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@sadlyamundane asked: Whenever Person A is sleepy they answer every question with “yeah.” Person B uses this oppurtunity to get Person A to agree to them getting a dog the cats (aka Chairman Meow and Church).

Magnus stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at the lump currently under his sheets. The tray of food in his hands wobbled as Magnus made his way over to the bedside table to carefully place the silver tray down, the glass of orange juice tilting dangerously before sitting back upright with the wave of his hand.

Satisfied, Magnus turned back to the lump that was his boyfriend snuggled in the sheets and gently shook Alec’s shoulder. The sheets rustled a bit and a small groan made its way to Magnus’ ear, but other than that, Alec didn’t look like he was waking up anytime soon.

Exasperated, Magnus pulled down the sheets and—in the same motion— straddled Alec. And still, he didn’t wake.

“Oh, come one,” Magnus muttered as he swept a swept a hand through the dark unruly mess that was Alec’s hair. And that seemed to do the trick as Alec began to move under the touch, offering his head so the petting wouldn’t stop. And that gave Magnus an idea.

Because, you see, whenever Alec is sleepy, he tends to answer anything without even knowing what the question is…and Magnus may or may not sometimes take advantage of this fact.

“Alexander, darling, are you awake?” Magnus murmured.

Alec blearily blinked up at Magnus, hands already creeping up to gently grasp Magnus’ hips as he replied with, “What?”

Magnus smiled and leaned down to press a soft kiss to Alec’s lips, who was still only awake enough to gurgle something unintelligible as he easily melted into the kiss, whining when Magnus pulled away too soon. It was too cute of a sound not to giggle at, which of course brought a pout to Alec’s lips as he squinted up at Magnus in mock hurt, clearly also amused as the corner of his lips twitched. And he was just so gorgeous that Magnus had to lean over to give him one more kiss, this one lingering for just a few seconds longer.

But he was getting distracted.

Pulling away with great reluctance, Magnus watched Alec for a moment, only speaking when he saw eyelids begin to droop.

“Alexander, can I ask you something?”

“Hmmm?” was Alec’s only response.

Magnus bit his lip. Maybe this was going to be easier than he thought.

“You know how you like it when I pet you?”

It took a moment, but Alec eventually replied with a, “Yeah.”

“And you know how I like it when you pet me?”

Again, he replied with a, “Yeah”—this one slurred just a bit.

“Well, then I thought it would be lovely if we had something else to pet. You know, like a dog. Or…perhaps a cat? Or two? There are these two wonderful kittens as the local pet shelter. One is a teeny little ball of joy and the other is a grumpy, gray fluffball of a cat, but I think he would suit you just fine. So…what do you say, darling, can we get them?”

Alec didn’t reply, and for a moment Magnus feared he was already asleep again, but then Alec stirred and murmured something.

“What was that, dear? I couldn’t quite catch it.”

“Yeah, sure. That sounds great, Mags.”

Magnus let out a squeal as he pumped a fist in the air, the abrupt movement shaking Alec awake. He took one look at Magnus’ face before practically demanding, “What did I just agree to?”

Laughing, Magnus jumped off of Alec and the bed and made his way to the door. Right as he was about to close it he looked back and said, “You’ll see, dear. I’ll be back soon!”

As Magnus made his way to pick up the adorable felines he heard a ruckus from the bedroom and one last yell from Alec, causing him to burst into giddy laughter.

“Magnus, wait! What did I just agree to!

The neverending FFVII Ship Wars

Cloti vs Clerith. Probably one of the oldest and longest ship wars ever happen. and no thanks to Squarenix for initiating the wars again with your FF7 remake. And considering I havent heard anything from this fandom for a very long time, can someone from both team tell me if there is any confirmation about your ship being canon?

Or does Squarenix still with their “its up to your imagination” again?


“Bernard, are you free?” I called out, watching his head peer around the corner as he heard my voice.

“Yeah, of course. What’s up?” His usual nonchalance for once made me grin; because as soon as he saw Jay and I sitting at the dinner table staring at him with eager eyes he grew unnerved.

“Mum, Dad? What- Roy isn’t home, he just left for work,” He stuttered, seemingly trying to avoid the situation.

“Bern; it’s nothing bad, calm down,” I chuckled, resting my hand on his shoulder reassuringly. His face softened slightly, though it was clear he was still on edge.

“Well, we glossed over it numerous times throughout your childhood; but your Granddad always wanted your mother to have a legacy,” Jay started; I watched as Bernard’s head tilted in confusion, though continued to nod along.

“Your Mum and I were talking and I wanted one heir to continue the family legacy,” His face remained completely unfazed.

“Right, and?”

“We’ve decided we want you to be the heir,” Jay proclaimed proudly.

