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bts reaction to sleeping with you for the first time

jimin: i think he would be nervous, the kind of guy to sleep on the edge of the bed because he feels like he is going to get into trouble. you would have to convince him into sleeping in the same bed. if you both have already had sex i think he would cuddle you while you both slept, but if you guys havent done anything he would be nervous and would keep his distance.

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jin: i think he would be the same as jimin, he would probably shove pillows between the two of you so you didnt think he was trying to pull something while you both were sleeping, but if you both had already done the deed he would let you cuddle him or he would cuddle you, sleeping peacefully together.

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taehyung: i think he would jump right into bed with little convincing, cuddling you to sleep with no issues. i think you would end up waking up in weird positions because he moves around a lot in his sleep. i think it would be the same way if you both did the deed, but i think he would wear less clothes to bed if you both had already seen eachother naked.

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namjoon: i think he would be another one that would have no problem sleeping in the same bed as you, i dont think he would touch you or cuddle you until you asked him to, or until he felt comfortable enough to do it himself. if you already did the deed i think he would be the same way, he doesnt seem like much of a cuddler to me so i think he would if you asked.

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jhope: i think he would want to cuddle anyway and probably would be the one to ask wanting to be closer to you. i think if yall did the deed he would be even more clingy about it. i think you would have to be careful because he may kick you out of bed accidentally.

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jungkook: i think you would have to convince the shit out of him in order for him to come to bed with you, even then he would sleep on the edge of the bed because hes nervous but would eventually cuddle you in his sleep. if yall already had sex he would feel free to cuddle you, but beware, he takes off his clothes in his sleep according to rapmonster.

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suga: i think he would be fine sleeping in the same bed but he seems like a person who doesnt like to cuddle, but i dont think he would have a problem with you cuddling him, and if you and him already had sex i think he would be the same. i dont think he cares all too much about it.

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sora and donald are angry children while goofy tries to tame them and jiminy looks up in fear but is also slightly aroused

BTS as aesthetic things

Jin: Over-cast skies, peppermint chocolate, the smell of asphalt right after it rains, changing of seasons

Namjoon: Gasoline, fireflies, bonfires with friends, the first frost of winter

Hoseok: Caloused hands, sunlight beaming through leaves, april showers, first flowers of spring

Taehyung: colour gradients, faded denim jeans, blanket just out of the dryer, sunrise

Jungkook: Whispering, childhood crushes, warm milk, shooting stars

Jimin: Sweat drenched hair, over sized sweaters, butterflies in your stomach, cotton candy

Yoongi: Half lidded eyes, the smell of strong coffee, loud bursts of thunder, old timey street lights

hi!! i havent written anything in a while bc of school starting up again, so forgive me if this is complete shit!! dedicated to amanda bc she loves michael just as much as i do xx (feedback) (masterlist)

“So how was your day?” Michael asked, a groan ripping from his throat as you sunk down on his dick.

“Mhm,” you shrugged, wrapping your arms around his neck. His fingertips dug into the supple skin of your thighs before his hands were moving, palms splaying out against your ass and kneading the skin roughly. You shifted, your fingers toying with the small blonde hairs at the back of his head.

“‘Mhm’?” Michael echoed, lifting an eyebrow. You rotated your hips experimentally, trying to grow accustomed to his size. 

Your blouse was still covering your torso, though the buttons had been unclasped haphazardly, letting your light blue bra peek out from under the material. Michael’s olive green sweater was ruffled, the collar nearly slipping off of his left shoulder, giving you a fabulous view of his pretty, pale neck. His black boxers had pooled at his ankles once you had pushed him down, gripping the back of the couch so that you could lower yourself onto his lap.

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also just because i havent said this in a while im gonna say it again: i will defend lando calrissian’s actions with my LIFE, i see some people criticizing his actions on cloud city or whatever and he literally made the most morally sound decisions that he could in a very, very difficult decision


rg!gaster dump! sorry i havent post anything up in a while, school is draining rn aaha i havent drawn anything decent and every time i try to.. i fall asleep in the middle of it lolol i’ll get to asks and such later when im done with school

also the last sketch is for @toolazytodoitnow bc wow we just threw angsty rg!gaster hc at each other and needs something happy for the two dorks lol 

AH OH MY GOOOOD!!!!!!!! Ive reached 1000 followers!!!! Thank you guys so much for supporting me and reading all my stuff You guys are literally the best and you make my day ☺ This is really amazing thank you so much. I really hope you enjoy what ive done and what i will continue to do Im very sorry i havent posted anything in a while. College has been reeeally busy this semester And I started a new relationship and we’ve been spending a lot of time togther (still in that honeymoon phase) so most of my spare time ive just been spending with my boyfriend sorry. But i promise ill have something up soon And thank you ❤

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