisk

‘there’s only one bed’ - jackson
‘is that my shirt?’ - woozi; jaebum
‘so that’s it? it’s over?’ - kihyun
‘do you trust me?’ - wonho
‘do you think you can teach me that?’ - kihyun
‘already? do i really have that much of an effect on you?’ - yongguk*
‘are you flirting with me?’ - yugyeom
‘don’t call this number again’ - junhui
‘why do you hate me?’ - baekhyun
‘if you’re bored; wanna have sex?’ - taehyung 
‘stop hogging all the blankets’ - jooheon/wonho; dean
‘i need a hug’ - jooheon
‘i’m so in love with you’ - chanyeol
‘why are you naked?’ - wonhoseokjin; changkyun; kihyun
‘i read your diary’ - jimin*
‘what did you just say?’ - minseok*
‘what a pretty sight’ - kihyun*
‘good boy’ - kihyun*; baekhyun*; hyungwon*
‘can i touch you?’ - wonho*
'are you upset with me?’ - jin
'are you drunk?’ - jin
'you have no idea what you do to me’ - jin; wonwoo
'will you marry me?’ - jin
'we can’t do that here!’ - kihyun*
'good girl’ - wonho*
‘make me’ - dean*
‘do you like it when i touch you like that?’ - taehyung*; baekhyun*
‘oh, are you ticklish?’ - minghao
‘i thought you loved me’ - kihyun
‘lets run away together’ - jin
‘shut up and kiss me already’ - kihyun
‘don’t touch me’ - junhui*
‘take off your clothes’ - wonho/jaebum*
‘car sex looks much more easier in the movies’ - wonho/jaebum*; hyungwon
‘i’m going to keep you safe’ - jaebum
‘you’re making me blush!’ - changkiminho
‘about the baby… it’s yours’ - changkyun; chanyeol
‘don’t leave me’ - vernon

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Send me a ship and I'll tell you:
  • Who hogs the duvet
  • Who texts/rings to check how their day is going
  • Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
  • Who gets up first in the morning
  • Who suggests new things in bed
  • Who cries at movies
  • Who gives unprompted messages
  • How they are when they’re sick
  • Who gets jealous easiest
  • Who collects something unusual
  • Who takes the longest to get ready
  • Who is the tidiest and organized
  • Who gets most excited about the holidays
  • Who is the big spoon/little spoon
  • Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
  • Who starts the most arguments
  • What are their nicknames for each other
  • Who suggests that they buy a pet
  • What couple traditions they have
  • What tv shows they watch together
  • Another couple they hang out with
  • How they spend time together as a couple
  • Who made the first move
  • Who brings flowers home
  • Who is the best cook
  • Who snores

anonymous asked:

I feel so neglected by my boyfriend. We have been in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years. He's had some personal work/family troubles for most of our relationship and I just feel so neglected by him, more and more every day. I've been very sympathetic and supportive, but I don't know if this is what's best for me. I want someone who makes me feel loved and wanted. It hasn't been just a bad month it's been over a year of neglect I don't know what to do I love him so much.

end the relationship. you’re not just saying that he’s going through a rough patch, you’re saying it’s been a year of misery. long distance relationships require both people to be all in. it does not sound like this is the relationship you have

whats the point of being in a relationship where you don’t feel loved or wanted? isn’t that the whole point of being in a relationship? what’s the point of you staying in this relationship?

you know what to do. you just don’t want to do it

queen-of-mayhem  asked:

Hello. I'm going to write about a girl who is admitted in a hospital, but I have little problems about how a hospital works and how to narrate it from the girl's perspective. Could you give me a few advices please? :)

Of course! Here is a resource post I wrote a while back about injuries and hospitals that I hope will help. Here you will find information on color codes in hospitals, what hospitals look/feel like, visitation policies, injuries, and recoveries. As for the actual admission process here are a few guides I hope will help:

Staying in the Hospital:

