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The someonecares story hit me real hard. Oh boy! I have so many things I want to knos. First is does any Jedi (especially the council) tell Qui-Gon off for babying obi-wan? And does Qui-Gon ever get mad at people for things they haven't done yet? Like just viciously kicking dooku's ass around the training rooms for going sith when he hasn't yet? (It just occured to me that might seem kinda darkside to people, both the attachment and the weird bursts of anger). Anyway, thank you!

Its a slippery slope.

Qui-Gon has to remind himself that these are not the people who committed the acts, not yet. He has to grasp himself by the neck in the salle and not pound Yan into a pulp the few times he’s there long enough for them to spar.

Meditation is needed during those times and he lets go of his rage and grasps the calmness instead. But he makes sure to reach out and asses him for how grey the other has become. He will not hesitate on the day Yan shows signs of Falling, no…

He still remembers the desolate expression on Obi-Wan’s face, all alone as he was on Tatooine.

Yan Dooku was not the only perpetrator, but he is the one Qui-Gon usually meets and sees.

Not that he’s always happy with Yoda and he makes sure that is well known this time around, that the master meddles to much in things he shouldn’t and that the Order has become much to political. He’s starting to wedge a gap between himself and Mace because of his rather loud opinions.

“Master, is it wise to argue with Council member Windu?” Qui-Gon tilted his head and looked down at the slight shape beside him, smiling slightly at him while resting an affectionate hand on his padawan’s shoulder as Mace marched away.

“Someone has to remind them that the Order is not suppose to be a political body. We are the Order of the Jedi, we are suppose to be neutral. Yet we involve ourselves in the politic of the Republic?” Qui-Gon shook his head and squeezed the boys shoulder, tugging him along. “No, that does not match the original intent of the Jedi.”

He didn’t bother to keep his voice low as he continued on wards towards the salle with Obi-Wan, he wasn’t shy about his opinion and knew that if the Jedi order was to survive, then they would have to start now to separate themselves from the political climate of the Republic.

Obi-Wan mulled over that before looking up at his master. “I guess. But master, aren’t we suppose to protect the Republic?”

Now Qui-Gon had to walk a careful line. “Of course. But getting mired into the political options is not our best course of action. We are more liable to end up being sent where the Senate tells us to go instead of where we are needed. People need us, not the Senate. We serve the Republic by negotiation peace and prosper trade.”

He kept his tone light on purpose as he was quite aware of ears listening in on them.

He didn’t want to be expelled for heresy after all.

No, it was best to be patient, take it as slow as he could.

If he could just get some to listen to his opinions then…

Hmmn, years in the future.

As it was, he had a padawan to train who needed him.

He smiled down at Obi-Wan who was still mulling over what he had been told.

Good, he wanted Obi-Wan to form his own opinions based on the information he was given. Though Qui-Gon was going to give him a lot more information to work with this time around and some of it would not be easy for the other to swallow, he knew that.

But the future that awaited if he didn’t…

Force, Qui-Gon wondered where Shmi was right about now.

If he knew…

He didn’t think she had arrived on Tatooine yet. And Anakin wasn’t even close to being born yet.

Perhaps he could try a discreet check in a few years.

But until then he had a padawan who needed him.

Qui-Gon chuckled a bit. “Alright then Obi-Wan, lets get started on those techniques Tahl showed you. I know you’re itching to try them.” He teased lightly, grinning when Obi-Wan’s eyes instantly lit up in interest.

Force, please let him do right by the boy this time.

Affectionate head pats, shoulder and back touches were never lacking this time around though hugs were kept to the privacy of their quarters. He didn’t need the Council breathing down his neck about coddling his padawan.

‘As if, Obi-Wan asks for more and harder every time I try to go easy on him. And he brings back good grades, never slipping his assignments.’ Qui-Gon thought in amusement as he adjusted the boys position. ‘He’s going to be just as great a Jedi as last time…but lets hope I’ll be there in the flesh to see it.’

Ignoring the whispering he could hear through the open salle door, his own name mentioned, Qui-Gon focused on Obi-Wan, giving his padawan the attention he deserved and needed.

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Hello, my friend! I was wondering if you can make a little tutorial of sorts on how you make Goatmom and Sans look scary. You know, like in the "Does little Pup get sick?" and the "What would happen if Little Pup was killed?" comics. (Thank you for being you)

Heya, my friend! I’ve never done a tutorial before, but let me try showing you how I draw scary looking Sans? XD

As for Toriel, there isn’t much to it…? Just look for sharp looking eyes and make her pupils smaller. XD

Hope that helps?

