havent laughed this hard in so long

the signs as free! dub lines
  • Aries: I wanna know what it feels like to kick your ass
  • Taurus: oh it just got real up in here, gentlemen
  • Gemini: hey candy-apple, tell me these don't look awesomesauce
  • Cancer: and here all this time i've took you for an overly body-conscious airhead hard-pressed to add two plus two
  • Leo: daddy's gotta get his freak on
  • Virgo: I'm swimming in an ocean of well-toned bodies
  • Libra: HEY GUUUURL, CHECK ME OOOOOUUUT! OVER HEEERE! she probably can't see me
  • Scorpio: I've got backstroke for days....and traps just as long
  • Sagittarius: that stuff tastes like HATE!
  • Capricorn: the tree looks all naked
  • Aquarius: *averts eyes* I'm sneaky


SO I take gym once a week, and it’s pretty normal, but there’s this really cute guy who sits in front of me, and like I could tell that he was super quiet because he kept to himself and like I didn’t really plan on talking to him because cute boys scare me so I just look at him during class, lol and I’m pretty sure he looks over at me too (not to flatter myself) and SO TODAY, I was minding my own business, standing on the side watching the other girls lift the weights cause we have to for our midterm, and he just comes over and stands next to me, and to myself I’m just like oh okay cool, and THEN he’s just like, why aren’t you doing it? and i’m like no way!! that’s 100 pounds I’M 100 pounds I can’t do that! and he’s like c'mon you totally can! and i’m like nah I definitely can’t, not with people crowding around watching!! and THEN i’m just like, why aren’t YOU doing anything? and he’s like oh i’m waiting to do this machine, and also so I can watch you do it. AND IN MY HEAD I’M LIKE HOLY SHIT I THINK HE’S FLIRTING WITH ME. and i don’t know how to act BECAUSE i haven’t flirted with anyone in so long and i’m really awkward at flirting anyway so I just act like myself, it’s my only option.. and so I walk away from him to sit down, and minutes later he walks over, and he just stands in front of me while I watch other people excercise and he just starts TALKING TO ME. IT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE A BIG DEAL BUT IT WAS A BIG DEAL TO ME omg he started asking me about my name which is sooo weird because no one really points out my name and then I asked him how old he was and he said he was 19 and I was really surprised and then I told him to guess how old I was and he was like 18, then 20 and i’m like NOOO i’m 17 and I think he was more surprised than me and then we talked about like our plans and stuff and it wasn’t small talk it was actually like talking and it was just ugh adfgfaga. and then we had to leave and i went through the other exit, cause there’s two exits and so i got out before he did, and he was way behind me and so I was walking ahead and I turned around he fucking caught up to me and i’m like woah you walk really fast, and he’s like you do know you could have exited the other way? and I was just like, oh.. i didn’t even know you were allowed to leave that way and at this point he’s like smiling at me cause like I’M SO STOOPID lmfao and so he’s like but yeah i guess i do walk fast.. and so then WE’RE BASICALLY WALKING TOGETHER ON CAMPUS because i’m on my way to the library and he has to leave and so we just talk about what classes we have and like our plans for school, and then I ask him if he drives to school and he’s like yeah, do you drive? and he’s like oh wait nevermind you’re 17 and i’m like HEY WOAH, and i told him I got my license two weeks ago and he’s all like oh wow congrats! and i’m like thank you! i’m a really safe driver! and he’s like wow really? maybe one day i’ll get to see how you drive and we laugh and then he had to go and he’s just oh okay i have to go this way and i’m like i have to go that way and hes just like okay i’ll see you next week and i’m just yeah! and HE GOES IN TO HUG ME AND I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO SO IT WAS AWKARD AND AHHH HE’S SOO CUTE I KEEP THINKING ABOUT HIM HIS NAME IS JUSTIN AND JUST HEART EYES SO HARD I’M SO HAPPY BYE


that now naruto’s a hokage like a legit hokage and do you remember that episode where it shows that the third hokage is spending time with kids in the academy??????

imagine naruto doing that

imagine him spending kids with the academy and with bolt too because he’s there at the academy. 

imagine the kids all excited when shino announced “today we’re getting a visit from our lord hokage” the kids would all be like “OH MY GOD ITS THE HOKAGE YAYYYYYYYYYYYY” “AAAAA HOKAGE CHAN” “BOLT THATS UR DADDY. COOOOOOOL” except for bolt bcs he’s not amused

and at the break time!!!! naruto playing with the kids and bolt just watch from afar because he’s still not amused. naruto tried to make him come and play but he wont listen so he carried him anyway and force him to play AND THEN AFTER TIME PASSES BOLT BEGINS TO ENJOY HIMSELF

naruto with kids JUST IMAGINE NARUTO WITH KIDS IN THE ACADEMY. how the kids would pull his hokage cloak and hide his hokage hat and playing hide and seek, naruto pretending not to see where the kids are when the kids are behind him.

naruto receiving flowers and flower crowns from the little girls and he smooches them as a thank you

naruto playing catch with the kids

naruto laughing so hard when the kids tickles him i just so EXCITED

and shino had to stop him because break time has finished like 15 minutes ago and the kids havent got back to the class 

just imagine that and cry with me

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I can't stop laughing at Jake's reaction in the body pillow thing he's like "dIRK WHAT THE DEVILFUCKING DICKENS WE DISCUSSED THIS"

Anon:fact: dirk has the body pillow for when Jake’s gone too long

lmAO yeah

Anon:i havent met jake or dirk in homestuck yet but god do i ship them so hard. its all thanks to you and your beautiful art. please please keep drawing those two together and lots of smoochies and bwwggh *blush*

Anon:Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your art sooooo so much!! Especially your DirkJake stuff! It’s so cute! <3<3<3

sksdhd thanks a lot I’ll post more soon! :^)

Anon:We never truly got a dirk and jake French kiss

that’s because with all the anons asking things got too awkward loll

Anon:I’m not normally attracted to Jake but oHHHH MY god that body pillow is HOT i want one >.> <.< >.>

A Miracle: Modern!AU

Waking up next to her in the morning is a little miracle.

Her hair catches the morning light and becomes a million brilliant shades of blonde, and he understands what it’s like to love when he feels the steady rise and fall of her under his arm.

He remembers the first time they met, how he felt his heart stutter and how she introduced herself with a warm smile and a name—Elsa.

Elsa, who’s now lying beside him in a cocoon of blankets and one of his old T-shirts.

Elsa, who bandaged his hand that one time when he cut himself trying to make a midnight snack, Elsa who kissed him for the first time when he made her laugh so hard she cried.

Elsa, who in herself is a tiny miracle—and Jack, who understands love a tiny bit better when she opens her eyes and kisses him sleepily on the nose.


I havent laughed so hard in so long omg