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Thank you for the tag @btsyf, I love your tag games.This one enlightened me on the silly pictures I have on my phone,lol. 

RULES: describe yourself using only pictures from your phone; you are not to download or search for new ones! 

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  • me: maybe i'm not actually THAT unstable?? maybe i'm just making it up??
  • also me: *cries for 15 minutes bc my family ate some of my food*

“Fleur Delacour, Harry noticed, was eyeing Bill with great interest over her mother’s shoulder. Harry could tell she had no objection whatsoever to long hair or earrings with fangs on them.”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter “The Third Task”

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One SFW sample page from Pair Skate, the 18+ YOI doujinshi I’m doing with @tumblngkori

PDF should be available first week in March!

Edit to add: text is huge relative to the panel art bc print size (if you wanna print it at home) is 5.5″ x 8.5″.


Lonely prince Noctis of Lucis asked the Astrals for a friend…

…So the Astrals sent him an hyperactive gunsman with passion for destruction and chocobos.

Apologies for poor quality. I’m not an artist, but this had months in my head and had to put it down some way. Tumblr is also lowering the already low quality, but the joke’s what matters. :]

It’s all directly traced from the original Lilo & Stitch scene and adjusted into the characters. Except Gladio. I only traced the outline of Nani’s head and did the rest myself. 

I’m not supposed to have the time for this.
I regret nothing.


ending scene vs bonus  

no but imagine if during one of Lupin’s classes, Draco’s boggart turns into an injuried Harry in front of the whole class?? and then draco flees in shame because how come draco malfoy’s biggest fear is his mortal enemy getting hurt? and then that’s what the whole school gossips about for the rest of the year and harry and draco can’t look each other in the eye whenever they cross paths in the corridor. But Harry, of course cause he’s a bloody gryffindor, gathers the courage to talk to him and one day, after checking on the map, go meet draco and at first is awkward because draco is embarrassed because he thinks harry is there to make fun of him and he wants nothing more but to throw himself from the astronomy tower, but then they start talking about quidditch and harry finds out that draco is really good at potions and draco is surprised to learn about harry’s muggle family and they stay there talking until sunrise. When they say goodbye, Harry raises his hand and Draco hesitates a bit because deja vu!! But then he takes it and they share a secret smile. And if they keep greeting each other whenever they meet and Harry keeps coming back at the early hours of the day, no one in the gryffindor’s common room says a word about it.