Children’s Librarian!Soonyoung
  • He loves his library kids s o m u c h
  • Calls them his “book buddies”
  • He literally sees them as his, like, part time kids
  • He knows their favorite foods
  • Favorite colors
  • Favorite animals
  • What allergies they all have
  • What their favorite book is
  • Hell he knows what their favorite SPOT in the ENTIRE LIBRARY is!!!!!!!!
  • He’s so high up in his position that he basically is in control over the entire children’s section of the library
  • And he COULD TOTALLY just sit in the back of the room and let the other librarians take over
  • But fuck that
  • Hoshi loves his kids too much to just go sit in a corner all day
  • He has a desk drawer full of so much shit just for the kids
  • Stickers: When the kids finish reading a book by themselves they get a sticker of their choosing. Many take the sticker home, but lots of them have created a game to get as many stickers as they can and just COATING Soonyoung’s face in stickers
  • Capri Sun and Goldfish crackers: For when the kids get hungry
  • Toy Story bandages: In case of emergencies (paper cuts are very frequent things)
  • TONS of paper and crayons: Sometimes kids get bored of reading books and need something else to do!
  • And, ofc, Soonyoung keeps every single one of those drawings that they give him!!!! His refrigerator at home is COVERED
  • When he ran out of room on his refrigerator he bought a bulletin board and now has them all hanging up in the library
  • “Book Buddy Works”
  • Thank the lord he decided to buy the board too cause this was how he ended up meeting you
  • Conveniently, your little brother was in the library summer program
  • He’s talked about “Mr. Soon” lots of times
  • You had never met him, however
  • So anyways
  • You were at the library cause you needed a new book to read
  • Your last book was not going how you liked and so you just rage quit the entire thing
  • Time to look for a new series to start!
  • You ended up passing by this bulletin board and, knowing that your brother goes here almost every day, you had to see if he had drawn anything
  • While looking for it, you suddenly hear a voice directly beside you
  • “They’re cute, aren’t they?”
  • So you turn to look at the person who was talking
  • a N D
  • HE WAS JUST???
  • He smiles at you and you’re actually dying
  • Inside and out
  • “M-My brother comes to the… uh… s-summer program! Yeah….”
  • You stumbled out as you point an accusing??? Finger at the bulletin board
  • Don’t accuse the board you’re the one fuckin up get your act together man it’s only the PRETTIEST GUY YOU’VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE
  • Your words do make the guy’s smile only widen
  • Which makes your heart beat even faster
  • God please stop being so beautiful dude this is ridiculous I j UST WANT A NEW BOOK
  • “He does???? I knew you looked familiar!”
  • He pulls down a drawing that has your brothers name on the back of it
  • “This is your brother, right? What a sweetheart~”
  • He giggles while staring at the picture
  • Everything finally falls into place for you
  • “Are you Mr. Soon??”
  • HE’S SO YOUNG THOUGH?????????????????
  • The guy nods at your statement
  • “The one and only! But no pictures, please! I wasn’t able to put my makeup on this morning so I’m pretty barefaced~”
  • You laugh way too hard
  • WAY too hard
  • God who knew Mr. Soon was a young, gorgeous guy??
  • You swore it was gonna be some old geezer
  • What was even worse was what he said next
  • “I always thought your brother was adorable! I guess it must run in the family~”
  • You choke
  • “Is my little brothers librarian flirting with me??”
  • Please say yes please say yes please say yes please say yes please say yes please say yes-
  • “Just because I’m calling you cute doesn’t automatically mean I’m flirting, silly~”
  • Damn
  • He leans against the wall next to the bulletin board
  • With a smug af smirk
  • Wipe that off your face dude I stg
  • “But I wouldn’t say I’m not flirting with you…”
  • Once again
  • You choke
  • He laughs
  • Just then, a little girl runs up to him
  • “Mr. Soon! Come read us a book!”
  • His toothy grin pops onto his face
  • “Of course, Yerin! We’ll be right over!”
  • Wait
  • We’ll????
  • You look up at him with confusion plastered all over
  • Without even saying anything, Soonyoung grabs your hand
  • “Of course you’re coming with! I was only able to read your back cover, at least let me take a peek at the first chapter~”
  • Lord save you from this adorable, ridiculous, and really corny librarian 

photo credit:  ©

Seventeen Library AU Masterlist

How a Schizophrenic Falls in Love

(to all the ones I loved.)

