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@sadlyamundane asked: Whenever Person A is sleepy they answer every question with “yeah.” Person B uses this oppurtunity to get Person A to agree to them getting a dog the cats (aka Chairman Meow and Church).

Magnus stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at the lump currently under his sheets. The tray of food in his hands wobbled as Magnus made his way over to the bedside table to carefully place the silver tray down, the glass of orange juice tilting dangerously before sitting back upright with the wave of his hand.

Satisfied, Magnus turned back to the lump that was his boyfriend snuggled in the sheets and gently shook Alec’s shoulder. The sheets rustled a bit and a small groan made its way to Magnus’ ear, but other than that, Alec didn’t look like he was waking up anytime soon.

Exasperated, Magnus pulled down the sheets and—in the same motion— straddled Alec. And still, he didn’t wake.

“Oh, come one,” Magnus muttered as he swept a swept a hand through the dark unruly mess that was Alec’s hair. And that seemed to do the trick as Alec began to move under the touch, offering his head so the petting wouldn’t stop. And that gave Magnus an idea.

Because, you see, whenever Alec is sleepy, he tends to answer anything without even knowing what the question is…and Magnus may or may not sometimes take advantage of this fact.

“Alexander, darling, are you awake?” Magnus murmured.

Alec blearily blinked up at Magnus, hands already creeping up to gently grasp Magnus’ hips as he replied with, “What?”

Magnus smiled and leaned down to press a soft kiss to Alec’s lips, who was still only awake enough to gurgle something unintelligible as he easily melted into the kiss, whining when Magnus pulled away too soon. It was too cute of a sound not to giggle at, which of course brought a pout to Alec’s lips as he squinted up at Magnus in mock hurt, clearly also amused as the corner of his lips twitched. And he was just so gorgeous that Magnus had to lean over to give him one more kiss, this one lingering for just a few seconds longer.

But he was getting distracted.

Pulling away with great reluctance, Magnus watched Alec for a moment, only speaking when he saw eyelids begin to droop.

“Alexander, can I ask you something?”

“Hmmm?” was Alec’s only response.

Magnus bit his lip. Maybe this was going to be easier than he thought.

“You know how you like it when I pet you?”

It took a moment, but Alec eventually replied with a, “Yeah.”

“And you know how I like it when you pet me?”

Again, he replied with a, “Yeah”—this one slurred just a bit.

“Well, then I thought it would be lovely if we had something else to pet. You know, like a dog. Or…perhaps a cat? Or two? There are these two wonderful kittens as the local pet shelter. One is a teeny little ball of joy and the other is a grumpy, gray fluffball of a cat, but I think he would suit you just fine. So…what do you say, darling, can we get them?”

Alec didn’t reply, and for a moment Magnus feared he was already asleep again, but then Alec stirred and murmured something.

“What was that, dear? I couldn’t quite catch it.”

“Yeah, sure. That sounds great, Mags.”

Magnus let out a squeal as he pumped a fist in the air, the abrupt movement shaking Alec awake. He took one look at Magnus’ face before practically demanding, “What did I just agree to?”

Laughing, Magnus jumped off of Alec and the bed and made his way to the door. Right as he was about to close it he looked back and said, “You’ll see, dear. I’ll be back soon!”

As Magnus made his way to pick up the adorable felines he heard a ruckus from the bedroom and one last yell from Alec, causing him to burst into giddy laughter.

“Magnus, wait! What did I just agree to!

ur too cool 
a playlist about someone who is really cool!

mister goodnite - you’re too cool
beirut - no no no
mac demarco - another one
the vaccines - minimal affection
the growlers - love test
blur - ong ong
magnetic fields - absolutely cuckoo
mini mansions - heart of glass
the smiths - never had no one ever
the strokes - call it fate, call it karma

★ listen here ★

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Hi hi! I really love your headcanons! I was wondering if you could do one of the RFA members (V+unknown as well) reaction when they find out MC has bruises on her body bc of abusive parents. Its okay if you're not comfortable doing it ^^

warning! this might be triggering for some ppl so proceed with caution

also im gonna do this headcanon with all of them in high school bc i love high school hope u dont mind


