“….oh, this has gotta be the good life” - haven

Haven's European Tour!

The blog is made. I repeat, the blog is made.

Haven is going on tour in Europe. Clark invites Micah, and their drummer Michael invites his girlfriend Emilie. With just the seven of them, what could possibly go wrong?

There are seventeen cities, and thirty days to visit them. There will be stops in between, and that’s where it gets fun: you, the readers, get to help pick what’s going to happen!

I don’t have much written yet but I’m going to work hard and update regularly. So what’re you waiting for? Join the tour!

Haven at Dalton Academy, Westerville OH

Hey everyone!

Hope to see friends and Angels over at Dalton Academy in Westerville, Ohio. We’re going to perform at their annual Prom! Heard it was an all-Disney theme–this is  definitely something we’re looking forward to tackling! Rock out in Dalton!


Raven, Clark, Sinclair, Corey, and Michael


Shout out to Reed, Clarkie’s little brother who goes to Dalton Academy! Maybe we can make him sing, heard he’s got a set of pipes on him too! 

Happy Easter, Angels!

Here’s a piece of Easter news for you:

After a long, difficult struggle, we’re pleased to announce that our very own Corey Pearson is among the final handful of candidates to play Orpheo Ravine in the upcoming flick “Blackwater” based on the book series of the same title. :D

We’re counting on you to wish him well and hope he gets the part!

I think Haven should have its own tag.

Because Haven is also a TV show and I don’t want to spam that tag if I ever post anything about the band Haven. (Which I will. It’s, like, a big part of the Micah-and-Haven story. I mean, Micah and HAVEN.)

So does #havenband work for everyone?