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yoo so how is the shadowhunters series? i see you reblog it a lot and based on what i've seen i'm liking what they do with alec and magnus (and both of them together woo~) but is it actually worth watching?


Okay, so, right off the bat, let’s get this straight: the show is bad. Like, the plot is weak (at best), the characters are all over the top (each in their own way) and it all kinda feels like reading Mary Sue fic from the early 2000s (which, coincidentally, is from when the books were written). 

That said, for the love of god, watch it.

I mean, we need to bear in mind that the show’s target audience are 12-15 year old teenage girls, so it might all seem a little stupid to older audiences, but even so, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the characters. And boy, are the characters lovable.

I’d recommend the show for the progressiveness alone. It’s the only show I’ve ever watched that:

  • denounces the the evils of toxic masculinity (shown in the first episodes via the Wolf Pack storyline: their alpha reeks of Traditional Toxic Masculinity™)
  • has non-stereotypical latino characters (sure, Raphael has the catholic thing going on for him, but at no point is that justified as a ~latino thing. No, Raphael was catholic when he was alive because…you know, that’s a religion…that some people follow. Period.)
  • absolutely Z E R O girl/girl hate. The main female characters have healthy, beautiful relationships (clizzy, man…), and the ones that DO have any conflict have them because reasons justified in the plot, completely unrelated to jealousy, boys or competition (for example, Clary x Camille: loyalty; Izzy x Lydia: different political views)
  • a bisexual moc who loves glitter, makeup, nice clothes, fancy drinks and flirty as hell, but isn’t dubbed feminine. At no point is his masculinity, desirableness (in fact, it’s well established that Magnus is a hot piece of ass that everyone wants a bite of) or power undermine because he’s not traditionally masculine
  • a gay, virgin 20-something year old male that isn’t treated as a joke. In fact, he’s portrayed as a major badass and the Rightful Leader of their little group, as well as the Rightful Head of the Brooklyn Institute
  • a vulnerable main female character who is allowed to cry, scream, moan and screw up, but also stand up for herself and fight for what she wants. And at no point is she demonized for it (some of the characters, including Alec, try to label her as such, but the show sustains that that is the Wrong Interpretation of her, and Clary isnt afraid to call them out on it)
  • a strong female character who is sexy and can fight anyone in high heels AND THAT IT’S OKAY
  • toxic relationships between parents and their children and the negative effects they have on said children
  • a completely non-stereotypical black character, who, quite frankly, is the sweetest, best character on the show. Seriously, Luke Garroway is a Cinnamon Roll and doesn’t deserve the shit that happens to him
  • the infamous Nice Guy/Friendzone trope that doesn’t end in Nice Guy guilt-tripping his best friend in pity-fucking him
  • an female character who has zero interest in being nice and is unapologetic an asshole, selfish and loves to start shit, but isn’t any of those because she is a woman. It’s just who she is
  • Z E R O biphobia
  • the only instances of biphobia are crushed down and challenged (Alec’s parents being gross and Alec telling them off)
  • the shadowhunters vs. downworlders being a metaphor for racism (incredibly well-handled, btw), where the shadowhunters don’t all miraculously become non-bigoted overnight once they get to know downworlders better (seriously, look up some of the meta on this. it’s incredible)
  • non-monogamous relationships as something good (the only characters who disapprove Izzy’s open relationship with Meliorn are narratively shown as assholes)    

anyway, i could go on, but i’ll simply stop right here and urge you to watch it. Doooo iiiiitttt, you’ll love it.

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(( yes hello my name is friend and I really like bees so I got one permanently drawn on my left leg [I believe I have done this correctly] ))

Lemme Get To Know Y’all!! || Accepting

//Yes, hello friend. I have seen this permanent bee and I must say it is beautiful and I love it v much. BUT GUESS WHAT I ALSO LOVE YOU V MUCH