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favourite films: pride and pejudice

He’s been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others… but then, so have I. You see, he and I are so similar. 

Tip from a Target employee.

No one should be making you uncomfortable while you shop, if you notice someone is following you, standing too close, or just making you feel off, tell one of the employees. Even if you dont think its a big deal, or “they havent technically done anything” still tell us, we will tell security, and they will keep an eye on that person until they leave the store or they do something that warrants security confronting them.

Sometimes, we do not have many employees working the floor, if someone is making you feel uncomfortable and you do not see any employees around, press the service buttons at the end of the isle. They are on timers and we have 1 minute to clear it before we get in trouble and our bosses shove their foots up our asses. I have literally sprinted across the store numerous times in order to clear the button, so it is the quickest way to get someone to you.

bts reaction to sleeping with you for the first time

jimin: i think he would be nervous, the kind of guy to sleep on the edge of the bed because he feels like he is going to get into trouble. you would have to convince him into sleeping in the same bed. if you both have already had sex i think he would cuddle you while you both slept, but if you guys havent done anything he would be nervous and would keep his distance.

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jin: i think he would be the same as jimin, he would probably shove pillows between the two of you so you didnt think he was trying to pull something while you both were sleeping, but if you both had already done the deed he would let you cuddle him or he would cuddle you, sleeping peacefully together.

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taehyung: i think he would jump right into bed with little convincing, cuddling you to sleep with no issues. i think you would end up waking up in weird positions because he moves around a lot in his sleep. i think it would be the same way if you both did the deed, but i think he would wear less clothes to bed if you both had already seen eachother naked.

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namjoon: i think he would be another one that would have no problem sleeping in the same bed as you, i dont think he would touch you or cuddle you until you asked him to, or until he felt comfortable enough to do it himself. if you already did the deed i think he would be the same way, he doesnt seem like much of a cuddler to me so i think he would if you asked.

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jhope: i think he would want to cuddle anyway and probably would be the one to ask wanting to be closer to you. i think if yall did the deed he would be even more clingy about it. i think you would have to be careful because he may kick you out of bed accidentally.

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jungkook: i think you would have to convince the shit out of him in order for him to come to bed with you, even then he would sleep on the edge of the bed because hes nervous but would eventually cuddle you in his sleep. if yall already had sex he would feel free to cuddle you, but beware, he takes off his clothes in his sleep according to rapmonster.

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suga: i think he would be fine sleeping in the same bed but he seems like a person who doesnt like to cuddle, but i dont think he would have a problem with you cuddling him, and if you and him already had sex i think he would be the same. i dont think he cares all too much about it.

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Oh no…

hiatus for a while

hello pals! so my life has been rlly rlly keeping me busy in the past few weeks cause im changing schools (woo) and the social life there is so hectic and amazing im ?? so impressed everyone is so nice :(

okay the point is that i wont rlly be online for a while now cause school reasons but not cause i hate dnp with every fibre of my existence no.. i still love them and watch their vids on the Daily but i just have no time to create content rn :/

and i feel bad whenever i go on Tumblr to reblog more things cause like… shit i havent made anything in 2 months uuuhhhhh what are my pals gonna say when i Return?

so yeah um thats it i guess :( see u after im done with this mess (september maybe.. i dunno.. too many shit like graduation and UGH mental health and UGH EVERYTHING!!!!)

i love all of u and if youre my friend we still talk every day u know that

BTS as aesthetic things

Jin: Over-cast skies, peppermint chocolate, the smell of asphalt right after it rains, changing of seasons

Namjoon: Gasoline, fireflies, bonfires with friends, the first frost of winter

Hoseok: Caloused hands, sunlight beaming through leaves, april showers, first flowers of spring

Taehyung: colour gradients, faded denim jeans, blanket just out of the dryer, sunrise

Jungkook: Whispering, childhood crushes, warm milk, shooting stars

Jimin: Sweat drenched hair, over sized sweaters, butterflies in your stomach, cotton candy

Yoongi: Half lidded eyes, the smell of strong coffee, loud bursts of thunder, old timey street lights

Holy shit, this blog is so close to reaching 2, 000 followers and I feel so grateful for it although I have not posted anything in a while (but I am always looking at the notifications). Thank you all for sticking by, I promise that I’ll be back, there’s not much holding me from writing anymore: school’s almost over, love’s not distracting me anymore and now I’m be free and inspired and finish the remaining requests cause I’ve been neglecting them and I feel sorry for it. V__V