  • MC was having an especially horrible tuesday
  • which is why getting a text from Yoosung that read “are you busy tonight?”
  • around 6 PM felt like a god send
  • “not busy at all. will you rescue me from this boring existence, Yoosung?”
  • “Super Yoosung is on his way!”
  • when Yoosung texts MC saying he’s outside their house, they practically run out, jumping into the front seat of his car
  • they looked forward to spending time with Yoosung
  • being with him always helped them forget how bad things were at home…
  • “hey, MC! movie sound okay?”
  • “anything sounds okay, just get me away from here!”
  • MC’s tone was bright and happy, despite the depth of their desire to drive far, far away from that house
  • “haha, alright”
  • Yoosung stars the car, and MC immediately turns on the radio looking for something they can jam out to on the way to the theater
  • finally MC finds a song they like, and turns the radio up
  • “gah, MC! this is way too loud! and this song isnt even that good!”
  • Yoosung reaches out to turn the radio back down
  • “i don’t know what you’re talking about. this song rocks”
  • MC turns the music back up
  • Yoosung turns the radio back down
  • “my car, my rules!”
  • he scolds MC playfully
  • MC pushes the sleeves of their sweater up, making fists as though they were squaring up to Yoosung
  • “if you wanna fight me, then fight me!”
  • as MC does this, Yoosung pulls up to a red light
  • taking advantage of the situation, Yoosung looks at MC, ready to wrestle them for a second before the light turns green
  • but when he looks at MC, he notices that their forearms are practically covered in bruises
  • the smile on his face immediately vanishes, and MC realizes what he saw
  • shit
  • “MC….what happened to you?”
  • as he asks, the car in front of them rolls forward and Yoosung is forced to look at the road again
  • “i…um…i fell down the stairs in my house. yea!”
  • MC nervously pushes their sleeves down, feeling like an idiot for letting Yoosung see the bruises
  • without saying anything, Yoosung pulls the car over 
  • “dont lie to me”
  • tears swell up in MC’s eyes as they think back to what had happened earlier that day
  • “i failed my math test…and my dad got really upset about it…”
  • MC stares at the ground, too embarrassed to look Yoosung in the eyes
  • tears drip away from MC’s eyes
  • Yoosung silently pulls MC into his lap
  • he’s never done anything like this before….but MC doesn’t fight it
  • they just continue to cry, sinking into Yoosungs warmth as he holds them
  • “I….don’t want to go back there, Yoosung”
  • “MC”
  • MC looks up at Yoosung to see that he was crying a bit, too
  • “you don’t have to go back there. come home…with me.”
  • Yoosung pulls MC into his chest again
  • “I know i’m not exactly the strong type but…I want to protect you, MC. will you let me?”
  • MC nods, gripping Yoosungs hoodie tightly
  • MC was so used to being surrounded by darkness and brutality
  • Yoosung was so gentle, sweet, and bright
  • he was everything they needed
  • and he needed them all the same


  • “Happy birthday, MC!”
  • Zen smiles in MC’s doorway, holding a present, a mini cake, and a balloon
  • “Zen? what are you doing here?”
  • “I know you said you didn’t want to do anything for your birthday, but i had to do something for you!
  • MC smiles
  • even though it was true that they didn’t want to throw a party or anything
  • they were still happy to see Zen
  • they were always happy to see Zen
  • so the two of them have a private birthday celebration in MC’s room
  • “open you’re present!”
  • MC pulls the paper off of the box and opens it to reveal a short, strapless red dress
  • “Zen…it’s beautiful”
  • “will you put it on for me? pleaseee?”
  • Zen clasps his hands together
  • “I don’t think i want to right now. but i love it! thank you!”
  • “please, MC? i thought that dress was so pretty when i saw it, i know it will look even prettier on you!”
  • MC raises their voice a little when they reply to Zen
  • “Zen, i dont want to. let it go, okay?!”
  • MC folds the dress up and puts it back into the box
  • Zen is taken aback by their sudden hostility
  • “MC, what’s wrong? why are you getting so upset over the dress?”
  • unable to hide it from Zen any longer, MC lets everything out at once
  • they yank the sleeves of their sweater up, revealing several large bruises on each arm
  • “this is why, Zen! cause i’ve been hiding these from you!” 
  • MC covers their face and begins to sob into their hands
  • Zen sits beside MC, closing the gap between them and whispers softly
  • “i’m so sorry…”
  • he puts an arm around MC, holding them close
  • “who did this to you?”
  • MC has trouble speaking, but manages to mutter out the answer to Zen’s question 
  • “my….mother…”
  • Zen tightens his hold on MC
  • “she was drunk….and i..”
  • Zen interrupts MC, taking their arm in his hand
  • he kisses every single bruise on their arm, pushing their sleeve up to reveal more skin as he goes
  • he kisses their shoulder
  • then their neck
  • then their cheek
  • then their lips
  • Zen didn’t say anything
  • but at that moment he vowed never to drink again
  • “MC, i know your mother doesnt give you the love that you deserve”
  • he kisses them again, brushing some hair behind their ear
  • “but will you let me love you?”
  • Zen feels the wetness on MC’s face from their tears
  • “yes, Zen”
  • even though MC’s mother’s abusive tenancies has always obscured their ability to be happy
  • Zen made MC happy
  • Zen had the ability to be everything that MC was missing
  • and even though they still had to live with their mother for now
  • knowing Zen was by their side made the burden a little lighter
  • MC never hid their bruises from Zen again
  • and every time they met up, he never failed to kiss MC’s bruises and remind them of how much he loves them


