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Mystic Questions~!

Send a color to get an answer for one (or more) of those Mystic Questions~! 

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  • ASHY: What prank would you perform or Yoosung if you had a chance to do just anything? (must choose one! no mercy!)
  • AQUAMARINE: Seven’s hickeys or Saeran’s bitemarks~?
  • AZURE: Would you rather pay for seeing Vanderwood stripping or Zen performing?
  • BEIGE: Who - out of the whole RFA - would you want to be your child?
  • BLACK: Would you sacrifice your whole life (family, school, everything) to live as MC in MysMe’s universe?
  • BLUE: Would you play V’s route if it existed?
  • BROWN: Elizabeth 3rd or Longcat?
  • BURGUNDY: Would you rather hang in your room V’s photos or Zen’s selfies?
  • CLARET: How do you think, what kinks Driver Kim is into? 
  • COLORFUL: Which character would you want to be the opposite sex?
  • COFFEE: Would you rather stay by Jaehee’s or Jumin’s side when it comes to the job?
  • CREAMY: Choose one out of the Minor Trio (V, Saeran, Vanderwood) to do your homework.
  • CRIMSON: Would you rather tase Seven or help him escape from Vanderwood?
  • EMERALD: Do you know any intriguing MysMe theories?
  • GREEN: Who do you (or could you eventually) ship Jaehee with?
  • GREY: Would you date Driver Kim?
  • LIME: What would you answer (in your own words) to Unknown’s message, the one you get right after joining the RFA chat? (1st day)
  • MALACHITE: Who, out of the RFA (ONLY), would you want to be your associate while trying to escape from a jail?
  • MINT: Would you help Rika recover if you could? (…the color intented)
  • ORANGE: Would you rather protect Zen from cats or shower him with Elly’s fur?
  • PINK: Would you eat that Yoosung omlette?
  • RAINBOW-HUED: Does Jumin Han is a gay?
  • RED: Would you follow Unknown if he actually broke into your room and told you to go with him?
  • ROSEATE: How would you distract Seven from his work? (because who needs to actually work lol)
  • RUBY: How gay Jaehee is?
  • SAPPHIRE: Which scene from the whole game made you the most emotional?
  • TIMBER-LIKE: What would you do if you turned out to be Yoosung’s lost sibling?
  • TURQUOISE: Do you prefer the mad sadistic side or the innocent lil side of Saeran?
  • VIOLET: Would you rather have Jumin tie you up or spend a cuddlable night with Elizabeth’s personification?
  • WHITE: What would you ACTUALLY do if someone messaged you and asked you to go to some UNKNOWN place? (pun intented)
  • YELLOW: Which Choi twin would you rather ask to fix your phone?
  • TRANSPARENT: Ask you own Mystic Question!

I’d add more of them but I couldn’t think of any more colors XD 
Hope you have fun with that shit!

1. con temp po rary
existing or happening in the same time period; modern
inspiration [ x ]

some interesting batim things ive thought about that i havent yet shared here:

  • that one new bendy shirt, often seen as just a cool graphic, does show us an important detail that many have been debating about canon: bendy, can, in fact, change expressions. maybe just the eyes while the grin stays on, but we clearly see in this one picture he can glare, so maybe he isnt just One Emotion Face after all
  • speaking of the shirt, notice something on the new boris teaser pic? yep, hes holding a wrench, n it looks to be the same wrench bendy is holding in that shirt graph as well. so uhm yeah? idk if that implies a connection or not, but i mean, could be? idk why else would boris be just. holding that wrench for no reason lol. or bendy for that matter?
  • going from that last bullet point, one could try n theorize that this means this is the wrench that sometimes appears inside boris chest cavity, but like, keyword is ‘sometimes’ because the item placement in chapter 1 is randomized, so id imagine thered be continuity problems if that were to be established as a new plot point, like, what if the wrench didnt appear before inside boris in chapter 1? unless of course, themeatly changes the variable so that it always appears there