I wait patiently for you to wake
to message me, to exchange a few words
briefly between us 
trying to establish if you were mad from the night before
or if these fears are simply out of place
encouraged by some innate sense of paranoia
or if you’ve actually left without saying goodbye the other night
feeling cross.

So first you become a Fear
that has no face but only the shape of a shadow
that looms over me and like thunderstorms on the precipice
of exploding over the city I wait for thunder 
wondering if I should go back to bed and hide for a while
until the thoughts of you turn to something else
morph into some greater sense of existential dread
that I can dismiss with an anti-anxiety medication
and sleep.

And as that Fear becomes,
and I have a body to place it to, you become a Shape:
something I see on my walls and sometimes on the street
when the world crashes around me and that Fear and Shape
are intrinsically linked showing that you have a presence in me
and my mind contorts and twists this image
playing with it like children coloring outside the lines
and expresses words you’ve never said
and puts mischief behind your smile
and venom in every line of text
expecting you to reveal yourself
as some great monster
as the Shape and Fear I have of you.

And that Shape, that Fear, it has a Voice
like yours but not yours and it whispers 
repetitious lines like incantations and it says
fear me, repulse me, run away.
It tells me what I should not have
what I should not seek 
and what I cannot grasp.

And when you do not answer
this Fear, this Shape, this Voice
spindle stories and reasoning for itself and the shape it’s taken
expressing why it has become what it has 
and why I must reject you, the unanswered phone,
the unanswered text,
the line from last night,
the look you gave me when I left;
all of this saying to me that you are either diseased,
out to get me,
or playing at parody.

And this Fear, this Shape, this Voice
is all you and much like you it shares everything
slinks into you, set up like you
a chimera with your likeness
bearing all your qualities
and none of your smile,
memories of you become tainted
the growing shadow hangs over all instances
and becomes you
until I accept your transfiguration
and impose it over all things.

Like the shadow, like you,
without reference, without reestablishing the connection
the true connection
the longer and farther away you are
the more this shadow becomes my bed mate
and this Fear, this Shape, this Voice
becomes you.

And Love, that sneaking burning suspicion
that all things are not right
and you are indeed not reading out a litany of my sins
is the impassioned wail of conscience,
a sense of guilt for seeing you this way,
a feeling of uselessness against great tides
that snake between my ears, and pulls me down by the throat

and it is beneath the waves, breathless with anxiety
and panic
that I must take this Fear, this Shape, this Voice
and embrace it in the darkness
have it with me
for if I can love this darker half
dispelled of reason, knowing for certain how much it hates
how much it loathes, and how much like you it looks –
knowing it has teeth and claws
a monster of you –

if I can love this darker half 
then I can certainly love you.


Hey everyone! So as you all probably know, TNT has still not renewed our wonderful show for a season 4, and we’re all trying our hardest every day to make it a possibility!

If you follow me here or any of my Librarians content, you’ll know that The Librarians has been really important to me in a lot of ways, and I attribute it to a lot of positive things in my life. I’ve had so many LITs respond to me with similar sentiments, especially after I posted my article, and so I thought it would be fun to organize a little video project where we can all speak to why we love The Librarians, and what it means to us!

The video is going to be purposed as a thank you to Dean and the whole Librarians team, as well as a plea to TNT to renew the show! While something like this would likely never actually change TNT’s mind, it would be so nice for everyone involved with the show to see, and it could just be good to have a demonstration of so many dedicated fans!

So basically, I’m going to take videos that you-the LITs- send me, and compile them all into a giant video talking about everything wonderful about this show!

Things to include/ Ideas- You don’t need all of these, but they are just some suggestions of topics to aim for!

  • Your name and where you’re from- You don’t have to include this if you don’t want to,  but there will be a section of the video where I say how we’re from all over, and play the clips of everyone saying where they’re from. And it shows how many fans there are and how widespread they are, which is a good thing to have
  • What does The Librarians mean to you?- Maybe the show has helped you find some needed happiness. Maybe it helped you accept who you are. Maybe you made your best friends through the show. We all know the show has the power to do all of these things. Speak to that. Tell your story
  • Why you love The Librarians- There’s more to it than just what it means to us. What are the things about this show that make it so great? The humor? The action? The writing? The romance? Talk about what your favorite elements of the show are/ why you think it’s so great and worthy of a 4th season
  • Life Lessons the show has taught you- What have you learned from The Librarians? We all know it’s ripe with unique life lessons. Tell us about them!(This would also be a great spot to use direct quotes)
  • Characters you identify with- Is there a character, or characters, that you see as a huge reflection of who you are? Why is that character like you? What is it like to see a character like yourself on TV? What does it mean to you?