  • MC and Jaehee were hanging out together at the mall that day
  • “Jaehee, are you getting hungry yet?”
  • “a little bit, i guess”
  • “lets go to the food court!”
  • MC grabs Jaehee’s hand, pulling her to their favorite restaurant in the food court
  • Jaehee usually tries not to eat fast food like this, but she can’t deny that it’s delicious
  • the two of them order burgers together
  • MC takes a bite into their burger, and when they pull their face away some ketchup sticks to their face
  • Jaehee giggles a little bit
  • “what’s so funny?”
  • MC tilts their head and looks around for whatever Jaehee is laughing at
  • “you are, silly! look at me”
  • Jaehee takes a napkin to MC’s mouth, then rubs the rest of their face with the napkin playfully
  • MC starts to laugh, swatting at Jaehee’s hand
  • when Jaehee takes the napkin away from MC’s face, she notices theres a considerable amount of face makeup on it
  • she looks up at MC and sees a dark bruise on the side of their face
  • “MC, what happened?”
  • MC quickly covers the bruise with their hand, realizing that Jaehee must have rubbed off their makeup
  • “um…”
  • MC frantically tries to make up a lie, but it’s no use
  • “Jaehee…you can’t tell anyone, okay?”
  • “okay, i wont. just tell me what happened”
  • MC tells Jaehee that the day before their father had hit them after they refused to clean up a mess his friends made in the house
  • “things just…escalated…it happens every once in awhile, i guess”
  • Jaehee’s utterly horrified
  • her family hadnt always been good to her 
  • but they never hit her
  • “MC…”
  • Jaehee holds MC’s hands from across the table
  • “although i havent experienced abuse…i know what it’s like to have an unhappy home life”
  • “Jaehee…” 
  • “maybe… we can support each other for now. i know we’re too young to escape but someday we can run away, MC”
  • Jaehee leans across the table to kiss MC’s bruise lightly
  • MC tries to hold back their tears
  • only one more year of suffering
  • and then they could escape with Jaehee
  • they’ve never looked forward to something so much in their whole life


  • MC has been begging Jumin to come to the carnival with them
  • it was only in town for a short time
  • and even though Jumin hated carnival food and carnival rides
  • he really really likes MC
  • so he reluctantly joins them
  • the weather had just started heating up
  • so for the first time Jumin has seen, MC was wearing shorts
  • Jumin not only noticed that MC looked super cute in shorts
  • but also that there were a few large bruises on their thighs
  • they were holding hands and walking through the carnival when Jumin decided to ask about it
  • “MC, what are those bruises from? they look painful.”
  • MC laughs nervously
  • “they’re just from my general clumsiness, haha! lets get a funnel cake!”
  • Jumin smiles and agrees
  • but something about what MC said bothered him
  • MC wasn’t really the clumsy type
  • they were always so sure footed
  • and even displayed excellent hand eye coordination at times
  • it wasn’t until they left the carnival that Jumin brought it up again
  • “are those really from falling?”
  • he couldnt push away the curiosity
  • “truthfully….”
  • MC’s expression darkens
  • “my father did this to me…it doesnt hurt that bad, though”
  • they were lying 
  • Jumin could tell
  • Jumin starts to feel angry
  • he wants to have anyone who would lay a hand on MC imprisoned
  • but…what could he do?
  • he was just a kid
  • “wait here”
  • Jumin cuts away from MC, running back to the carnival
  • he returns within a matter of minutes, holding a giant stuffed dinosaur
  • “MC, take this”
  • “Jumin, did you just win this?”
  • “yes. i tried to get you the biggest one”
  • MC face heats up as they start to blush
  • Jumin pulls MC close to him, wrapping them in a hug
  • “I know i cant be with you all the time like i want to”
  • he kisses MC
  • “but when anyone hurts you and I cant come to you, just hold this animal and think of me. okay? when this stuffed animal helps comfort you, it will be like im comforting you”
  • a tear rolls down MC’s cheek, and Jumin wipes it away
  • “you do that for me, and i swear as soon as im able to take you out of that home, i will. and then you can throw this dinosaur away”
  • he hugs MC again, wishing he never had to let go
  • the thought of anyone hurting MC makes him feel sick
  • but as soon as he can, he will save them
  • and once he does, they will never have to feel pain again


