havent showered in 3 days

i think its really important to date someone you can fully be yourself around. my boyfriend doesnt understand me completely, but he lets me be who i am. i had anxiety yesterday when i went to costco to try to get my tires rotated. i called him in a panic, i told him there were too many people there, i told him i didnt know where to go, at first he tried to guide me on what to do over the phone but once i told him i couldnt that i was just too worked up he calmly told me to go home. he said he was proud of me for making the effort and trying to do it on my own, and that he will go with me later for comfort and walk me through the process. and i know he doesnt understand it, i know that would be easy for him, that he would be able to look past the crowd of people and just get it done. but he accepts that sometimes i need support on things. i do the same for him, he doesnt feel comfortable making business calls for appointments or to set up services, and i always call for him bc its something i feel confident in. we just help each other where its needed, no questions asked. and i know he loves me when i do my hair and makeup and wear nice clothes, i know he loves me when im depressed and havent showered for 3 days. its just nice.


just me in different filters but same angles. PLEASE DONT RE*LOG. i jst havent taken pics of myself in months so i thought to update my selfie tag. again pls dont rb / they-them pronouns, ok?

why did the chicken cross the road?

at least the chicken gets out into the world, sees things, explores, look at you. You havent showered in 3 days Harold, you fucking sack of shit turn off the fucking nintendo box for a second jesus.