Broadway’s Hamilton - Opening Number Homage to Sweeney Todd

Day 5 Usha Village

I feel like somebody offered me either the red pill from one hand or the blue pill from the other hand, and people told me not to take either. Well I took the blue pill and guess what? It took me out of the ideology that America is the safest place in the world. Dont get me wrong, Ive left the country before but this trip was a lil different. I told people i was going to Central America for 30 days. Naysayers gasped and said I was coming to a third world country (what ever that truly means), I would get eating alive by mosquitoes, at this point I personally havent been bitten once. I couldn’t say that in Texas, the Matrix. I haven’t met one Honduran that knows someone who has died of the Zika virus, I might get sick from the food, yet food here is not hybrid and GMO. Heck I pick my dinner right off the trees and its cooked fresh with no preservatives, additives and everything is alkaline. So no extra cost for “organic” like I paid in the matrix. No one here has ever seen a gorrilla, tiger or bear come into the village. LMAO. So far I’ve met people from London, Chicago, Arizona, Dallas, Atlanta, Kentucky, New Jersey, Indiana, Florida, New York and California. So Dr. Sebi isn’t some overnight quack that I found on the internet. This village has been here for 50 years and the people here revere Dr. Sebi with the utmost respect. Celebrities, politicians and world leaders have all called on Dr. Sebi for healing, nutrition and rejuvenation. I’ve heard the horror stories of people here who saw Doctor’s in the States and how they wanted to have million $ surgeries for symptoms but had no desire to identify what caused the ailments in the first place. I haven’t heard about people shooting people at airports, night clubs or protesting about bathrooms or shouting “Honduras Lives Matter” because of injustice an racism like in the matrix, not to say it doesnt exist but I saw it every day before I took the pill….. So yes, I’ve taken the pill and what did it do for me? It got me out of the matrix for a while…..maybe you too shouldn’t listen to all the walking dead and take the pill every now and then. ##LifeisblissoutsidetheMatrix!!##


i didn’t have time to finish these so i’m just gonna leave them in one post!! yoi doodles because i reaally wanted to see what yurio would look like w/short hair + using thos wicked eyeliner skills 🦁

Thoughts on RWBY V4 E2

-Weiss’ house is nice. Although it looks cold as hell. Not welcoming at all.

-Whitley has extremely long legs. He reminds me of Waluigi. I trust him about as much as him too..

-Weiss’ mom (whom i’ve seen been nicknamed Willow Schnee) is a wine mom. That’s sad

-The mother, Weiss and Winter look super unhappy in that family photo. Only Whitley and Jacques look happy.

-Ironwood’s arms look shorter. Maybe Whitley stole them to use for his legs?

-Rich guy uses his daughter to make money and look good in the public eye. Surprises no one.

-If every Schnee is born with white hair, then that means that Jacques married into his wealth, then pulled the rug out from underneath them. Add another scumbag to the list.

-Weiss dont worry Ruby’ll come to save you soon. I mean after she deals with her angst.

-Speaking off angst, our RNJR kids get the pleasure of watching the last survivor of a village die. Oh and Jaune came here as a kid. Oh and also Ren and Nora recognize a symbol.

-Klein is the MVP of the episode. Yet i still dont trust him fully. He’s got shifty eyes. Heh. Heh. Heh.

-Poor Ruby is plagued by nightmares of Pyrrha. I hope thats a sign that Ruby’s problems will surface in this volume. We havent seen much from her yet.

-The visuals in the scene where Ruby walks through the forest are stunning. So calm and beautiful.

-Ah yes, the playing a video of fallen loved one over and over again. Somehow it always hits me. Poor Jaune. Good to hear from Pyrrha again. And that we haven’t moved on that quickly.

A solid episode. Im a little worried that we’ll see too much of Team RNJR, and that they’ll eclipse the other girls. At the very least we’ll probably see what Blake is up to next episode. Ideally, Blake and Yang. Im the most interested in what those two are up to. Should be interesting!

makeup free lauren !! ur welcome !! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

its becca !! im back w/ yet another masterpost !! this ones for my major aesthetic aka lauren jauregui w/ no makeup !! 

let me just add a lil bit in here for you as well, you’re all so freakin beautiful w/ or w/o makeup & you should have the confidence to show off ur face however u want too ok bbys??? love u lets go :))))

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