  • Me: Okay, I should really just get on and write this essay. I've got it all planned out, I just have to write the damn thing.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: Yeah, okay, but how about we do this other thing first. Then we'll get to writing it up. It won't take long.
  • Me: Yeah, okay, I guess it's early enough.
  • Sensible part of my brain: Or you could just do it now and get it over with.
  • Me: It's fine. It's totally fine. I can get to it later.
  • Anxiety: It's kind of not fine, though. Let's freak out a little.
  • Me: Okay, maybe I should do it...
  • Avoidant part of my brain: Orrrrrrr you could do this other thing you've been putting off.
  • Me: Well, that does need to be done, and I do still have a couple of weeks before this essay is due.
  • Sensible part of my brain: Omg, just do the fucking essay already. It'll take you, like, two hours, tops.
  • Me: Two weeks! It's fine.
  • Anxiety: This is definitely not fine.
  • Me: Yeah, okay, maybe doing it would be good.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: You know what you haven't done in a while? Laundry. Do you even have clothes to wear tomorrow?
  • Me: Well, I do need clothes...
  • Sensible part of my brain: Okay, that does need doing, but then straight back onto this essay!
  • Me: It's fine, I'll get to it.
  • Anxiety: That's it! I've had enough! This is an attack! An attack of anxiety!
  • Me: Okay, okay, sheesh! I'll do the damn essay.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: No! Two weeks, remember? Two whole weeks!
  • Me: I'll just do the introduction to shut anxiety up... Hey, this is way easier than I thought it would be...
  • Anxiety: Oh thank god.
  • Me: Why do I feel like I'm about to pass out all of a sudden?

Teal Eurys and his partner Carbon Skoll, of Team TRPC (Tropic)

I tried posting this earlier and I don’t know if it’ll even post now but I hope it will. (Tumblr Mobile is killing me)

Thank you so much @theasgardiandetective for all you’ve done. I could never thank you enough for all the work you’ve done.

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I think my daddy just abandoned me and I have no idea what to do 😭 I haven't heard from him in 3 days, and he has hardly been talking to be at all before that. This keeps happening to me and in starting to think there's something wrong with me 😣😭


This the one of the most common messages i get… something to the tune of:

“Daddy left me and….-”

- It was my fault.

- I wasnt good enough.

- I must have done something wrong.

- I didnt do enough/too much

etc… and then they come to me and I have to step in the mess you left behind and get it all over my shoes.

Oh and guess what… it DOES happen to Daddies as well. In fact, its even happened to me.

9 times out of 10 this actually happens because the “daddy/little” in question was probably fake… a liar.. or you were too good for them to begin with.

real littles are fragile and just want to be truly loved. 

Please. If you are not a real daddy and cannot handle the task, stop being a bag of dicks and ruining peoples lives and go find someone on Tinder or something.

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I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone talk about the potential angst in the kallura ship yet. You've got 2 people who are rather similar but different enough in personality to keep things interesting, who ALSO happen to have a huge amount of responsibility thrust upon them. A responsibility they both take very srsly and who seem very willing to sacrifice personal wants and desires to do what needs to be done to accomplish their respective duties.

If they ever DID develop feelings for each other, you can’t tell me that they both wouldn’t independently choose not to act on them out of fear of it negatively effecting their duties. I mean from their perspective it could never work out. Their feelings are either 1) one-sided and therefore a rejection has the potential to make things awkward, or 2) reciprocated but then any kind of romantic attachment could jeapordize the team.

I love everything about this and I love you asdfghjkl; thank you


I really thought this idea was cute so i shared it with you guys !

it was hard to draw it since i stop and fangirl over the cuteness of yuuri 

inspired by this post by @beanpots and irony enough ? i also thought of this idea when i was in the shower

and umm my brother saw me coloring and said this style is the best cuz it feels pure and angelic ? haha but what do you guys think ?


