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@sadlyamundane asked: Whenever Person A is sleepy they answer every question with “yeah.” Person B uses this oppurtunity to get Person A to agree to them getting a dog the cats (aka Chairman Meow and Church).

Magnus stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at the lump currently under his sheets. The tray of food in his hands wobbled as Magnus made his way over to the bedside table to carefully place the silver tray down, the glass of orange juice tilting dangerously before sitting back upright with the wave of his hand.

Satisfied, Magnus turned back to the lump that was his boyfriend snuggled in the sheets and gently shook Alec’s shoulder. The sheets rustled a bit and a small groan made its way to Magnus’ ear, but other than that, Alec didn’t look like he was waking up anytime soon.

Exasperated, Magnus pulled down the sheets and—in the same motion— straddled Alec. And still, he didn’t wake.

“Oh, come one,” Magnus muttered as he swept a swept a hand through the dark unruly mess that was Alec’s hair. And that seemed to do the trick as Alec began to move under the touch, offering his head so the petting wouldn’t stop. And that gave Magnus an idea.

Because, you see, whenever Alec is sleepy, he tends to answer anything without even knowing what the question is…and Magnus may or may not sometimes take advantage of this fact.

“Alexander, darling, are you awake?” Magnus murmured.

Alec blearily blinked up at Magnus, hands already creeping up to gently grasp Magnus’ hips as he replied with, “What?”

Magnus smiled and leaned down to press a soft kiss to Alec’s lips, who was still only awake enough to gurgle something unintelligible as he easily melted into the kiss, whining when Magnus pulled away too soon. It was too cute of a sound not to giggle at, which of course brought a pout to Alec’s lips as he squinted up at Magnus in mock hurt, clearly also amused as the corner of his lips twitched. And he was just so gorgeous that Magnus had to lean over to give him one more kiss, this one lingering for just a few seconds longer.

But he was getting distracted.

Pulling away with great reluctance, Magnus watched Alec for a moment, only speaking when he saw eyelids begin to droop.

“Alexander, can I ask you something?”

“Hmmm?” was Alec’s only response.

Magnus bit his lip. Maybe this was going to be easier than he thought.

“You know how you like it when I pet you?”

It took a moment, but Alec eventually replied with a, “Yeah.”

“And you know how I like it when you pet me?”

Again, he replied with a, “Yeah”—this one slurred just a bit.

“Well, then I thought it would be lovely if we had something else to pet. You know, like a dog. Or…perhaps a cat? Or two? There are these two wonderful kittens as the local pet shelter. One is a teeny little ball of joy and the other is a grumpy, gray fluffball of a cat, but I think he would suit you just fine. So…what do you say, darling, can we get them?”

Alec didn’t reply, and for a moment Magnus feared he was already asleep again, but then Alec stirred and murmured something.

“What was that, dear? I couldn’t quite catch it.”

“Yeah, sure. That sounds great, Mags.”

Magnus let out a squeal as he pumped a fist in the air, the abrupt movement shaking Alec awake. He took one look at Magnus’ face before practically demanding, “What did I just agree to?”

Laughing, Magnus jumped off of Alec and the bed and made his way to the door. Right as he was about to close it he looked back and said, “You’ll see, dear. I’ll be back soon!”

As Magnus made his way to pick up the adorable felines he heard a ruckus from the bedroom and one last yell from Alec, causing him to burst into giddy laughter.

“Magnus, wait! What did I just agree to!

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You probably heard about the recent ddadds "drama". Someone drew dads genderbent and and received death threats. And even devs step up and said something. (being genderbent wasnt the only problem of art but still) And everybody were saying something but i havent seen a reply from trans artists so, do you think genderbent fanart is transphobic? I really want to hear your opinion

I acknowledge where people come from when they say “genderbent fanart is transphobic” - the whole “it implies that there’s only two genders” and “caters mostly to a cis gender change” and all that jazz.