“You’re kidding, right?” Bernard raised an eyebrow towards us; fairly unamused. We sat there in silence to let the news sink in for him. All we could do was look at our son with such love and pride. Despite Jay and Bernard’s prior fights, there was nothing but love here (and Bernard’s confusion).

“Wait a minute… you’re not kidding,” He mumbled, his eyes beginning to widen. 

“Why me?! Roy is a much better kid, plus how the hell did you agree on me Dad?” His words came out at a thousand miles an hour.

“Shh, Bernard; we always have and will always love you. We never stopped loving you, you make us so proud,” I grabbed his hands gently, meeting his eyes lovingly. Tears began to prick at his eyes and I felt my heart swell.

“I promise I’m going to make you proud; I have big shoes to fill.” He swallowed the lump in his throat; his words coming out quietly but confidently as tears fell onto the table. 

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Have you ever heard of an anime called kemono friends? The animations bad for it but the characters are so cute and charming it makes up for it and four episodes into it and I really love it!

i havent watched it, but ive seen it around! im curious abt it so i might watch it in a bit

btw ill recommend u nyanpire! its only 4 minutes long but its reALLY CUTE and its gay so its 100% better

fairy prince jin!

  • has hair long enough to reach his knees
  • has the prettiest golden eyes in the kingdom
  • enjoys horseback riding and swordplay, much to the surprise of everyone who doesn’t know him (they assume from his looks that he enjoys poetry and whatnot–which he does! but he prefers physical activities more)
  • enjoys fishing (canon lmao)
  • because of his royal lineage, he can control all the elements (unlike most fairies that can only control one ie. a water fairy can control water)
  • would like to study humans up close someday
  • close friends with the goblin king in the neighboring kingdom, much to the surprise of everyone who has heard of the goblin king (because the king can be quite grumpy at times, jin thinks he’s funny) 

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i hear that people who have run into amber on the street say she not like her self and is skinnier, do you know if this is true?

not sure….. i really havent read or heard anything about her for so long ☹️ but i do notice that she just keeps on getting skinnier. it really worries me. ☹️

when u wanna draw tragic arima with a horrendously planned and detailed background and like 6 more characters in the scene but ur tired all the time, but then you find out its your fave bloggers bday so you power through your sketch while blasting MCR

 do it for arima 

do it for ur fave

do it bc itll make u actually process ur emotions of arima’s death


Jason didn’t know exactly what he had expected to hear. But it hadn’t been that.

Jason comes out to Thalia. He doesn’t mean to.

none jasico w left pipalia (you’re welcome maia and i hope to find a place in your heart again but i will never renounce thalianca)


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Hes probably not that buff, Acchan….

More Sakamoto art bc this anime has taken over my whole entire life :^J Cant wait for the new episode for this week !! //that torso took so long omg


Part 4/4 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

*Note: I realize details for Newt’s expulsion and what beast it was has been found out but try to roll with the imagine if you can. Also I don’t know much about Newt’s previous job or how the book job really came to be so sorry if something is wrong.

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ok so I was reading Victor Hugo’s wiki page and apparently in 1862 he was on vacation & wanted to know whether Les Mis was selling well so he literally sent a single ‘?’ to his publisher, to which his publisher replied ’!’ indicating that it was and?? if this doesn’t sum up victor hugo idk what does

Begin Again

Hanbin Angst/Fluff

Request:Hii, Can you please make a sad B.I X reader scenario? Probably like a break up and make up scenario? Thaanks^^

Request: Heyy, can you please make an angst scenario with ikon’s hanbin? So today’s your birthday and you were hoping that Hanbin would do something for you since you havent met him for a long time. Hearing no news from him, you went to YG and heard that Hanbin knows that today is your birthday but he didn’t make a plan cause he thought that album comes first.

A/N: Sorry this took so long!! So i started working on this request when i got another one that was similar to the direction i was heading! i hope thats okay It’s kind of long i hope you like it 

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Story time. So I'm having an issue with a neighbor stalking me. Some weeks ago, I was browsing this blog, letting scrubs play in the background. My neighbor started to walk around my apartment and looking in the windows like he does. The second I notice him, I run to my bathroom and hide. So I did so, but left the blog up....I must have heard scrubs play over and over that day at least 25 times with having to be in the bathroom so long.

holy shit

i dont say this about many, but your neighbor sounds worse than karamatsu

advice: print out massive pictures of karamatsu and tape them to your windows.  putting karamatsu’s disgusting face on your windows will ward off any unwanted visitors. however, it could also scare away wanted visitors to your apartment, such as the pizza delivery worker or a friend you havent seen in 3 years. be sure to notify them of the eyesores beforehand.

note: you may feel a burning sensation while handling the paper with his image on it. this is normal. if the burning sensation is too bothersome, wear gloves. do NOT wear gloves that are leather and/or fingerless. your experience will only be more painful.