havent made anything in a while**

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hey hey!! :) What was the craziest shit you've ever made? :D.

Actually its my ambition to draw a real weird shit that had my buddies on tumblr like mmscum or mysmekitten or fantasyimmortal or unknown-saeranchoi or serensama rushed through my tumblr door and slam fist on my table while screaming:

- Damn it Zoe stop drinking Pepsi you’re high enough!!!!!

I havent drew anything that weird yet.

this kinda embarrassin but if i made an ask blog for the sanders sides would anyone actually. send asks
i really like drawing them????? like i havent genuinely enjoyed drawing anything in a while Let Me Have This

Ok but i keep getting sudden realizations.

I have yacchan. Like i havent used his blog in a while since he isnt affiliated with anything so i kinda forgot?… but i have the blog made and the icons and all… i could just make him an indie blog AND STILL interact with rtrp muses during the hiatus :3c