havent made anything in a while**


the goal was to see how Soft™ i could make a drawing look

~send me a character + a color palette!~

Baku thought it wasn’t enough ;A; But Kiri wouldn’t trade it for anything…maybe add sugar tho

Because I missed everyone’s birthdays and I am not missing Kirishima’s ;A; also baku baking gets me goin so yee ;A; (gotta add that to my queue now)

With just a sharp pinch, let’s administer the Novocaine

It’s not that painful, so why the hell are you crying??

Oh, how fucking sad!!

You made excuses to dissociate 

OK, so last week, Ghost and Eyeris released a prequel to Hyperdontia, and it take the perspective of the doctor, rather than the patient. When I first listened to it, it gave off hella Schneep vibes. I started this, like, that day, but I sorta fell into a funk with my art. I didn’t really feel good about what I was making, which is why i havent posted anything in a while, but the super awesome @antisocial-author encouraged me to do this so,, yeah. I’m actually kinda happy with it!