havent posted myself in a while

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Soft brush rowl looking at stars? :'>


Andrew flicked him a cool look. “I told her what would happen if she raised her hand again. She had no right to act so surprised.

personally, i havent seen this myself but i keep hearing about it, so.

if an artist says do not tag as kin for their art on their posts or somewhere on their blog, respect their rules.


  • artists put a lot of hard work into their art, and many feel its disrespect for someone to just tag as ‘me/kin/id’, especially if it’s vent art.
  • the artist could be otherkin themselves and also feel disrespect, but they could be kin with whatever they drew so they’d rather not see another one of their kin.
  • many artists feel different towards kin, and while some may not be anti-kin, they still feel uncomfortable.
  • someone drawing your kin doesnt mean they made it for you. (unless they stated they did then, thats a diff story)
  • it’s respect, c’mon.
  • just don’t do it.

and instead of saying “um this person is being ableist because they wont let me tag as kin’, listen. thats a wild accusation and instead of causing drama, just reblog and respect the rules. its really not that hard.

and remember, if youre unsure if its okay to tag an artists work as kin, try sending them an ask (anon or not). its not the end of the world if you cant tag something as me/kin/id.

i dont know who did it bt suddenly one of my wyatt and layla drawings got a big increase in activity!! and now im getting a large influx of new followers at a rate i havent experienced in a long while!!! so 

hi new followers! my name is cheye (thats pronounced che-yeh) im agender, latinx and reliably post more art of my ocs than anything else because im not artistically involved in any fandom i find myself in lmao…

i have an art reblog blog in case yu want my art only and also i look like this

thank yu for yur time

i think i’ll take a break, i dont feel like drawing or posting for a long time. this year hasn’t been any fun and i’m mentally exhausted. i don’t feel ok for several reasons and I havent take the time to care about myself either. im sorry if i’m not here or any of my other social media accounts, but i need time to rethink stuff, make complicated decisions and find things that make me happy. thanks for your support, i read all of your messages and they mean a lot to me, love you all. see you in a while i guess.

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😍I love love love your sims!! Would you ever put any of them up for download?🤞👀 & you havent posted in a while & I cnt fuckin take it *crying in slut*

Funny story,
So Sebele, The Ali’ Twins, and Maxx were supposed to be a Sim dump but if I edit a char and I like the way they fit into my aes I keep them for myself LMAOO
So you probably will never get a Sim from me
Ehhh, I’m on a semi-Hiatus(from posting Sim related post)