YOUR VIDEO MUST INCLUDE- These things are a must have as everyone’s clips will be played in a continuous streak

  • A sign saying “The Librarians is _____“- Fill in the blank with a single word that you feel best describes what the show means to you! Make them as colorful and pretty as possible!
  • A Thank you to Dean and everyone at The Librarians- We’re all going to thank them for our show, so make sure this is included!
  • A plea to TNT to Renew- This is gonna close out the video, so make sure to have it! Nothing too complex, just a simple “Renew The Librarians!” (if you want, make a sign that says this too, with the hashtag. Have fun with both of your signs and dance around a little bit! This is set to music!)

More ideas for filming!- Not necessary, but these elements would be super cool too!

  • Wear any Librarians merch you have in the video!
  • Send me pictures and videos  of you being a fan!- I would love to include slideshows of us loving Librarians in our everyday lives, so send me pictures and videos if you have them. They could be anything! You and your friends reacting to a favorite episode? Wearing a Librarians related outfit or Halloween costume? Maybe you met a cast member? All of that and beyond is perfect. Anything goes!
  • Have a mini dance party!- The video is being set to Brave by Sarah Bareilles, so dance around to it if you want! It would be extra perfect if you danced with one of your signs!

There is no time limit on videos, but keep in mind parts of everyone’s will be cut, as Im fitting a 3.5 minute song, and have a lot to get through! So keep your stuff as short and sweet as possible so I don’t have to cut too much!(That being said, if there’s a line/section or two of your video that you prioritize, IE you’d hate to have that bit cut, please let me know!!!)

If you want to be a part of this, please send your video to my gmail disneychick1018@gmail.com You can send them through Google Drive as well.Either one works, but this is easiest for me. If you need to get it to me in another way, just private message me and we can figure something out.

I know this is not a lot of time, but I do wanna get this out ASAP, so please have your videos to me by 12:00 AM Sunday, January 29th U.S Eastern Standard Time. So that would be Saturday night/Sunday morning. If they’re a little later than that I can still take them,  but I’m going to be making the video Sunday to put up Sunday or Monday. If we get renewed before then, the video will simply become a thank you!

If you’d like to participate but don’t feel comfortable on camera, private message me! We can definitely arrange something!

That’s all LITs! I’m super excited for this project and hope you are too! Happy filming!

faeriemeliorn  asked:

for the ship thing: clizzy!!

aaaaahhh omg okay this got kinda long i never seem to get asked abt. my girls lmao i went crazy yikes

Who kisses who first

clary lmao. izzy’s been dropping all these lines that could be taken as flirting but could also just be izzy being izzy, and clary honestly has no idea whether izzy is gay or not, and quite frankly with everything else going on she’s not looking to fall hopelessly in love right now- except.

izzy’s hair is so shiny and it shifts like water and falls into her eyes when she laughs. and her eyes are so dark and full of mysteries that poke at the edges of clary’s consciousness at 2am when she’s trying to sleep. and her voice is like……what clary imagines starlight would sound like, if it could speak. and before clary can even berate herself for being so damn thirsty when she’s just stumbled headfirst into a secret supernatural war she’s???? hanging on every word because izzy is also passionate and bold and funny and kind and she’s such a nerd goddamn when she talks about science she gets really animated and uses a lot of excited hand gestures and bounces on her toes and clary feels her breath catch in her throat every time she thinks about how fierce isabelle lightwood is in her love for her brothers

and one day izzy greets her with ‘that shirt makes your boobs look so good !!!!’ instead of ‘good morning’ and clary just gives up with a frustrated ‘dammit’ and leans in and presses their lips together. when they pull apart, izzy grins and says ‘finally’. and clary pushes her up against the wall and proceeds to kiss her breathless.

