It must really suck to be those kids who couldn’t stop their conversations long enough to listen to Haverford tonight. By being completely and totally rude they missed out on an awesome set and some serious talent.

We did it, yo

Thank you to everyone who voted for us. We are playing a show on October 14th at Broadway Bar in Amityville to get one of the open slots for Fall Mixtape Fest with Transit, Such Gold and a bunch of other awesome bands. If you’re on Long Island on Oct 14th we would seriously appreciate if you guys could come out!

 Check out/download our new EP “Wisdom Lost" here !

We did it, yo - Pt. 2

Thank you to everyone who came out to the show yesterday and to anyone who voted during the polls, we couldn't have done it without you! We are going to be opening up Fall Mixtape with bands like TRANSIT, SUCH GOLD, WE ARE THE UNION and a bunch of other rad bands so come early to catch everyone!

Free downloadz of our music here!



I spend too much time with my thoughts
I spend too much time alone

I lost sight of what matters, trapped myself out here in this abandoned home

Let me retreat from the boundaries I made in my mind
I’m sick of being stuck in bad dreams, they keep me confined

There used to be clarity as well as common sense as opposed to constant belligerence
There were times where I’d relax, I want them back

I would rest and feel refreshed, momentary escape from feeling stressed
My worries consolidate and press and I’ll wear out in the end

You never really win
You never really can


If you’re on/near Long Island on the 14th come out to this and vote for us! There’s 2 slots open to play Fall Mixtape Fest with Transit and Such Gold. There are also a bunch of other rad bands on this show so come out!

Here’s the event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/144450485700343/ 

Listen to us HERE (free downloadsssssssssssss)

“Like” us HERE

These polls close tonight at 8pm and every vote helps!

Please take a minute to vote for Haverford so we can have a chance to play with Transit and Such Gold. This is such a huge opportunity for us and we’d love to play it!

vote here: https://www.facebook.com/questions/10151209096415470/ 

listen to us at: http://haverford.bandcamp.com