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Thai movies recommended : Suckseed ห่วยขั้นเทพ (2011)

A teen comedy about a group of high-school students who form a band even though they’re not remotely gifted with music. Their intention is to impress girls. But when a pretty young student turns up and wants to join the band as a guitarist, things start to get interesting.


do you think Peta ever watched PLL?  haha

You guys remember that photo of papa during a afternoon concert and you could see his ankles? Or like when he wore converse on stage?

Are there concert videos of those anywhere?

I’ve only seen videos of old concerts & when they’re at night clubs and stuff

So is there good videos of the newer concerts anywhere?

10isalivingconversecommercial replied to your post: @the anons who requested a fic literally over a…

Someone requested fics? Rad :D you sorry tiny turtle i feel you :/ what were they about?

A week ago, I reblogged this thing and I got three requests and I have it all thought out and everything, I just don’t write them, I am so horribly slow and sorry

And I’m not gonna say what they’re about, Lara. Spoilers :P

So my parents took me to a movie yesterday and well I didn’t expect a lot ‘cause it’s called “What we did on our holiday” and the German name was even more stupid. So I sat there expecting nothing BUT THEN DAVID TENNANT APPEARED ON SCREEN AND I LITERALLY FREAKED OUT!!!!! the movie was absolutely funny as well and if you haven’t seen it you definitely should!

I think I’m going to just enjoy the teaser videos and the photosets of all the actors and see what a fun time they’re having at comic con. I wanna be up in arms at A&E and be mad at things that are lies or the blatant bullshit that they are coming up with or what have you.

But I’m just not gonna put too much care into it anymore. I’ll watch the season and take it at its value, but I’ll be dammed if I listen to anything else A&E say, it’s just not worth it. Hearing one line and then another completely opposite line.

We won’t know what’s really going to happen until the show airs and we watch the episode. After the finale we just had, I don’t wanna except an outcome one way or another anymore. Sure there’s things I’d love to see, but whatever will happen will happen and I’ll try to at least enjoy it. Try.

Watched Gangsta, Castle Town Dandelion, and will finish Chaos Dragon tonight. Hopefully add some more in if I can manage the time. 

Gangsta was surprising good. Definitely adding it to my personal lineup. 

Castle Town Dancelion was funny and cute so I’ll continue watching to see how it goes.



Last one

Yumoto + Ryu are voiced by Gil
Megane, Wombat, Villain, + Shiro are voiced by Terra
En, Io + some extras are voiced by me

I have no one to play with at work today. One friend has jury duty and the other, well I’m not sure where she is or if she’ll be coming in. Don’t get me wrong, I get along with pretty much everybody, but they are my buds to goof off with and talk to and be nerdy with. I want to talk about Comic Con, and they aren’t here :(