  • MC was locked in their room, crying
  • it happened again
  • MC couldnt help who they loved
  • but their mother lost it when MC said they were going to run away with Seven
  • “i’m going to leave you, you bitch! i dont care if you dont approve of him!”
  • MC’s mother had hit them especially hard that night after they raised their voice at her
  • their arms were staring to swell
  • they just want to escape
  • it was about 9 PM when they’re phone lit up with a text from Seven
  • “lets go somewhere!”
  • MC replies, but their tears make the keyboard blurry
  • “i cab’t tonighr”
  • “hey whats with all they typos? lolololol”
  • “sorrt”
  • “are you sure you can’t grab a quick ice cream with a lame hacker? it’ll be fun i promise”
  • “Sevem i really csn’t. my mom is mad ar me”
  • “itsnt your mom always mad at you? lolololololol”
  • MC’s body shakes with sobs as they text Seven
  • they had always kept this from him but it seemed to get worse and worse everyday
  • they didn’t want to lie anymore
  • “she beat me”
  • MC types slowly to ensure there were no mistakes
  • a minute passes by with no reply
  • then five minutes
  • and half an hour
  • MC sits crumbled on their bed, feeling like a sobbing heap of disappointment
  • did they scare him away?
  • two more hours pass with no reply
  • its around 11 PM now and MC decides to go to sleep
  • they just want this horrible night to end
  • just as they close their eyes, the hear the faint sound of something banging against their window a few times
  • they pull up the shades to see Seven standing outside their window
  • they open it, surprised to see him
  • “what are you doing here?!”
  • “i’m here to rescue you, baby”
  • Seven holds his hand out to help MC out of their room
  • “are you crazy?!”
  • “yes”
  • “Seven! be serious!”
  • Seven tells MC that he’s spent the last few hours booking a hotel room for them
  • “i also applied to lease an apartment. don’t worry about paying rent, i can do that. isnt it nice having a legal adult for a boyfriend?”
  • “Seven….are you asking me to live with you?”
  • “I’m asking you to run away with me”
  • running away with Seven sounds great right about now
  • he holds his hand out to them again
  • MC climbs out of the window, shutting it behind them
  • as Seven drives away from the house, MC pushes their middle finger against the window
  • “screw you. mom!”
  • Seven laughs at MC, glad to see their modd perked up
  • MC could leave their old life behind now
  • all the abuse, all the yelling
  • they were ready to start a new life with Seven
  • no matter what it took

V and Saeran (sorry for forgetting :| )


headcanon requests?

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Idk if you're still doing OC stuff, but I have a thick big buff qunari lady who's an awkward sweetie trying to fit in. She swings a big ol' battleaxe (thanks eggman for the one arm) and falls in love with Josie. She liked the anchor b/c it made her "cool" and not the "scary qunari lady" and she has a huge anxiety/insecurity w/ it gone. She just wants a fam and to be treated like a person. I love your work btw!! ♡♡

I havent done that in awhile but i have no issues w hearing about dragon age ocs!!
My ‘solasmacer’ Capeka Lavellan swings a phat battleaxe too and lemme tell ya she is pissed that she has to downgrade!!! 


I find it hard to believe you don’t know
the beauty that you are
but if you don’t, let me be your eyes
a hand in your darkness so you won’t be afraid

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shanna! i really need you to write something about niall and a little baby😭

His fingertips trickled down the side of her cheek, making the sweet newly born baby girl wrestle a bit in her hospital bassinet. Niall chuckled softly as she yawned and squished her tiny face, his tone filled with amazement and love and your eyes slowly floated over to where he was standing next to her. 

“Don’t wake her, Ni,” you told him, catching his stare as he looked back over his shoulder to you. He gave you a tender smile; the same one he had given to you the day you told him he was going to be a daddy and you had no choice but to reciprocate, leaning your head back onto the pillow of the hospital bed. 

“She’s so beautiful,” he whispered, gingerly shaking his head in disbelief, “How the hell did we create somethin’ so beautiful?” 