the signs as hamilton lyrics
  • aries: i need no introduction, when you knock me down, i get the fuck back up again
  • taurus: i am slow to anger but i toe the line
  • gemini: look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now
  • cancer: forgiveness...can you imagine?
  • leo: tell the king, "casse-toi!" who is the best? c'est moi
  • virgo: all i have’s my honor, a tolerance for pain, a couple of college credits and my top-notch brain
  • libra: love doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes
  • scorpio: if it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it
  • sagittarius: the fact that you’re alive is a miracle, just stay alive, that would be enough
  • capricorn: there's a million things i haven't done, but just you wait, just you wait
  • aquarius: the problem is i got a lot of brains but no polish, i gotta holler just to be heard, with every word i drop knowledge
  • pisces: pride is not the word i’m looking for, there is so much more inside me now
  • me@myself: okay so he has shown signs of 'liking' u but its just playful banter. this man loves his job. he didn't go to a top university just to get the sack for having a relationship with a student. anyway if he did 'like'u back that would be weird. why would a young man be searching for love at the school HE TEACHES AT. no no no. immoral shit right there. he's already done enough damage, so try forget about him. he isn't even attractive or anything. and he's nice to everyone, not just you by the way. haven't you noticed?
  • also me@myself: okay so he has shown signs of 'liking' you and it has to be more than just playful banter. the way he looks at you, how he's always trying to make you smile and lift your spirits... surely that means something. the little glances and sneaky smirks he does in class when he makes a joke or if someone makes a dumb point make you feel like more than a student to him. he talks to you as if you're a friend. and he's shown signs of being attracted to you if i do say so myself. and i adore his voice, his mannerisms, his dry wit. the way he pensively strokes his beard. when he rolls up those shirt sleeves. when he joins in our conversations and helps us with out of school issues, despite not being our form tutor. yeah, he tries to be nice to everyone but can come across as sarky, even to you. but thats just what teachers are like. he's a good guy, despite what your friends say about him 'liking' you. God you're so in love with him that you wouldn't care if he liked you back. you'd make a move. we'd be the cutest couple, honestly. your friends think he 'likes' you back. they've seen how both your behaviours change when you're around each other. they think its weird how much he likes you. they say he treats you differently, and they're right. you know that. but why? does he love you? does he want you as much as you want him? you'll never know.
  • these are the pains of having a teacher crush.

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After working in retail for over a year the one thing that annoys me the most is oddly enough other retail workers. Like I get it, it's not the easiest or most pleasant job in the world but do you really have to take it out on the customers who are genuinely confused and have questions or haven't done anything wrong? Like there's no need to be rude to people and I feel like a lot of people don't get this. Sure rude customers are a thing but you're not making life easier by being an ass


  • Adam: Oh, look at the stae of yous. Vic sent me to check you're both still breathing. Sure you don't need someone to look at that?
  • Robert: Yeah, it's nothing. Did Vic say anything about my car?
  • Adam: Er... yeah, yeah. She's gonna get Dan on it.
  • Aaron: (standing up, blood stains on his stomach visible) I need to go back to the flat.
  • Adam: Right, well, stick this on. There's enough people talking in there without you walking around like that. Have you two carried on in here as well? Aaron, did I do that?
  • Aaron: No, don't be daft.
  • Adam: No, when I hauled you up. Let me have a look at it.
  • Aaron: It's fine, Adam.
  • Adam: Let me have a look at it.
  • Aaron: I said it's fine.
  • Adam: Aaron, please tell me you haven't been...
  • Aaron: I'll just go out the back. I'll be fine. (faints in Adam's arms)
  • Adam: Aaron, what have you done?
  • Robert: I only found out yesterday.
  • Adam: You knew and you didn't say anything?
  • Robert: I'll get him home.
  • Adam: No, I'm getting him to hospital. You wanna help? Stay away from him, all right?

Sorry about the accidental gif spam but it my defense girls (and nb people) are hot and kissing them is great

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Sebastian had called Jim, checking in for orders about a new hit. The answer was unsatisfactorily, which had become usual as of late. "I notice you've been spending a lot of time on this Holmes business, Boss, and I don't want to overstep, but I wonder if it isn't influencing your other work. You haven't assigned me a job in nearly two weeks."

Jim scowled darkly at the insinuation. “Is that a complaint I hear Tiger? Are you feeling a little left out because daddy has a new play toy?” He asked the sniper sarcastically, not waiting for an answer before continuing. “I assumed you were smart enough to understand but I MUST have a assumed wrong! Clearly you don’t have the brain cells to rub together to realise how big this is! All of my work, everything I have done comes down to Sherlock Holmes! The death of the world’s on Consulting Criminal. He started this war by figuring out how Carl Powers died, and I’m going to END IT!!”


Ezio Auditore x Reader

On the second day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

A warm hand on the small of your back was guiding you through the darkness, your vision blocked by a red sash.

“Just a bit further, amore mio.” His smooth voice spoke from behind you, the sound as beautiful as the gentlest of music.

“It would be easier if you took the blindfold off.” You laughed, blindly following Ezio’s guiding hand.

“Perhaps, but not as fun.” Ezio teased, his hot breath ghosting along the back of your neck.

You shivered, a combination of his closeness and the cold, winter air. Lights were dancing beneath your eyelids, the soft tune of a sweet song echoing into the night air. You could practically feel Ezio’s smile behind you, his pace quickening as you drew closer to whatever surprise he had in store.

“Okay, caro,” he breathed, wrapping his arms around your waist and leaning in close. His chest was pressed tight to your back, his soft hair tickling your shoulder. “You can take it off.”

