havent posted myself in a while

its one line

the signs as things ive done while manic/depressed
  • aries: (while manic) facebook messaged my first ever boyfriend who i havent seen since ninth grade and told him his cover photo was stupid
  • taurus: (while depressed) holed myself up in my room for four days watching "how to get away with murder"
  • gemini: (while manic) climbed off the side of the escalators in a shopping mall rather than waiting for them to roll to the bottom
  • cancer: (while depressed) went to a school field trip, but by the time i got there i got too sad to actually go in, so i made a friend sit with me the entire time on the bus in the parking lot while i cried and all of our classmates had fun inside
  • leo: (while manic) performed at a poetry slam on a whim and got first place
  • virgo: (while manic) slammed three mountain dew energy drinks at 11 pm to finish an essay and ended up painting all over my body and not finishing the essay
  • libra: (while in a mixed episode) made plans with friends but was too depressed to text them and say i couldnt come, so i just hid my phone somewhere and sat down naked on the ground in my bedroom for the entire night
  • scorpio: (while manic) laid down face down on my bed and lit several boxes worth of matches on fire
  • sagittarius: (while depressed) got drunk on angry orchard and vodka and rode on my friend's stationary bicycle all night long singing ice ice baby to myself until i passed out
  • capricorn: (while manic) very loudly laughed at my keynote speaker's speech during my graduation ceremony
  • aquarius: (while depressed) sat on my kitchen floor for an hour and ate an entire gallon of chocolate ice cream out of the carton while dissociating and listening to green day
  • pisces: (while depressed) tried to learn how to make a flower crown to cheer myself up and had a meltdown when it didn't work out

Hi there everyone,

You might have noticed we havent posted in a while, (thank you to the concerned anons!) and I feel like you are owed an explanation.

While we have four or five mods connected to this blog, I (mod R) have been pretty much primarily running this by myself for over a year. This is NOT a call-out posts for those other mods because I understand entirely that the amount of submissions we get and the rigorous tagging process we go through is overwhelming, but I have been struggling with the weight of this blog on my own. I am a minor who lives in care so having this extra responsibility has started to be a real struggle.

I know now I have posted this that we will have people who will be more than happy to step up and become a mod to help, but I don’t think that’s a good idea for right now. As one of the two founders and the person who has been trying to maintain the blog for a while, I feel entirely responsible for it, and we have instated quite a few mods in the past to try and help with the workload and it never pans out properly, causing even more stress.

So what I am going to do for now is put the blog in a hiatus state, and set the queue for one post a day. Hopefully that will be easy enough for me to maintain. Because of that however, if you send it a submission it could take weeks, if not months, to post.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and hopefully in the future we can get this blog up and running full time again!!!!

- Mod R

  • 同級生 (Doukyuusei) - 空と風のワルツ (Piano Ver. 8)

While I had my grandma’s house to myself and my microphone still i kinda just recorded one of the doukyuusei osts that i recently printed which are so pretyt i cri and it kind of ended up having a really cool aesthetic

anonymous asked:

Why don't you think you've been with someone in a while? I saw your post where you said you haven't kissed someone in 2 years

well after the last guy i was with, i didnt put myself out there or try to meet guys because he screwed me up for a long time (hooray for jerks who play with your heart). but since getting over him, i just havent met anyone to kiss i guess lol but I’m really hoping i get kissed soon tbh 

so along with the other endangered fanart i posted a little while ago, i had started to come up with some ideas of another fanart to make in SAI.

after a while of deliberation and failed prototypes came this kind of poster thing for the fic.

(if you havent already started reading this theres something wrong with you)


random gifs of jeonghan being cute for @junghan // x x x

this took so long to make hannah but happy birthday hannah ♥♥  the only reason why i pushed myself to finish this was for your birthday and i hope you enjoy! (pt 2 of your birthday present to come soon)