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Thoughts on the Mr H IG?

I think it’s hysterical. The happy roomies driving in a car. With Darren’s rumored ex-boyfriend in the backseat.

Look Darren’s much smarter when it comes to these games than he’s given credit for. Darren Criss and Ben Hudson have one huge thing in common. They both desperately want this ridiculous charade to end. And by snapping in a car together. They let the world know.

Extra shade having Etai as the third. Fact. Whether the rumors are true or not. Darren knows we think they dated in college. It’s been rumored for years.

Further. Brilliant son choice. Rick Ashley. Never Gone a Give You Up.

Perhaps we’ve been rick rolled?

I really hate the bus!

Slytherin common room

Pansy: I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.

Daphne: Oh, come on, like you tell me everything.

Pansy: What have I not told you?

Daphne: Oh, I don’t know. Umm, how about the fact that the underwear out there on the goal post is yours from when you were having sex with Ron Weasley out on the Quidditch Pitch.

Millicent: What!?

Pansy: Wait a minute, who told you? [to Draco] You are dead meat.

Draco: I didn’t know it was a big secret.

Pansy: Oh it’s not big, not at all, you know, kinda the same lines as, say, oh I don’t know, having a third nipple!

Daphne: You have a third nipple?

Draco: [to Pansy] You bitch.

Theo: Whip it out, whip it out!

Draco: Blaise was in a porno movie!

Blaise: [gasps]

Draco: If I’m going down, I’m taking everybody with me.

  • me: maybe i'm not actually THAT unstable?? maybe i'm just making it up??
  • also me: *cries for 15 minutes bc my family ate some of my food*

Sequel comic to my previous Scorbus tie-straightening pic - I was laughing way too hard at the reblogs/replies, I never thought of the situation as such so I needed to draw this :’D

(special thanks to @echoandthefandoms for the original dialogue idea for the last panel!)