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I know media is being media when they push this Harry is better than the rest, he hates his bandmates and all. It's more scandalous and putting them all against each other is more juicy. Although I do think Harry is NOTHING like that, and that he loves the boys, he could in fact do some stuff to show that. We still havent seen him in interviews, but I hope he shows his love for the boys. And he could follow them on sm and stuff. I know it's not much but fans take notice of that stuff

It’s going to be a very fine line for Harry to walk, and not everyone will be happy with the choices he and his team make.

He’s got to distance himself from the perception of 1D as a “teeny bopper” band (even though it hasn’t been that in a LONG time), present himself as a serious adult artist, not alienate fans that are still singing What Makes You Beautiful, stay away from Larry rumors (because this it NOT the time for that), distance himself from womanizer rumors (because they aren’t true), show love and appreciation for his band, yet avoid comparisons to any of them (because, hello, solo!), but still be sexy, relatable, aspirational, open, charming, and funny.

Oh yeah, and have amazing songs that live up to the hype.

It’s a lot to take on and I’m nervous and excited for him and I’m going to cut him a LOT of slack the first several months while he navigates his way through.

I hope everyone will.


If you havent watched Marks latest video, then I urge you to. Because its important. Its probably the most important video I have seen Mark do in a long, long time. Its by far the most passionate I have seen him in a long, long time.

Its so easy for people to jump on a band wagon and start to call people out because of choices they have made. On the internet your even covered by anonymity which makes it infinitely easier. 

Whats so disheartening is that if you read through a YouTubers comments, most of them will be calling them out on something, rumours, or attention seeking. They aren’t supportive or constructive. People live to tear one and other down because its easier. 

If there is one thing I can try and do, is take responsibility. And to some it may seem ridiculous. But, I have to. I feel its an obligation. Compared to Mark and others, I have but a flash in the pan but I still have nearly 15,000 who see my posts on their dash. Thats 15,000 people who can listen and take action. 

As Mark said, I couldnt give a fuck where you come from, what you believe in, what your skin colour is, your gender or your sexuality. All I care is that you’re a good person. That is who we should be. That should be the minimum we strive for in our lives. To be good people. To show others respect. 

I promise that I will do that. Not just for the lifespan of this blog, but for the rest of my life. 

Thank you Mark for taking the time to make that video. I hope people watch and take heart from it.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

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Hello, Tia! I really like your art, it's very pretty to look at! I especially love your braces!Chara headcanon as an Undertale fan myself. But, what if Frisk had braces too? And have you seen Madoka Magica? What are your thoughts on it if you have? It's okay if you don't want to answer this ask if you're too anxious or anything, I understand. Keep on being creative kiddo! Hope you're doing well! :D

ahhh thanks a lot!!! i havent seen pmmm yet, tho a lot of my friends say that it’s pretty good so it’s on my “to watch” list! that list’s pretty long tho, and i dont have much free time at the moment, so idk when i’ll do it :0

as for your first question– tbh i’ve been thinking about that p much since the day i drew my first braces!chara,, they’d deffo look cute w/ them, that’s for sure!! 

as for the reactions and ect., i think frisk would be very exited about getting braces at first

but then, not w/out charas help (who’d definitely be jealous of frisk since their braces arent, y’know, permanent ghostly braces) they’d quickly realise that having braces isn’t exactly very exiting

…but then chara’d probably apologise for scaring frisk & would. idk. reassure them that braces are still not, like, the worst thing that could possibly happen to them and help ‘em out and stuff??

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okay so i JUST realized the whole "one couples fate will be questioned" or something like that, but like its talking about bughead bc jugs a serpent now right???? i might look stupid but im from australia and the episode hasnt been released yet so i havent seen it just clips and stuff on tumblr so is that what they were meaning???

Yeah, that’s definately what they were indicating with the whole “a couple is left hanging thing”. Which for me, that was the only solid and believable reason for them to question their relationship. If it was something else, whatever that would be, it would seem unrealistic since they’ve been supportive to each other through all the hardships that were thrown their way. Jughead joining the Serpents is an amazing idea and I was silently prying for this for a long time. Now, I’m not sadist, I want them with all my heart to only be happy and keep banging against walls and counters (😂) but him being a part of tha gang was bound to happen sometime and it seems natural for him to seek help from the people that his dad considers family. Plus, this way the writers can introduce the whole darkness side of both Jughead and Betty in season two and the idea of corraption and the “don’t judge a book by its cover” theme that started with the deglamorization of the prestigious Blossom family. So yeah Jughead joining the Serpents will definately shake the easy-going waters of their relationship but it will make them grow as persons, test their limits, find out who they truly are and that they don’t stand just in a black or white spectrum, they both have layers and greys in between. I’m so excited to see them in season two, I think it’s gonna be epic!!

i had a really great night tbh instead of taking a four hour depression nap i spontaneously met some buddies i havent seen in a real long time downtown and got dinner with them and told one of them im gay which is good (bc i “liked” him when i was 13 and i was always so worried he thought i was still like obsessed w him LMAO) and on the way home i ran into this dude from my middle school who was a year older so we never rlly hung out but he was sooo nice! and he liked my like. 4 jackets that i was wearing! and i wasnt even anxious talking to him! it was great! and i wasnt anxious for the most part of bein with my buddies! so like. what a good night

TalesFromRetail: Cell phone in the checkout.

Long time lurker, first time poster. Also on mobile. I work at a small liquor store. We generally get the same customers from day to day and it’s actually a pretty relaxed retail environment.