You smiled at the enthusiasm in his voice, your fingertips gliding along the silky texture of the sash. You peeled it away slowly, your eyelashes fluttering open. A light misting of rain drops ran down on the two of you, Ezio’s heat keeping you warm. Dozens of flickering lights met your gaze, the darkness of night lost in the beauty of the atmosphere. The candles formed a path, red petals littering the ground between each radiant light.

“Ezio,” you murmured, grinning like an idiot. He mirrored your expression, the curve of his lips pressed against your neck.

“Keep walking.” He insisted, disentangling his arms from around you. A shiver ran through your body at the loss of his warmth, his fingers interlacing with your own instead. A new wave of heat spread through you, his contact alone warming your heart.

“Are you bringing me out here to murder me?” You joked lightly, bringing his arm around your shoulders and nuzzling against him.

“You better watch out, dolce cuore,” he warned jokingly, a laugh on the tip of his tongue. The candles, still shining bright, were beginning to burn out, light puffs of smoke breezing through the air. The forest surrounding the both of you was eery, strange noises and rustling branches following the two of you like a creature hunting prey. Ezio’s brown gaze watched you from above, his soft, pink lips curved up in a smile.

“Here,” he signalled, stopping you in the middle of a clearing. The moon shone down upon the both of you, the lights of stars twinkling up above. The gentle bite of wind and light showers no longer bothered you, your eyes focused on the sky.

“It’s beautiful.” You breathed, the stars reflecting in your eyes. So many hopes and so many dreams could be seen in their soft twinkle, the sky like a sea of aspiration. A thousand untold stories were hidden in their sweet sparkle, your hand unconsciously reaching out to trace some of the more visible constellations.

“Yes, you are.” Ezio whispered, his lips against your ear. A delightful shiver ran down your spine, a tingle left where Ezio’s lips had been against your bare skin.

“Ezio.” You groaned playfully, faintly shoving his shoulder. He chuckled, a smooth and soft baritone to your ears.

“I speak only the truth, mia bella.” Your heart warmed at his rich tone, your body automatically seeking out more contact with him. He happily obliged, his head resting atop yours and his hands rubbing patterns up and down your back.

“I hate you.” You muttered, smiling despite yourself. A twitch of his lips brought on his own smile, his palms temporarily pushing you closer into him. He smelled of the fresh rain and roses with a deep undertone of lemony thyme. Your hands tightened around his neck at the familiar scent, your eyes falling shut at the intimacy.

“You wound me.” His voice was barely audible above the pounding of his heart by your ear, his steady breathing bringing it back to normal.

Your lips, pressed tightly against his chest, curved up in a smile when he cuddled closer, seeming to be almost feeding off your contact. He was like this often, reveling in every minute that he got to spend in your arms. Which, sadly, wasn’t nearly enough for you. He’d brought you out here as an apology, of sorts, for not being able to devote every minute with you. Of course, you understood why, but he seemed adamant about making it up to you.

A short burst of wind rustled your clothing, a large exhale passing through his lungs.

“It’s getting colder.” Ezio noted, his tone wistful. “Perhaps we should journey back.”

The thought of having to endure the strange and wild roads for another few days had you gripping onto his back tightly, your body practically being held up by his arms.

“A few minutes longer?” You pleaded, opening your eyes and batting your eyelashes a few times for good measure. At his look of protest, you stuck your bottom lip out, giving him your best impersonation of a needy dog. He broke almost immediately, nodding and pulling you back into an embrace.

“Only a few minutes.” He mumbled, running a hand through your (Y/H/C) locks.

The tug of his skillful fingers had you cuddling even closer to him, your head wedged in between his head and shoulder. You breathed him in, your own fingers dancing along the curve of his spine. Muscles flexed and relaxed beneath your touch, his entire demeanour shifting to something more comfortable and familiar at the feel of your hand on his body.

“Io ti amo.” He said, the ghost of a smile on his lips. There was no desperation or anger or sadness in his tone, just a sweet, honest declaration of love. You smiled, your cheeks almost aching at how wide you’d spread them.

“I love you too.” You replied, the cloth of his robes soft beneath your fingertips.

Something decidedly colder landed on the crown of your head, your body tensing beneath it. Ezio breathed out a laugh, his fingers swiping the offending item from your head. He presented it to you with childish glee, a sole, white snowflake melting on his fingertip.

“It’s snowing.” You giggled, watching the flakes with awe.

They were beautiful, each unique in their own way. You were so lost in your observation of the snowflakes, you failed to see the way Ezio’s eyes lit up with your smile, or the way he fell even more in love with each sweet word that slipped through your lips. He could tell you how he felt over and over again, he could even show you how he felt, but for the moment, he’d rather just watch and fall even further in love with your smile, with your laugh, with you.