You giggled slightly at his comment, his frankness something you had come to love. “Well, you are her daddy, ya know,” you reminded him, watching as his fingers once again ghosted down the side of her puffy pink cheek. They were jittering a bit with nerves against her soft skin and you bit at your lip, wondering if he was feeling more anxious or scared about his newborn baby. 

“I gotta pick her up,” he blurted out, raising his brows as his big hands tucked down into the bassinet and nestled underneath her tiny body to gently scoop her up. 

You lifted your head up from the pillow to watch, your eyes glued to the gentleness of his every move. “Hold her neck, Niall,” you instructed, remembering the hints from the baby classes you had both decided to attend while pregnant. 

“I know, I know.” 

Smiling at him, you could feel your heart start to swell in your chest as he carefully slid his arm under her small wrapped up body, tenderly cradling her in the crook of his elbow. He looked like a natural, like he was born to do this. 

You watched as he slowly leaned his face down to hers, his chest expanding slightly as he pulled in a deep breath, her sweet baby scent filling his lungs as he placed a soft kiss to her forehead. She made a tiny squeak, her little face nuzzling against his chest at the reaction from his scruff tickling her skin. He flicked his eyes up to yours, his mouth going wide in a silent smile before he started to walk over towards you.

“I can’t believe we made this,” he said to you as he stepped up to the bed, easing himself down on the edge next to you, “It’s fuckin’ mental.” 

Reaching out to gently run your fingers over her pillowy fluff of dark hair that adorned her head, you let your eyes fawn over her face as he continued to stare down at her. “She’s the perfect mix of us, Ni,” you spoke up, “But I think she looks like you.”

“You think?”

Shaking your head, you tucked your bottom lip in between your teeth as he brought her up to his face, his eyes closing as he held her tiny cheek against his, his big hand holding her little bum as he slowly rocked back and forth. You heard a slight hum push out of her little lungs and it made a smile slide over you mouth. “Yeah,” you finally said, your voice quiet, as you reached out to rub across her back, “I also think she already loves you just as much as I do.” 

“Good,” he said, opening his eyes to meet your stare, “ ‘cause there’s nothin’ I love more in the world than the two of you.” 

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haven’t seen it | not a fan | indifferent | pretty good | absolutely awesome | one of my favorites

i love the art style in this show. i havent seen it in awhile, but i did watch a few episodes with my brother while my parents were away a few months back and it was so funny. also one of the movies made me cry but i forgot which one

send me a cartoon pls :o)

"I had a dream... In the dream, dark storm clouds were billowing over the land of Hyrule... But suddenly, a ray of light shot out of the forest, parted the clouds and lit up the ground... The light turned into a figure holding a green and shining stone, followed by a fairy... I know this is a prophecy that someone would come from the forest... Yes, I thought you might be the one... Oh, I'm sorry! I got carried away with my story and didn't even properly introduce myself! I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule."

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your comment about hs aus missing the parernts interupting made me wonder what other things fanfics miss (sort of like those inspo posts for your otps). since youve been writing awhile would you make your own post like that? fave tropes and things fics need to write more? you're one of my fave writers and i love all of the content you put out! including suggestions ^.^

i think i did once but i cant be bothered to find it?? haha ill probably wind up dishing out the same stuff rn so ill just go for it:

top!dan. i said it. if you don’t like it, you just havent read a good fic for it, i promise. 

generally more fics about the good, unexplored shit that happened but we get to fill in the gaps (ever hear of the term ‘fanfiction gap’?): jamaica. vegas. filming videos that arent pinof. how much they’ve grown together, etc.

REALISTIC SMUT. ill buy that nothing goes wrong when they’re in a long term relationship. ill even suspend disbelief when they’re both sexually experienced. but even tHEN. give me fics with them learning how to please each other, slow and sweet and awkward but its still fun because its not perfect. give me fics where they elbow each other in the face and move hands to the places they want them. real sex isnt picturesque yall, but that dont mean its not worth reading about.

domestic bullshit. honestly i will read 5k about them going grocery shopping or arguing about the color of curtains theyre not even going to buy but jfc phil green wouldnt look good with the furniture who are you kidding?? 

MEET-UGLIES. as in meeting in a weird/awkward situation. in character af.

uni au’s where dan isnt studying law. give me a different source of angst, yall, im tired of reading about how much he hates law. give him a degree he’d like and do something else. 

okay i think thats all i can think of at the moment. and in the interest of putting my money where my mouth is, i am planning to write things just like these. be the change you wanna see in the world yall.