havent made a gif in so long

Please answer.

HOO BOY ok so there was a looping issue with the gif but I fixed it. HERE IT IS

OH MY GOD THIS TOOK SO LONG BUT I’M SO HAPPY WITH IT. This is the first time I’ve animated or made a gif, so it was a learning experience. Took like 8 hours, my wrist is killing me, I didn’t sleep, but THIS IS SO COOL

based on this (x)

Hey everyone!!! I cannot believe that i am making this post. I never thought that 2k of you would ever follow me.. Like?? thats crazy to think about, like that many people can see what i have to say & probably, at least somewhat, care about me. LIKE WOW! I would like to stress how grateful i am for every one of you! It means so much to me  ❤ 

Now, please bare with me, i have no clue how long this is going to be..  

I’m going to start with all the lovely mutuals i gained from some of the group chats i have been in over the past couple months!

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