Who makes breakfast

izzy is officially banned from making food, ever. but like, clary’s not that big a fan of cooking either so usually they just steal cereal from the kitchen and eat it out of the box with their hands 

(jace and alec hate this. it’s so unsanitary and they hate it so much but they also lowkey can’t be bothered arguing with the girls about it so alec just calls magnus for emergency breakfast dates every other day and jace kinda just sulks and makes toast lmao)

Who says I love you first

izzy! they both say it all the time before they’re dating, and once they start dating they’re like ‘well we already know we love each other, we say it on like a daily basis why would it be awkward now?’ (for real they’re not v. angsty they’re just nerds in love and they tell each other all the time)

but like pre-dating, izzy is the one who says it first and it’s like. really important to clary? because after she came out as a lesbian her few female friends kind of avoided casual ‘i love you’s and it wasn’t a huge thing but it still stung? the first time izzy says it to clary is like. they’re texting, and clary mentions alec being gay and the convo goes

IZZY: you don’t have a problem with it, do you?
CLARY: nah are you kidding lmao i’m like the hugest lesbian :)
IZZY: s a m e
IZZY: oh my god i love you so much :’)

Who holds the other one during a storm

izzy hates thunderstorms, they make her anxious and antsy because she’s naturally on edge a lot of the time anyway due to her training? so the extra sudden loud noises and stuff just makes her stress levels spike and she goes on high alert. not so much afraid as irritated and snappish and she paces a lot, until clary pulls her into a hug and they just lie down together and snuggle until izzy feels calm again.

What their song is 

okay so clary has a Playlist™ because she’s a giant sap like that, her fave #clizzy songs are:

hazy // rosi golan
bright // echosmith
somewhere in neverland // all time low

What they do when one of them is upset

when clary is upset izzy basically just puts a sketchpad in her hands, strikes the most ridiculous pose she can think of and goes ‘drAW ME like one of your french girls’ and it always gets a smile out of clary. this is usually followed by clary drawing izzy in super crazy poses and doing weird faces and stuff until both of them are laughing to much to even remember why she was upset
(or if she’s too upset to draw, izzy just sits with her and gives her lots of forehead and nose kisses and lets her wallow in it until she’s ready to talk about whatever’s bothering her)

when izzy is upset clary is very physical in her comforting. hugs, hand holding, backrubs, and distracts her with conversation. tells stories about her childhood, asks izzy about her memories of growing up, and eventually she’ll ask izzy what’s going on and izzy will almost always tell her

alternatively if they’re both miserable they just lie down on izzy’s bed with their shoulders touching and their fingers intertwined between them and sort of collectively stew in self-pity and bitterness and sadness until they curl up in each others arms and sleep

Who kisses more roughly 

okay but they’re both pretty rough??? like sure they have their cute tender kisses but they’re also both super passionate and like. phew. intense makeouts are intense lmao. hands in hair, hands under shirts, clary in izzy’s lap or izzy pressing clary into a wall, basically they have a lot of feelings and they’re both really gay and like to kiss each other with everything they have

What their dates consist of

they don’t really do like romantic date nights tbh, they go to downworlder raves sometimes (thank u for the invites magnus) which izzy loves and clary enjoys because okay, it’s fun enough but izzy always looks so vibrant and alive when she’s dancing and it’s the most captivating thing in the known universe. and other than that their ‘date nights’ are mosting just watching movies on clary’s laptop, making out in izzy’s room, there was one memorable occasion when izzy dragged clary out to spy on alec and magnus and they got found out and it somehow ended with alec and izzy both sitting on their asses in a water fountain, half glaring and half laughing, while clary and magnus looked on in confusion

Who knew they would always be together

clary. izzy, for all her bravado is super insecure about her self-worth? like she’s confident and comfy with her body and she can get whatever she wants with her dazzling personality but she also kinda lowkey feels like people get tired of her after a while? so she tries to live in the moment and not think about the future, but she can’t help believe clary is it for her, because clary is so certain of their future together. like clary is so utterly convinced that izzy is the One™ she always casually talks about ‘when we get married’ and all that.

