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favourite films: pride and pejudice

He’s been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others… but then, so have I. You see, he and I are so similar. 

Reaction To Their S/O Accidentally Flashing Them


A/N: You can interpret this as something like your skirt billowing in the wind, a sudden gust causing your panties to flash- 
We also had several anons in the past asking about it so-
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He wouldn’t shy away from letting you know he enjoyed the view, unable to tear his gaze away. He’d be the type to applaud obnoxiously, embarrassing you.
He’d tease you about it soon after, a knowing grin gracing his lips.
“You did that on purpose didn’t you?”
“You don’t have to act shy about it-”


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A sight to see.
I think in the moment, he’d blurt suddenly.
“I can see your panties-”
He’d grin after before glancing around to see if anyone else caught the sight.
“They’re really cute~”


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Oh, I think he’d enjoy the view for himself, but in a public setting he probably wouldn’t like it.
He’d saddle up beside you, smoothing your skirt down. He’d probably suggest the two of you go elsewhere- inside where there is no wind, or to his place-
“We should go somewhere else-”
He’d be very aware of the other people around, paranoid and glancing around to see if anyone was eyeing you. 


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He’d make fun of you.
He honestly wouldn’t care if other people saw because he knows you’re loyal to him and no matter if others drool they can’t have you-
He’d laugh obnoxiously, pointing bemusedly. He’d only stop when you stomp in irritation, swatting his hand away and you complain to him in a hushed tone.
“Aren’t those panties kind of childish for you?”


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This guy would be embarrassed for you.
The two of you a flustered mess as you hurriedly covered yourself and he tried to hide his grin.
He’d find the whole scenario adorable tho, to him it’d be like something out of a drama.
“Don’t make that face- Do you want to go somewhere else now that all these people have seen your purple polka-dot panties?”
“Are you making fun of me right now?”


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He’d laugh from the sudden flash. He’d be a bit flustered himself tho, blushing profusely as he tries to stop his giggles.
“It’s not funny!”
“I know, I know, I’m sorry! I just-”

In the future he’d bring it up all the time to tease you, telling all the boys about it and everything, everyone and their dogs would know.


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He’d give you an endearing chuckle, lending an assisting hand to smooth down your skirt.
“Why are you laughing?!”
“I love you.”

I think he’d definitely be turned on by the sight, itching to slip his hand under the hem of your skirt and give one of your cheeks a quick squeeze. He’d behave himself though, probably suggesting the two of you head back to one of your homes since you had been humiliated for the day-


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Um, I don’t think he’d want to say anything about it to you- If you hadn’t noticed I think he’d rather you stay oblivious than get flustered.
If there was no situation for the both of you to ignore it, he’d probably divert his gaze to seem polite. He’d try so hard to hide his little grin, probably slumping into you endearingly to let you know it was okay, not wanting you to be embarrassed.

Mark:   [He’s now in the hyung-line!]

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He’d probably be so embarrassed, not only himself, but for you also.
He’s a gentleman tho, so he’d divert his gaze or block his view, quickly telling you to fix your skirt.
“Hey! Uh- Um- Your skirt’s liek- Yeah…”
After, he’d be a giggling mess. He’d want to tease you about it, but his mind would also be busy etching the sight into his memory.



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He’d be embarrassed, both for you and for himself…
He’d shy away from the sight, not wanting for you to think he was a pervert.
He’d ultimately end up smiling, unable to wipe it away as his heart pounded seemingly relentlessly.
“I didn’t see anything-”

Tip from a Target employee.

No one should be making you uncomfortable while you shop, if you notice someone is following you, standing too close, or just making you feel off, tell one of the employees. Even if you dont think its a big deal, or “they havent technically done anything” still tell us, we will tell security, and they will keep an eye on that person until they leave the store or they do something that warrants security confronting them.

Sometimes, we do not have many employees working the floor, if someone is making you feel uncomfortable and you do not see any employees around, press the service buttons at the end of the isle. They are on timers and we have 1 minute to clear it before we get in trouble and our bosses shove their foots up our asses. I have literally sprinted across the store numerous times in order to clear the button, so it is the quickest way to get someone to you.

Jihyun Kim/V x MC Headcanons

I have no explanation for this, other than I’m hopelessly in love with Jihyun Kim and I really wanted to do this as the self-indulgent trash that I am. I hope those of you that read it enjoy it, and that I’ve done him justice. Under the cut because this became way longer than I thought it would be;;;

Also note: Mild Good End V route spoilers

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In This Quiet Place

Pairing: JayTim

Summary:  "You know,“ Tim said, voice a little irritated as he entered the cart, "you could have told me where to meet you.”

Notes: My first JayTim piece for JayTim week. The prompt was “Carnival”. 

This one isn’t explicitly romance-y? Though them being together was the intention. I love breakfast dates especially in the context of vigilantes that have been patrolling for a while. 

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ancreativeusernamee  asked:

headcanon that if Drarry did happen Harry would buy Draco a cat and Draco says "tch why would you get this" and Harry walks in on him cuddling the smol baby kitten

ok im so hekcity sorry this is so late but fu k c !!! !

  • ok so i see him bringing home like a pitch black or snow white cat (tbh i see any kind of cat, but they’re the first that came to mind sh)
  • draco wasn’t really a cat person (he grew up with owls and peacocks and crups as a child), so when harry came home with one, he grimaced. he doesnt want that shedding ball of fur in their house
  • for like a solid two weeks, draco’s complaining like a motherfucker about the fur flying all over the place, and how the cat brings home dead mice. (harry reminds draco that he uses dead mice in potions all the time, but apparently “those are different”
  • but harry is at the ministry working late, and draco’s sitting on the sofa, dead tired, bored out of his mind, and the kitty crawls into his lap
  • he’s annoyed but is honestly too tired to do anything about it
  • and then the thing started purring
  • draco’s kinda confused but also wt f this is so nice
  • and so he kind of?? pets the cat and it purrs louder and hell if that’s not healing
  • so harry comes back home at like 3 in the morning, and sees draco sleeping on the couch, cuddling with the kitty and carries them both to bed
  • he gets the rights to smug, “i told you so”s for two weeks
  • but harry loses his spot in bed to the kitty so who’s the real winner here