But do I personally think genderbends are inherently transphobic? 

Short answer: No.

Long answer: There are a lot of issues to be addressed here, it’s way, way more than just a black and white “they are or they aren’t”. 

First and foremost - sure, ‘genderbends’ originally originated from people who re-imagined their favourite characters as the ‘opposite’ gender. You gotta keep in mind that the saying ‘genderbend’ with its original connotations comes from a time when trans/the gender spectrum awareness wasn’t so widely understood. But does ‘genderbend’ still imply the same as it did (i.e. cis man to cis woman, etc)? Personally, I don’t think it does. Or at least it shouldn’t.

‘Genderbending’, at its core, is basically an AU where a character identifies and/or represents as another gender. Who’s to say that we can’t incorporate our better understanding of how gender works in this day and age into the original principles of ‘genderbending’, so that it could become more inclusive for people of all gender identities? It could be a genderbend of a cis male to a trans woman, or a cis female to non-binary, or a demi-girl to a demi-boy, the possibilities are endless. Hell, I’ve created an entire Until Dawn Queer AU which is essentially just one big genderbend AU, there’s nothing wrong with that. Who’s to say it’s limited to cis men and women? 

To confine the limits of ‘genderbending’ to its original concept, refusing to make any changes or improve upon this wonderful thing (which, I am sure, played a key part in triggering many transgender individual’s journeys in discovering their gender identity) is just backwards and counter-productive. Grow with the idea, amend it, make changes for the better - instead of just shutting it down.

Second of all - apparently a lot of people seem to think that that picture is a form of ‘trans-erasure’… but really, have you considered the possibility of a trans-man being genderbent to become a trans-woman? And to those who say “why genderbend when they can be trans?” - why make it exclusively one or the other when it can be both? A character does not HAVE to be trans to be re-imagined as another gender. Sure, it would be great if there were more trans representation - but at the end of the day, the freedom is in the artist’s hands. This is not something for you to police or force upon others.

Lastly, I will clarify that this does not mean I am 100% defending the piece. It has its flaws, but is no where near as bad as it was blown up to be. Personally, I think the issue with the piece was its lack in diversity (but this isn’t really limited, or faulted to the fan art, as the 6/7 of the characters from Dream Daddy also share the same body type) and sexualization. I believe these are the more important issues to focus on the piece, rather than the whole “GENDERBENDS ARE TRANSPHOBIC” schtick, which got blown way out of proportion.

With all that said, the final and most important thing to ask is: Did said artist deserve death threats? And the answer is absolutely fucking not.

As much as people hate to be disagreed with - everyone has the right to their own expressions and their own opinions. Even with hate speech. It’s not easy, but I’ve grown to understand that hate speech should not be censored, but challenged, debated and educated in order to invalidate it. 

Hate is born from ignorance, and whats clearly happened here is that the artist is a growing human being who makes mistakes and should be given the chance to repent for their mistakes and change for the better, not to be told they should kill themselves. This just gives a bad name to the cause you’re fighting for.

I think I covered everything, like I said - this is my personal opinion, and you all are welcome to disagree. I hope this answers your question.

Fishekus Coffee Shop AU

I’ve been without computer for a couple days, but @averymerrymorning mentioned a fishekus coffee shop au and it’s all I’ve been able to think about so