What they talk about at 1am

really random shit like sometimes clary stays at the institute and sometimes she stays with luke and jocelyn but even if she does that they still text until like 2am and they have the greatest late night existential talks lmao

What their favourite holiday traditions are 

okay but at christmas clary keeps mistletoe on her person at all times and she just dangles it above people’s heads and goes now kiss (this is how jace and meliorn kiss for the first time lmao yikes) and every single time she sees izzy she holds it up and she’s like ‘u have to kiss me now sorry i don’t make the rules’

izzy likes valentine’s day and always keeps clary in bed for snuggling and/or other Activities until well into the afternoon, then they go out and walk around the city together and just do mundane stuff all evening and it’s really nice and peaceful :’)

Whos the hopeless romantic 

both of them tbh

Who says sorry after an argument  

they both do? like they don’t really have big fights but after a disagreement they’re always like ‘okay we need to talk about this so it doesn’t fester’ and they both apologize and explain why they feel the way they do and talk through it. heALTHY HAPPY WLW RELATIONSHIPS PLS

Bonus: who flirts the most

i z z y  omg she’s so smooth (clary likes to try out every corny pickup line she’s ever heard and izzy rolls her eyes at each one but lowkey loves it)

anonymous asked:

You said to an anon earlier that gender = mental and sex = physical is cissexist. Can you please explain why that is so and how I should explain the difference between sex and gender instead? Or did I misinterpret that and that's how it is supposed to be? Please answer asap, and thank you!!

The concept of biological sex is useless, really, and doctors know it. Your assigned gender does not tell anyone:

  • your hormone levels
  • your karyotype (sex chromosomes–not everyone with XY has a penis, not everyone with XX has a vagina, and people with more than those two exist, for example XXY)
  • what genitals you have
  • what your reproductive system is like
  • what secondary sex characteristics you have
  • your health
  • literally any sort of condition(s) that would have an increased risk based on your hormones/genitalia

It tells absolutely nothing but what box someone checked you off as when you were barely seconds old. What’s the purpose of assigning a gender, then? Absolutely fucking nothing. Doctors make assumptions about all of those bulletin points when they see your marked gender, ones that aren’t always correct.

Now, as for why it’s cissexist: assuming someone’s genitals based on their dgab is cissexist. You are assuming that people who were assigned male all have penises and various other physical characteristics, and people who were assigned female all have vaginas and various other physical characteristics. It’s also cisnormative because it makes being trans or nonbinary an option and being cis the default. The trans narrative becomes “Well I was born as x but I identify as y”, as opposed to “I am y”.


johnlock is almost a plot twist but like

  • what kind of twist is planned out & predictable. what kind of twist fulfills every narrative question the audience could have
  • what kind of twist has ever been so beautiful as love
  • what kind of twist literally alters mainstream media forever

“lmao i dont understand why people dont like Chidori?”

“why dont more people ship Katsudori?”

“omfg Chidori is perf shut up haterz bye”


Look, im no Chidori hater, but i think i can understand why people are so peeved with her.

It’s because of THAT ^

This whole time, everything she’s done up to this point she’s either been trying to get closer to Katsuhira, or get in front of Sonozaki. For her sake.

“Look! I’ve told a teacher about Katsuhira being bullied by people. Look! I’ve made food for everyone, and will even cook more food if someone’s wants something else. Look! I’ll take the punch for someone instead.”

But what other people might be hearing is:

“Weh! This person didnt say they like me back so now im gonna pout and be passive aggressive towards them and anyone that likes them. Weh! I did a thing and im not being congratulated for it. Weh! I just want this one thing to happen, but it’s not happening so it has to be someone else’s fault not mine.”

If anything, that might sound like one of those fuckboys we see screenshots of whenever a girl says ‘no’ to them.

Augh, i hope i can word this right ummm…. Ok it’s like;
Yeah, she does something good because it’s the right thing to do, but in the back of her mind she believes that if you do something good for someone, 100% of the time they’ll return the favor. But in the real world, that’s not true. There’s the chance that someone will use your good deed to benefit themselves or the other chance that you wont be rewarded at all.

