havent posted in a long time

hey i havent been drawing much at all for a really long time but i did this for a friend like a week ago

anonymous asked:

Any ideas for rich person/poor person?

I havent posted anything yet today I’ll get you one idea real quick ;p

also im like 87% sure there’s an idea for this in the fairy tale au section of the navigation? something along the lines of “Person A meets Person B when B is living on the street, so A gives them some money to help out, several years later Person B is the marrying the heir to the royal throne when they meet A again.” but honestly, it was a prompt from a while ago so i cant really remember

yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her




after a stupid long time, i’m finally able to post my rmit grad film, for fear of little men! this thing represents 8 months of delirious work surviving off pizza shapes and academic fear alongside my friends, please enjoy


Harry Potter fancasts

Weasley Family (Ron/Ginny)

I want Neil to be sitting on the couch while talking to Matt and Andrew just silently enters the room. He sits down and drapes his legs over Neil or something and Neil doesn’t react and just lets Andrew play with his hair or his fingers. Matt gapes and Neil doesn’t notice, he just keeps talking about Exy strategies.