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drarry fic rec

these are my favorite drarry fics on AO3. the fics that are also bold are my absolute most favorite ones. 

20k to 50k

  • Lumos by Anonymous for the H/D Erised Fic exchange 2016 | 40k

50k to 100k 

  • Azoth by zeitgeistic | 90k

100k + 


hogwart’s resident gryffindor quidditch captain, and hardass slytherin Perfect powercouple strikes again–as childhood friend nikandros continues to puzzle over how in the hell oil could ever mix with water this utterly and completely 

jord, meanwhile, looks on in the distance and secretly contemplate’s nik’s kind-of-fine ass

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I avoided Harry Potter since it came out because I was such a rebel and I was a wee bit too old for it when it made a splash. But yesterday I chanced to watch The a Goblet Of Fire on HBOGO and I now really want to get into the series. Any advice for a 28 year old who wants to start in the series?

OH GOODNESS! That is so freakin’ awesome that you want to read the series! You won’t regret it, they are seriously well written and just great no matter your age! :D 

I think the only piece of advice I have is that, as an adult, the first two books really do feel more like kids books. They’re shorter and they have more basic good vs evil tropes. They’re still really great, so be sure to power through them because once the 3rd book starts, phew, that’s when things get good, and when the really interesting stuff starts happening! 

Now go curl up with a cup of tea and READ THEM ALL! :D 

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by some incredible stroke of luck i ended up seeing harry potter and the cursed child a few months back in march. dude. i went to london thinking that i was just glad to be away from all the stuff at uni and all the work and bs i had to do, and i was gonna have a chill time and ditch my work for a bit. im not really a major harry potter fan, i havent read the books and ive only watched the films, and at the time i didnt realise how goddamn incredible a gift it was to actually see this amazing show. its incredible. it is a truly brilliant show. i have never been this impressed by any performance anywhere. anthony boyle and noma dumezwani some of my faves. they were incredible. i finally broke out of my crappy drawing block because i just had to do some drawings of them. god just. harry potter, maaan.

So this happened..

Me and professor: *on the train ride going home*
Me and professor: *passes by a Cursed Child ad*
Me: *cringes*
Professor: Have you read Harry Potter?
Me: Yes
Professor: All seven of the books?
Me: Yes
Professor: Oh, then what’s that book about? Is it a prequel? *refering to the Cursed Child*
Me: *is massive Scorbus and Drarry trash* *flashbacks to all the shipping feels* It’s about their kids *dies*

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I ship klance too hard but I've never read any fan fiction and don't know where to start :,))))))

back when i first got into the vld fandom there was just over 100 klance fics on ao3 and now there is almost 2000 holy shit i actually use to be caught up with all the fics i wanted to read and but now i have like alot bookmarked and am slowly getting though them theres just such much of that Good Klance Content™  imma list a few of my favs ive read or am reading atm

blueprints by underthesilentstars im currently reading atm and its really good so far!!

broken rules by donoteatraw its an avatar AU and is A++

fill in the spaces by star_right ive only read up to chap 4 but its amazing!

a quarter past midnight by gigapoodle trans keith is my JAM (it also has angst watch out for that)

the lions den by gigapoodle its another trans keith but this time its also a cafe AU!

drive! by wolfgun one of my favs its not finished yet but its still awesome!!

secret ingredients by lynn1998 its a bakery AU and is one of my top favs (also lynn1998 is one of my fav writers they also write trans keith and it makes me v happy) theres smut in this one but its in the later chapters

in the valley below by metis_ink FANTASY AU YOOO i love this fic alot its great i defiantly recommend reading this one!

summer boys by cosidrix its a summer vacation AU were they meet only during summer vacation and it goes though the years as they grow up its v good!!

altea school of witchcraft and wizardry by yeah_no_sorry harry potter AU!! i havent read the latest chapter but i love it so far!!

my youth is yours by milkteamiku lance gets turned into a baby and its super cute and fluffy i died like 5 times during this fic

camp lake altea by checkeredcloth incase the title didnt inform you its a camp AU!! and its super good too im a sucker for camp AUs tbh

theres alot more out there but i cant find them so if anyone wants to add to this list feel free too!!

I’ve noticed that tumblr seems to have become, quite rightly, a Minerva McGonagall fan site. So whilst I am sure I’m not the first to do so, I really wanna share one of my (many) favourite McGonagall moments - how she handles things when Neville doesn’t get the required grade for his Transfiguration NEWT.

‘Why do you want to continue with Transfiguration anyway? I never got the impression that you particuarly enjoyed it.’
Neville looked miserable and muttered something about ‘my grandmother wants’.
‘Humph,’ snorted Professor McGonagall. ‘It’s high time your grandmother learned to be proud of the grandson she’s got, rather than the one she thinks she ought to have - particularly after what happened at the Ministry.’
Neville turned very pink and blinked confusedly; Professor McGonagall had never paid him a compliment before. 
‘I’m sorry, Longbottom, but I cannot let you into my NEWT class. I see that you have an “Exceeds Expectations” in Charms, however - why not try for a NEWT in Charms?’
‘My grandmother thinks Charms is a soft option,’ mumbled Neville.
’Take Charms,’ said Professor McGonagall, ‘and I shall drop Augusta a line reminding her that just because she failed her Charms OWL, the subject is not necessarily worthless.’

(Half-Blood Prince page 165-166 UK Hardback)