On the ending to ep 5 she asks Katsuhira if she was too heavy for her to carry. He answers bluntly with a ‘yes’ and it upsets her because “you shouldn’t tell a girl shes fat” because it’s the right thing to do. It’s what she was expecting, but not what happened. Katsuhira then says that “It’s just who you are”. It’s why Katsushira told her to say herself and that she shouldn’t change. Because she wants to, not to fit the role of “perfect girl for Katsuhira to date and possibly get married to”. Chidori saw being heavy was a major flaw and she should change it immediately. But Katsuhira (and us too) see that her weight is not her everything and isn’t much of a big enough deal for her to drastically start changing.

Now onto the part of shipping.

If I may quote something from Homer of the Simpsons:

“Jealousy is when you worry when someone will take what you have. Envy is wanting what someone else has.”

take what you have
what someone else has

Katsuhira is not hers. In her eyes, Katsuhira is Sonozaki’s. What’s between Katsuhira and Sonozaki is something Chidori cant ever have. But it’s what she wants, badly. In her mind, Katsuhira has already chosen Sonozaki. 

Sonozaki. The girl who’s put them all through this stress and craziness. Sonozaki. The girl that has forced her and her childhood friend with random people in the strangest way possible. Sonozaki. The evil one. Katsuhira has chosen this girl, and not the obvious choice. Especially after all she’s done for him. She deserves a reward (in this case, him returning her affections) because she’s so good, so pure, so perfect.

She’s not evil, just flawed. Envious. “Goody-two-shoes”.

The part of the reason why I, in particular, kind of hope she and Katsuhira dont end up together. It will not help her learn, it will only feed her sin. It will only prove to herself, Miss Goody-two-shoes, that she has done nothing wrong.

But now that’s she’s realized it, she might have a chance.

I hope i didnt sound like I was trying to demonize her, or shame her character. I just think shipping “”wars”” are lame and always lead to the worst. I still stick with my “anyone can be shipped with anyone” thought. So I wanted to shed some weird light on why some people just cant like Chidori. 

Though I have a theory that the reason some might not like her is because they see themselves within her ;)

Friend and I rewrote 'do you wanna build a snowman' from elsa's pov

Yes, I wanna build a snowman.
I’m not allowed to go and play.
I never see you anymore
I just hear you through my door.
I’m locked inside all day.
We used to be best buddies
and now we’re not.
I wish I could tell you why
Of course I wanna build a snowman.
One day we’ll build a snowman.

Go away, Anna.

I still want to build that snowman
and roam freely in these halls
some company is overdue
I need something to do
besides painting the ice on the wall
(I really miss you)
It gets a little lonely
this frozen, empty room
my life is passing me by
(tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock)

I’m scared all on my own
They’re beginning to ask where I’ve been
‘Be a good girl"
Well I’m trying to.
I wish I could comfort you.
I wish I could let you in.
But the power’s stronger every day
You’re everything I have
What am I gonna do?
Do you still wanna build that snowman?

anonymous asked:

tips for a freshman? what's band camp like? when does it start?

Band camp:

  • usually starts later in the summer, close to the start of school
  • some schools might have a spring camp to refresh everyone’s memories and others have weekly camps through the summer until band camp
  • some bands have a rookie camp before the full band camp to ease them into marching band and teach them the marching basics

what to expect:

  • discomfort, this will be a completely new experience and atmosphere
  • marching back and forth for hours
  • heat and no/little shade
  • playing music outside with sweat allover your lip plate/mouth piece
  • sweat and stink, no matter how much D.O. you use, you will have B.O.
  • minimal water breaks, band directors make the most of the time they have

What you’ll do

  • build marching technique
  • learn show music and memorize show music
  • start learning show drill
  • learn how to put the music and drill together to start making the show


  • drink plenty of water beforehand as well as during band camp
  • slather on a ton of sunscreen before and touch up during breaks
  • wear sunglasses and a hat
  • if you have a metal mouthpiece, try to keep it with you during breaks so it doesn’t burn your lips after 
  • also keep your mouthpiece with you during breaks if you’re a brass player and think upperclassmen might steal it
  • listen to your elders, they’re only trying to help you

I hope that helped!