My biggest complaint– aside from corporate of course– is when a customer comes to the checkout on their phone. It usually happens a few times a shift and it’s always a bit awkward as company policy requires that I ask them a few questions during the transaction.

Anyway, a man that i havent seen before came to the counter for the second time that day as he forgot something the wife wanted. He was pretty upbeat and trying to make genuine conversation with other customers and coworkers. I ring him up as usual and make some small talk when his phone begins to vibrate. Then the most magical thing happens, he silences the ringer and says, “Is it alright if I take this call?” I’m blown away. Never before has a customer asked my permission before doing much of anything. I tell him to go ahead and finish the transaction like normal and he leaves with a quick thank you.

I stood there for a while after he left just thinking about what had happened. It honestly made my day a little better. Just a little courtesy can go a long way in making a retail employee’s job less miserable.

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I saved this picture back in 2011 when I joined the Starkid fandom and I used to obsessively search google and tumblr blogs, desperate to know more about these crazy people. I completely forgot I had this until I watched Joey’s air guitar video released today by the Tin Can Brothers for hitting 28k on their kickstarter. It’s like a bell went off saying “hey you’ve seen this before” and despite having forgotten for years, now I feel weirdly satisfied that I finally know where it’s from!

Become a backer, help fund Spies Are Forever, and you’re definitely gonna unlock more of these gems from The Vault! (plus you get awesome perks so come on, join!)

i think all my rl friends hate me now and i cant blame them because ive been a horrible friend and i havent seen or talked to them in a really long time and like i kinda want to ask them if they hate me but i feel like i dont deserve any reassurance bc im a shit friend does that make sense? 

i havent seen a post about this yet for some reason so

yknow that froggit in the ruins who tells you about yellow names

heres what happens if u tell them that “it’s bad”

and they do

as you can see, happy migosp, no yellow name

obviously, this makes things quite a bit less convenient, not being able to tell when an enemy can be spared. so waht happens if we go back to the froggit?

and they do

and thats how u unlock pretty pink names in undertale thanks for ur time

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can i have a few good vibes blease,, ive been feeling really negative and i dont want to burden anyone with my meaningless feelings but things are just really bad for me right now,,, i havent seen any of my ""friends"" in a long time and im really emotionally dependent on them, everyone from my old life is so much happier without me.. im stressed abt summer tests and i also get to enjoy extreme back pain and guilt-tripping from my whole family. thank you so much ghost, i have nobody else to tell


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the ace discourse thing made some people riled up so (based on what i saw) they went thru his blog and found an old post with nsfw art of him, drawn by a person who had hidden their age. a long time after that post was made, the kid put their age on their blog, revealing them to be 15, and people in the present day reblogged it as if thomas sanders knew the whole time

aight but like i still havent seen the ace discourse post he did so could someone link it. or not, i guess. its thomas sanders so whatever


i didn’t have time to finish these so i’m just gonna leave them in one post!! yoi doodles because i reaally wanted to see what yurio would look like w/short hair + using thos wicked eyeliner skills 🦁

you cant fuck the sad cavepaintings from ice age. we’ve veered off into all kinds of obscure animated territory during this blog’s uh, several months of existence, i dunno, thats just a guess, im not good at measuring time, no need to jump up my ass about it, christ. what im saying it seems appropriate at this juncture to begin re-exploring more familiar, well-known properties and how theres no way you can get intimate with anything in them buddy, no way in hell. cant you see this mammoth is trying to have a moment with his fake dead family what live on the wall. cant your gratification wait until the end of his backstory. you fuck. i havent seen ice age in a long time and i have no idea what i even think of it. did you know nicki minaj was in the third one 

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whats up dude, what are your favourite tv shows/movies?? and why???

aa thank u for the ask anon and hmm i have 3 favourite movies first one is a clockwork orange and i lovee that movie soso much and idk its a fucking masterpiece like the soundtrack and cinematography makes me scream the second movie is mysterious skin which i saw like last week and it shook me up hard cus i havent seen a good movie for a long time and i relate a lot to a character in it (brian to be exact) idk you just have to see that one for yourself cus its so good i cant put it in words and the third one is american psycho..thats just self explanatory i guess and hmm tv shows i like a looooot of them my all time fave is ofc breaking bad then…westworld? i also watch some shitty tv shows that i enjoy out of boredom like.. gotham. i mean it was good for 2 seasons and a half then it got pretty cringy but yeah thats it

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Its from the sonic x episode where team chaotix tries to matchmake(? That the right word?) tails and cosmo i think but idk the ep number anymore.. im p sure this was vectors imagination there

my friend told me when i asked them but thank you anyway!! its from episode 65 (a long time ago i stopped watching it like halfway through metarex but now im trying to watch the whole series from ep 1 again so i havent actually seen the episode lol)

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ok i found you by looking in the masky and hoodie tag. you do know they are cp right? i know they are from marble hornets but for those of us who dont watch that we just use them as creepypasta. nobody is getting hurt by doing so so stop bullying us.


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First off, ive never bullied anyone. TRUST ME. Second off, you are hurting people. Hurting us. I feel like all this “masky cheesecake” shit is contagious. And while i havent seen it in a long time, i know some people still fuck with that. Its insulting to us, (The MH fandom) and Tim (Masky.) Stop stealing our characters to use in your antics that have nothing to do with us. Make your own OC instead! And while i have nothing against MH and Creepypasta crossovers, its so tainted with the bullshit Masky and Hoody that eat cheesecake and are shy dumbasses. They arent even proxies! THEY DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SLENDERMAN GAH

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