  • Ashe is a regular customer at a local small coffee shop that’s fairly popular, in part because of its good coffee, but also because of its great service with baristas like Firi and the musician Markus, who comes in every Tuesday and Friday to perform.
  • Whenever he plays, the coffee shop draws quite a crowd, but Markus only ever pays attention to the reactions of two people
  • 1: The sweet barista who applauds and cheers after every song, regardless of others’ reactions or even whether or not the performance was all that good
  • 2: The regular who by all accounts must have a caffeine addiction, what with how often she’s here and how many cups she goes through in one sitting. She barely seems to register Markus’ playing, which is why it feels like a major victory whenever he can get her to smile or give a polite snap 
  • Firi is a barista who’s struggling to afford living expenses with her roommate Narn, who most would consider to be strange, but she loves
  • Despite her hardships, she takes every day in stride and always has a smile on her face
  • She’s immediately charmed by Ashe, with her messy hair and the eyes of someone who hasn’t seen a good night’s sleep in years 
  • But Firi also loves listening to the local guitarist Markus play, and finds it endearing whenever he goes out of his way to strike up a conversation with her when he’s setting up or breaking down
  • She quickly learns just how Ashe and Markus likes their coffee, and is always sure to pay their drinks a little extra attention and fill them to the brim
  • (This does eventually cause a problem where Ashe and Markus only like the coffee she makes, because it’s never right when someone else does it)
  • Ashe is a grad student at a local university, working on her M.S. in environmental sciences and was just looking for a nice place to do her work and forcibly keep her body awake 
  • Then she fell for the barista, resulting in even longer periods of time spent at the shop and even more coffee nervously chugged down because Was Firi looking at me or was that just my imagination
  • Markus the guitarist is cute too, she supposes, but she’s too stressed about his occasional flirting with Firi to think about it for too long 
  • She’s pretty sure he’s constantly glaring at her to psych her out
  • (Spoiler: He was staring, and it wasn’t because he was trying to compete with her for Firi’s attention)
  • After much flirting and skirting around it, Ashe finally asks out Firi, who responds with a cheery "Yes!“
  • Markus overhears and congratulates them (“well it was about time”) when Firi invites him along on the date
  • “I mean, if its alright with you Ashe, of course”
  • Surprised and a little reluctant, Ashe agrees
  • And much to her shock they all have a wonderful time! The date is all laughter and compliments and kindness, and she’s pretty sure there isn’t a moment when she’s not smiling 
  • So they book the next date
  • And the next
  • And the next
The Markjin Bedroom Conspiracy™

i havent reached in so long lets have some fun bc this is my Reachiest Reach of all time in the history of markjin so… enjoy lmao (this is for sana nd camille my markjination gc i luv yall)

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i hate being a bottom sometimes because it sucks we have to clean down there all the time and also i'm scared i won't find a top :-/

TBH if you’re in a long-term relationship, i read about this, you just need a high fibre diet.. cause douching takes away the spontaneity and there will be times that your bf would wanna fuck you so you just gotta be ready ya know.. also, i heard of this product called Pure for Men.. i havent tried it though but i suggest you do things naturally.. 

so get the right amount of fibre everyday like ya know, buy some fibre bars, eat lentils, etc. you can google high fibre foods and have them as a snack in between meals. and just be consistent with it. cause seriously man, take it from me, personal experience, when you have good fibre and release, you feel like clean down there and i couldnt believe my eyes when i tried douching and the water came out clean the first time, which means i didnt have to douche in the first place. maybe just wash around the outer area and a bit in.. but then again if you’re being spontaneous, you wont have the opportunity to do that so just gotta be prepared

so yeah, while douching guarantees you get clean, it is not convenient during spontaneous fucking so yeah, just practice a high fibre diet and your ass will be ready for a pounding. also, tops are usually understanding when accidents happen, i mean shit happens, it’s a possibility and something that could happen! even when you try not to make it happen. so yeah, dont stress about it.. but of course, still do your part in making sure you’re clean down there but dont overthink it

okay guys you need to listen to this theory I just came up with. it might be hard to understand but once you get the hang of it it will blow your mind. so, we havent really heard about pewdiepies father ever. this might shock you but i am almost one hundred percent sure that alex jones is pewdiepies long lost biological father, and

About the bee with the axe.

Update: June 21, 2017

I do not support TERFs.  They are not welcome. I would like to hope they don’t even get far enough to see the purple and black labrys flag bee, because the very first one, the one which is on every like / reblog as an icon, is the trans flag.

