Yep. Felt like sharing. :D Here is my winter Pluto disneybound, and it makes me very happy. I went with the green collar/scarf because, other than his park outfit, Pluto is rarely seen with the orange collar and usually the green one. Woof. ;D

(And of course I couldn’t pick just one photo when all of these are so dang cute.)

"Movin’ Out" DL: Right-click » “Save Link As…”

  1. Movin’ Out (Glee Cast Version) - Blaine & Sam 
  2. My Life (Glee Cast Version) - Jake
  3. An Innocent Man (Glee Cast Version) - Ryder
  4. Honesty (Glee Cast Version) - Artie
  5. Piano Man (Glee Cast Version) - Blaine
  6. Just The Way You Are (Glee Cast Version) - Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Sam & Santana
  7. You May Be Right (Glee Cast Version) -  Artie, Will, Jake, Kitty & Ryder