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hogwart’s resident gryffindor quidditch captain, and hardass slytherin Perfect powercouple strikes again–as childhood friend nikandros continues to puzzle over how in the hell oil could ever mix with water this utterly and completely 

jord, meanwhile, looks on in the distance and secretly contemplate’s nik’s kind-of-fine ass

drarry fic rec

these are my favorite drarry fics on AO3. the fics that are also bold are my absolute most favorite ones. 

20k to 50k

  • Lumos by Anonymous for the H/D Erised Fic exchange 2016 | 40k

50k to 100k 

  • Azoth by zeitgeistic | 90k

100k + 

when was the last time Harry Potter got his eyes checked??? I doubt Petunia would take him? How long has he had his glasses? No wonder he was so oblivious in the books he probably couldn’t even see well

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I avoided Harry Potter since it came out because I was such a rebel and I was a wee bit too old for it when it made a splash. But yesterday I chanced to watch The a Goblet Of Fire on HBOGO and I now really want to get into the series. Any advice for a 28 year old who wants to start in the series?

OH GOODNESS! That is so freakin’ awesome that you want to read the series! You won’t regret it, they are seriously well written and just great no matter your age! :D 

I think the only piece of advice I have is that, as an adult, the first two books really do feel more like kids books. They’re shorter and they have more basic good vs evil tropes. They’re still really great, so be sure to power through them because once the 3rd book starts, phew, that’s when things get good, and when the really interesting stuff starts happening! 

Now go curl up with a cup of tea and READ THEM ALL! :D 

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PSA i’m mental about this fic

“Harry has had quite enough of sharing his mind with someone else, thankyouverymuch. A miscast Legilimecy spell says otherwise.“

I’ve been readind this amazing fic for the last two weeks, and it was so good and i’m very glad that i took my time with her, honestly i could read more 200k of this fic. It’s a classic on the fandom and i finally see why so everyone who haven’t read yet go read you won’t regret.. (also pls check the tags first for any trigger warnings and etc kjdhkjkjh don’t be reckless like me rip). x

Mental by Sara Holmes.

me at 1 am: *tries to figure out my kins bc this is my life now*

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Poly relationship with Biker!Bucky, Librarian!Steve and you. Steve being baffled that you and Buck havent even seen or read Harry Potter - but like he completely understands, not many people hace the time for it. So on stormy nights, when the power goes out and you're all huddled on the couch - the only light coming from candles - Steve will read a few chapters for you, Bucky leaning his head on Steve shoulder while you lay across their legs, and Buck plays with your hair.

holy shit this is amazing 

please tell me you have more headcanons for this 

Spinoff Saturday

by some incredible stroke of luck i ended up seeing harry potter and the cursed child a few months back in march. dude. i went to london thinking that i was just glad to be away from all the stuff at uni and all the work and bs i had to do, and i was gonna have a chill time and ditch my work for a bit. im not really a major harry potter fan, i havent read the books and ive only watched the films, and at the time i didnt realise how goddamn incredible a gift it was to actually see this amazing show. its incredible. it is a truly brilliant show. i have never been this impressed by any performance anywhere. anthony boyle and noma dumezwani some of my faves. they were incredible. i finally broke out of my crappy drawing block because i just had to do some drawings of them. god just. harry potter, maaan.

last night i was like “oh i havent read any harry potter fanfic in a while, maybe i should check ao3 to see what’s up” so i went to the hp tag page and filtered it down a little bit but apparently not enough, because a few stories down was like. a multiple-sentence summary that’s mostly spent describing how this random girl and her friends all literally die one after the other at a sleepover or something because one of them mistook vitamin gummies for regular gummies and they were all eating handfuls of them and [name] was the last one to die and finally the last line was how she woke up in cedric diggory’s body but like almost the entire summary is spent describing the circumstances of the deaths of these random girls and like, i think i’m done. that’s enough hp fanfic for me. i think i’ve seen all the internet has to offer on that account and it’s tmie for me to move on

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I’m finally rereading Harry Potter, after all these years, and it seems Harry just FORGOT all the warnings he got about NOT robbing Gringotts.


The very first thing that Harry heard about Gringotts was that he’d be mad to rob it.


Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

That neato warning that the Goblins put on the doors to Gringotts. Like, what????? Harry, did you forget????