The purple and black bee with the axe is based on the lesbian pride flag. Some people don’t like it being there, because Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERFs) sometimes use that flag. I get that, they are shitty. 

BUT I have also received a lot of comments/links/pictures from non-TERF lesbians who use / prefer that flag design.   TERFs may use the flag, but they did not invent it / own it.  So, different people do not want to let the flag go, they do not want to let the TERFs have it.

a few: (names removed because I’m not sure if they want to be named)

So what do I do?

If I do remove it, because of the way tumblr propagates posts, it will actually still be there on a number of posts anyway.  And whether I remove it or don’t, there is no way to make every person happy, because people want opposite things.  So I’m going to leave it, but add to this note to the main post.  

I know this will make some people happy, but some people not. I’m sorry.


op: June 15, 2017

I have gotten a couple of messages from people saying that they think the lesbian labyrs flag is by/for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERFs). 

That’s bad.

So… I looked at a couple flag lists when I started drawing, including wikipedia, and I did not want to do just the “lipstick lesbians” flag, and end up leaving people out, that’s why I was looking at doing both flags. But I was actually worried about possible negative connotations of the axe flag, so I tried very hard to check around, but I couldn’t find anything…  I also asked some of my LGBT friends about it.  This is why there was no “lesbian bee” in the first version of the post, I was trying to do my due diligence first.  And they said that from what they had seen / heard, that symbol tends to be used more by older lesbians, and while there are a bunch of older lesbians/feminists who definitely are TERFs, there were plenty who weren’t and didn’t use it as a TERFy symbol. I had a very long talk with one of my friends who has gone to a lot of Pride stuff, and we decided that it was PROBABLY okay to keep it in.  

So.  I havent been able to find consensus.  If people with both good and ill intentions use it, should it be included, or not?  Who does it belong to? I feel like I’m not equipped to answer this, but I do want to say that to be associated with terfs is definitely not my intention.

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I hope all the antis are crying right now over these family vacation pics. How are they gonna deny phan now!? oh wait THEY CAN'T!

listen.. i havent heard the word anti in so long.. thats gotta mean somethin

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Hey Ally, is Bnha good? Well I mean I saw that you like it but I was wondering what about the show do you like? I've been looking for a new show to watch. Should I watch it? Also if you have any other good anime suggestions that'd be great. Hope you're having a good day

i took really long to actually take it up bc i like staying in familiar fandoms but BOIIII this anime would warm up to you within the first ten minutes and is a real marathon teaser.. you wouldn’t be able to resist starting on the next episode once you’ve finished one, and it has a really good balance between comedy, angst, mystery and action!!!!! A++++++

One Step at a Time

A/N: hey guys!!! im going to start writing again after like 3 years because ive made some lovely friends and this will probably be very mediocre because i havent wrote in a long time so i hope you guys enjoyyyy. :)) 


You walked into your childhood home after not being there for about a year and a half; and notice a pair of expensive cheetah printed boots by the front door. You didn’t think anyone in your family would own a ridiculous pair like that, so you walk further and further into your home. You heard your parents laughing to another man’s jokes and wonder who it was. Your parents call out for you which startles you from your eavesdropping.

“Love, is that you?”

You walk into the dining area they were currently in, and saw the person you thought you would never see again. The lad that had been your next door neighbor, your childhood best friend, and also the person that broken your heart. You thought you would never see him again after his big break from the x factor which had him leaving your guys little village forever.

“(y/n), you remember Harry don’t you? You guys were inseparable when you guys were young!!”

Harry is just sitting on the couch opposite from your parents playing with his rings refusing to look up and look at you.

“Hun, you should go and walk around with Harry! I’ll finish making dinner and you two can go catch up.”

You don’t even bother arguing with your mom because you know she will flip her shit right now if you tried to start anything. So you fake a smile and nod your head like a good girl. Even though you’re a grown woman; you know your mom doesn’t play around and will go and put you in your place.

“C’mon, Harry. Gotta listen to the boss lady. We better get going before I get yelled at,” You guys both laugh at the fact that even though you’re a grown woman you’re still terrified of your mom.

You guys start your little walk by going to the playground you two would play at on Fridays, when you both were in primary school. Harry runs to the the little seesaw thing you guys would play on and starts to bounce on it by himself.

“Love! It’s not fun being on this by yourself, could you please come and help me out?” He pouts a little and then drags the please like a toddler begging their parents for something.

You know Harry and how he’s only being like this because he wants melt the ice and rekindle your guys friendship, but you just can’t help but want to keep your guard up and want to protect yourself.

“(Y/N), would you like to go on the swings like old times?”

You were a little hesitant; last time you two sat on those swings Harry broke off the thing you two had going for you guys. You really thought Harry was the one for you, hell the whole fricken village thought he was too. But one summer, he came home with an upcoming model and the whole town was so confused about that because they knew he was your Harry. On that very day that he came home, he broke it off; said that you two lived different lives and should see different people. But you didn’t want to see other people you wanted to be with him, you loved him with everything you had. You were a nervous wreck that summer there were a lot of booze and drunken texts and phone calls to harry.

“Why’d you come back Harry? Out of all places, my fricken home?”

“I needed to see you (Y/N), you were my bestest friend and I know it’s hard to believe but you were also the love of my life. When you walked into the door today, I could tell by your face that you still haven’t healed and I’m so so sorry for the pain. I want to make things right between us.” He spoke softly getting teary eyed.

By this point you were already quietly crying, not trying to draw attention towards yourself because you hated showing your emotions and Harry knew that about you. Of course he knew; he knew everything about you.

“How are you going to make things right Harry? You broke me, I loved you with every fiber in my body. It was so hard trying to love someone else, when all i could think about was you.”

“If you let me (Y/N), I promise you I won’t hurt you ever again. I promise you I’m going to marry you, just please forgive me. Let’s restart everything over again.”

“Friends first Harry, one step at a time”

“Okay love, one step at a time.”


Thank you very taking the time to read this if you did!! please give me some feedback or just request some stuff!! Be nice to me hahah im new to this again lol 

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Do you have and MacDennis long fics? Like really long? Or at least, the longst you can do?

like reccomendations or ones i’ve written?? i’m currently working on the speakeasy au with @theliteraltrash​ which im guessing will end up around 20k?? but currently only the first chapter is up here.

as for recs most of em seem to hover between 10 and 20k, the longest i’ve read i think is We Sinners Bend at around 65k which is excellent but unfortunately was removed from ao3

Mac And Dennis Get A New Apartment, 59k, is amazing like just wow

Mac And Dennis Conduct An Experiment, 35k, same author and truly iconic i mean if you havent read this yet u definitely should

The Gang Learns To Exist In The Moment, 40k, i havent read this yet but i’ve heard good things

Electioneering, 23k, the 1950s political drama au we all needed and didnt deserve, theres also a sequel thats unfinished as of yet and idk how long it will be but its damn good so far

and honestly? thats it? every other rec i have is 10k or less. 

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hi! i just wanted to say what many have probably already done but i really love your art style! i found you thru maplestory art and i love that youre into ons too omg!! your art style (specifically your line weights. shapes, and attention to detail oh man) have given me inspiration in my the desert that is my art motivation lol and i wanted to personally say thanks!! no matter what you draw your art makes me super happy so thank you so much!! ^^ <3 have a nice evening :>

ah maplestory, now that’s a name i havent heard in years..but omg that was so long ago dont look at that trash. i also checked out your art blog and you’re really good! it’s always an extra honor when other artists like my stuff

and uh i mean. wow thanks :V..that’s a whole lot of compliments frying my brain so i’m gonna go retreat into the ground if that’s alright